Best 50 Skinny Cartoon Characters

These days the generic skinny cartoon character is no longer today’s norm. Not everyone in cartoons is slim. However, this article collects a list of thin slim cartoon characters from all color spectrums, black, and white, boys and girls, attractive and ugly, tall and short, famous, and less-known skinny characters.

This list of skinny cartoon characters is not ranked on popularity or any other basis.

1. Gerald Johanssen from Hey Arnold

gerald johanssen skinny cartoon character

The group’s cool storyteller is an outgoing kid with street smart. Gerald is a 4th-grade student, a skinny cartoon character with a black heritage. He is more down to earth than the rest of the fourth-grade class and some of the adults as well.

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2. Goofy from Disney Mickey Cartoon

goofy skinny cartoon characters

Goofy is one of the world’s most iconic skinny cartoon characters! He can be very silly and clumsy or unlucky, but at the same time, he is depicted as smart and normal.

3. Beavis and Butthead

beavis and butthead skinny cartoon characters

Beavis and Butthead are best friends who ditch school, work at Burger World, watch MTV, and try to “score” with “chicks”. The skinny bad boys occasionally skip school for weeks, and all they care about is metal and junk food.

4. Olive Oyl from Popeye Cartoon

olive oyleskinny cartoon character

Olive is probably the most iconic tall skinny character in cartoon history. Popeye’s love interest keeps going between liking Popeye and liking Bluto. At the time of her creation, Olive’s stick-thin figure was considered quite attractive. Olive eats spinach on occasion though it is rare.

5. Mr. Burns from The Simpsons

mr. burns skinny cartoon characters

An extremely skinny (and big nose) old man, and a corrupt corporate executive of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns always thinks about money. He has done every evil deed imaginable, from blotting out the sun to stealing candy from a baby, and that was just in one episode.

6. Rolf form Ed, Edd n Eddy

rolf skinny cartoon characters

A slim eccentric character with a strange accent who runs a farm in the backyard of his home. Rolf is an immigrant from “The Old Country” and he has done some pretty amazing stuff in the cartoon. He is the tallest member of the Urban Rangers and is the most authoritative of them.

7. Shaggy Rogers from Scoobypedia

shaggy rogers skinny cartoon characters

Norville Rogers is a famous skinny character who solves mysteries with his friends, Daphne, Fred, Velma, and his dog, Scooby-Doo! He always wears a green T-shirt and baggy red pants.

8. Wilt from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

wilt skinny cartoon characters

There are plenty of skinny and tall cartoon characters, but Wilt is a special one. He is an imaginary friend created by the protagonist to become a better basketball player. Wilt is the perfect friend, he is cool and incredibly nice.

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9. Mr. Tall from The Mr. Men Show Cartoon

mr. tall skinny cartoon character

Mr. Tall can not swim because he has long skinny legs. The blue cartoon character hates being tall, but he soon learns his size’s advantages.

10. Mr. Crocker from Fairly OddParents

mr. crocker skinny cartoon characters

Denzel Q. Crocker is Timmy’s teacher. He is an ugly evil skinny character who wants to take over the world using Fairy Godparents’ magic. He is insane, detached, and very smart with an obsession for fairies.

11. Wile E. Coyote from Road Runner Cartoon

wile-e skinny cartoon characters

Wile is not evil, basically, he just wants a meal. Too bad he’s so bad at it. He is the main antagonist of the short cartoon series, serving as the only threat to Roadrunner. All that running keeps him in shape and a slim figure.

12. Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory

mandark skinny cartoon character

Mandark is a scientist, and Dexter’s antagonist, who regularly tries to shut down his lab. He is a skinny evil genius. Mandark makes Dexter’s life miserable simply because he believes he is better than him. He hates Dexter but views him as a Worthy Opponent.

13. Leni L. Loud from The Loud House

leni l loud skinny cartoon characters

Leni is a skinny teenage girl blessed with beauty and kindness. She loves fashion and wants to become a fashion designer. Leni is clueless and can not be trusted to handle the least complicated of tasks. Sometimes she acts eccentric too.

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14. Phineas and Ferb from Phineas and Ferb Cartoon

phineas and ferb  skinny cartoon characters

Two skinny boys, Phineas Flynn and his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher embark on an unrealistic grand new project. Phineas is a cheerful boy who comes up with wild ideas, and Ferb is the taller more stoic character who usually says very little. He is also a mechanical genius.

15. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty Animated Series

rick sanchez skinny cartoon characters

Morty’s maternal grandfather and mad scientist. Rick constantly drags his grandchildren and their parents along on parallel universal adventures. Despite being elderly and skinny with very scrawny limbs., Rick is very powerful. He has all sorts of incredible cybernetics installed

16. Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time

marceline skinny cartoon character

The vampire queen is very popular among the fans. She lives for ages and has a very broken spirit. Marceline can easily defeat almost any other character in the cartoon especially if she starts eating souls and stealing their powers.

17. Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!

helga pataki skinny cartoon characters

The main female antagonist of Hey Arnold! cartoon. Helga is a deeply insecure girl who became the class bully. She is obsessed with Arnold and tries to get his attention in an ugly way. She becomes the villain sometimes and keeps her crush a secret in order to protect her reputation.

18. Patti Mayonnaise from Doug Cartoon Series

patti mayonnaise  skinny cartoon characters

Patricia is a shy skinny girl and an athletic tomboy. She tends to leave Doug unsure of whether she returns his feelings or views him as just a friend. She tends to be one of the saner members of Doug’s circle of friends.

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19. Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

debbie thornberry skinny cartoon characters

Deborah is a skinny cartoon character who can’t stop complaining. She often only cares about her own needs and interests.

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20. Judy Jetson from the Jetsons Cartoon

judy jetson skinny cartoon character

A futuristic teenage girl whose interests include clothes, hanging out with boys, and revealing secrets to her diary. Judith gets plenty of boyfriends throughout the series, forgetting about them by the end of the episode.

21. Batgirl from Batman: The Animated Series

batgirl skinny cartoon characters

Batgirl is Batwoman’s niece, she is a genius-level hacker and information broker, and an expert martial artist. Batgirl had many character evolution, in the cartoon series she is powerful and slim.

22. Mr. Mackey from Southpark

mr mackey skinny cartoon characters

South Park Elementary’s guidance counselor with a very skinny body and a large head, mmm-kay? Most of the kids have no respect for him whatsoever. He claims to be an authority on various subjects, but his advice is usually worthless.

23. Numbuh 5 from KND Code Module Cartoon

numbuh 5 skinny cartoon character

Numbuh 5 is the type of character that is always ‘under control’, and always deals with every situation in a cool manner. It is implied that should anything happen to Numbuh 1, she is to take over.

24. Oscar Proud from The Proud Family

oscar proud skinny cartoon character

Oscar’s wife may be thicc, but he is a skinny black cartoon character, Penny’s overprotective father. He values money before non-material happiness. Despite being a clumsy goofball, parenting may be one of the few things he is good at.

25. Spaghetti Man from The Super Globetrotters

spaghetti man skinny cartoon character

When James Twiggy Sanders turns into his superhero persona “Spaghetti Man”, his skinny body turns into ropes, and he can also function as a rope ladder. Very handy in most crisis situations.

26. Darren Patterson from As Told By Ginger

darren patterson skinny cartoon characters

Ginger’s friend is calm and reliable. He is a very kind and sensitive character. Darren had some major changes made to his appearance. He originally had pale skin, however, his physical appearance changed and Darren was given black skin and a tall and slim figure.

27. Trixie Carter from American Dragon: Jake Long Cartoon

trixie carter skinny cartoon characters

Trixie is one of the main characters, and the cartoon’s “voice of reason”. She is a black female with a skinny body who prefers to wear sweatshirts and tomboy clothes. Trixie owns a large number of designer clothes. She has some aspirations to be a doctor in the future.

28. Kim Possible from Kim Possible Cartoon

kim possible skinny cartoon characters

Kim Possible is a hot cartoon babe that dedicates part of her life to saving the world and helping her community. All that cheerleading and martial arts have made her a seriously tough girl with agility and durability far beyond ordinary people.

29. Pickles from The Oblongs

pickles skinny cartoon characters

An outcast skinny cartoon character. Pickles is an alcoholic chain smoker, she lost her hair and much of her weight due to the exposure to the pollution of the Valley. She came from a rich family in the Hills and willingly gave up her money and privileges to marry Bob, a Valley boy.

30. Brandy from Brandy & Mr. Whiskers Cartoon

brandy skinny cartoon characters

A selfish, skinny teenage female dog who is forced to live with the annoying Mr. Whiskers. Brandy is very rude, condescending, and arrogant. When Brandy is not elitist, she can be a decent character.

