How To Repair Fishing Rod in Minecraft? Complete Guide

Minecraft has been a very popular game where you can craft and create almost anything with your imagination. In addition to finding resources, there’s a special crafting tool, the fishing rod. In Minecraft, everything needs to be mined with your own hands, and if you’d like to go fishing, you would need a fishing rod. But it may deteriorate over time due to frequent use, so you can throw it away, or you can repair it. But how can you repair it?

You can repair fishing rods in Minecraft in different versions of the game by using different processes to repair them. This Minecraft guide will explain how to repair a fishing rod Minecraft to catch fish. Here’s everything you need to know about How To Repair Fishing Rod Minecraft?

Do Minecraft fishing rods break?

Fishing rods are widely used in Minecraft. Yes, they can be broken, but fishing rods are repairable and offer the durability of 64 units. This way, you can use it 64 times to catch the objects before it breaks. You can use mending or unbreaking enchantments to extend the life of the fishing rod.

Can you repair the fishing rod in Minecraft?

Yes, you can repair fishing rods in Minecraft. Different versions of the game allow you to use different processes to solve the problem correctly. For example, in version 1.13, players had to use an anvil instead of a grindstone in version 1.14. You can also try using a regular uncapped rod to fix a broken fishing rod.

How to repair fishing rod in Minecraft?

how to repair fishing rods in minecraft

Craft a New Fishing Rod

Repairing a fishing rod doesn’t always make sense. Creating a new fishing rod is not that expensive. You can craft a new one. You will need the following materials to create a new fishing rod: three sticks and two strings.

Place the sticks on the crafting table diagonally and then place the strings in the two lower squares where the last stick is (again following the instructions).

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Mending Fishing Rod

Minecraft repair item is a gameplay element that allows players to repair damaged tools, weapons, or armor by combining them in a grindstone. Repair a mono item only by combining two identical items. For example, you can only use another fishing road to repair a fishing road in Minecraft. When enough of them accumulate, you can combine all those who have a little strength left.

The result is only one item whose durability equals the durability of the first plus the durability of the second plus 5% of the maximum. The durability of a repaired item cannot exceed the maximum durability of items of that type

What are the best enchantments that you can put on a fishing rod in Minecraft?

how to repair fishing rods in minecraft

One way to experience the best of the best in fishing and get the best items is by enchanting your fishing rod. You can enchant your fishing rods with the lure, Luck of the Sea, mending, curse of vanishing, and repair.

The Lune Charm

Lure increases the chance that an item or fish will take the player’s bait while fishing. Specifically, it decreases the cooldown for fishing by 5 seconds per level. There are three levels, Attraction I, II, and III; the higher the level, the less waiting time for something to take the bait.

With these enchantments, apart from getting the best items at the best time, you will also have the ability to repair fishing rods in Minecraft with the experience points you get fishing. And if that were not enough, the durability is going to be much better than a normal rod like this, which is practically a rod that you can use infinitely.

The luck of the sea charm

This enchantment increases the chance that you will get rarer items when fishing, such as Enchanted Books or Tags. In other words, this spell increases luck while fishing.

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How to repair an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft?

You should not try to fix enchanted items. All enchantments will immediately fall off them. This method can be used if there is a desire to remove the enchantment from some item. Repairing will restore the original color of the painted items, so be careful. Unbreakable items will solve the problems of easily broken fishing rods for you.

If you would like to repair an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft, you need to have the following items:

  • Anvil
  • A little experience level 
  • Other normal fishing rods

The first thing you need to do is open the anvil and put the enchanted fishing rod in the first slot. After that, put the normal fishing rod in the second slot. By doing this, a third fishing rod will appear in the third slot that will already be repaired, and with the same enchantments as before, you only need 1 or 2 experience levels to take the new cane, and that’s it.

How long does a fishing rod last in Minecraft before you need to repair it?

The fishing rod in Minecraft has 64 units of durability in the Java edition and 384 units in the Bedrock edition. Each use costs one durability point, and the cane will break when all durability points are used up. The number of uses can be increased by applying the above-mentioned enchantments (Specifically the mending III and Repair enchantments).

Rewinding while the hook is in the air or in the water with nothing caught will not deduct durability points. Successfully retrieving and fishing for fish, trash, or treasure costs one durability point. Rolling while the cork is stuck in a solid block costs two durability points. Rolling up a dropped object costs three durability points.

Retrieving an entity that is not a dropped item will cost five durability points. A fishing rod with the repair enchantment has theoretically infinite durability because it can be gradually repaired with the experience points you gain from fishing, only if the player is not wearing damaged repair armor and uses the rod only while fishing.

Durability cost is subtracted on the reel rather than impact therefore, no penalty will be applied for switching to another item or dropping the rod instead of reeling.

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If you follow the steps correctly, with this recipe you will be able to repair fishing rods in Minecraft, but wouldn’t you like to know how to fish faster? Well, here I will explain what items you can put on your fishing rod to fish with more luck and faster!

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