X-Men Watch Order Evolution

X-Men Watch Order Evolution

The year 2000 saw the release of the inaugural film in the “X-Men” series, which played a pivotal role in rejuvenating the superhero genre, which was experiencing a significant downturn at the time. Fast forward 23 years to 2023, and the 13th official installment in the franchise, was last released in cinemas. With a multitude … Read more

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Top 35 Best Bald Characters Ever

Bald is beautiful, neat, and much more aerodynamic! Take it from someone who sees a beautiful bald guy every time he looks in the mirror. However, by the looks of it, Hollywood’s big cheeses don’t see it that way, as most of the bald-headed characters in fiction are either evil or creepy. Thankfully, this is … Read more

Ranked: Top 40 Superheroes That Wear Blue

blue superheroes

In this list, we are going to explore the color that makes us feel like heaven and check out the greatest top 40 blue superheroes measured up against the other blues. Blue is the color of the ocean, the twilight, and the sky. It signifies power, trust, wisdom, and confidence. So no wonder so many … Read more

The Most Powerful 24 Pink Hair Characters Ever! Ranked

pink hair characters

Welcome to the ultimate pink spectacular, where we will count down the most powerful 24 pink hair characters in pop culture. The color pink is bursting with symbolism. It is the color of hope and is generally thought to have a calming effect, which could explain why so many heroic characters choose to rock pink … Read more

List Of Underrated Marvel Female Superheroes

Marvel Female Superheroes

In this list, we collected the most popular characters for you. Throughout the years, the comic book industry has been mostly criticized for its depiction of women. Female characters in comics, including female superheroes, were largely created for the male gaze. (Translation: accentuated legs, eyes, mouth, and breasts!). However, in recent years we have begun … Read more

The Greatest 20 Top Green Superheroes, Ranked!

green superheroes

Superheroes are a colorful bunch. Over decades comic writers created plenty of green superheroes when they go out saving the day. Of course, not all of them are equal in their importance in pop culture. That’s why I have conjured a list of the top 20 names of green superheroes in comics! to sort the … Read more

The 15 Most Powerful Marvel Supervillains: Ranked!

Powerful Marvel Supervillains

Who can better test the qualities of Marvel’s superheroes if not their opposing most powerful Marvel supervillains? We all like to cheer for superheroes like Thor and Iron Man. But comics would not be nearly as exciting if not for the supervillains who oppose the superhero’s heroic virtues and feats. Throughout the years, Marvel Comics … Read more

The Most Powerful 20 Characters With Purple Hair

Characters With Purple Hair

The color purple is generally perceived as mysterious and intriguing. No wonder those rare characters who rock purple hair tend to pique interest. While exploring the subject we found out there are a lot more female characters with purple hair than males. Also, quite a lot of characters with purple hair are cute anime girls. … Read more