40 Best Chinese Anime You Should Watch!

The art of anime used to be something that belonged solely to Japan, but over the years many other countries have attempted their hands at their own versions. These have led to the birth of some of the Best Chinese Anime Series outside Japan that the fandom could just swallow up wholeheartedly. So who did it best, in a way most couldn’t even tell the difference?

Ready to give the famed Donghua a go or are you already a big fan looking for more recommendations? Well, this list will cover our top 40 picks for the best Chinese Anime you must watch as soon as possible!

We have ranked these series according to viewer ratings from around the world, so have no doubt about these gems.

1. Aishen Qiaokeli-ing (Cupid’s Chocolates)

best chinese anime
1. Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…II (Cupid’s Chocolates)

At the center of the ecchi harem is the protagonist Jiang Hao Yi, a normal high schooler who avoids getting into trouble like the plague. But suddenly, he becomes the Harem King of his school and receives confessions from a bunch of beautiful girls whom he doesn’t even know!

2. Xingchen Bian (Stellar Transformation)

best chinese anime
2. Xingchen Bian (Stellar Transformations)

Xingchen Bian focuses on a kid without the innate ability to practice internal techniques. To gain his father’s respect, he resolutely chooses the more difficult and painful path of external techniques.

But his fateful fusion with the mysterious meteoric crystal stone, the Meteoric Tear, causes him to undergo drastic transformations. Everything changes, as he now possesses astonishing abilities, but there is a lot more to come.

3. Ze Tian Ji

best chinese anime
3. Ze Tian Ji

This Chinese anime series takes its viewers to a world where a mystical meteor crashed down from space and got scattered all over.

The piece that landed on the Eastern Continent had mysterious totems carved upon it and people gathered around it. They discovered its usage and established The Tradition.

Millennia later, the fourteen years old orphan, Chen Chang Shang, left his master determined to cure his illness and change his fate. Thus begins the journey of a rising hero.

4. Yao Shen Ji (Tales Of Demons And Gods)

best chinese anime

Nie Li’s soul is brought back to life as a 13 years old schoolboy. He is a talentless red soul and the weakest kid in his class.

However, in his former life, Nei Li was the strongest Demon Spirit who died during the battle with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts. He is now on a mission to change the fate of his city and protect his loved ones from total inhalation by the demon beast.

To do that he’ll need to destroy the sacred family who betrayed the city in his past life.

5. Xiyouji Zhi: Dasheng Guilai (Monkey King: Hero Is Back)

best chinese anime

Legend says that the all-powerful Monkey King is unmatched in combat and walks freely through Heaven, Earth and Hell. But after breaking important rules, he gets imprisoned in an ice cage under the mountains. In his absence, darkness falls across China.

A small boy fleeing demons finds refuge in the mountains and happens upon a strange icy pillar bound in chains. He breaks the spell and thus begins the epic tale.

6. Wangpai Yushi (Ace Censorate)

best chinese anime

Set in a world where Yin and Yang have lost their balance, the day has merged with night. Here humans and monsters have learned to coexist and the hardworking censors give their all to fight the ‘untamed’ monsters in this joyous tale.

7. Mo Ri Shu Guang (Dawn of the World)

best chinese anime

The year is 2013 and Zombie outbreaks have exploded everywhere. Humanity now launches a large-scale battle into the endless night, while awaiting the dawn. With the end approaching, their faiths are shattered and buried in ashes. But within the blazing fire, a new type of hope is born.

8. Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo’s Flower)

best chinese anime
8. Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo’s Flower)

Lan Mo is a gluttonous and tomboyish girl who happens upon a magical clip from a mysterious trinket shop.

With its power, she can now transform into a beautiful and feminine young lady, who can hopefully catch the eye of her childhood friend and crush, Liu Yifeng.

But Liu Yifeng’s admirers and the mysterious stranger Xia An make protecting the secret difficult. Furthermore, Lan Mo’s possession of the hair clip is not just a mere coincidence.

