Top 20 Minecraft Cake Ideas Perfect For Birthdays

If you always thought the Minecraft cake was tasty, now you can taste it! What a great idea! As a Minecraft player and someone who likes cake, both in real life and in the game, I wanted to share with you a special list of Minecraft cake ideas, perfect for parties, birthdays, or just because Minecraft and cakes are both really good!

Top 20 Best Minecraft Cake Ideas

1. Minecraft Village Cake

minecraft cake idea village

Every village is different in Minecraft. This cake idea by Ann Reardon from HowCookThat is pretty impressive for a variety of reasons. It has a farm bordered by wooden logs, a sheep, a large house, trees, a steve, a pig, a small house, and a hut.

There is no right or wrong way to build your village cake because they are randomly generated but it is always a good idea when you are making a Minecraft cake to have some sort of plan before you start cutting into it. To start with, you will need to draw a template design.

You will need three trays of chocolate cake and two batches of ganache mixed with buttercream. To make your buildings use melted chocolate to join the bricks together.

2. Minecraft Cake

minecraft cake ideas

One of the most accurate Minecraft birthday cakes on this list is made with only a few ingredients, and just like many things in Minecraft, this cake by Bingingwithbabish has a beautiful cube shape.

Even though not game recipe accurate, this cake idea from Minecraft, is a sturdy yellow cake base with a white chocolate French buttercream frosting, topped with sweet berry coulis squares.

To design those signature red squares on top of the cake, it is a great idea to use a sweet berry coulis, to create a nice glossy, red, beautiful berry mixture. Sweet berries can be found all throughout Minecraft. Throw this cake into a 350-degree oven, it will take around 60 to 70 minutes until it’s done.

3. Grass Block Minecraft Cake

minecraft cake idea grass block

This design by Hmong Baker is a seven-inch cake square chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting mixed with ganache. All the layers are evenly frosted with chocolate.

Once the cake has the desired shape, you can go ahead and do another crumb coat. Once the cake has the desired shape, you can go ahead and do another crumb coat.

Place it into the refrigerator for five minutes to chill, and then go to put another layer. The best part? The crust on the outside is made up of crushed up Oreos and Graham crackers!

4. Skeleton Minecraft Birthday Cake / Grass Block

minecraft cake ideas skeleton

If you wish to decorate the grass Minecraft cake, here is a good idea by LucandLucysCupcakes. It is two bakes of 8 inches, 3 layers each.

For this design, it’s a very good idea to have your cake nicely chilled. In general, if you work with chocolate ganache-covered cake, chilled always makes your life easier.

Making all of those little squares would drive me crazy, in case your cake is not 100% square, work your way from the top to the bottom. That way if you reach the bottom and decide that you only need a partial square then you could cut it down.

5. TNT Minecraft Cake

minecraft cake ideas tnt

This cake looks awesome and very detailed! Another idea from Ann Reardon, she is an incredible artist.

The size of this Minecraft cake is a great idea if you want to throw a birthday party for your kids. It will serve 32 people if you give each person half a stick of dynamite. It is quite a big cake serving, kids will probably eat about a third of a stick.

You will need rice bubbles, milk chocolate, coconut, some liquid green food, cocoa, and icing sugar. To color it TNT, use red fondant over the top of the cake and then immediately press it to the cake around the top. Add a strip of white around the outside of the cake and then use your ruler to straighten it up.

This is a TNT cake to make your kids go wild!

6. Minecraft Bee Cake

bee minecraft cake ideas bee

Moving along, this is an incredible Minecraft bee cake idea that requires some technical crafting skills courtesy of the Sugar High Score Youtube channel. It is packed with wonderful and creative ideas for a Minecraft bee cake.

To craft a bee shape, you will need to use a 12-inch MDF board to hold the legs, you will also need two thin threaded rods and corresponding washers and nuts to hold up this bee.

To make it look like the bee is flying cover the board in blue fondant. Next bake three 10-inch square cakes, one is chocolate and two yellow colored vanilla.

Another great idea is to make the bee like it is about to sting, so instead of doing black in the eyes make them red instead.

