James Bond vs John Wick: Which Highly Trained Killer Wins?

James Bond vs John Wick: who would win? That’s like asking what would happen if two unstoppable forces collide! Secret agent 007 is an international super-spy. He has practically saved the world numerous times and fought off some of the toughest foes imaginable over the years. However, can he also survive the ultimate hitman John Wick? He is the “Baba Yaga”, a relentless mercenary who has fought and killed many assassins who hunted him down.

Even when people track John Wick down and try to take him out, Wick is the one who kills them first. Both titular heroes have set the bar of toughness and determination so high that it’s hard to think of anyone who can even remotely match them. Let’s see which one of them can pass our excruciating tests and come out on top.

James Bond vs John Wick: Battle conditions

James Bond and John Wick BOTH get a message that sends them on a mission to kill each other! Daniel Craig’s Bond. To death. The combatants will be put through seven excruciating rounds in the following key factors: Resources. Fighting skills. Charm. Durability. Experience. Determination. Allies. Whoever wins more rounds and gets more stars overall wins the battle!

James Bond vs John Wick: Strengths and Weaknesses

James Bond vs John Wick
James Bond

James Bond

Let’s get one thing clear right away: Bond is much more than just a Spy! A spy’s job is to gather information and data and get it back to his/her handler. According to Fleming himself, Bond is in “counter-intelligence and assassination“. This means that Bond is a top operative/assassin, whose job is to fix problems and all that this entails. In other words, Bond is essentially a glorified government-paid assassin.

And this guy ALWAYS gets the job done. 007’s main advantage in this fight would be that he has the British government on his side, while John Wick works alone. His main weakness seems to be that he has a kind heart and tends to get attached easily. So, anyone who knows that can exploit it by hurting his loved ones. Other than that, it might be that Bond is a heavy drinker and plays dangerous games even outside the rigors of his job.

James Bond vs John Wick
John Wick

John Wick

The real name Jardani Jovanovich, John Wick, is an orphan from Belarus who was recruited and trained by a criminal organization to become an assassin. He rose quickly through the assassin ranks by carrying out “impossible tasks”. Moreover, he has made a name for himself by killing pretty much anyone who gets in his way. Wick is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. His greatest strength lies in his mindset. He stays committed to finishing a task, no matter what it takes. However, his determination is also his greatest weakness, as he tends to refuse to stop going after his prey even when it would be in his better interest to stop, or even wait for a better opportunity to attack.

James Bond vs John Wick: Who Wins?

So, which one of these action heroes will win in a fight? With several parameters in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on James Bond vs John Wick, and how this battle will play out.

1/7. Resources 

As we mentioned earlier, Double O Seven is a government agent with a presumably very very large black budget and not only the entire MI6 R&D department but also satellite surveillance, intelligence gathering, etc. In a situation where Bond is told that he needs to take down John Wick, Bond would probably read an existing detailed file on Wick, wait until he is back home, and hit him with a drone strike.

John Wick, on the other hand, is a freelancer, and his resources are limited by how much he can afford – which is quite a lot, but still. The Q Branch can certainly outfit Bond with effective and deadly gadgets that might give him a leg up in this battle. So, this round belongs to Bond.

2/7. Fighting Skills

007 is a secret agent with a license to kill for MI6. He has battled countless trained assassins, KGB agents, and super-strong henchmen. Some of them had razor-sharp teeth; some had razor-sharp hats or even metallic thumbnails. He fought them atop skyscrapers, on a cargo net hanging from the back of a Hercules plane, strangled them, or threw them out of speeding trains. We have seen Bond running through walls, climbing cranes, and tackling a man through two bathroom stalls. Through all of these fights, Bond was practically unstoppable and managed to kill all of his badass foes and most of the masterminds who sent them.

Even when Bond fought Mr. Hinx in Spectre and realized that he can’t beat him in a hand-to-hand fight, he ran away and found another way to kill him. It is safe to say that he has incredible athletic ability and great skill in fistfights or gunfights. Bond is also an unbelievable shot, skilled in all manner of weaponry. Even his skill with a basic sidearm is usually all he needs to get the job done.

However, John Wick has altogether shown superior hand-to-hand combat skills. He also seems to be a more accurate and even more skilled person with firearms compared to Bond. As opposed to Bond, John Wick is a straight-up killing machine! He kills top-tier assassins who are trying to kill him daily. He has killed three men in a bar with a pencil! Wick’s combat style, usually referred to as “Gun Fu”, incorporates firearms into his close-quarters combat, using guns even when working up close and personal. He had killed innumerable opponents with this technique. Wick can take on multiple enemies at once, while Bond seems to struggle with one foe at a time. So, we’re giving this round to Wick, but regardless of what some people think, it’s going to be only by a small margin.

