Top 40 Sexiest Characters In Fiction Ever

Here’s a list of the top 30 fictional sexy characters around There are few things in life more tantalizing than a sexy character. The combination of a fictional setting and incredibly attractive characters just gets our hearts racing.

We’re not limiting ourselves to one medium. Whether they’re sexy girls with a heart of gold or simply irresistible alpha males, the Characters have to be sexy on their own, though – the actors can bring that extra level of sexiness to the table!

So without further ado, here are the top 40 sexy characters ever!

1. Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones TV Series

Daenerys is a strong and determined young woman who has faced many challenges in her life. One of the things that makes Daenerys such a sexy TV character is her clothing. In particular, she often wears body-hugging dresses that show off her figure. This is in stark contrast to the more conservative clothing worn by most other characters in the series. It seems clear that Martin intentionally dressed Daenerys in a sexy way to make her stand out from the crowd and emphasize her sex appeal. This is also evident in some of the scenes involving Daenerys in the TV show. In one particularly famous scene, she emerges naked from a burning building after surviving an attack by dragon fire. This scene not only highlights her physical beauty but also emphasizes her strength and resilience.

2. Django from Django Movie

Django is a highly skilled and incredibly sexy character who is the black protagonist of the movie with the same name. He’s got some serious skills when it comes to fighting, horseback riding, and using a gun. Not to mention, he’s got some seriously sexy style! He’s the kind of character that you just can’t help but root for – even when he’s getting into some pretty dangerous situations.

3. Thor from Marvel Comics

Thor, the god of thunder and son of Odin, is also a God of Sex Appeal. He is one of the most powerful beings in all of mythology. His story goes back centuries to Norse mythology, but he exploded onto the pop culture scene in Marvel’s comics from the ’60s and has been a mainstay of the Marvel Universe ever since. There are a few interpretations of his sexy character that include big burly muscles and blonde hair. Thor is the Asgardian god of thunder, and his handling of the massive hammer Mjolnir is enough to make anyone swoon.

4. April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Series

April is known for her bright personality and her signature sexy yellow jumpsuit. She is also recognizable for her long, hot red hair which she often wears in a ponytail. As the TMNT’s first human ally, April plays a vital role in the cartoon. She helps the turtles to adjust to life above ground and provides them with essential information about their enemies.

5. Barbarella from Barbarella Movie

Barbarella has been described as “a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop”. She frequently appears in skimpy clothing and knows how to use her sexuality to her advantage. There’s no denying that Barbarella is one of the sexiest movie characters ever created. Whether she’s fighting evil aliens or seducing her way out of a sticky situation, she’s unafraid of anyone or anything. Barbarella is an agent of the Earth government who is sent on a mission to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand. She is armed with a number of futuristic weapons, including a ray gun and a jet pack. Despite her sexy character persona, Barbarella is a strong and capable heroine who often uses her wit and charm to get out of difficult situations. She has been praised as a positive representation of female sexuality.

6. Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher TV Series

The Witcher is essentially a professional monster hunter for hire and Geralt of Rivia is his most famous alias. He is so tough that he can grapple with even the deadliest of creatures. He was born with two mutations: one that gives him white hair and pale skin and the other gives him sexy cat-like eyes. The franchise doesn’t hesitate to show off its sexy character, and Henry Cavill looks so hot in the live-action show.

7. Alistair Theirin from Dragon Age: Origins Video Game

Alistair is a sexy character who you meet early in the game. As you get to know him better, he’ll reveal more about his past, including a secret that makes him even sexier. He is a warrior who wears heavy armor and wields a great sword. He has long, blond hair which he often keeps in a ponytail. His sexy body is covered in scars, both old and new. Alistair is a member of the Grey Wardens, and the son of King Maric and Queen Rowan of Ferelden. Alistair is a capable warrior and leader, but he is also burdened by the weight of his responsibilities. He is a kind and good-hearted person, but he can also be hot-headed and impulsive.

8. Elastigirl from The Incredibles, Disney Animated Film

Who said moms can’t be sexy? Elastigirl is a loving wife and mother who always puts her family first. Also known as Helen Parr, she continues the sexy cartoon character trend who wears a tight red bodysuit and has long black hair. Her eyes are large and she is quite sexy. Elastigirl possesses great elasticity, being able to stretch, contort, and compress her body into various shapes and sizes. This makes her extremely versatile in combat, able to attack from multiple angles and defend from incoming attacks with ease.

