Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses Knockout Game

From broomstick flying to potion-brewing. Witches have captivated and fascinated us for centuries. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from the casters of spells in your childhood fairytales to the modern witches next door of “American Horror Story: Coven”.

You pick a character on this list who you least liked, or weaker than the rest until one remains as the WINNER! You can eliminate the most popular or most powerful, it’s all up to you guys and girls. The more unpredictable the winner is, the more exciting the game will be. For this category, we’ve rounded up the 10 most powerful sorceresses in anime, cartoons, movies, and tv series.


Here are the rules:

  1. Every day we post a new category with a series of 10 nominations.
  2. The loser of each match-up is immediately eliminated from the tournament.
  3. Category voting opens for 30 days, the nominee with the most votes wins.
  4. Each category winner will play another category winner in the next round, until the final match-up, whose winner becomes the Faceoff champion.
  5. Only vote for one character in the poll below
  6. To make things more interesting post a comment with a short reason
    Try to be objective with the votes.

Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses Nominations

Kiki vs Chihiro

Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses
Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses
Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses

Anime and Fantasy Sorceresses Nominations Poll: Vote Below

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