3/7. Charm

As we all know, one of Bond’s greatest weapons is his charm. Secret agent 007 is sophisticated, elegant, a man of the world, and an expert on the finer things in life. His Britishness makes him even more glamorous and phlegmatic. He is practically a sex magnet with a perfectly chiseled physique, radiant charisma, and natural bravery. Bond regularly uses his charm, expertise, and most importantly deceit to his advantage. His charm has opened many doors for him in the past and allowed him to find out who is coordinating the global terror surrounding him. It also enabled him to bluff his way through countless situations that would have gotten others killed. Now, we wouldn’t go as far as saying that John Wick is not charming or attractive, but at no part in “John Wick” or its sequels does a woman throw herself at him. He just doesn’t use his appearance that way. Anyway, this round certainly goes to Bond.

4/7. Durability

As we said, Bond never fails! No matter how much pain and torture he has got to endure. He is super tough and can withstand a whole lot of torture like getting hit hard in the balls with a rope while sitting naked in a chair. Bond can take hard falls and keep on running and fighting. He managed to survive nasty car crashes, take kicks and punches from big brutes, and fight on after being hit across the back with a metal pipe four times.

However, one of Wick’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to endure pain Despite his amazing fighting skills. Wick is frequently wounded, but demonstrates nearly inhuman tolerance to pain, being able to shrug off physical blows, knife cuts, and bullet wounds with ease. For that, he wins this round.

5/7. Experience

James Bond is an experienced and licensed assassin. Even in MI6, only a few members have the vast international experience of 007. Bond has spent most of his adult life traveling the world and taking on megalomaniacal villains and their henchmen. He is familiar with top-secret places, many different scenarios, social manners, etc. Bond has a level of experience that sets him apart from not just his adversaries but also his colleagues. There is a reason why he is the best and most valuable operative. Now, John Wick is also an experienced assassin, but he lacks the in-depth experience Bond brings to the table. Hence, this round is easily Bond’s.

6/7. Determination

Anybody who watched a John Wick movie knows he is somebody who doesn’t give up. Once you’re on his list, he won’t stop until you are dead! He has, in the words of Abram Tarasov at the beginning of John Wick: Chapter 2, “sheer fucking will”. The man just has an unlimited supply of will, tearing through his target’s lives like a force of nature and leaving nothing behind. Now, Bond is no slouch in that department either. His enemies can try to hide in Europe or Latin America but there will be no place on Earth to escape from Bond’s determination! It is safe to say that Bond’s determination has saved hundreds of millions of people.

However, Wick’s focus and determination seem unparalleled and have earned him his legendary status in the assassin community. Maybe it’s the fact that Bond mostly fights for the safety of innocents and the country he loves, while Wick fights for revenge that makes it more personal, Anyway, we believe this round goes to John Wick.

7/7. Allies

Although it may seem like Bond is a lone wolf, he has plenty of friends to help him out with his missions and sometimes save his ass. Among his closest allies is Q, the head of the Q Branch who provides Bond with all the futuristic gadgets he uses during his missions. He has Felix Leiter, his friend in the CIA who pops up quite a bit and often accompanies Bond in the field, fighting alongside him. Easily Bond’s closest ally is his boss at MI6, M. Despite her stern lectures to 007, M shares an emotional connection with Bond on top of their professional one, and in the end, she always stands by her best agent.

In John Wick’s line of work, however, allies are even harder to come by. Wick regularly has a bounty on his head, which causes people he knows to want nothing to do with him or, in some cases, to try to collect the reward themselves.

That being said, there are still a few people that the Baba Yaga can call allies, like Aurelio who is a mechanic who owns an illegal chop shop for stolen vehicles, and Marcus, a fellow assassin who tried to help Wick a few times. However, in terms of competence, Bond’s allies are far more valuable for his success. They are more dependable, and useful and seem to know more about what Bond’s mission will involve. Therefore, this round belongs to Bond.

James Bond vs John Wick: Battle Report Final Results:

James Bond vs John Wick
James Bond vs John Wick

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So, after all, seven rounds, the score is James Bond vs John Wick: 31/27 (and in rounds: 4/3). As you can see, this battle is a close one, but we did manage to reach a conclusive result. Wick was trained by the criminal organization Ruska Roma to become the renowned hitman we come to know and love. There is no doubt that he had excellent training.

However, it seems Bond’s government MI6 training was far more extensive, imparting him with more basic skills and tools to meet complicated challenges. 007 is just more equipped to handle various tasks and situations that arise. Bond is more than a killing machine. He is the total package, able to switch MOs effortlessly and come out on top no matter what.

In addition, Bond is much more experienced than Wick. It’s true that in the short time, he has been around, Wick already managed to become quite a formidable foe for Bond. Nonetheless, he still has some things to prove before he becomes a Bond-class player. We know that this isn’t a popular opinion, but we think Bond is going to take the victory.

Our Winner: Bond, James Bond!