65 Cartoon Babes You’ll Never Encounter In Real Life

Allow me to make a confession I have an enormous crush on cartoon babes like April O’Neil and Ariel. Heck, I wouldn’t have survived watching the entire BoJack Horseman if it wasn’t for Dian’s busty figure.

Let’s face it, all of us hopeless geeks, at one point or another, have admitted–either seriously to fantasizing about animated female characters. Hell, if fancying a cartoon babe is wrong I don’t wanna be right!

In this list, I am going to count down the top cartoon babe of all time! And you better have a good time.

1. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

Pocahontas cartoon babe

Let’s start by saying that all Disney non-antagonist, young female characters are gorgeous- they are animated and thus are created with the perfect, ideal figure.

However, Pocahontas rises above all thanks to her outdoorsy lifestyle and the resulting complexion. She is portrayed as a beautiful girl with large twinkling black eyes, smooth long raven-black hair, and a thin waist.

Also, Pocas’ fronts are the biggest of all the princesses. When you also take into account her brave personality, this busty girl is the ultimate babe.

2. Foxxy Love (Drawn Together)

Foxxy Love cartoon babe

Foxxy is sassy, and labeled as “a mystery-solving musician with a sweet figure”. She is not just extremely uninhibited but also rather naughty. She has an extremely elaborate ritual that involves heavy use of props, such as, believe it or not, a Jedi lightsaber.

3. Lola Bunny (Bugs Bunny Cartoons and Space Jam)

Lola Bunny cartoon babe

L. Bunny was introduced as a gorgeous bunny girl who immediately draws Bugs Bunny’s gaze. However, the rules of character design demand that we, the audience, must share the protagonist’s gaze.

So, in order to not just appeal to an animated bunny, but to us humans watching, it must be easy to be drawn to her as a female human. Yep, Lola is known in the furry community as a playful babe.

4. Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Elastigirl cartoon babe

Let’s face it, Elastigirl is a thicc Disney character. I mean, she is notable not just for how skillfully she drives a motorbike or the fact that she’s a mother of three, but also for her thighs. It seems like the animators made her waist tinier and her legs thicker and bigger, making her almost impossibly perfect. Either way, the matriarch badass of the Incredibles franchise is a total babe!

5. Catwoman (Batman: The Animated Series)

catwoman cartoon babe

This praised Batman cartoon series depicted a version of the female supervillain Catwoman/Selina Kyle based on Michelle Pfeiffer’s looks. Hence, Catwoman has long blonde hair, long black gloves, and high-heeled boots. Yes, my beloved masked vigilante is at her sexiest here.

6. Roxanne “Roxie” Ritchie (Megamind)

Roxie cartoon babe

Another hot cartoon babe, Roxanne is a feisty investigative reporter who has a nasty habit of being kidnapped by Megamind and rescued by Metro Man.

She’s pretty, has big blue eyes and light freckles across her nose and cheeks. However, what got her on this list, besides her beautiful face is her feminine pear-shaped body, with a small waist and big thighs.

What I also like about her is that she has a beauty spot a bit under her mouth and to the right.

8. Betty Rubble (The Flintstones)

Betty Rubble cartoon babe

I bet nine guys out of ten will say Betty Rubble is a dream woman. I mean, she’s good-looking, a dedicated wife to Barney, and the best friend of her next-door neighbors, Wilma and Fred Flintstone.

This prehistoric cartoon babe is also by far the most sensible member of the four, often calming the more emotional Wilma and helping her look past the outrage of the moment.

It is my opinion they should make Betty the main character that she always deserved to be.

9. She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power)

she ra cartoon babe

The Netflix rebooted magical girl cartoon show doesn’t have that famous cleavage anymore and the supermodel proportions of the original are gone. But She-Ra looks more athletic and she’s still beautiful. I love that she’s all muscles, and has wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes.

So, sue me, but I like the new design. 

10. Cheetara (Thundercats)

cheetara cartoon babe

This cheetah-like Thundercat runs at tremendous speeds, wields an extending bo staff, and has limited clairvoyance. Often a voice of reason, she is the bearer of a “sixth sense,” detecting when something is unsafe or if evil is near.

The cartoon briefly hinted at the idea of romantic attraction between Cheetara and Lion-O, however, the subject was never revisited in the series.

