Underwater Amphibious Creatures

Need a job done underwater? You might want to look outside of the human gene pool. Luckily, we’ve rounded up “aqua-capable” beings and creatures to make your life easier. From sentient cleaning tools to alien visitors, in this category, we face our 10 favorite characters who are more comfortable in the depths of the deep blue

King Shark vs Aquaman

You’ve received a quest to retrieve a valuable pearl from a giant squid at the bottom of the ocean! But you don’t much like water…Or squids…Who do you send in your place? King Shark (Flash, TV series) or Aquaman (Aquaman)?

Abe Sapiens vs Jar Jar Binks

You’re done with this ‘ground life’ and these ‘ground people’. You’re starting a new underwater colony! Who do you choose to help you create your new underwater city? Abe Sapiens (Hellboy, movie) or Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars)

SpongeBob vs King Harold

Your underwater breathing device is finally complete! Subterranean apartments can be quite expensive though. Who do you choose as your new underwater roomie? SpongeBob (SpongeBob square Pants, TV series) or King Harold (Shrek movies),

Davy Jones vs Killer Croc

All you want to do is surf but the water is too crowded! Who do you send to scare everyone out so that you can surf in peace and quiet? Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean) or Killer Croc (Suicide Squad)

Swamp Thing vs Madison

You’ve had enough of these whale poachers! Someone needs to stand up for the poor whales. Who do you send to get rid of the poachers once and for all? the green superhero Swamp Thing (Swamp Thing, TV series) or Madison (Splash)

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