Chinese Comedy Drama: Top 15 That’ll Make You Laugh

chinese comedy drama list

When you think of Chinese comedy dramas, you often think of the overdramatic, fantasy-fighting romances that create the drama. However, plenty of comedies among all those dramas deserve some spotlight. Some are on this list for their excellent characters and plot. Others are bad but still managed to make me laugh. I recommend you check … Read more

Top 23 Best Japanese Rom-Com Drama

japanese rom com dramas

Japanese Rom-Com dramas are full of exciting love stories, sometimes they are about forbidden or impossible love, but love always wins. Usually, a Romantic Japanese Drama has one season and an average of 11 episodes. Sometimes, the series continues as sequels and even gets spin-off movies. Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) is one of the most popular … Read more

17 Sisterhood Movies Like ‘Practical Magic’

movies like practical magic

If you love sappy but fun movies about romance and sisterhood then you are probably looking for movies like Practical Magic. Director Griffin Dunne’s romantic-comedy-fantasy may be a cult hit movie today, but back in back 1998, it was a huge flop, and the critics hated it. Practical Magic tells the story of two sisters, … Read more

10 Best Movies Like When Harry Met Sally

movies like harry met sally

Most romantic comedy movies like When Harry Met Sally revolve around belligerent sexual tension. We all like to see the tension building between two single characters who are clearly attracted to each other, and on a personal level, there is powerful chemistry between them. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is, … Read more