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movies like heat

Best 11 Crime Movies Like Heat

If you like “Heat” for the detective work, the cast and mouse chase, action, the interpersonal relationships, the pacing, the character development, and the thriller/tension

Movies Like The Last Samurai

Best 9 Movies Like The Last Samurai

This list gathers the best nine movies like The Last Samurai (2003). This epic Academy Award nominee movie takes your breath away from the first scene,

movies like 300

The Best 10 Epic Movies Like 300

300 tells the story of King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) the king of the Greek city-state of Sparta during 480 B.C. He leads his warriors against

movies like the smurfs

Best Movies Like The Smurfs

If you just can’t get enough from the tiny blue creatures and the not-so-powerful wizard Gargamel, and you are searching for movies like “The Smurfs,”

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