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9. Santanico Pandemonium from From Dusk Till Dawn Movie

Santanico is a vampire who works as a dancer in a nightclub called the Titty Twister. She is seductive and dangerous, and she is one of the main reasons why the film’s protagonists end up in the club in the first place. Santanico is played by Salma Hayek, who gives a sexy and alluring performance that perfectly embodies the character. Throughout the movie, Santanico becomes more and more feral, until she finally unleashes her full power in the showdown against the film’s villains. Despite being a supporting character, Santanico is one of the sexiest characters thanks to Hayek’s unforgettable performance.

10. Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan Anime Series

Levi has proven time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s taken down some of the biggest and most dangerous Titans, and he always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. Levi is a sexy character with lots of drip. His sexy style includes stylish hair, mild slim brows, cool eyes, and a handsome face. Levi Ackerman is amazingly sexy with his badass look. Levi is devoted to protecting humanity, but he has many skeletons in his closet, which makes him even more appealing because we get to see what he wants to hide from others – even if it’s just a little bit of his badassness!

11. James Bond from James Bond Movies

The James Bond character is an iconic figure in popular culture, known for his sophisticated lifestyle, suave demeanor, and unflappable nature. Bond is often considered the epitome of cool. He is a British Secret Service agent who has saved the world from countless threats over the years. He is a true hero. James Bond is a sex symbol. He is known for his charm, good looks, and sexual conquests, he is the epitome of a ladies’ man. He has had relationships with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Bond is skilled in a variety of martial arts and other physical activities, making him a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand combat. He is also an expert marksman, and his preference for using gadgets and high-tech weaponry has made him a favorite among fans of the franchise.

12. John Wick from John Wick Movie

The John Wick character, played by actor Keanu Reeves, is a sexy and hot former hitman who comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog. Wick is an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant who always seems to come out on top, no matter the odds. What makes Wick so appealing is his combination of badassery and vulnerability. He’s a tough guy, but he’s not invulnerable. He’s got a heart, and we as an audience can’t help but root for him

13. Lara Croft from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The character of Lara Croft first appeared in the 1996 video game Tomb Raider. She has been frequently cited as one of the top sexy female characters in all forms of fiction and her role as a symbol for strong independent women has been debated both inside and outside of the medium. Croft undertakes dangerous and globe-trotting adventures, set against a backdrop of ancient civilizations and ruins. By the early 2000s, Lara Croft had become one of the most recognizable characters in existence, and her influence within popular culture had grown to match that of other fictional media icons such as James Bond and Indiana Jones.

14. Dr. Nick Marsh from Grey’s Anatomy ABC TV Show

Dr. Nick Marsh is a character played by actor Jesse Williams. He is a plastic surgeon who wears his sexy body like it’s a work of art. His eyes are piercing blue and his hair is always perfectly in place. He exudes confidence and sexiness, which is why it’s no surprise that he has some of the most popular and sexy scenes on the show. Whether he’s shirtless or in scrubs, Dr. Nick Marsh always looks gorgeous.

15. Luther from Luther TV Series

The Luther TV show is a crime drama that follows the main character, Luther, who is a sexy black detective with a troubled past. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has a very intense gaze. Luther is a brilliant but emotionally damaged character who is haunted by the murder of his wife. He has a love/hate relationship with his job, which often leads him to take dangerous risks. Despite his flaws, he is a deeply moral man who cares passionately about justice.

16. Chun Li Street Fighter Cartoon

Chun Li is known for her strong kicks and fighting style which has earned her the nickname “The Strongest Woman in the World”. She is a fierce and powerful martial arts fighter, capable of taking on all comers, but she also has a feminine side that makes her a popular and sexy character. She is also a talented acrobat and can perform impressive feats of athleticism. Chun’s background story reveals that she is an undercover police officer who enters the street fighting circuit to take down M. Bison, the leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo. She is one of the few female characters in Street Fighter who is not sexualized or objectified. Chun Li is strong and independent, and her fighting style reflects that. She is fast and agile, able to take down opponents with quickness and precision. Her moves are flashy and acrobatic, making her a favorite among fans of the series.

17. Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen Anime

Satoru Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world and is known as the “King of Curses.” He is a tall, sexy character with white hair and blue eyes. Satoru is usually seen wearing a black suit with a white shirt and tie. He is the most drip character with his trademark black sunglasses. Gojo’s curse power is so great that it is said that even if he were to curse someone, they would die instantly. He has been known to take on entire teams of jujutsu sorcerers by himself and come out victorious. He is also very perverted, frequently making lewd comments toward women. However, he is ultimately a good person who cares about others and wants to help them grow as a jujutsu sorcerer.

