60 Minecraft Modern House Ideas – Ultimate List!

Check out the list below if you’re looking for awesome Minecraft modern house ideas. If you find yourself standing in a field with cobblestones in your hand and not sure what to build, then you may be looking for Modern house blueprints in Minecraft.

Of course, you have all dug a hole in an inconspicuous mountainside and erected four walls of wooden beams. But if you are already familiar with the world of Minecraft, you will want to make a more attractive building. To do this, we offer you several ideas.

If this is your first time diving into the endless world of Minecraft, then you should start with something simpler. 

Below we offer you a look at the modern Minecraft houses that you can build yourself. Maybe you need some inspiration, or you want to follow the link and download the map to create your own unique project.

1. Mob Proof Modern House

Minecraft House Ideas
1. Mob Proof Modern House

Crafting the most modern house while keeping it mob-proof, this Modern House by WiederDude is pretty impressive for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the design itself is modern in every corner. And since the house is Mob Proof, there’s lava in the front, so if anyone tries to enter, only death will wait for them.

This modern house is ideal for partying and it contains a glass frame on the second floor so everything is visible from the outside.

The house contains two floors, a lava bridge in the front, and there are working fans that’ll give damage anyone who’ll try to rob your house.

The materials used in this house are jungle and birch wood planks, some slabs, and ward blocks, making it premium to the core. Moreover, if we talk about defense, you’re looking at Marble and iron block carpets, buttons, glass panes, and a variety of other materials.

This is one of the safest houses that you can recreate in Minecraft. This Minecraft Modern mansion will make you go crazy with the fun you’ll be experiencing.

2. Modern Mansion House

Minecraft House ideas
2. Modern Mansion House

One of the most unique modern houses on the list is this Mansion House. Now, this isn’t your usual modern mansion as it comes with a lot of unique features.

For example, the huge staircases in the front, a full 360 balcony, and a large pool in the front of the house.

The materials used in this modern mansion house contain Quartz Blocks, Quartz Slabs, Oak Planks, Gray Concrete, Black Stained Glass Panes, Stone Blocks, Leaves, Oak Slabs, Flower Pots, Quartz Stairs, and Dark Oak Doors.

So, you’ll need to get your hands on these materials if you want to create a similar house.
The interior for the most part is minimal and the balcony makes this house perfect for viewing the outside environment.

3. Modern Villa House

Minecraft house ideas

This Modern Villa House was created by Akila Gaming and it blows other house ideas out of proportion. There’s a lot to talk about this villa starting from the overall look.

You’re going to get an outdoor kitchen, a bamboo Minecraft garden, and beautiful chandeliers, making it ideal for partying with your friends. Or maybe enemies since this isn’t the safest villa either.

The white Quartz exterior makes the villa look modern. And with the addition of a black outline, adds value to the overall house design.

This is a well-thought design and if you wish to recreate one, it’s all yours. With a unique Minecraft modern house layout, you can expect a lot of fun ahead.

4. Mountain House

Mountain House in Minecraft
4. Mountain House

Making a mountain house can be tricky. However, this YouTuber did an amazing job in making one while still somehow designing a house that looks eye-catching to everyone.

If you’re looking for a cool mountain house in Minecraft, this might be the best and coolest looking.
Starting from the design, the house has a circular exterior, bringing sunlight into the house and the interior has beautifully lit ceilings with furniture that you can’t just put spontaneously.

The hanging lamps add value to the overall modern design by making the house bright from the inside out. So if you’re more of a mountain guy or gal, you might want to look into this unique mountain house design.

5. Aquarium House

Aquarium House in Minecraft
5. Aquarium House

Let’s show a little love to this Aquarium House as it deserves a lot of hype in the Minecraft world. Created by SheepGG, this house is unique and premium.

Not to mention, the materials used in this house are costly, for example, fish, plants, and the unique exterior.

With the color scheme of this house, the Aquarium theme looks perfect. You’re looking at a beautiful entry with a duo-tone staircase, and furniture that lights everything up from the inside.

The main intent was to bring the sea life and turn it into a full working house for people who want an aquarium-themed house.

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6. Underwater Mountain House

Minecraft house ideas
6. Underwater Mountain House

Minecraft is a world of crazy house ideas. We’re going to talk about more mountain houses but this one is purely unique. Made by Zaypixel, this mountain house is underwater.