9. Hitori No Shita (The Outcast)

best chinese anime

Protagonist Zhang Chulan gets attacked by zombies in a graveyard and is saved by a mysterious girl who wields kitchen knives. She tells him to face his hardships head-on and leaves. Chulan later sees her again at his university and thus his destiny begins to move.

Strangers with special powers appear and battles ensue, all while bringing new mysteries to light.

10. Fei Ren Zai (Non-Human)

best chinese anime
10. Fei Ren Zai (Non-Human)

A heartwarming short Chines anime with a spin on old tales with a modern twist. The Chinese anime follows the hilarious everyday lives of ancient deities and mythical fantasy creatures dwelling in the modern world. The entire series consists of around 1 minute-long gag.

11. Bai Yao Pu (Fairies Albums)

best chinese anime

Viewers follow the adventures of a mysterious girl, named Yao Tao. She is accompanied by a young monk and a demon doctor on this eventful journey and together they seek to solve human problems and cure all illnesses caused by the likes of demons and ghosts.

12. Shuangsheng Lingtan

best chinese anime

The twin brothers Sun Xiaotu and Sun Xiaohu are paranormal investigators and have no trouble separating their daily lives from their job.

But when they investigate a seemingly typical haunting of a pair of twins, a series of bizarre events turns them into the target of hauntings themselves.

As the lines between truth and fiction become hazier, they try to seek out the secrets the ghosts are trying to hide from them. Are they already more connected to the spirits than they thought?

13. Ling Qi (Spiritpact)

best chinese anime

After a strange encounter with a white-haired man, Tanmoku Ki, in a junkyard, he wakes up to discover that he was killed in an accident and has now become a spirit.

Tanmoku is revealed to be the 13th Youmeshi of the Tanmoki, the highest-ranking exorcist family in China.

The two form a pact: Tanmoku will protect You from humans and You will become his spirit shadow. Henceforth, the cute couple faces various challenges in the spiritual world, as they strive to keep those around them.

Eventually, their lingering admiration grows into something more.

14. Quanzhi Fashi (Full-Time Magister)

best chinese anime

This Chinese anime follows the aloof high schooler Mo Fan who finds himself in a new universe where magic has replaced science.

Here, students are taught spells to fend off large monsters. Despite the disadvantages he faces, he dreams of becoming a magician and repaying his father.

Even after entering a renowned magic institution, he is made the laughingstock of the school. Regardless, Mo Fan manages to harness the fire and lightning elements! Armed with dual abilities, many dangerous encounters await him.

15. Meng Qi Shi Shen (Adorable Food Goddess)

best chinese anime

Are you a foodie? Then this Chinese anime is for you!

Ye Jiayao is a young and talented cook, who aspires to be a renowned chef one day. She gets magically transported to Imperial China and into the body of a useless girl.

She then gets immediately kidnapped and held for ransom, but manages to use her wits and humor to get exactly what she wants!

16. Doupo Cangqiong (Battle Through The Heavens)

The tale is set in a world with no magic, where the strong make the rules and the weak must obey. Alongside the alluring treasures and beauty, are unforeseen dangers as well.

Xiao Yan used to show incredible talents but he suddenly lost everything: his powers, reputation, and promise to his mother.

What sorcery led to all this and why has his fiancee suddenly shown up? Not to be missed!

17. Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo (The Daily Life of the Immortal King)

best chinese anime

This romance fantasy anime tells the story of Wang Ling, a cultivation genius, a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his control.

At the age of sixteen, he must now tackle his greatest battle yet, Senior High School. Challenges pop up one after another and his plans for a low-key high school life stray even further away.

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18. Mi Yu Xing Zhe (Uncharted Walker)

best chinese anime

A random group of people of various professions, including a magician, a female doctor, a gangster, an archeology professor, a policewoman, a drug lord, and a businessman, find themselves trapped on a desolate island upon waking up one day.

Surrounding them are tribes, mutant viruses, and countless life-and-death situations, all on this mysterious island. What must they do to survive and escape?

19. Wushen Zhuzai (The God of War Dominates)

The protagonist Chen was originally the top genius in the military domain, but was conspired against by the people and fell into the death canyon. However, he unexpectedly triggered the power of the mysterious ancient sword.

