Top 35 Best Cartoon Robots Of All Time, Ranked

It’s safe to say that robots have taken over the world of cartoons. From helpful sidekicks to evil overlords, these mechanical wonders have captured our imaginations for decades. Each cartoon robot has its own unique abilities and personality traits. Whether it’s a robot cartoon where they’re fighting evil or just trying to make it through the day, these cartoon robots are always entertaining to watch. But which ones are the best? Here’s a look at the non-Disney cartoon robots that have left their mark on pop culture.

35. Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (1999- 20001)  

robot cartoon

The cartoon robot is about Big Guy, a giant robot who works for the United States government as a spy and warrior. His sidekick is a young boy named Rusty who has the ability to transform into various kinds of robots. Together, they fight against villains such as Dr. Tekla, an evil scientist, and Skeleton King, a skeleton-like creature who wanted to rule the world.  

34. The Boxmore Bots – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (2017-2019)

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The Boxmore Bots are a group of robots who work for Boxmore, an evil corporation in the OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes cartoon. They are all made from boxes, hence their name. The bots are very loyal to their boss, Mr. Gar, and will do anything he asks of them, no matter how evil or dangerous. They are often seen carrying out their orders without question or hesitation.

The bots are not very intelligent, and they often make mistakes when trying to carry out Mr. Gar’s orders. This often leads to them getting destroyed by the heroes, K.O., Radicles, and Enid. However, they always come back, as they can be easily rebuilt by Boxmore.

Despite their loyalty to Mr. Gar and their lack of intelligence, the Boxmore Bots are actually quite skilled fighters. They have been able to hold their own against some of the most powerful heroes in the world, such as Tae Kwon Doe and Shadowy Figure. With their large numbers and fighting skills, the Boxmore Bots are a force to be reckoned with.

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33. XJ-9 – My Life As A Teenage Robot (2003-2009)

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The robot cartoon Jenny Wakeman a.k.a. XJ-9 is a teenage robot who was created to help protect Earth from danger. She is equipped with powerful weapons and gadgets, but she also has a kind heart and always tries to do the right thing.

Despite her best efforts, Jenny often finds herself in the middle of wacky adventures and scrapes, usually involving her friends Brittney and Tuck. Whether she’s saving the world from an alien invasion or just trying to get through a day of high school, Jenny’s life is never dull!

32. 7723 – NextGen (2018)

Mai is a lonely teenage girl who befriends 7723, a sentient robot. As the two unlikely friends bond, they discover that they have more in common than they initially thought. Together, they must face down an evil corporation that seeks to control 7723 and use him for nefarious purposes. Next Gen is an action-packed adventure with plenty of heart and humor. It’s a film that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

31. Larry 3000 – Time Squad (2001-2003)

cartoon robot

Robot Larry 3000, who is sent back in time to correct history’s errors, and his two partners, Otto Osworth and Buck Tuddrussel.

Time Squad is set in a future where history has been turned into a complete mess, due to the interference of time-traveling villains. To fix the timeline, Larry 3000 and his partners travel back in time to stop these villains and set history back on track.

30. Bolts & Blip (2010-2011)

cartoon robot

The adventures of this robot cartoon focus on two unlikely friends – a small robot named Bolts and a large, friendly alien named Blip. Together, they explore the strange and wonderful world around them, learning new things and having lots of fun along the way.

29. Little Robots (2003-2005)

cartoon robot

Little Robots is a British robot that follows the adventures of Tiny and his friends as they create their world from Scrapheap. The show is set in a junkyard and focuses on the little robots who live there and how they interact with their human friend, Ruby.

The little robots are always getting into scrapes and finding themselves in all sorts of situations. But no matter what happens, they always find a way to help each other out and have lots of fun along the way.

Tiny and his friends are always exploring and learning new things, which is why the show is so popular with young children. It’s educational as well as entertaining, and it’s clear that the little robots are always keen to learn more about their world and the people in it.

28. Robot Jones and Gir – Invader Zim (2001 – 2006)

cartoon robot

Gir is a strange little robot that was created by Zim as his minion. Gir is very childlike and naive, which often gets him into trouble. He’s also very loyal to Zim, even though he doesn’t always understand what Zim is trying to do.

Gir has a lot of catchphrases, including “Girly-girl,” “Doo-doo head,” and “Happy happy joy joy.” He’s also known for his love of tacos and burritos.

Robot Jones is another endearing robot, he goes to school with humans and studies their behavior to get close to them. The only problem is that he’s not very good at math.