How unique is that? Just like the mountain house we talked about earlier, this was built underground by digging in layers of stone.

Well, the house rests underwater with a secret entry that not a lot of people will be able to understand. With a huge window, you can watch fish, watch your enemies die, and do whatever you want in this creative house. I’d definitely play around in a house like this.

7. Wooden Survival House

Wooden Survival House in Minecraft
7. Wooden Survival House

Another wooden house but this one is unique due to the fact that it’s made of Oak and Cobblestone, making every inch of the housing premium.

The materials used in this wooden house are Oak Planks, Oak Stairs, Cobblestone, Glass Pane, Cobblestone Stairs, and Fence.

Now, this isn’t a crazy expensive house but it just looks good, especially in an area with a lot of bushes. The cobblestone outline makes the house look sturdy and premium.

The interior isn’t the best but if you’re in it for the wooden theme, you should definitely check out this wooden survival house.

8. Small Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
8. Small Modern House

Another Minecraft house idea by Rizzial, this one is for the minimalists out there. This house has a rather compact design but contains two floors with a very modern-looking color scheme and interior. Firstly, you’re getting a porch area that goes all the way up to your entrance, and then you have the stairs that lead you into the house.

The gray/white exterior looks pretty modern but the interior is no exception. While you’re not getting any furniture guide in this tutorial, the interior still has all the design elements you need to kickstart your creative freedom.

9. Large Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
9. Large Modern House

A larger modern house that will make you go “I want this” is finally here. Once again, this house was designed by a YouTuber named Rizzial and he did an excellent job in crafting a modern-looking house.

Aside from the bigger stature, there are a lot of unique features and cool design choices that the crafter took. There’s a porch and pool area, stairs that take you to the second floor, and an interior that makes you stay inside for hours.

You’re also going to love the wooden materials used in this home and the color scheme does make sense for an odd-looking modern interior.

10. 3 Floor White Container House

Minecraft house ideas
10. Three Floor White Container House

Oh boy, this 3-floor white container house idea will definitely make you question your creativity. Made by a Korean YouTuber named ManDooMiN, the house contains a white contain design with three floors.

The angles of the three floors are slightly shifted to give you more room and the overall design choices make a lot of sense.

Don’t get me wrong, even for a 3-floor house, this house is humungous. The interior is visible from the outside as the whole house uses glass and the interior itself is pretty aesthetically pleasing. The use of plants and a mini-farm inside will make you fall in love with this 3-floor house.

11. Survival Farm House

Survival Farm House in Minecraft
11. Survival Farm House

Let’s talk about another wooden house as this one is an ideal survival house for you. Whether you’re looking to go on a vacation with no mob drama or just looking to replace your house with a more secure experience, this survival farmhouse can be your new best friend.

The entrance contains staircases that connect you to different parts of the farmhouse and the interior design can be pretty good if you let your creative self go wild.

Moreover, this house isn’t the most expensive as it doesn’t use a lot of resources. You just need to get a lot of wooden planks and basic items to craft a house with this design.

12. Suburban Mansion House

Minecraft house ideas
12. Suburban Mansion House

This Suburban Mansion is pretty darn exciting for a variety of reasons. The design itself is not too unique nor too boring as you can see in Minecraft. However, the designer took a realistic approach by bringing real-life elements into this house.

You can use a modern-day setting in this house and make your house stand out from the competition. Being a 3-floor mansion, you’re getting a pretty cool and spacious interior, a two-car garage, a small lawn with some flowers on them, and an exterior that makes you scream “GORGEOUS” whenever you look at it.

There’s also a wrap-around porch with multiple entrances. All in all, this mansion is quite ideal for you to play around with and choose as your main inspiration for the next project.

13. Modern Wooden Survival Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
13. Modern Wooden Survival House

This log build is perfect for wood lovers. The two-floor survival house has a clean and minimal design and it was designed by a YouTuber named JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial.

The use of logs and wood to create a secure two-floor home was successful in the end. I mean, just look at how the house looks from the outside.

I haven’t seen such a minimal wooden survival house. And when we talk about the interior, it’s pretty spacious and personally, it makes me quite impressed to see what level of creativity this creator has.

