Top 40 Cartoon Characters With Long Hair

The characters we watch in cartoon series range from handsome cuties, to powerful and magical. In this list, we picked some unforgettable cartoon characters with long hair to inspire your next hairstyle.

1. Rapunzel from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Cartoon

rapunzel cartoon characters with long hair

The cartoon follows Rapunzel’s efforts to learn about the world and reacquaint herself with her long-lost parents. Princess of Corona has a hard time adapting to her new life outside the tower and she tries to uncover the mystery of the Black Rocks that made Rapunzel’s hair magically grow extra long.

2. Carmen Sandiego from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

carmen sandiego cartoon characters with long hair

ACME’s premiere detective turns sides and seeks the thrills of living a criminal life. She is the main character, wears red, and has long black hair, though she’s not actually evil.

3. Panacea from Asterix

cartoon characters with long hair

Panacea was a supporting character who only appeared at the start and end of the cartoon as she was kidnapped. Panacea is forced to work in the mess tent in the legion camp in the Sahara. She is a blonde girl with long hair.

4. Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

debbie thornberry cartoon characters with long hair

Debbie is a skinny girl who can’t stand her her family’s nomadic way of life and would rather be a normal teenage girl. She loves music and fashion. She often only cares about her own needs and interests but loves her sister dearly. Her long hair covers her right eye.

5. Shego from Kim Possible

shego cartoon characters with long hair

A good girl turned evil, the ultimate Kim Possible villain. Shego is tall, attractive, distant, and imposing and has long brunette hair.

6. Polaris from Wolverine and The X-Men Cartoon

polaris cartoon characters with long hair

Lorna Dane, better known as Polaris, has a long-rooted history with the X-Men team, most prominently, that she is the only biological child note of Magneto. She has green eyes and green long hair.

7. Pocahontas

pocahontas cartoon characters with long hair

The Powhatan chieftain’s daughter is a level-headed, mature, and composed young woman, she does have a fun-loving and mischievous side. Pocahontas has black long hip-length hair.

8. Adroa from She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985)

she-ra cartoon characters with long hair

Adora is the main character, she is an orphan who was raised by the Horder, but when she discovers the truth about how evil the Horde is, she becomes driven to fight them with the magic sword that transforms her into She-Ra, a mythical warrior princess. She has long golden hair.

9. Galadria from Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

galadria cartoon characters with long hair

Galadria is a member of the Spectral Knights. She represents the Dolphin, her cleverness underwater. When she uses a weapon in the cartoon, it’s a three-pronged dagger/axe thing.

10. Jean Grey from Marvel Animated Universe

jean grey cartoon characters with long hair

She is typically portrayed as the cool and collected character, the rational voice on the team. When she uses her psychic powers it causes her a lot of physical and mental drain. In the cartoon version, Jean is a buff woman with very long red firey hair.

11. Kim Possible

kim possible cartoon characters with long hair

Kim is just a normal, everyday popular girl who happens to save the world on a daily basis. She is the head cheerleader and a straight-A student. Considering she has long hair, she occasionally flips her hair a lot. One of the cartoon’s characters once even commented that her hair was ‘flippy’.

12. Peekablue, Mermista, Princess Perfuma from She-Ra: Princess of Power

Fans of the 80’s cartoon might check the new version and wonder why all the characters look different. This reboot roster of characters has some realism to it which plays a role in the redesigns. The original series was all about princesses, and the traditional hair length associated was long hair. Almost every She-ra cartoon character had long hair, as opposed to the variety of hair lengths, and styles the current characters have, not to mention a broader included mix of races.

13. Bloom, Stella, Aisha, Selina, and Flora from Winx Club

winx club girls cartoon characters with long hair

The Winx Club skinny cartoon characters‘ outfits were modeled on those of the early 2000s traditional European fairies, while their long hairstyles were loosely inspired by popular celebrities of the time.

14. Storm from X-Men: Evolution Cartoon

strom cartoon characters with long hair

Storm is seen as Professor Xavier’s role model teacher. She is a powerful mutant, she can manipulate the weather. Her long white hair is courtesy of her mutant powers.

15. Thumbelina

thumbelina cartoon characters with long hair

A cute and depressed character is increasingly born out of a flower. Mostly. She grows without meeting anyone else her small size until “royal male charming” comes to the rescue. It is her beauty, her very long red hair, and her voice that drive a lot of the other characters to try and take advantage of her. Poor Thumbelina.

16. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

ariel cartoon characters with long hair

A rebellious mermaid, Ariel seeks to explore the world above the sea and learn about the strange creatures known as humans. Her 80s hair is certainly voluminous and long and maintains its shape even when being underwater.

17. Giselle from Enchanted

giselle cartoon characters with long hair

The main character Giselle comes from the magical land of Andalasia and finds herself in modern-day New York City. Giselle’s long red hair symbolizes her energy, kindness, and occasional temper.

