How to Grow a Dark Oak Tree in Minecraft? Full Guide

Do you want to know how to grow a Minecraft Dark Oak Tree? If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place. There are certain situations where players want to have a lot of Dark Oak Minecraft trees in their yard, but since growing a tree naturally takes a lot of time, players get lazy and end up with no trees.

If you also want to grow Dark Oak Minecraft trees but don’t because it takes a lot of time, don’t worry; below, I have a guide that shows you how to grow a Minecraft Dark Oak Tree instantly (in a couple of seconds) in Minecraft.

Dark Oak Tree

Dark Oak is a natural structure in Minecraft, added in the official version 1.7.2. Dark oak is generated exclusively in the dark forest. It is not present in other biomes. Dark Oak Trees can only be found within dense forests. They mostly have branches, and their texture is much lighter compared to other types of trees.

They have thick trunks, and these grow mostly on the ground, spawning blocks of wood around them as they grow. Four of its shoots are also needed so that they can grow and there are no trees nearby because they require ample space to develop.

Dark Oak always spawns at medium height. The thickness of the tree is 2×2 blocks. Its height is a maximum of 22 blocks. Dark oak can be grown by yourself. You will need four dark oak saplings. You can plant it on a block of grass and use bone meal then the tree will instantly grow.

Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling

dark oak minecraft
Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling

A dark oak sapling in Minecraft is a decorative block that can transform, grow, and become a large Minecraft Dark Oak Tree. But this may not happen if you do not take care of the ground, decent lighting (at least 8), and free space. What kind of tree will grow in a pot, for example? But there is not so much trouble, especially since there is no need to think about the presence of water. Do you want dark oak to grow faster? Use bone meal for this purpose.

You cannot make a dark oak sapling in Minecraft. You will have to find it first and then plant it. It is better to do this near your Minecraft modern house. But, of course, if the trees do not spoil the landscape and terrain. But before that, you still need to study the likely height and look at the ground and space. The tree will not be able to grow if the soil is not suitable or there is no room for the selected height. The standard use of wood in Minecraft is probably known to everyone. But the sapling also burns in the oven, but not for long.

Minecraft Dark Oak, like other wood, is a significant resource. And which seedling to plant (or even several) depends on the goals or taste of the player.

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How to Get Minecraft Dark Oak Sapling

Dark Oak Sapling is a great resource for your Minecraft inventory. You can use them at any time in the game if needed. Minecraft dark oak sapling is available in both survival and creative modes. You only have to remember that you cannot make Dark Oak Saplings using a furnace or crafting table. You have to perform the following steps to get Minecraft dark oak sapling.

1. Find a dark oak tree

You have to find a dark oak tree. To do this, you need to visit the Dark Forest biomes. The dark forest is easy to spot as it is mostly full of brown and red mushrooms. You can only find Minecraft dark oak saplings in a dark forest. Because these trees mostly grow in dense dark places.

2. Use any tool to cut the leaves

After finding the Minecraft dark oak tree, you have to cut its leaves. You can do it with your hard. But it is better to use an ax to do the same task. Be sure to cut the leaves of the tree. Or you will end up with dark oak wood than a sapling.

3. Break the acacia leaves

Now you have to break the acacia leaves. Use the game controller to do it. It relies on the game version that you use to get the dark oak saplings. Keep cutting leaves until you get a sapling.

4. Gather Dark Oak Saplings

Now is the best moment to gather the saplings. Quickly collect it before it disappears. As you take it, it will go to your hot bar.

5. Use this command

dark oak minecraft

Each Minecraft version has separate command. It is a Minecraft java edition command.

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How to Grow a Minecraft Dark Oak Tree?

There are a few things to keep in mind when planting a Minecraft dark oak tree. You understand:

Use soil or grass block to grow the dark oak saplings.

You also have to focus on the light source to grow a Minecraft dark oak tree.

One important point to deal with is to ensure that no blocks are above the saplings.

If you use the wrong block, your product will eventually fail.

These are essential requirements for growing Minecraft dark oak trees. Now get ready to make your own Minecraft Dark Oak Tree.

If you want to grow a Minecraft dark oak tree in the shortest possible time, you will need the follow the following steps:

  • You must have a 2×2 box.
  • Must have four dark oak saplings.
  • You have to put 4 saplings in the 2×2 crafting grid.
  • Grow saplings in your Minecraft world.
  • Wait for a few seconds for your dark oak plant to fully develop.
  • Soon you will see a beautiful tree.

Congratulation, you have done it. You have succeeded to grow Minecraft dark oak trees. Now you can grow as many trees as you need with this recipe.

dark oak minecraft
How to Grow a Minecraft Dark Oak Tree?

Dark Oak Tree: How Long Does it Take?

Dark oak does not grow by itself. You have to plant 2 or more trees to grow at the same time. Shady oak in Minecraft will Grow for at least 30 minutes. You cannot plant all the trees at once. You have to do this at least three times to raise a dark oak tree in Minecraft.

Where to grow Dark Oak Trees?

Dark forests and savanna biome are the best places to grow Minecraft Dark Oak Trees. They can not grow anywhere.

The Dark Forest biome is one of the most suitable places to grow it. It is a dense jungle made up of dark roofs. For this reason, the Dark Oak Tree is comfortably raised at this place. Some prerequisites for growing a Minecraft Dark Oak Tree.

The Dark Forest is made up of several magical trees that are denser and darker in color than other trees. This aspect forms the inner jungle biome darker apart from others.

Best biomes to grow Minecraft dark oak trees?

Dark / Roofed Forest Biome

These forests are the best places to grow dark oak trees very easily. They have an appropriate place for the growth of trees. They are usually thick and dark in color.

Savannah biomes

It is an unusual biome that grows dark oak. This biome also provides shady areas for growing dark oak trees.

Why doesn’t your dark oak tree grow?

Are you troubled about the growth of trees? Don’t worry. There may be a number of reasons for this. There may be some reasons at the back of this.

Maybe you are growing only one tree. These trees cannot raise individually. You need to sow more than one sapling to grow a dark oak tree.

You must have 4 saplings in your Minecraft inventory to grow your dark oak trees. You also need to use 2×2 blocks to keep your plants growing well.

Growing a single sapling in a good condition with sufficient moisture, warmth, and sunlight will not produce a Minecraft dark oak tree.

dark oak minecraft
Best biomes to grow Minecraft dark oak trees?

How to find dark oak in Minecraft?

It is hard to find dark oak as most users rarely see roofed forest biomes in their Minecraft game. However, if you find biomes, this is easier to find Dark oaks. You can comfortably locate them thanks to the great number of brown and red mushrooms that grow on them.

There is another method to locate dark oak. You must first find a village and then trade with its inhabitants. Your best bet is to contact Woodland Manor mapholders. You must pay at least ten emeralds to receive this mansion map. This map will assist you to locate biomes. And, also in this dark forest biome of the Minecraft world, you will find many shady oaks.

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