14. Survival Japanese Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
14. Survival Japanese House

Building a Japanese House can be tricky. Depends on what type of Japanese house you’re looking for. But this YouTuber named Hakdow – Japanese Builds made it pretty simple for the viewers by displaying all the required materials and step-by-step processes.

There’s a long entrance that takes you right into the house but as this is a survival house, you can’t just enter that easily. In the middle of the water, this Japanese house has a unique look to it.

You’re also looking at Japanese traditional lamps that’ll keep the whole scene well-lit. On the other hand, with a couple of dark oak trees, this house becomes very natural looking while keeping security to the maximum.

15. Underground Modern House

Minecraft House ideas
15. Underground House

If you think that building high towers and big modern houses is cool, wait till you see this underground house as this one-floor building will blow your mind.

The house was made by a YouTuber named Spudetti and he divided the house into four equal spaces with a rather circular shape from the outside.

The circular design makes it pretty unique and the interior is as cool as it can get. The house is ideal if you like to look at stars at night while keeping the thrill of having the mobs attack you.

16. Medieval Mansion House

Minecraft house ideas
16. Medieval Mansion House

Medieval mansions are always creepy. But if you’re more into spooky stuff, this house by BlueNerd Minecraft will make you reimagine what a Medieval Mansion should be like.

The house has huge white walls, cool wood, and roofs, and with the strong stone base layer, this house is eye candy for the viewers.

While this house isn’t the most design-centric Medieval house you can create, it still delivers the message smartly.

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17. Luxury Wooden House

Luxury Wooden House in Minecraft
17. Luxury Wooden House

Luxury and Wood are often related to each other. Well, this house is no exception. The amount of detail put into this luxury house is just unreal.

With a beautiful wood entrance, a cute farm, a small pond, and the use of a lot of trees, this Wooden house has a luxurious theme. This Minecraft modern house is great for people who want a balance between luxury and wood since both are not overused here.

The YouTuber does an amazing job in creating the Minecraft house blueprints since they’re easy to follow.

18. Underground Base Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
18. Underground Base House

Made by a popular Minecraft YouTube named Shock Frost, this underground house is pretty easy to make. All you need is to gather around 300 spruce planks, 100 stripped spruce wood, 72 white stained glass, and 16 spruce stairs and you’re set for the most part.

This Minecraft house design is underground and if you’re more of a survival person, the underground base will be ideal for you.

The exterior contains a lot of glass blocks that allow you to see the outside world. Moreover, the interior is simple and minimal so there are not a lot of things to talk about in that regard.

19. Cozy Survival Cottage

Cozy Survival Cottage in Minecraft
19. Cozy Survival Cottage

We know that Minecraft is all about surviving. This cute modern Minecraft Cottage is perfect for people who want everything to be extreme.

The creator crafted it in a way where it’s doable for most gamers while keeping it cute and a little extra. Now, you’ll need a lot of materials like a Birch Log, a Campfire, a Dark Oak Door, a Ladder, and a handful of other materials to construct this house.

The house has a cottage design with multiple entrances, a kitchen, a TV lounge, a library, bedrooms, and a lot more exciting stuff.

20. Underwater Secret Base

Underwater Secret Base in Minecraft
20. Underwater Secret Base

Underwater Secret Headquarters? What’s cooler than that? This one was made by WiderDude and no matter what we do, this guy’s creativity is on a whole nother level.

The base is hidden in a secret block, and inside, you’re looking at one of the most beautifully crafted survival-friendly designs.

There’s a huge living room, bedrooms, storage rooms, and a secret room if something goes wrong. This is one of the best house designs in Minecraft.

21. Pirate Base House

Minecraft house ideas
21. Pirate Base House

Maybe you’re a fan of the popular One Piece. In that case, this Pirate Base House is a perfect house project for you to start as your unique Minecraft house.

This house was created by DiddiHD and it looks more like a pirate ship than a house.
The flag on the top instantly increases the intimidating aura and your crew can rest in your base without having to worry about being attacked.

22. Fantasy House

Minecraft house ideas
22. Fantasy House

By a YouTube channel literally called “Minecraft Fantasy Builds”, this modern house is more like a dream come true. It features a castle-themed extreme design with a rather confusing entrance.