She is as lovely as she is brave and caring. Cheetara is a muscular catgirl with an athletic build, usually wearing a one-piece orange leotard and orange boots.

11. Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

princess jasmine cartoon babe

With smooth olive skin, and long, lustrous, dark locks, it’s no wonder that Jasmine is a total babe. It’s not just her looks, but it’s also the way she moves and talks that make her a rare Disney princess. The Oriental exotic beauty will make all your wishes come true and have the perfect combination of innocence and mystery.

12. Wonder Woman (DC Animated Universe)

wonder woman cartoon babe

The cartoon version of Wonder Woman is intelligent and thoughtful. She’s an amazing superhero and an expert strategist. She is very physically fit, but her muscles are not exaggerated.

The legendary demigod is the most iconic female character in modern comics. The true beauty of Diana is that she is a woman and wears it well.

13. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Mermaids always captivated our minds, and that’s a fact! They are traditionally dressed with a shell-bra, have great curves, and almost without exception, have great hair!

The unforgettable Disney redhair may be the, most famous of them all. However, since Ariel is about sixteen years old in “The Little Mermaid”, we’re only referring to the sequel films, where she is older.

14. Betty Boop (Betty Boop)

Prominent for her spit curls, baby talk, and scat singing, Betty Boop is unlike any other female cartoon character on this list. She was the first animated character to represent strong women.

While all other cartoon girls of that time did not differ much from the male characters, with only eyelashes, voice, and clothing to show their femininity, Betty had clear cleavage and a garter on her left leg.

15. Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Jessica Rabbit cartoon babe
Often described as the hottest cartoon babe of all time, Jessica is a busty, enticing, femme fatale. Any boy who grew up in the late eighties and into the nineties would tell you it was Jessica who cemented his love for voluptuous women.

Although anatomically incorrect, Jessica is a symbol of femininity. However, she is also a strong female character who often saves the day. She isn’t just beautiful: she is articulate and successful. All the choices she makes are her own, which makes her a positive role model for girls everywhere.

16. Holli Would (Cool world)  

Holli Would cartoon babe

Voiced and portrayed by Kim Basinger, Holli “Would If She Could”, is a manipulative thicc cartoon character who resides in the alternate realm of Cool World.

Holli dreams of becoming a real woman in the real world and thus attempts to get Jack Deebs, a hugely popular cartoonist. Although the most important law of Cool World is that humans and cartoons cannot, under any circumstances, mix, Deebs does, and she turns into a real human.

Some say Holli is the hottest cartoon character ever. We say she gives Jessica Rabbit a run for her money!

17. Supergirl (Superman: The animated series)

supergirl cartoon babe

The first time Supergirl bared her midriff was for the 1996 Animated Series. Since then, it has proven a popular design choice for comic books, as various future costumes have used her superhero outfit design. However, we think Supergirl is perfect no matter what she wears.

18. Felicia Hardy (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

black cat cartoon babe

Felicia Hardy, (Black Cat) is a white hair character, a cat burglar with the amazing capability to manipulate the bad luck of anyone who looks into her eyes.

She is an expert acrobatic who does a lot of fighting and thus has a killer body. Her tight-fitting spandex accentuates her amazing figure. However, she has the brains and a kind personality to go with it.

Black Cat has grown into her feminine energy as part of her character.

19. Zatanna (Batman: The Animated Series)

Zatanna cartoon babe

A world-renowned stage magician with real magical powers, the powerful purple hair Zatanna is the Mistress of Magic.

She has shiny long black hair and amazing blue eyes. She can do anything the human imagination can conceive!  She can teleport through dimensions, alter reality on a large scale and even freeze time.

20. Wilma Flintstone (The Flintstones)

Wilma Flintstone cartoon babe

“Wilma I’m Home!” Some people think that the famous red hair character Wilma Flintstone is the perfect woman to have ever been depicted in cartoons. She’s beautiful, pleasant, and can cook dinosaurs! What more can you ask for?

21. Kim Possible (Disney Cartoon)

kim possible cartoon babe

The famous skinny cartoon character is pretty dang awesome! She’s hella competent, a skilled martial artist, really involved with the community, and rescues everyone else around her she’s just the best superhero babe!

22. Polaris (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Polaris cartoon babe

Lorna Dane is the daughter of Magneto and half-sister of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. She shares her father’s mutant power of magnetism, mentally able to manipulate metal. That way she can even fly by riding the Earth’s magnetic field.

