16 Anime Like Say I Love You (Sukitte Ii na yo)

16 Anime Like Say I Love You (Sukitte Ii na yo)

If you’re an anime fan and haven’t heard of “Say I Love You” (Sukitte Ii na yo), then you’ve been missing out! This romantic comedy series is about two high school students, Mei and Yamato, who fall in love after a series of misunderstandings. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of teenage … Read more

Top 23 Best Japanese Rom-Com Drama

japanese rom com dramas

Japanese Rom-Com dramas are full of exciting love stories, sometimes they are about forbidden or impossible love, but love always wins. Usually, a Romantic Japanese Drama has one season and an average of 11 episodes. Sometimes, the series continues as sequels and even gets spin-off movies. Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) is one of the most popular … Read more

Top 10 Anime Like Princess Tutu Full Of Magical Girls!

Anime Like Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is a sweet, beautiful, funny, and sad Mahou Shoujo anime. Ahiru (Duck) and the relationships she developed really draw me in. I really love good modern fairy tales that disrupts the familiar traditional magical girl cliches. Everything about this anime was high quality, from the animation to the soundtrack. So, if you enjoyed … Read more

25 Josei Anime With Real Complicated Romance

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Josei Anime deals with mature relationships, real romances, family problems, and work routines. It is aimed at female audiences aged 18 to 40. This genre deals with topic themes targeted at young adult women. Overall, the difference between Shoujo and Josie is the complexity of the dilemmas facing the characters. It typically uses a more … Read more