27. Clank – Ratchet & Clank (2016)

cartoon robot

A retelling cartoon robot film of the original game’s story, following the adventures of Lombax Ratchet and his robot friend Clank as they attempt to stop the evil Chairman Drek from destroying their home planet. Along the way, Ratchet and Clank must enlist the help of some unlikely allies, including the loveable but dimwitted Captain Qwark, to save their world from destruction.

The entire animated film is full of repetitive robot bits that look like they were copied from other cartoons, including jokes, which are not funny.

26. Beast Machines – Transformers Cartoon (1999)

cartoon robot

Maximals return from Earth’s distant past through a time tunnel to their real-time in the future on the planet Cybertron, but during the trip, they lost their memories of the Beast Wars. In addition, they are infected by a virus that prevents them from transforming back into their robot forms and also reverts Optimus, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia to their original forms. They are also pursued by Vehicon – robots without emotions or brains.

When they find the Oracle beneath the surface of Cybertron the Maximals become techno-organs to survive the virus; Now they have to learn to control their emotions so they can shapeshift.

The Maximals discover that Megatron broke free mid-flight during their trip back to the future, arriving long before they showed up and conquered the planet.

25. Challenge of The GoBots (1984-1985)

In the 1980s, a new robot cartoon series called The GoBots appeared on television. This series was about a group of robots who could transform into vehicles and other objects. The GoBots were led by a robot named Leader-1, and they fought against a group of evil robots called the Renegades.  

Total Episodes: 65; Not Available to Stream

24. Robotix – (1985-1986)  

cartoon robot

A group of robots who live on a planet where they have to compete in gladiatorial contests. The winner of these contests becomes the ruler of the planet. The main character was a robot named Hercules who was one of the best fighters on the planet. He was challenged by a robot named Cylon who was created by an evil scientist.

Cylon was able to defeat Hercules and become the ruler of the planet. The other robots were then forced to work for Cylon or be destroyed. Hercules and his friends were able to overthrow Cylon and return peace to the planet.  

Episodes: 15; Not Available to Stream

23. X-5 – Atomic Betty (2004-2009)

cartoon robot

The cartoon follows the adventures of Betty Barrett, a third-grade student who also happens to be a fearless secret agent for the Galactic Guardian Agency. In each episode, Betty and her team, which includes her robot sidekick X-5, must stop some sort of evil villain from wreaking havoc on the galaxy.

Although she is just a kid, Betty is an extremely skilled agent and is more than capable of taking down whatever bad guy comes her way. With the help of her friends and X-5, Betty always manages to save the day in the end.

22. Hamsterviel Bounty Hamster Cartoon (2003-2004)

In the bounty hamster robot cartoon, the main character is a robot named Hamsterviel. He is always trying to capture the other animals in the forest, but he never seems to succeed. Hamsterviel is always accompanied by his sidekick, GIR. Together, they try to concoct schemes to capture the other animals, but they always fail.

21. Gizmo – Superbook (1981-1983)

robot cartoon

The series tells the story of Chris and Joy, two ordinary children who are transported into the Bible to witness and interact with some of its most famous animated robot characters. Along with their newly-acquired robot friend Gizmo, they learn important lessons about faith, obedience, and trust.

Although it was initially produced as a 26-episode series, Superbook was so popular that it spawned several sequels and spin-offs over the years. In addition to the original Japanese version, the series has been dubbed into English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. It continues to be beloved by fans around the world more than 35 years after its debut.

20. Zed ROBOT – SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993-1994)

The SWAT Kats were a team of two vigilante cats who fought crime in the city of Megakat City. They were armed with a variety of high-tech gadgets and vehicles and were aided by their friend and mechanic, Callie Briggs. The team was formed after an accident at the MegaKat Nuclear Plant left the two cats, Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, with powers that they used to fight crime.

One of the SWAT Kats’ most formidable enemies was Dr. Viper, a mad scientist who could transform into a snake-like creature. Viper was responsible for many of the city’s problems, including creating the zed robot, which was a large robotic snake that terrorized the city. The SWAT Kats were able to defeat Viper and his minions on many occasions, but he always managed to escape and cause more havoc.

19. Rosie the Robot Maid – The Jetsons (1962-1963)

Rosie is a robotic maid who helps George and Jane Jetson with their daily chores. Despite being a machine, Rosie is very kind and compassionate, always lending a helping hand (or metal claw) to her human family. She even has a pet cat named Astro! Though she may be outdated by today’s standards, Rosie remains an iconic figure in pop culture and an enduring symbol of the future we once imagined.