Although at first, she may appear as Daddy’s little girl, in the end, she leaves his side and joins Wanda. Now, that’s something in our opinion.

23. Leela (Futurama)

leela cartoon babe

Miss Leela is a powerful purple hair character. One of the nicest things about her is that she is not all into herself as other popular girls are. 

Leela has been rejected a lot due to her one eye and was made fun of when she was younger. She has had to work hard for what she has become.

24. Lana Kane (Archer)

Lana Kane cartoon babe

Agent Lana is one of the most competent, badass, independent, take-charge sexy black female characters on TV. She is a top agent at the spy organization ISIS and the ex-girlfriend of the show’s protagonist Sterling Archer.

Lana is very ambitious, seeking to advance through the ranks of the agency. However, her left-wing political views greatly hinder her potential to move up.

Lane is a tall dark brown skin, cartoon babe, with an amazing hourglass shape. She is not shy about showing off her feminine curves.

25. Korra (Legend of Korra)

korra cartoon babe

Let’s face it, Korra is a total babe. Just look at her. It’s not hard to see why so many people find her attractive. She is a proud tomboy with super-athletic arms and she’s extremely pretty.

26. Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Esmeralda cartoon babe

This princess babe rocks. She completely stole the movie from Quasimodo. She is pretty, quick-witted, and with a feisty personality to boot.

Plus, this hot gypsy girl is barefoot throughout the entire first animated film, which I love. No wonder she has three!!! guys falling in love with her.

Disney should make her a princess, Period.

27. April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

April O'Neil  cartoon babe

As I already mentioned in the introduction, I had a crush on busty April when I was a kid. She is a fearless reporter for Channel 6 News who inexplicably wore a bright yellow jumpsuit and white boots all the time.

April is probably the best human ally of the ninja turtle, and she is all at once a mother figure, a confidante, a friend, and, at times, a drawn fantasy.

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28. Princess Anna (Frozen)

Princess Anna cartoon babe

Anna is extremely attractive. She has amazing qualities, such as her compassion and her constant desire for love.

She’s a kind and brave girl. I don’t care that Elsa is prettier than Anna and has blonde hair and superpowers. I love Anna’s next-door girl looks better and the fact that she is the real hero in the first chapter of the Frozen saga.

Anna saved her sister while doing so, she sacrificed everything with her big heart and courage.

29. Jillian Russell (Family Guy)

Jillian Russell cartoon babe

Voiced by the eternal babe Drew Barrymore, Jillian is the classic blonde character that western culture loves so much. Brian’s girlfriend may be low in intelligence, but making up for it with her attractiveness.

Her relationship with Brian, as Brian admits, is complicated. However, Brian has a hard time breaking up with her because he keeps getting distracted by her looks.

30. Princess Mulan (Mulan)

Princess Mulan cartoon babe

Mulan is very pretty and cute. She has a natural beauty, rather than an unrealistic one like the other Disney princesses.

She has that divine ancient Chinese design mixed with the exotic slant of Jasmine’s eyes, the cute little nose like Pocahontas, and those amazing lips. She looks drop-dead gorgeous in everything she wears – including her armor.

The other Princesses rely on looking feminine for beauty – Mulan does not. She just has it. The fact that she disguises herself as a male to join the Chinese army in her father’s place allows us to forget her gender and connect to her on a more personal level.

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31. Paulina (Danny Phantom)

Paulina cartoon babe

A cartoon cheerleader bully, Paulina Sanchez is a tan-skinned teenager babe with bright blue eyes. She only cares about her popularity and beauty and usually thinks she is above anyone below her social status.

Not surprisingly, she is one of the most popular girls at her high school.

32. Stella (Winx Club)

stella cartoon babe

Stella is the Fairy of the Shining Sun and Moon. Although self-centered, she will do anything to keep her friends safe. She has an optimistic personality and is always seen wearing a smile on her face.

33. Katya Kazanova (Archer)

Katya Kazanova  cartoon babe

I already had Lana Kane from Archer on this list, but it wouldn’t be complete without the badass babe Katya. The long-legged, blonde, green-eyed former KGB agent defected to ISIS and then proceeds to take over the KGB.