7. Minecraft Pig Cake

minecraft cake idea pig

This is really cool I love Minecraft and cakes! Here is a pig cake courtesy of Liz Marek from SugarGeekShow Youtube channel breaks down all the tips and tricks needed to pull off this Minecraft pig cake idea with amazing results.

8. Minecraft Birthday Cake Idea

If you never thought that cake from a game could look tastier in real life, then check out the incredible Natalie from Sideserf Cake Studio, she is the most realistic cake baker I’ve seen on Youtube.

She even got the 7 slices thing correct! And the best part? Natalie cuts it like you would cut a cake in Minecraft! That means huge horizontal slices.

Yum! that Minecraft cake looks so good!

9. Simple Minecraft Cake Idea

minecraft cake idea

This idea will save you a lot of stress, with Tracy from Little Cherry Cake you won’t need to cut out so many squares!

Tracy shares a simple, yet incredible idea! She uses a sheet of plastic with squares printed on it. You just hold the plastic against the cake, using some brown sugar paste, squeeze the plastic, and cut the edges out. Then all you need to do is press it against the cake, brilliant stuff!

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10. Enderman and Piggie Minecraft Cake

minecraft cake idea  enderman and piggie

Following up with inspirations for Minecraft cake ideas, here are two most well-known characters, Enderman and Piggie.

Hanie from Hanielas shows how she made an Enderman Piggie birthday cake with the birthday kids’ initials on it. A very special and well-crafted idea! The is decorated with dirt blocks that she made from rice Krispies.

11. Minecraft Number Cake Idea

minecraft cake idea number

Kids would go bananas for this cake! Sing’s son from HMONGbaker had an idea for a Minecraft cake, he wanted to have the number eleven to be inspired by the game. Sing created square cupcakes and composed the number. She added Alex, Steve, and Villager decorations.

12. Minecraft Creeper Cake

minecraft cake idea creeper

This is a simple and effective Minecraft cake idea that you can surely try at home. There are tons of creeper-themed cakes out there, but this beautiful artwork by SweetenTheWorld takes the cake! It is a great way to implement a creative cake design.

This is Creeper face cake so in some ways it is a simplified version.

13. Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe Cupcake Cake

minecraft cake idea  diamond pickaxe cupcake

The pickaxe is very useful to mine diamonds in the game. This is a cake made by Katie from Practical Cooking with Katie. I love the idea of making it entirely out of cupcakes instead of one singular cake.

Awesome creative cake!

14. Minecraft Sword Cake

minecraft cake ideas sword

There is one thing that all the bravest heroes have in common: swords, and in Minecraft, it is a special weapon, used for special attacks.

One of the most dazzling Minecraft cake ideas! It seems like there’s nothing that BananaJamana can’t do! This sword cake is so beautiful I would feel bad eating it.

15. Huge Minecraft Party Cake

minecraft cake ideas huge party

If you want to make a huge Minecraft party and research for ideas, Michelle Crandall’s cake is by far the best I’ve found!!

16. Minecraft Buttercream Birthday Cake

minecraft cake ideas buttercream birthday cake

Robyn Doucette from The Robyn’s Nestinecraft Cake, shaped a Minecraft block covered in grassy buttercream, topped with a few signature characters made from fondant.

17. Minecraft Steve Cake

minecraft cake ideas  steve

Moving along the list, there are many Steve cake designs out there, but they don’t look so good. Here is Steve’s gum paste cake inspired by Jen from Caketastic Cakes, which actually looks pretty awesome. Steve is the main character in Minecraft, and he is one of the most popular characters. 

You will need a light blue gum paste, lollipop sticks, water, a piece of wood, and some food coloring.

18. Minecraft Spider Cake

Another Minecraft cake idea from Caketastic Cakes, this time Jen shaped a spider cake.

 19. Lego Minecraft TNT bakery birthday cake

If you are looking for an easy cake idea, here is Rasnabakes Elearning‘s cake design.

20. Minecraft Watermelon Cake

minecraft cake ideas watermelon

Tiffy, also known as Cupquake from the popular Youtube channel gathered blocks of ideas and supplies to build an awesome Minecraft melon cake design! Let us know what you think of these cake ideas and happy birthday!

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