31. Lloyd Nebulon from Lloyd in Space

lloyd skinny cartoon character

Lloyd is a kind and caring skinny green alien from the Verdigrian species. He lives in the Intrepidville Space Station. He almost constantly gets teased by his telekinetic little sister and has trouble fitting in at Luna Vista Middle School.

32. Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9) from My Life as a Teenage Robot

jenny wakeman  skinny cartoon character

XJ-9 is a superpowered crime-fighting female cartoon robot designed like a skinny cartoon girl. Her body parts count as “clothing”, she appears to have a crop top, a miniskirt, and thigh-high boots.

33. Gumball Watterson from World of Gumball

gumball watterson skinny cartoon characters

Gumball may be skinny, and a very short character in height, but you don’t want to mess with him. His mother is a master karate girl who thought him how to kick ass. Gumball got unharmed by the big bang and HE can control time.

34. Icy from Winx Club Cartoon

icy skinny cartoon characters

The ice-wielding white-haired witch, like all the Winx Club characters, is very slim, and very powerful. Icy has ice-based powers, she seeks to rule the universe.

35. Frankie Foster from Foster’s Home

frankie foster  skinny cartoon character
Another “voice of reason” on this list of skinny cartoon characters. Frankie is an easygoing person, but you don’t want to piss her off, she gets furious when Mr. Herriman pushes her too far. She is quite thin and tall and has very skinny limbs.

36. Grim from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

grim skinny cartoon character

Billy and Mandy’s “best friend” forever. Due to being a living skeleton with no skin, Grim is an obviously skinny character, as expected of the Grim Reaper.

37. Flapjack from The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack

flapjack  skinny cartoon character

A skinny boy who was raised by Bubbie, a talking whale. Flapjack’s life goal is to become the greatest adventurer in the world.

38. Starfire from Teen Titans

starfire skinny cartoon characters

Starfire was born a princess on the planet Tamaran. She is an alien and a flying superhero with powers of energy projection.

39. Demongo from Samurai Jack Cartoon

demongo skinny cartoon character

A very thin cartoon character, Demongo is a soul collector. He has the ability to summon countless captured warriors from his soul collection. Demongo is rather goofy for being an evil demon.

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40. Marco Diaz from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

marco diaz

Star’s earthly friend, guide, and combat partner. Marco is a thin boy with a red belt who can karate-kick cartoon monsters three times his size and send them limping home.

41. Beckett Mariner from Memory Alpha

 beckett mariner skinny cartoon character

Is in the command division of The U.S.S. Starfleet, and the daughter of Captain Carol Freeman. She is a skillful female character with black skin, applicable to being a Starfleet officer, she nevertheless prefers to be an ensign on the lower decks rather than on the bridge.

42. Dr. Scratchansniff from Animaniacs

dr scratchansniff  skinny cartoon characters

The bald skinny psychiatrist who got frustrated from trying to tame the Warners and eventually seeks revenge on them. Like most cartoon psychiatrists, he is a nervous trainwreck.

43. The Pink Panther Cartoon

the pink panther skinny cartoon characters

The Pink Panther never loses his cool. He always keeps his silent wit and rhythmic step.

44. Daniel “Danny” Fenton from Danny Phantom

danny phantom skinny cartoon characters

Danny tries to find a place in the world, he is a skinny boy who fights ghosts in his hometown. His “phantom” uniform is mostly black with grey lining.

45. Nick Birch from Big Mouth

nck birch skinny cartoon characters

Most of the time Nick, a slim kid, feels left outside. His short stature and innocent-looking face give him a cute appearance.

46. Todd Chavez from BoJack Horseman

todd chavez skinny cartoon characters

BoJack’s slacker roommate. Todd had his share of runnings with gangsters.

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47 Quinn Ergon from Final Space

quinn ergon skinny cartoon characters

Quin and her sister were trained from their childhood b their future career in the Infinity Guard. She is a skinny female cartoon character with dark brown skin.

48. Queen Oona from Disenchantment

queen oona skinny cartoon characters

Onn is from Dankmire and shares in the pale green/blue skin complexion of her people. She also has a long, prehensile tongue.

49. Ren Hoek from The Ren & Stimpy

ren hoek skinny cartoon characters

He was hardly a nice guy, more like a mean, deranged, and self-serving cartoon character. Ren is usually prone to psychotic fits of fury for little to no reason at times.

50. Sir Cedric from The Bravest Knight

sir cedric skinny cartoon characters

The skinny Sir Cedric grew up as a pumpkin farmer and had aspirations to be the greatest knight to ever live.

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