34. Roberta Tubbs (The Cleveland Show)

Roberta Tubbs cartoon babe

One of the main recurring characters on Family Guy, Roberta is a good-looking busty cartoon babe. However, her taste in men is all over the place. She also bullies Meg, who wants to be Roberta’s friend, which I do not like. However, Roberta is attractive.

35. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Snow White cartoon babe

She has “lips red as the rose, long black hair, and skin white as snow”. Of course, I couldn’t leave Snow White out of this list, as this young princess is considered the “Fairest One of All”.

Famous for her kindness and optimism, Snow White wins the admiration of almost anyone around her, including the forest animals and the seven dwarfs.

36. Scarlett (G.I Joe)

Scarlett cartoon babe

One of the original members of the G.I. Joe cartoon, Scarlett is the team’s counter-intelligence expert. She is a beautiful cartoon character with long hair.

Scarlett is a beautiful redhead with green eyes. I always appreciated the fact Scarlett was rarely portrayed as a damsel in distress and that she was treated as a respected member of the famous boys’ club.

37. Melody Valentine (Josie and the Pussycats)

Melody Valentine cartoon babe

Though a capable drummer, Melody is a slightly clueless 60s babe. but she makes up for it in heart; wit, and everlasting sweetness.

As you can probably tell, she is a beautiful long-haired blonde girl with red lips who manages to turn the heads of most males. In other words. She’s perfect for this list.

38. The Sorceress (He-man and the Masters of the Universe)

The Sorceress cartoon babe

The Sorceress is a human magic user who watches over the secrets contained in Castle Grayskull. Her real name is Teela Na and she stands 5’6 tall and has red hair and dark blue eyes.

Inside the walls of the castle, The Sorceress is one of the mightiest beings in Eternia. She does practically anything she can imagine. However, outside the castle, her only magical power is to become Zoar, a falcon, and to communicate telepathically with her friends.

Oh, and she is gorgeous and I would kill to see a real flesh and blood woman cosplay exactly her.

39. Luanne Platter (King of the Hill)

Luanne Platter cartoon babe

Peggy Hill’s niece Luanne is a dumb, but sweet and sensitive girl. Her naiveté often allows others to take advantage of her. Accordingly, she tends to date the wrong kinds of men.

However, in the end, she manages to settle down with Lucky and have their first child Gracie. One of the nicest things about this babe is that she wants people to like her for her personality, not for her looks, and it kind of works for her.

40. Mercedes (Once upon a time… in space)

Mercedes cartoon babe

Best known as “Psi”, Mercedes is a telepath who also has intuitive and precognitive powers.  She has great respect for living things.

Psi is of South American, and especially Brazilian descent. I love her Hispanic beauty, with her black hair and eyes.

41. Princess (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)

Princess cartoon babe

Princess is a member of G-Force, a group of five young people who protect the Earth from alien invaders from outer space. Like all the other members, Princess is an orphan, trained almost since birth to develop her mysterious powers. She is formidable in a hand-to-hand fight and has extensive knowledge of electronics and explosives.
I always had a huge crush on her pink uniform, white boots, and white gloves. This sexy anime girl deserves to be included in this list of greatest cartoon babes of all time

42. Jedda Walker (Defenders of the World)

Jedda Walker cartoon babe

Following her father as a superhero, Jedda is a member of the Defenders of Earth, a superhero team consisting mainly of the world’s first heroes. When Jedda believed her father dead, she took his mantel as The Phantom.

She is a remarkable marksman, and also trained in many forms of combat. The coolest thing about the busty cartoon character is that she seems to communicate telepathically with her panther, Kisa.

43. Elita-One (Transformers)

Elita-One cartoon babe

Bet you didn’t see this coming! Yeah, female Transformers exist and this one is totally hot.

Elita-One is an Autobot and a fearless warrior, who is also a female counterpart to Optimus Prime. Optimus met her before he was even Optimus and before she was Elita One. Back then, she was a simple manual laborer called Ariel, but later she became a well-known Autobot resistance leader.

Elita-One has a great special power: the ability to stop time through the creation of a field around her. However, this power seems to drain all of her energy and thus leaving her to only use it in the direst of situations.

44. Liz Wilson (Garfield)

Liz Wilson cartoon babe

Another Cartoon babe, Dr. Liz is the veterinarian for Garfield and Jon Arbuckle’s love interest. She is sweet, smart-mouthed, and passionate.