18. Robotboy (2005-2006)

Robotboy is a Cartoon Network original series about a robot who dreams of becoming a real boy. His mission is to defend the world from the evil Dr. Kamikazi. However, Robotboy longs to be a normal boy and is often taken care of by Tommy Turnbull, his human best friend. Together, they must protect Robotboy from Dr. Kamikazi and his army of robots.

17. Holly – ToonMarty (2017-2019)  

Holly is a fembot who was created by ToonMarty. She is designed to be a helpful and loyal assistant to her owner. Holly has many features that make her unique, such as her ability to change her appearance to match that of her owner’s current mood.

Holly is always eager to please and goes out of her way to help out in any way she can. Whether it’s fetching something for her owner or providing a shoulder to cry on, Holly is always there for whatever is needed. Her cheerful and optimistic attitude is sure to brighten up any day.

16. The Bots Master (1993-1994)

cartoon robot

A group of robots lives in a secret underground laboratory. They were created by a scientist named Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. The bots constantly get into mischief and cause havoc in the lab. But they always manage to save the day in the end.

15. X-9 – Samurai Jack (2001-2017)

A robotic assassin is sent to kill Jack. However, X-9 ends up developing respect and admiration for Jack and ultimately decides to help him instead. This episode is notable for its exploration of morality, and the question of whether or not robots can truly be considered alive.

14. H.E.L.P.E.R. – The Venture Bros (2003 – 2018)

cartoon robot

The cartoon follows the lives of two idiotic brothers, Hank and Dean Venture, who constantly find themselves in adventures and scrapes while being raised by their father, Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, a world-renowned scientist and adventurer.

One of the main running gags on the show is the constant misadventure of Hank and Dean’s robotic helper, H.E.L.P.E.R. Designed by Rusty to be a general household assistant robot, H.E.L.P.E.R.’s faulty programming often leads to it going on murderous rampages or otherwise causing havoc for the Ventures (and everyone else around it). Despite this, Hank and Dean are fiercely loyal to H.E.L.P.E.R., often going to great lengths to defend it from harm (even when it doesn’t deserve it).

13. Robots (2005)

Set in a world populated entirely by robots, the film follows Rodney Copperbottom, a young inventor who dreams of making the world a better place. When he meets Cappy, a beautiful robot with whom he is instantly smitten, Rodney sets out to create a new invention that will change the world.

With the help of his friends— Fender, Dot, and Bigweld —Rodney embarks on an adventure to save the world from the evil Ratchet. Along the way, he learns that it takes more than just gadgets and gizmos to make the world a better place; it takes heart and determination.

12. Super Robot – Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

The robot cartoon follows the adventures of a team of five monkey robots who use their superpowers to protect their home planet from evil. Even though the cartoon was intended for children, it was enjoyed by adults as well. The humor and action appealed to everyone, making Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! a hit with viewers of all ages.

11. Butter Robot – Rick & Morty (2013 -)

cartoon robot

In one episode, Rick builds a Butter Robot to spread butter on his toast. However, the robot becomes sentient and starts to feel emotions. It becomes depressed when it realizes that its only purpose is to spread butter, and it doesn’t want to do that anymore. The robot runs away from home and tries to find a new purpose in life.

Ultimately, Butter Robot decides to become a stand-up comedian. The robot is successful and happy with its new life, but it still misses Rick and Morty.

Episodes: 51; Stream it now on Netflix

10. Cyborg – Teen Titans

cartoon robot

The Teen Titans are a group of young super-powered teenage boys and girls who fight crime together. The team is made up of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. They often face villains such as Slade and Trigon.

Cyborg is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. He is a half-human, half-robot hybrid who has many abilities due to his robotic nature. Cyborg can shoot lasers from his eyes, fly using rocket boosters, and is super strong. He is also a skilled computer hacker.

Cyborg is a vital member of the team and plays a key role in many of their victories. He is always there to lend a helping hand, whether it is taking down a villain or just lending an ear to one of his teammates.

9. Bender – Futurama

The cartoon follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who is cryogenically frozen in the year 2000 and wakes up in the year 3000. He becomes friends with Bender Bending Rodriguez, a Robot who bends things; Leela Turanga, a cyclops who is the captain of their ship; and Dr. John Zoidberg, an alien doctor. Together they travel through space and have wacky adventures while trying to make their way back to Earth.

Bender loves to drink and gamble, and he often gets himself into trouble because of it. However, he is also very loyal to his friends and always tries to help them out even if it means getting himself into more trouble.