Millenia later, a boy accidentally inherits his will and experiences mistreatment in Dingwu’s palace. In order to rewrite the tale and protect everything he loves, he resolutely takes up the responsibility of maintaining the five kingdoms and sets foot on the path of martial arts once again.

20. Wu Dong Qian Kun (Martial Universe)

In the Great Yan Empire, respect is earned through strength alone. While the four great clans stand above the rest, an incident in the Lin Clan caused an individual to be banished.

He initiated his own family, with hopes of one day being recognized by the Clan. Hailing from this family, Lin Dong watched his father get overwhelmed by the genius Lin Langtian of the Lin Clan.

Driven by willpower and determined to enact revenge for his family, Dong starts to discover a greater destiny when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman.

21. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan (Beryl & Sapphire)

The mild-mannered green hair Beryl and the easily-embarrassed blue hair Sapphire are the closest of friends but at times the worst of enemies.

Each episode is set in a different world, so for them to run into each other is no simple occurrence. Is there only angst? That sounds too painful. Is there nothing but fluff? That’s too sugary.

22. Liang Bu Yi (No Doubt In Us)

22. Liang Bu Yi (No Doubt In Us)

When his Majesty’s handsome face comes too close to the flushed queen’s, she pushes him reflexively and they both fall into the pool. Hence, they swap their bodies with no idea how to reverse them.

They have bigger concerns though, as the emperor is angry due to mean imperial concubines and the queen must now mediate between these ministries.

23. Da Yu Hai Tang (Big Fish & Begonia)

Set within an old mythical world, spirit-like beings exist to oversee the natural order of the mortal realm. Chun is one of them and must now undergo her rite of passage by experiencing the human world. She ends up caught in a fishing net and is rescued by a human boy, who drowns in the process.

Full of guilt, she seeks out the Soul Keeper and asks to revive him in exchange for a part of her lifespan. But meddling with the natural order has severe consequences.

Her tale is one of sacrifice and redemption, as she comes to terms with the limitations of her powers, death, love, and emotions.

24. Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji (The Legend of Luo Xiaohei)

On a rainy night, a homeless little black cat is taken home by a young girl named Luo Xiaobai. She names him Luo Xiao Hei, but he is no ordinary cat: he is a supernatural entity hosting several small creatures called Heixiu. Gradual deforestation and human development force him to flee from his forest and seek out a new home.

Unfortunately, Luo Xiao Hei’s new life is soon threatened by the mysterious Diting, a being who commands three-winged wolves. He and his companions manage to escape but leave Xiaohei behind alone with Wuxian. Xiaohei refuses to cooperate with him but he forces the cat to travel to the Guild with him.

On this uncertain journey, Xiaohei sees an all-new perspective on the relationship between humans and monsters in an ever-changing world.

25. Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street)

best chinese anime
25. Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street)

Requiem Street is a place where evil spirits are attracted in order to destroy them. It’s where spirits and humans co-exist, and only rare soul users with guardian spirits may enter.

Xia Ling used to be a normal university intern, but a chance meeting changed her life. Now in a world of evil spirits, can she cooperate with her guardian spirit to survive?

26. Tong Ling Fei (Psychic Princess)

best chinese anime

Due to her unusual powers, Qian Yun Xi was exiled from her family, but she made a life for herself in the wilderness of Mt. Ling Yun. Everything changes when she marries Ye Youming in her sister’s stead.

Due to the immense contempt for the Qian family he harbored, Ye Youming doesn’t acknowledge Qian Yun Xi as his wife and treats her coldly. He even banishes her from his palace grounds.

But just how long can he resist her childlike charm and boldness?

27. Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan (Scumbag System)

Shen Yuan has read a lot of Xianxia novels and knows exactly how the story goes. But when he transmigrates to the Proud Immortal Demon Way, he becomes the Scumbag Master destined to suffer a humiliating defeat. Shen Yuan is determined to change his fate and not fall to his disciple, Luo Binghe, the protagonist.