But that’s the whole point. On top, you’re looking at a high tower that asserts dominance and the interior is spacious enough for you to put nearly anything.

All in all, if you want a Minecraft house that looks more like a castle, then this is the one for you.

23. Farm House

Minecraft house ideas
23. Farm House

Are you a fan of farmhouses? Well, you’re going to love this one. With a lot of materials involved, this Farm House Minecraft build contains a solid entrance and a spacious interior, and the two-story design makes it ideal to be called a modern farmhouse.

You’ll see a lot of trees and the house is ideal for keeping your animals safe and sound.

24. Minecraft Modern House

Minecraft Modern House
24. Minecraft Modern House

Well, we’ve talked about a lot of Modern Houses today but this one brings a more playful look to the audience due to its modern and funky-looking elements.

The furniture is pretty extra, there’s a pool, and the two-story design makes it ideal for people who want everything extra in their houses. This Modern House was designed by JINTUBE and it’s pretty popular on YouTube.

25. Mob Proof Wooden House

Minecraft house ideas
25. Mob Proof Wooden House

Another Mob Proof design that can really save your life, this house is literally an enemy to the mobs. The design was made by WiederDude on YouTube and like all the other mob-proof designs he creates, this house literally takes every single mob account that tries to hunt you.

With the addition of Lava and cool fences, no one can enter the house without your consent. So, if you’re more of a careful person, then this Minecraft house idea is perfect for you.

26. Country Farm House

Minecraft house ideas
26. Country Farm House

Another beautiful modern Farm House created by BlueBits, this one is a more expensive One. Firstly, you’re going to need a lot of unique materials, secondly, it’ll take some time to be completed.

However, this is one of the most unique Minecraft houses of all time due to the overall design and farmhouse-themed concept.

Hence, if you want to take your farmhouse and make a literal castle out of it, then you should follow this tutorial.

27. Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
27. Modern House

A pretty basic modern house that’s not too expensive and serves as a great Minecraft modern house for people who are just starting out, the design is pretty straightforward.

You’re looking at a big pool, a two-story house, and an interior that takes the Minecraft cake compared to the exterior. Once again, as a Minecraft newbie, this tutorial will be a great starting point for you.

28. Luxury Modern House

Minecraft house ideas
28. Luxury Modern House

You heard the name. This is a luxurious modern house that has a design unlike any other house on the list. If you’re more of a party guy, then inviting your friends to this house will quickly build up your reputation and everyone will have a good experience.

There’s a cool pool area, a marble entrance, and a two-story design that makes it perfect for a lot of people. The interior is not an exception, everything fits quite well and the house screams “I’m LUXURIOUS!” all the time.

29. Modern Secret Base

Minecraft house ideas
29. Modern Secret Base

Secret bases are vital if you want to survive in the world of Minecraft. Only you know the secret entrance and upon entering, you’ll see a huge lounge with a beautiful interior, dining area, kitchen, and a lot of bedrooms.

The house also has an indoor pool so the party isn’t even a problem. The problem is, everything has to be secret.

So if you’re an introvert like me and want to have all the fun alone, this modern secret base is the most secure option.

30. Treehouse

Minecraft Treehouse
30. Treehouse

Do you love forests? Well, this Treehouse will be best suited for you. With an immersive experience of woodland, this house is made for wood lovers like you.

The theme is forest-friendly, the interior is spacious and unique, and the roofing makes you experience your fantasies for real.

In other words, if you want a cozy and simple experience in the jungle, this Treehouse Minecraft house idea will be perfect for you.

31. Luxurious Minecraft Modern House in a Cave

As with the treehouse, many have tried to build a house inside a cave and found themselves accidentally digging up a giant underground cube that looks more like the buildings in Dwarf Fortress. In order to create such a wonderful house, an open cave is used.

It has glass windows, sometimes even a dormer window, and an open terrace that leads outside. The Minecraft Modern House has a cozy interior with a lovely dining room, and there is also a spacious backyard with a swimming pool.

32. Red Stone Smart Home

This idea of ​​a house in Minecraft pushed the boundaries of the possibilities of computer games. Such modern real estate is filled with technology and incredible gadgets. You even need a special key card to get there.

But keep in mind that it is so difficult to construct such a house, be sure that you have read the necessary information before construction; you don’t want to accidentally be trapped in a contraption you made yourself.

