Black Ops & Special Forces

Need a mission completed under the radar? Look no further than black ops and special forces. These soldiers are stealthy and surgical and can handle just about any task thrown their way. Need to take out a target on foreign soil? Or maybe rescue someone being held for ransom? In this poll, we face off the top CIA, Navy Seal, Green Beret, and Delta Force operatives.

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Maj. Scott McCoy vs Frank Moses

The puppet president you propped up isn’t playing ball anymore. As Director of the CIA, you need to send someone to talk some sense into him. Who would you pick? Frank Moses (RED, movie) or Maj. Scott McCoy (The Delta Force, movie)?

Black Ops & Special Forces

Who would you send to pressure a foreign leader to help your country?

John Matrix vs John Rambo

The president’s daughter is being held hostage in a heavily guarded remote compound in the jungle. Who would you send to storm the compound and free her? John Matrix (Commando) or John Rambo (First Blood, movie)?

Who would you send to single-handedly storm an enemy compound and rescue a hostage?

Lieutenant Rorke vs Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil

While hiking in the jungle you are kidnapped and held for ransom by a rogue militia. Who would you prefer to be dispatched to rescue you? Lieutenant Rorke (Act of Valor, movie) or Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil (G.I Jane)?

Who would you prefer be sent to rescue you while kidnapped by guerilla fighters?

SSG Matt Eversmann vs Jim Street

As a recruiter for the CIA, you’re looking to bring some new blood on board. Both of the below have shown exceptional performance. Who would you recruit? SSG Matt Eversmann (Black Hawk Down) or Jim Street (S.W.A.T. movie)?

Black Ops & Special Forces

Which of the below is better suited to join the CIA?

Marcus Luttrell vs Captain Mitch Nelson

After a reconnaissance mission went wrong, you’re stuck in hostile territory with only one of the below. Who would you prefer to be by your side? Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor, movie) or Captain Mitch Nelson (12 Strong, movie)?

Black Ops & Special Forces

Who would you prefer to be stuck with behind enemy lines?

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