Breaking away from the character’s cruel personality seems impossible as all uncharacteristic behavior is monitored and blocked for the sake of the plot.

Shen Yuan must now find a way to befriend Luo Binghe instead, leaving him no reason to seek revenge. But the series of tragedies waiting to befall the protagonist thanks to Shen Qingqiu makes his plans even more difficult.

28. Yi Nian Yong Heng

One will summon the mulberry fields and one will slaughter countless devils while one will eradicate innumerable immortals. Only my will… is eternal”.

This is the tale of Bai Xiaochun, who is an endearing but exasperating young man. He is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but he does not fail to deeply value his friendships and family.

29. Cike Wu Liuqi (Scissor Seven)

The Netflix Chinese show follows the story of the amnesiac bounty hunter, Wu Liuqi. Armed with his deadly telekinetic scissor techniques and ability to transform into anything, he is intimidating yet modest.

He is quite terrible at his job though, botching assassinations or targeting the wrong people. With all that is said and done, he is still a normal kid on a quest to regain his memories, accompanied by Dai Bo.

While having a day job as a hairdresser, he simply seeks to repay his debt; but his various ventures intertwine him further with his lost past.

30. Wu Shan Wu Xing (Fog Hill of Five Elements)

The tale looks to a legend from a long time ago, stating that monsters could confer the ability to master the five elements upon certain elected officials. But in order to attain the grand prize, contenders must brave the dangerous foggy mountains and only those worthy may succeed.

Thus viewers can experience the adventures of one such elected official amidst the genres of Action and Fantasy alongside the themes of Historical and Martial Arts.

31. Quanzhi Gaoshou (The King’s Avatar)

Quanzhi Gaoshou best chinese anime

King’s Avatar is an Action series themed around a Game.

Protagonist Ye Xiu is widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional gamer in the online multiplayer game “Glory”. even being dubbed the “Battle God” for his skills and contributions to the game over many years. But when fate takes an ill turn, he is forced to retire from his team and leave his gaming career behind, only to find work at a nearby internet café.

When Glory launches its tenth server though, he decides to get back into the game via a new character named “Lord Grim.” His abnormal early achievements immediately caught the attention of many players and big guilds, all wondering about the identity of this exceptional player.

Despite having ten years of experience and in-depth knowledge, starting anew with no sponsors or team proves to be quite the challenge, added to that is the fact that Glory had changed a lot over the years.

32. All Saints Street (Donghua)

This tale is set in a world where angels, demons, other fantasy creatures, and humans all peacefully coexist.

Protagonist Neil Bowman is a very peculiar demon who is vastly different from most; he is a being greatly mesmerized by human culture. Also, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot seem to commit any evil. Thus, he decides to run away from Hell and come up to Earth. He then moves in with his online friend and vampire, Ira Blood, right alongside his many other roommates.

Despite his expectations of meeting humans on Earth, Neil learns that none of his roommates are human. What most of them do not realize is that Neil actually possesses the powers of the Demon King, unknownst to himself as well.

What effects would this fact have on the various residents of Apartment 1031 on All Saints Street?

33. Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing)

best chinese anime

Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was a beloved martial god and the Crown Prince of Xianle. But now, he is a pitiful god with no followers. On his first mission, he is guided through the dark moonlit night by a man in red. But he disappears just as abruptly as he appeared.

This stranger was the hot anime girl Hua Cheng, the Crimson Rain Sought Flower, a Ghost King feared by demons and gods alike. Xie Lian then meets San Lang, a man possessing great knowledge of the Ghost King and the forgotten Crown Prince. The two set off on a journey to unveil the mysteries of the past.

34. Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation)

Xian is the state of immortality that all cultivators strive to achieve. But underneath it is dark energy, the forbidden Mo Dao or demonic path.

This is the path Wei Wuxian experiments with; as his power rises, there comes chaos and destruction. But he is soon killed by the Cultivation clans.

Wei Wuxian is later reincarnated as a lunatic and reunited with a former classmate, Lan Wangji. Thus begins a supernatural mystery that plagues the clans and threatens everyday life.