18. Poison Ivy from Batman The Cartoon Series

poison ivy cartoon characters with long hair

Poison Ivy the “villainous vixen of vines”, wants a quiet and peaceful life—the problems only arise because she wants them on her terms. Ivy’s cartoon character is a violent eco-terrorist with long red hair.

19. Smurfette from the Smurfs

smurfette cartoon characters with long hair

Smurfette was the only female character (until the introduction of Sassette) she was created by Gargamel. After Smurfette was an official member of the Smurf village, she has long curly blonde hair. She originally had black hair, though when papa smurf made her good, her hair color changed.

20. Firestar from Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

fierstar cartoon characters with long hair

Angelica Jones is a gorgeous cartoon babe, the woman who bears the Firestar character resembles Spider-Man’s, Jane Watson. This became more obvious near the end of the cartoon when Peter and Angelica’s relationship becomes more romantic.

21. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

aurora  cartoon characters with long hair

Aura’s character design was modeled after the actress Helene Stanley. She is a romantic, beautiful girl, blessed with long golden hair.

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22. Jem Girls Cartoon Characters

jem girls cartoon characters with long hair

Pretty much all of the cartoon’s main characters have outrageous long 80s hair larger than their heads. Notably the Misfits, Jem, and most of the Holograms.

23. Lindsay from Total Drama

lindsay cartoon characters with long hair

A textbook thicc cartoon character with long hair, Lindsay combines drop-dead gorgeous looks with the intellectual capacity of a walking zombie.

24. Megara from Hercules

megara cartoon characters with long hair

A sarcastic character who sold her soul and falls in love with Hercules.

25. Rogue from X-Men: The Animated Series

rogue cartoon characters with long hair

Rogue was born with the ability to absorb energy from others, she can put someone in a coma just by briefly touching them. The cartoon character had white streaks in her long hair, and there are many versions explaining the reason. One theory suggests that Rogue’s hair started white and she dyed it red, but it dyed out during a battle with Magneto. Wolverine saves her in time, but after some part of her hair in the front has turned white.

26. Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls

blossom cartoon characters with long hair

Blossom is the “smart one” of the all-female super team. She can be bossy and tends to take a leadership position. Her unique ability is ice breath.

27. Queen Elsa from Frozen

queen elsa cartoon characters with long hair

When Elsa crosses the Dark Sea, she loosens her white hair further into a ponytail, and when she enters Atohallan, she completely unties it, showing she has very long hair and that she is embracing her magical nature even more.

28. Betty Barrett from Atomic Betty

atomic betty cartoon characters with long hair

The cartoon’s main character is a 12-years old child, she is secretly a member of the Galactic Guardians.

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29. Jasmine from Aladdin The Cartoon

jasmine cartoon characters with long hair

Jasmine must marry by her next birthday, yet only wishes to marry for love. She is shown with her long hair down after the “Whole New World” sequence where she and Aladdin have fallen in love.

30. My Little Pony Equestria Characters

my little pony equestria cartoon characters with long hair

The cartoon had rather robotic character designs, all the Equestria characters have lively and colorful long hair.

31. Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

 cartoon characters with long hair

The magical girl show is very loosely inspired by the Arthurian myths.

32. Moana

moana cartoon characters with long hair

The 16-year-old daughter of a South Pacific chief and the next chieftain of her village.

33. O’Hara, Shana M./Scarlett from G.I Joe Cartoon

scarlett cartoon characters with long hair

Her primary specialty for the team is counterintelligence, she mixes it up just as well as the male Joes.

34. Monster High Cartoon Characters

monster high cartoon characters with long hair

These cartoon monsters may be cute, but the high school world they live in can get very treacherous. But the characters proved time and time again, they can handle it.

35. Tarzan from The Legend Of Tarzan Cartoon Series

tarazan cartoon characters with long hair

The well-known ape man and his long brown hair need no introduction.

36. Kuki Sanban from Codename:Kids Next Door

kuki sanban cartoon characters with long hair

The team’s medic, and the most feminine of the kids. Kuki has a very short attention span but is long on charm.

37. Zatanna from Justice League Dark Cartoon Series

zantana cartoon characters with long hair

The daughter of Giovanni Zatara, one of the world’s most famous magicians, and a proficient magician herself.

38. Carla from Kidd Video

carla cartoon characters with long hair

The band’s drummer babe is always looking to have a good time.

Emperor Belos from The owl house

emperor belos artoon characters with long hair

Belos is a 17th-century human witch hunter, whose only goal is to wipe out all life on the Isles. He is an old tyrant and judging by the long white hair he has, he’s getting on in the years.

Prince Adam From He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

he-man cartoon characters with long hair

Closing this list is the famous long-haired cartoon character of all time! The only difference between Prince Adam and his He-Man mode is a more revealing outfit.

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