Jon had tried to ask her on a date many times but rarely succeeded, and when she did accept things went wrong. However, Liz finally admitted that she had feelings for him too and the two became a cute couple since. You got to admit Liz looks hot in this white uniform.

45. Jerrica Benton (Jem)

Jerrica Benton cartoon babe

Jerrica is the owner of Starlight Music record company. By using the power of Synergy, a holographic computer, Jerrica can become Jem – the leading pink hair singer of the rock group the Holograms.

Jerrica Benton has a secret identity! She has to keep everyone from knowing that she’s Jem, or else something bad will happen. Unfortunately, we never get to understand what exactly will happen in cartoon series, but that’s beside the point.
In her alter-ego as Jem, Jerrica is flashy and beautiful. Oh, and she wears star-shaped earrings that allow her to control Synergy.

46. April Eagle (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)

April Eagle cartoon babe

Along with the other members of the Star Sheriffs group, April fights against the Outriders and saves the human dimension from their invasion.

April is also an engineer with a genius-level intellect who was able to build the giant Ramrod robot at a young age.  With her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and red headband, April is just an irresistible babe.

47. Smurfette (Smurfs)

Smurfette cartoon babe

This lady Smurf is one of the only three female Smurfs. Smurfette is everyone’s favorite Smurf in the village. However, she always needed the help of the other male Smurfs to get herself out of trouble.

She is considered good-looking in the eyes of the Smurfs, as Gargamel created her to generate discord among the other Smurfs so they would destroy themselves. She has been the love interest of many of the Smurfs.

48. Luann Van Houten (The Simpsons)

Luann Van Houten cartoon babe

Milhouse’s overprotective mom! Just look at this bob-cut blue hair and red round glasses. Mrs. Van Houten is of Italian and Greek descent, which is exotic. She was born without eyebrows, so she draws them on.

49. Janine Melnitz (The Real Ghostbusters)

Janine Melnitz cartoon babe

The famous secretary of the Ghostbusters cartoon, Janine is equally known for her crush on Egon Spengler. At one time, she even gave up her desk job and went along with the Ghostbusters on a bust.

Secretary or not, Janine is one foxy lady who became an important part of the franchise. 

50. Diana The Acrobat (Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series)

 Diana The Acrobat  cartoon babe

Originally a tomboyish 14-year-old girl, Diana was transported to the realm of “Dungeons & Dragons”, where she became Diana the Acrobat, a fearless adventurer.

In the realm, she is exceptionally athletic, able to fight various monsters with her armor and help realm inhabitants.
Diana usually wears a fur bikini and boots. Her tanned abdomen, arms, and legs are bare and she has dark brown hair and black eyes.

51. Firestar (Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends)

Firestar cartoon babe

Angelica Jones is Firestar, a busty female fire superhero, able to absorb electromagnetic energy, which she can project and manipulate in various ways.

Along with Iceman, the fire superhero was sent by Professor X to attend college, where they met Peter Parker. Firestar, Iceman, and Peter then formed a team called the Spider Friends.  

Firestar has red hair and blue eyes – a combination I find highly attractive – and a divine body.

52. Steelheart (Silverhawks)

Steelheart cartoon babe

As a member of the SilverHawks, Steelheart is a law enforcement officer modified into a cyborg to withstand the effects of hypertravel through space. Together with her teammates, she fights the evil Mon*Star, an alien mob boss who shapeshifts into an enormous armor-plated creature.

Steelheart, and her brother Steelwill are the “gearheads” of the team. They are also the ones who created the four Fighting Hawks. Stelheart’s weapon-bird is Stronghold.

53. Daria (MTV)

daria cartoon babe

A disillusioned, misanthropic girl, Daria Morgendorffer’s cynical views are what makes this series so iconic.

Daria has a keen capacity for seeing the hypocrisy in the world around her. She deliberately chooses to avoid going through societal motions that do not make sense to her, often delivering some kind of flippant put-down, instead.

Although Daria claims to hate fashion and despite the fact she does not attempt to dress attractively, I think she is the perfect cartoon babe. Her black knee-length pleated skirt and large black lace-up boots are a great combination that accentuates her thin figure and lovely legs. Daria is a hip chick.

54. Bianca Dupree (Beverly Hills Teens)

Bianca Dupree cartoon babe

The raven-haired manipulative antagonist of the series, Bianca is a self-absorbed, spoiled rich girl who usually acts rude to others.