The two make it their mission to unravel the mysteries of the spiritual world, fighting demons, ghosts, and other cultivators along the way. The bond that develops between them is neither expected.

The anime has a live-action C-drama adaptation.

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35. Shiguang Dailiren (Link Click)

best chinese anime

Draped in the genres of Drama and Supernatural, this series has many secrets that only Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang can find.

At the “Time Photo Studio”, these two friends provide a very special service by utilizing their extraordinary powers to enter photographs.

They jump into pictures of clients to grant their wishes. Through the eyes of the photographer, they live the very events surrounding the picture and attempt to solve the client’s request.

But their work bears a great risk: possibly altering the future of the photographer and other events too. At the point where their work becomes personal, they must push their feelings aside and focus on accomplishing the task.

36. Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)

best chinese anime

San Tang is the OP MC of this Isekai Chinese anime. He is one of the Tang Sect martial art clan’s most prestigious disciples and is peerless in the manipulation of hidden weapons.

The sect’s elders believe his future is bright. But, he chooses to forsake it all and obtain the sect’s forbidden lore; an action punishable by death.

Content with his ascension, he jumps from Hell’s Peak to commit suicide. This was not the end of his existence though, as he is reincarnated in the Douluo Continent as a blacksmith’s son.

Here, the strong prevail and the weak perish. Each person has an innate spirit that can be cultivated and strengthened, bringing various benefits.

These Spirit Masters’ professions are considered the continent’s most noble. The reincarnated Tang Sang takes part in the Spirit Master ceremony and discovers his Blue Silver Grass Spirit, supposedly the most useless one.

However, he possesses strong spiritual power and memories of his previous life, making his future eventful indeed.

37. Wo De Yi Jie Zhi Lu (My Journey in an Alternate World)

best chinese anime
37. Wo De Yi Jie Zhi Lu (My Journey in an Alternate World)

The ecchi harem anime follows the young Chen is an exceptional student. The girls in his class are not impressed with his top grades. In an attempt to become popular with the girls, Chen plays a popular video game and is accidentally transported into an alternate world.

In order to return to his original world, he gives up his stable life as a young master Chi and battles to survive a terrifying world full of demons monsters, and gods.

38. Da Wang Rao Ming (Spare Me, Great Lord!)

best chinese anime

The latest Chinese anime gained viral attention mainly because one of its characters resembles the legendary sword fighter Eren Yeager (AOT)

Lu Shu is a poor abandoned orphan. He and his cute little sister Lu Xiaoyu struggle to earn enough money to pay their tuition. Everything changes one day when Lu Shu dies in a car accident. Luckily for Lu, he has revived thanks to his mother who passed on exceptional powers.

However, he soon learns that everything has changed. Lu and his sister now live in a cynical spiritual world where Natural selection is king. As he goes back to visit his school, he learns that a strange Organization resurrects and trains students about the world of cultivation. As the superpower awakes, everyone spares no effort to cultivate.

Lu Shu gets stronger by bullying people. The points he collects allow him to spin the wheel in hopes of getting a special cultivation healing fruit to save his little sister.

Lu Xiaoyu and her brother go on a journey where they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles, and dangerous powerful people. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

39. Lie Huo Jiao Chou (Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire)

best chinese anime

A fantasy historical Chinese series with an interesting modern twist. A newly recruited captain meets an awakened emperor. Xuan Ji and Sheng Lingyuan share something from the past, but what exactly? It’s unclear.

A big conspiracy that could destroy the balance of the world brings them to investigate and uncover a mystery.

40. Wanmei Shijie (Perfect World)

Shi Hao is a genius from one of the poorest villages in his country. His clan battles rival clans and monsters in order to help him to become a cultivation wiz. Hao’s journey through unknown territories will build his character and soon he will truly shake the world.

This marks the end of this list! What we compiled here are our picks for the top 40 best Chinese Anime you must watch today. If your favorites didn’t make the list, we are sorry about that, but one list cannot accommodate them all.

Thanks for reading till the end and we hope you find this list extremely useless in your eventful ventures into the realms of Chinese Anime!

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