33. Modern Mansion overlooking the Ocean

This option is definitely for you if you’ve ever dreamed of a house on top of a mountain overlooking the sea, eerily reminiscent of Tony Stark’s mansion.

This modern mansion comes complete with all the extras a billionaire could ever want, including a pool, beach, private bar, and even a helicopter. Such a house is a dream for many of you, but, at least, you can load it into Minecraft.

34. Small Village Modern House

Definitely, this cute modern mansion seems small, but it makes up for what it lacks in space with its charm.

It’s just a lovely, small, country house; there is nothing superfluous. It is ideal for spending your lazy days in it, reading a book, watching the rain run down the windows, and waiting for the oncoming horde of creepers, which, in your opinion, think they’re after you.

35. Modern Country Mansion

This enormous building is definitely worth a look. Built against a backdrop of mountains covered with green trees and surrounded by a picturesque lake, this Minecraft House is ideal for those who want to relax after years of adventure.

The exterior of the Minecraft house looks quite impressive, but the inside is also worth exploring. There is a waterfall, exciting trails, and even several caves to take a trip to if you are tired of the carefree life of being locked up.

36. GTA 5: Franklin House

GTA 5 is an endless source of inspiration, so why not take inspiration from this game and create a house in Minecraft.

Based on Franklin’s house, this is one of the most impressive dwelling ideas in Minecraft.

It was possible to recreate this chic apartment with many rooms. Plus, there’s a beautiful pool and a garage where you can store your, uh… carts?

37. Solid Stone Modern House

minecraft modern house ideas

Sturdy Stone House is one of the top 30 cute Minecraft house ideas. This basic stone house is worth building if you don’t want to build a wooden house, as it is unlikely to survive damage. Here are some of the features of this house:

You can use traditional blocks such as Stone, But it adds a few extra variables to make the final build more interesting, rather than just a stone cube.

It’s also not the kind of house you dread leaving because you’ve put so much effort into it.

Did you like the Minecraft house ideas? Well, know that we have more content to raise your level of knowledge in the game!

38. Farm to survive

It is a suitable design for beginners. It’s easy to build with regular resources like wood and gravel and easy to expand in the future. If you build this type of modern house, make sure it is well-maintained. Other use cases for this type of home design are listed below.

  • You can add more rooms to the building without thinking about the design.
  • You can also access farmland. And a convenient way to access it without having to leave home or travel at night.

39. Round Rotunda by the River

Round Rotunda by the river is also one of the best ideas for a Minecraft house. Some of the use cases for this house are listed below:

It provides additional levels and sophistication of interior design. The structure has a smaller circle above a larger circle.

The open feel this design gives is perfect for people who like to keep everything they need in one place.

If more rooms are needed, it will be easy to add another layer underneath them or expand the existing rooms for a much higher expansion.

Additionally, building houses near the river will impress your online friends and allow players to access higher floors faster.

Here’s how to create this design:

  • Simply select a location on the chosen floor surface.
  • Place a block of water to create a small waterfall.
  • Then dig one hole after another where the water will come down to trap them and avoid any mess. It would act as a water lift and give her riverside home a more watery appeal.

40. Solid Stone House

Sturdy Stone House is one of the top 30 modern Minecraft house ideas. This basic stone house is worth building if you don’t want to build a wooden house, as it is unlikely to survive damage. Here are some of the features of this house:

You can use traditional blocks such as Stones. But it adds a few extra variables to make the final build more interesting, rather than just a stone cube.

It is large in size; You will be able to live in it for a while before upgrading.

It’s also not the kind of house you dread leaving because you’ve put so much effort into it.

41. Inside The Mountain

Maybe players who didn’t craft a wooden chest on their first night dug into the side of the mountain instead.

It’s easy to weave a few pieces into the mountain, and the interior can be decorated in almost any way the player wishes.

On the other hand, the exterior could be more than just a mountain gate. The complete feeling of space extends to the side of the mountain. Everything can be seen through the window.

Not only does it look good from the outside, but it also means players don’t have to rely on artificial lighting indoors as they will have an excellent sunny feel.

The contrast will be between elegant interior design and natural mountain; More clear and integrated if the area around the bay window wall remains rustic and organic.