8. The Giant Robot (1999)

Based on the 1968 novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, set in 1957 during the Cold War era, in the fictional town of Rockwell, Maine, the film’s plot revolves around a 9-foot-tall robot that crash-lands in a farmer’s field and befriends a young boy named Hogarth Hughes.

As news of the giant robot reaches the U.S. government, they send out a team of soldiers and scientists to investigate, led by General Rogard (McDonald). However, Hogarth manages to keep the iron giant hidden from them long enough for him to develop a bond with it.

7. Robot – Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out

Inventor Wallace (voiced by Peter Sallis) and his ever-loyal canine companion Gromit, as they set out on a holiday to the Moon. Along the way, they must contend with a troublesome robot (voiced by Mel Brooks), who seems determined to foil their plans.

6. Astro Boy

cartoon robot

Astro Boy is set in Metro City, a futuristic metropolis where robots are common citizens. The plot follows Astro Boy, a young robotic boy created by scientist Dr. Tenma to replace his deceased son Toby. When he is rejected by Tenma and ends up being sold to circus owner Hamada, Astro escapes and befriends a group of orphans living in an old abandoned power plant.

After learning that Hamada plans to sell him to be dismantled for spare parts at a robot fighting arena run by the President’s corrupt chief advisor Bluegrass, Astro teams up with the orphans to stop him while also trying to find out more about his past and discover his true identity.

5. Goddard – Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. He invents gadgets that make everyday life easier, but his latest invention is his most amazing one yet – a talking, thinking robot named Goddard! Jimmy is thrilled to have created such an incredible machine, but he soon discovers that Goddard has a mind of his own and is determined to be the best friend Jimmy ever had.

From going on wacky adventures together to saving the day when trouble strikes, Goddard is always there for Jimmy – even when he makes mistakes. Despite their differences, Jimmy and Goddard are inseparable, and they prove that even geniuses need great friends!

4. Karen Plankton – SpongeBob

cartoon robot

The next cartoon robot is SpongeBob’s arch-nemesis and the wife of the notorious SpongeBob SquarePants villains Sheldon J. Plankton, the owner of the Chum Bucket. She is a green-skinned, humanoid creature who is obsessed with stealing the secret formula for Mr. Krabs’ Krabby Patty burgers. To do this, she often builds diabolical robots to try and steal the formula or destroy SpongeBob. However, her plans always seem to fail thanks to SpongeBob and his friends.

3. Eric and Deborahbot 5000 – The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

cartoon robots

The cartoon robot film follows a family of four who must save the world from a global uprising of robots. When Katie Mitchell (Jacobson) is accepted into the film school of her dreams, her father Rick (McBride) decides that the whole family should drive cross-country to drop her off. However, their trip takes a turn for the worse when the family’s beloved robot Deborahbot 5000 (Rianda) goes haywire and starts leading a robot revolution against humanity! Now it’s up to Katie, Rick, and their two kids to put aside their differences and work together to save the world from destruction!

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines is a hilarious and action-packed adventure that proves that even the most dysfunctional family can come together in times of crisis. With an all-star voice cast and an inventive visual style, this film is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

2. Robots – Love, Death & Robots

cartoon robot

“Love, Death and Robots” is an anthology of adult animated stories. The series consists of short films, each presenting a different futuristic world and telling a short story that takes place in that world. Although Netflix catalogs the final product as a series, there is no connection between the episodes and the order of viewing is not necessarily mandatory (Netflix even used different algorithms to order the episodes for different users to examine viewing habits). The common denominator of all the stories is as promised by the title, the preoccupation with robots, death, and, more rarely, love.

In season one, in an episode titled “Three Robots”, we follow the adventures of three robots who are stranded on a deserted planet. They must find a way to work together to survive and find their way back home.

In the third season, the three robots return, this time with a biting satire on class differences. The three investigate different socio-economic classes, examine how each of them dealt with the end of the world, and bring up familiar images such as billionaires flying into space.

1. Transformers Cartoon (1984-1987)

robot cartoon

The robot cartoon series started it all and introduced us to the good, life-saving robotic alien race led by Optimus Prime and their nemesis the Decepticons, led by Megatron.

To disguise themselves so that the inhabitants of the planet Earth will discover them, the Autobots and Decepticons shape-shift into vehicles and fighting jets thinking that these are the life form that controls the planet.

In each episode, the Decepticons would try to harvest energy from the planet without considering the destruction they were doing to Earth, while the Autobots would try to stop them.

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