However, she’s amazingly beautiful and has light blue-green eyes with light green eyeshadow and long waist-length black hair. So, I guess it makes it OK. At least for this list.

55. Carla (Kidd Video)

cartoon babe

Kidd Video’s drummer, Carla is the only girl in the group. Together with the other three members, she is taken into a strange dimension called “the Flipside” and becomes a cartoon character.

She’s kind of a party girl, always looking to have a good time, which can get her far on this list  Carla has black hair and big brown eyes, and she usually wears a pink minidress with matching pink mini boots.

56. Niko (The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers)

Niko cartoon babe

Niko has psychic abilities that allow her to construct energy shields, lift objects, and have clairvoyance. Niko is a Galaxy Ranger, dedicated to providing law and order across the galaxy.

She has long ginger hair, hazel eyes, and a tight-fit figure.

57. Liane Cartman (Southpark)

Liane Cartman cartoon babe

Eric’s mom is, well, a free-spirit girl with a strong appetite for both males and females. Lian is the best mom who loves to serve Eric and does everything to make him happily angry. It was later revealed that Lian is transgender, and she is Eric’s father.

58. Steff (Freakazoid)

Steff cartoon babe

Her real name is Stephanie, Steff is Freakazoid’s beautiful blonde girlfriend. She is cheerful and sweet, but also a sarcastic and spoiled babe.

Stephanie is aware of Freakazoid’s secret identity and sometimes helps him with his missions. Steff has long blonde hair with big blue eyes, and a curvy body.

59. Bumblebee (Teen Titans)

Bumblebee cartoon babe

Leader of the Titans East group, Bumblebee is an attractive black heroine who typically wears red lipstick with her hair styled in Afro puffs.

She has large bee wings that allow her to fly at fast speeds. She can also shrink to size like a bee which helps her fly with more speed.

The first time Bumblebee shrunk was during a battle against Cyborg where she tried to avoid getting hit by his blast cannon.

60. Jenny Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)

Jenny Wakeman cartoon babe

That’s right, robots can enter this list if they’re hot! Jenny is a 16-year-old state-of-the-art robot with blue hair, designed to be Earth’s protector. As such, she is armed to the teeth with guns and sophisticated devices.

However, she wishes to live like a normal teenager. Jenny is cute, friendly, and rather naïve.

61. Cleopatra (Clone High)

Cleopatra cartoon babe

“Cleo” VII Philopator is exactly what you think she is – a clone of Cleopatra the ancient Egyptian queen. As such, she has Cleopatra’s stylized and unique appearance with dark skin, big dark hair, and two big golden earrings.

She is a student at Clone High, where she is the self-proclaimed “queen bee”. Because of her looks and high intelligence, this historic babe is of course, popular and captain of the cheerleading team.

62. Candy (Dave The Barbarian)

Candy cartoon babe

The cartoon barbarian princess of Udrogoth, Candy is charged with ruling the kingdom. However, she prefers to do girl stuff, like shopping and dresses over running the realm.

Of course, Candy is the most beautiful girl in the kingdom when she doesn’t have a bad hair day. This eye candy is also very good at hand-to-hand combat and is great at fighting monsters attacking shops.

63. Ashi (Samurai Jack)

Ashi cartoon babe

Initially, a female assassin who attempts to kill Samurai Jack, Ashi later makes a full turn-around to serve as Jack’s most important ally. Eventually, she even becomes Jack’s lover.

64. Meg Bennett (Bionic Six)

Meg Bennett cartoon babe

On the outside, Meg seems like an ordinary popular high school girl. However, she is the blonde Superheroine known to the world as Rock-1.

Thanks to her augmented bionic body, she is the fastest human being on earth, able to run at speeds over Mach 2. In my opinion, she also looks a lot like Meg Ryan.

65. Samantha (Totally Spies)

Samantha cartoon babe
Samantha (Totally Spies)

What is a better way to end this list than with a lovely female spy? Heloise Nerz, more known as “Hello Nurse” is a curvy medic. A true limber vixen, Samantha is a gorgeous and slim girl with long orange hair and emerald-green eyes, which makes her look, Irish.

She is a student at Beverly Hills High, who becomes an international spy fighting supervillains and saving the world. When she’s on a spy mission she wears this green catsuit which drives me crazy.  

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