However, there’s nothing wrong with planting a small garden in front of the enormous front window to add flair without taking away from the vibe of a mountain retreat.

42. Small Contemporary Two-Story Modern House

It is one of the most complicated buildings, and it will take some time to collect the materials. If you want a big, solid house, check out WiederDude Design. Here are some of the characteristics of the idea of ​​a modern Minecraft house:

  • Country house Two levels and a swimming pool.
  • You can change things up by Laying out the swimming pool area. The farm is easily accessible.
  • The use of concrete, especially white concrete, which requires bone meal, makes building this house difficult.
  • You can also make soft stone blocks and use that instead.

The house may not be attractive, but it’s still a great design.

43. Bunkhouse for Multiplayer

It is so exciting to play Minecraft with your friends, especially if they are new to the game. However, this means that any house is created unless it is built independently. It should have enough space for each/all gamers. And that’s where this design shines. Some of the features of cool and modern Minecraft house ideas have given below:

This raised design offers a home with its beautiful symmetrical structure. Each player has their own space with a fully comfortable living room and bedroom.

You can put the deck open to keep monsters away while providing fresh air.

You can also use the bottom layer to create additional interior space, such as a community room.

If they have a lot of friends living in a dorm, players can probably create bunk beds for a more intimate atmosphere. Simply build a small structure above the bed using a beam and planks, then place another bed on top.

44. Easy Castle

The desire to build a castle is quite common among Minecraft players. Those who have seen very complex and large objects believe that they will not be able to fulfill their desire. It is not the case, as there is no rule that a castle has to be large or complex. Living in a complex network of rooms and corridors is not the same as living in a castle. There are many ways for modest homes to look like one. Here are the features of this kind of cute Minecraft house idea:

Zodiac signs pack has been included in this design, which leads to a large entrance followed by an open central space.

If you find this too obvious, you can add more towers or Increase gaps among the existing constellations to make it more interesting.

This design is almost always created from a more unique type of stone. Like bricks and cut stone bricks, the more detailed textures of these blocks will give the impression that a castle has been built with the simplest and most abundant materials.

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45. Tiered Farmhouse

Tiered Farmhouse is also one of the best and most cute Minecraft house ideas with the following outstanding features:

Players will need a farm in their world very quickly, and eventually, they will need a large farm. This three-tiered design is attractive and convenient for any crop that needs to be grown.

If desired, players can replace cultivation areas with animal locations.

It long and narrow house design, but there is nothing in it that cannot be changed. For example, players can easily expand the house up to the huge space available.

Players can place individual stone walls in load-bearing areas to build thin stone columns, thanks to the use of layers in this design.

Additionally, when these stone pillars are placed next to each other, they automatically create walls, giving players a variety of visual possibilities for the load-bearing elements of the house.

46. Oak and Fir by Patron of Blacksmiths

This house is worth a look if you want to build and look attractive. It is one of the most popular types of Minecraft blocks.

It can be made of different wood types, but oak and dark oak are the best.

It is used other blocks like gravel and glass, which it is easy to find and collect.

The only downside to this house is that it is largely made of wood which makes it prone to crowds.

47. Modern House Next to the Mountain

Another variation on the Minecraft basics of digging and building a home for the night, hacking your way up a cliff or mountain to make a home is not a new idea. That said, we’ve had our own share of house-building next to the mountains, and this is one of the best we’ve seen so far (at least compared to our feeble caveman houses).

It is similar to the underground base house. A mountainside house has great potential for expansion. After creating most of the rooms you need, you can also start digging and integrating a mine into your build instead of digging horizontally into the mountain. Another thing you could do is create your own version of the Mines of Moria and live your dwarf lifestyle.

48. Roundhouse Near the Water

What’s the easiest way to make sure players avoid the bland, square house design? Build a circle! As expected in a game about cubes, building circular structures requires a bit of finesse. Fortunately, there are many tools online that can give players projects to work on.

49. Inside a Mountain

For players who didn’t build a wooden crate the first night, chances are they dug it into a mountainside. Emptying some rooms on a mountain is quite an easy task, and the interior can be designed however the player wants. However, the exterior can be much more than a door on a mountainside.

50. House for Several People

It’s a lot of fun to play Minecraft with friends, especially if everyone is trying out the game for the first time. However, this does mean that any house someone builds (unless built separately) will need to have enough space for both players, which is where this project excels.