18. Selene from Underworld Movie

Selena is a sexy character; she is a tough action heroine and a powerful vampire who has dedicated her life to fighting werewolves. She is an impressive fighter and strategist, and her resolve is unshakeable.

Selene is cold and calculated, and she always gets her prey. Kate Beckinsale brings a lot of sex appeal to the role, and she looks great in the tight leather outfits that Selene wears. Her performance in the first Underworld movie was praised by critics, and she has become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood.

19. Cataleya from Colombiana  Movie

Vengence is sexy! Cataleya is a skilled female assassin. She is driven by a single-minded determination to find and kill those responsible for her parents’ deaths. She is an expert in martial arts and weaponry, and she takes down anyone who gets in her way. Cataleya is incredibly sexy, which makes her even more dangerous. Despite her lethal profession, Cataleya is not without compassion and humanity. She forms a close bond with her uncle Emilio (played by John Leguizamo), who helps to raise her after the death of her parents. And while she is capable of great violence, she only ever uses it against those who deserve it – like the men who killed her family.

20. Jade from Mortal Kombat Video Game

Jade is a black goddess ninja fighter. She has a very striking appearance, with black skin, a tight green outfit, and long hair. She is often considered to be one of the sexiest characters in the series. Jade is a skilled martial artist and wields the Bo staff, her signature weapon. She can create green energy blasts that can stun or even kill her opponents. In recent years, Jade has become more of a supporting character, aiding other fighters in their quests to defeat the evil forces of Mortal Kombat.

21. Li Shang from Mulan Diseny Animated Film

Li Shang is a young Chinese army captain who is very disciplined and takes his job very seriously. He is also a bit of a traditionalist, which can be seen in the way he wears his hair and keeps his body in shape. He is a hot and sexy character with very intense eyes, which can be both intimidating and captivating at the same time.

22. Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Series

Spike is portrayed by James Marsters, he is a vampire who was originally introduced as an antagonist to Buffy Summers, the show’s protagonist. He later became an ally and love interest for Buffy. Spike is one of the top sexy characters on the show, due in part to his dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

23. Samus Aran from Metroid Video Games

Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid series of video games. She is a bounty hunter who works for the Galactic Federation. She is often shown wearing a blue skin-tight suit that accentuates her sexy curves. Given the nature of this list, we can’t argue with it. Samus is usually depicted as wearing a Power Suit, which gives her enhanced strength and other capabilities As she progresses through each game, she gains new abilities that help her to access previously inaccessible areas.

24. Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Anime

Mai is a third-year student at Sakuranomiya High School and is also a popular idol. She has long, black hair which she often wears in twin tail bangs, and brown eyes. She is of average height and has a slender build. Her most notable sexy features are her breasts, which are a source of much fascination for the male characters in the series. Mai is generally a calm and collected character, but she can be quite a tsundere at times. She is often embarrassed by her popularity and tries to downplay it whenever possible. Despite this, she does have a bit of an ego and can be quite competitive when she wants to be. She is also very protective of her younger sister, Kaede, and gets jealous easily when it comes to her.

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25. Princess Leia from Star Wars Movies

Princess Leia is an incredibly Star Wars sexy Jedi character as evidenced by her infamous metal bikini scene. She is known for her strength, her courage, and her leadership. She is a strong-willed rebel who stands up to the evil empire. As a politician, she was instrumental in the defeat of the Galactic Empire and the establishment of the New Republic. As an action hero, she was fearless in the face of danger and fought alongside her friends and allies to save the galaxy from evil.

26. Mystique from X-men from Marvel Comics

Mystique is a shapeshifter who can change her appearance to look like anyone she wants, making her a powerful asset in battle. She’s alluring in her own right while having the added benefit of transforming into any sexy character on this list and more! Although she is often portrayed as a villain, Mystique is not always bad. In some stories, she is an ally of the X-men and helps them fight against other villains.

27. Coffee from Cowboy Bebop Anime

Coffee is a bounty hunter who works alongside her partner, Spike Spiegel. She is a skilled fighter and pilot and is often seen wielding a knife or gun in battle. She is a black anime female character who is both sexy and cool. Coffee was born on Mars, and her real name is unknown. She took on the name “Coffee” after she was given a cup of coffee by Spike while they were working together. She is often seen smoking cigarettes, and she has a relaxed and laid-back personality.

28. Jessica Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit Animated Film

Jessica Rabbit is an anthropomorphic rabbit who wears a hot red dress and has long hair. She has a curvaceous figure and is considered to be one of the sexiest women in cartoons. She is also very talented, as she can sing and dance very well. Jessica is married to Roger Rabbit, and the two of them have a son named Junior.

