20 Kim Possible Villains, Ranked From Bad to Evil

20 Kim Possible Villains, Ranked From Bad to Evil!

In the world of animated television, few villains are as memorable and entertaining as those featured in Kim Possible. The beloved Disney Channel series introduced us to a world of danger, espionage, and villains with eccentric personalities. Throughout four seasons, Kim Possible and her team faced off against a range of dastardly baddies, each with … Read more

30 Best Cartoon Characters With Braces

30 Best Cartoon Characters With Braces

Even today, braces are the most popular option to straighten misaligned teeth. In fact, these dental tools have been so common for so long that their presence is deeply entrenched in our pop culture. So much so that some of the best cartoon characters ever have worn them. Still, Bugs Bunny, who seems to need … Read more

Best 50 Skinny Cartoon Characters

Best 50 Skinny Cartoon Characters

These days the generic skinny cartoon character is no longer today’s norm. Not everyone in cartoons is slim. However, this article collects a list of thin slim cartoon characters from all color spectrums, black, and white, boys and girls, attractive and ugly, tall and short, famous, and less-known skinny characters. This list of skinny cartoon … Read more

Top 40 Cartoon Characters With Long Hair

Top 40 Cartoon Characters With Long Hair

The characters we watch in cartoon series range from handsome cuties, to powerful and magical. In this list, we picked some unforgettable cartoon characters with long hair to inspire your next hairstyle. 1. Rapunzel from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Cartoon The cartoon follows Rapunzel’s efforts to learn about the world and reacquaint herself with her long-lost … Read more

65 Cartoon Babes You’ll Never Encounter In Real Life

best cartoon babes of all time

Allow me to make a confession I have an enormous crush on cartoon babes like April O’Neil and Ariel. Heck, I wouldn’t have survived watching the entire BoJack Horseman if it wasn’t for Dian’s busty figure. Let’s face it, all of us hopeless geeks, at one point or another, have admitted–either seriously to fantasizing about animated female … Read more

The Top 16 Unforgettable Disney Redheads, Ranked

disney redheads

Not all of Disney’s many redhead characters are equal in their importance in pop culture. To make an order of things, we compiled a list of the top sixteen iconic Disney redheads. Only less than 2% of the world’s population has natural red hair. However, Disney fans must be under the impression that red is … Read more

The Best Cheerleading Movies To Cheer You Up

Greatest Cheerleaders in Movies and TV Isis (Bring it On, 2000 movie) vs Bianca (Fired Up, movie)

For some people, the Super Bowl is actually about football and for some, it’s a slightly more elegant display of cheerleading athleticism. In this list, we face off the top greatest cheerleading movies and TV series to ever provide perfectly synchronized moral support. The list contains related movies and TV shows with cheerleaders ordered by … Read more