51. House At Sea

Want to protect yourself from monsters at night? The sea is the place to be! As long as players aren’t foolish enough to build near an oceanic monument, living a short distance from the coast in Minecraft will be a pretty peaceful existence.

52. Ultimate Survival House for 2 Players

It is a very efficient survival house with trusses and all the necessary equipment in the Minecraft house. The Minecraft house even contains one or two farms for your comfort. This modern house may seem complex and tedious to build. But while there’s a lot to do here.

53. Simple Survival House for Beginners

This house is designed to be very easy to build for newcomers. This two-story house offers enough space to store all your essentials and also offers stunning views from the top-floor balcony. Don’t miss this one if you have a tight schedule and want to build a modern house in a short time.

54. Undersea Mountain Modern House

This modern house is really cool with a big black stained glass window with an underwater view. This house screams the safety of all created land in a single look.

But apart from that, you will have something really unique and cool to show your friends once you invite them. Lots to see in this small space. Sea lanterns, light gray concrete walls, spruce stairs, and heavy use of dark oak tie it all together. 

55. Japanese Survival House

One look at the exterior of this Japanese house, and you’ll be transported back to the historical Edo period. And once you step inside, you’ll realize it’s a modern Japanese house with full-themed complementary elements and even a torii gate in front of the entrance.

56. Spruce Minecraft Mansion

This Minecraft modern house is so good that you have to spend a lot of time customizing it. With a full bookcase, an all-around balcony, and even 68 campfire blocks, you know this will be a master project to tackle. You can build your own ideas from this mansion. And there’s plenty of space to add extra elements and set your own style.

57. Pyramid

It may not seem like it. But among Minecraft modern houses, this is one of the best options. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t represent an interesting result once it’s finished. The tip to start this construction is to bet on a square base composed of blocks.

Gradually, the player will be able to move up the levels, taking care to reduce the perimeter. Another suggestion is to use sandstone, which refers to the original pyramids. However, what really rules here is the imagination.

58. Floating Modern Houses

Since gravity in Minecraft is not a problem for our creativity, how about creating modern floating houses? The first step is to use bamboo scaffolding so you can reach the highest point you can – then just start building around the way you want.

It is worth remembering that there will always be chances of falling in your construction. So be careful not to go over the limit of the blocks (if you’re going under, use the Shift command on PC or analog to duck).

Also, watch out for monsters! They can also cause your home to collapse. As a safety measure, maintain good lighting.

59. Big Storage Modern House

A house with plenty of storage space is also one of the ideas for a modern Minecraft house. The basic component of this house design hardly improves the box with the roof design that most players have already built. On the other hand, added features are the things that make the house more appealing to the eyes, such as:

  • Lifting the main part of the house makes it more attractive.
  • It’s Safer against vines. It offers more space under the ground.
  • Can use the existing area below the house to keep animals and store things or accommodate the second player.
  • Allowed to use ambient space in the house for different purposes as shown in the picture.

However, if the monsters appear, that doesn’t mean players will have to light torches everywhere. To make it more decorative and beautiful, players can light up the basement exterior in a visually beautiful way by using fence posts and candles.

60. Treehouse in Minecraft

There are many beautiful houses in Minecraft. But our favorite is the classic Minecraft treehouse. There’s something so satisfying about being high in the air, surrounded by a beautiful canopy of greenery. Minecraft treehouses also have a natural defense against roaming hostiles, so they’re both pretty and functional.

Many of us have tried to build a treehouse in Minecraft, but somehow (surprisingly!) it turns out to be a little angular, depriving it of its usual charm.

This building is a balance between artificial and natural. The natural forms of the leaves and trees are preserved, while the wooden house is located at the top. Hanging vines and wooden ladders which you can climb the trunk also give a natural effect. Even if this is not a treehouse for you, you can create your own, inspired by some elements of this building.


Well, there you go. These unique Minecraft house designs will make sure to change your Minecraft gaming experience.

Of course, you have all dug a hole in an inconspicuous mountainside and erected four walls of wooden beams. But if you are already familiar with the world of Minecraft, you will want to make a more attractive building.

If this is your first time diving into the endless world of Minecraft, then you should start with something simpler. 

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