29. Tina Carlyle from The Mask Movie

Tina Carlyle is portrayed by Cameron Diaz and is the love interest of the main masked character, Stanley Ipkiss. She is a sexy nightclub singer and dancer who works at the Coco Bongo club. S. Tina is attracted to Stanley when he first comes into the club, but she does not know that he is wearing the mask. When she finally finds out, she helps him to defeat the villain, Dorian Tyrell.

30. Don Draper from Mad Men TV Series

Don Draper is the sexy creative director at the advertising agency Sterling Cooper and has a reputation for being a talented adman. There is something about Don’s suits that puts fire in a girl’s heart. He is also known for his womanizing ways and his drinking problem. While he may not be the most likable character, there is no denying that he is fascinating to watch.

31. Roxanne from Goffy Disney Animated Movie

Roxanne is Goofy’s teenage daughter and she is often seen as a voice of reason for her father. In the film, she becomes the love interest of Max Goof, who is also Goofy’s son. She’s got it all–the sexy body, and the hot attitude.

32. Fucha Fuheng – Story of Yanxi Palace TV Series

The Chinese historical drama is full of intrigue, backstabbing, and secrets, and Fucha Fuheng is the sexy character in it played by Xu Kai. After winning first place in the China Guangzhou International Model Contest, Xu Kai started his career as a model and gained fame for his role as Fuheng in the 2018 historical drama “Story of Yanxi Palace.” Fuheng is a complex character who is both ruthless and compassionate. He is a survivor, and he knows how to play the game of court politics better than anyone else. As the head eunuch in the palace, he is fiercely loyal to Consort Jing. He does everything in his power to help her survive the machinations of court life and become Empress Dowager.

33. Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct Movie

Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct is a complex and enigmatic character; she is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and manipulative. She is also volatile and dangerous, capable of extreme violence. It is this mix of qualities that makes her so fascinating and irresistible to Curran, the film’s main character. Sharon Stone nailed the role, and she brought an electric sexy presence to the screen whenever Catherine was onscreen.

34. Black Widow Marvel Comics

An amazing warrior and an expert strategist, her story is full of twists and turns. Plus, she looks pretty sexy in that black leather outfit.

35. Alice Ayres from Closer Movie

Alice, portrayed by Natalie Portman, is a young pink-haired woman who is new to London and working as a stripper. She meets Dan, one of the film’s protagonists, when he comes into the club where she works. The two of them begin a relationship and Alice eventually moves in with him.

36. Harley Quinn from DC Comics

Harley Quinn is a former psychiatrist who falls in love with the Joker and becomes his loyal henchwoman. She is one of the most popular sexy DC female characters. She is known for her quirky personality, her signature sexy red and black harlequin outfit, and her hot trademark “Daddy’s Lil Monster” tattoos. Harley Quinn has appeared in numerous comics, animated shows, movies, and video games.

37. Sugar Kane from Some Like it Hot Movie

Monroe brought an undeniable charisma and sexuality to the role that has helped make Some Like it Hot one of the most enduringly popular films ever made. She’s a gifted singer with a dream of making it big in showbiz. But despite her talent, she remains largely unknown, stuck singing in second-rate nightclubs for measly paychecks.

38. Naomi Lapaglia from Wolf Of Wall Street Movie

Naomi is the amazingly sexy wife of Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and she is completely aware of his illegal activities. However, she turns a blind eye to it because she enjoys the lifestyle that comes with it. Naomi is tough and independent, but also very vulnerable. She doesn’t take any crap from Jordan, but she also can’t seem to live without him. Her character is integral to understanding Jordan’s motivations throughout the film.

39. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings Movies

Aragorn is a ranger who goes by the name Strider. He is tall and has dark hair. He is loyal and brave, and he is also a skilled swordsman. Aragorn fights for the good of Middle-earth and he eventually becomes the King of Gondor. Actor Viggo Mortensen is best known for his role as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He brought a rugged sexiness to the character that many fans found irresistible. Offscreen, Mortensen is just as sexy. He’s been voted one of the sexiest men alive by People magazine.

40. Dick Grayson from DC Comics

Dick Grayson first appeared as the original Robin in DC comics. He was orphaned at a young age and taken in by Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Dick trained under Batman and eventually became his sidekick. After suffering a tragedy, Dick left Gotham to become Nightwing – a crime-fighting vigilante in his own right. Maybe it’s his bad boy persona, or maybe it’s because he always seems to be shirtless. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that this former acrobat is one seriously sexy character. Dick Grayson is the comics’ hottest male superhero!

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