Police Detectives

If a crime has been committed, these are the characters you want on the case. They’re relentless, capable, have a strong moral compass, and won’t back down from a challenge. In this category, we face off the best crime-solving police investigators to find out once and for all–who is the ultimate detective?

Hostage Crisis: Detective Mercedes vs Detective “Misty” Knight

Bank robbers have taken hostages! You need someone who can ensure their well-being and negotiate their release. Who is the detective for the job, Angela Abar a.k.a. Sister Night from Watchmen, TV series, or Detective Mercedes Kelly “Misty” Knight from Luke Cage, TV series.

Blackmailed: Detective John Shaft vs Jimmy McNulty

Which detective is less likely to back down when being blackmailed, Detective John Shaft II from the Shaft movie, or Jimmy McNulty from The Wire, TV series.

Detective John Shaft vs Jimmy McNulty

48 Hours: Detective Rust Cohle vs Detective John Luther

A local boy has been kidnapped! As you know, the first 48 hours are critical to getting him back alive. Which detective do you send to get him back? Detective Rust Cohle from True Detective TV series or Detective Chief Inspector John Luther from Luther TV series?

Ticking Bomb: Vincent Hanna vs Vic Mackey

The perp in the interrogation room just won’t break and only he can tell you where the ticking bomb is hidden! Who do you send in to extract the information from him, Vincent Hanna from the 1995 movie Heat, or Vic Mackey from The Shield?

Murder Case: Detective Ellie Miller vs Detective Ellie Miller

Someone is murdered in broad daylight! The whole neighborhood saw but nobody wants to ‘snitch’. Which detective can gain their trust and get them to talk? Chloe Jane Decker from Lucifer, or Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller from Broadchurch?

police detective movies battle

Kidnapped! Vincent Downs vs Detective Keith Frazier

You’ve been kidnapped! But you know one of the force’s finest is on the case. Who do you hope it is, Vincent Downs from Sleepless, or Detective Keith Frazier from Inside Man?

Cops: Faceoff

Here’s to the men and women in blue! At the crack of dawn and without rest until the city is safe, these cops won’t ever take a bribe and will always get their man! You can find them armed with little more than a badge, a gun, and an oh-so-witty one-liner, these guys take down everything from gangsters and murderers to cybercriminals and pedophiles. In this category, we face off the most iconic police officers to ever put someone behind bars.

Help! Marion “Cobra” Cobretti vs Jack Slater

Drugs are getting out of hand in your city. Who do you bring in to clean up the streets, Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, or Jack Slater from Last Action Hero?

Clean Up: Elliot Ness vs Billy Costigan

As a retiring captain, it’s up to you to choose a replacement that will guide your precinct in the right direction. Who do you choose to be the new captain? Elliot Ness from The Untouchables or Billy Costigan from The Departed?

Alonzo Harris vs Mike Ehrmantraut

Training day: You have good intel that at least half your precinct is corrupt. Which of the two do you suspect less, Alonzo Harris from Training Day or Mike Ehrmantraut from Better call Saul & Breaking bad?

Suspicions: Mike Lowery & Marcus Burnett vs Martin Riggs & Roger Murtaugh

You’re set to testify against a mob boss in just a few days. Who do you trust to keep you safe until then? Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, or detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon?

Investigators: Faceoff

Want to know if your SO is cheating on you? Maybe there’s a crime that the police just can’t solve? Private investigators have rightfully earned a permanent place in the character’s hall of fame. Their unorthodox techniques of collecting information and figuring out clues, along with their brooding attitude and mysterious charm all come together to create a modern-day out-of-the-box hero. In this category, we face off the most memorable private eyes characters to ever solve a case.

Snowball! Ace Ventura vs Ford Fairlane

Your beloved Snowball has been taken! Police think your cat just “ran away” but you know he would never do that to you! Which PI do you take the case, Ace Ventura, or Ford Fairlane from The Adventures of Ford Fairlane?

They’re watching me! Dirk Gently vs Eddie Valiant

Someone has been leaving rotten fruit in your mailbox! The City is in on it! The police are in on it! Everyone is in on it! Who do you hire to unmask this conspiracy, Dirk Gently from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, or Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Corruption! Jake Gittes vs Joe Hallenbeck

Corruption in the city runs straight up to the mayor and you’ve had enough! Which private eye movie characters do you choose to get the proof needed to expose them, Jake Gittes from Chinatown or Joe Hallenbeck from The Last Boy Scout?

police detective movies battle

Plan B: Sherlock Holmes vs Matt “Shadow” Shade

Your parents say you need to study to do well at school but you have a different idea. Who do you hire to dig up dirt on your teachers? Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, or Matt “Shadow” Shade from Private Eyes?

Takeshi Kovacs vs Jessica Jones

You’ve been falsely arrested for a murder you didn’t commit! Which PI do you hire to find the real murderer? Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon, or Jessica Jones?

police detective movies battle

Sheriffs: Faceoff

The pay is lousy, the hours long, the banter surly, the spittoon pinging continuously, and retirement? Well, that’s just asking for a bullet. Some of the local lawmen in this list are snakier than the vermin they’re paid to apprehend, others are better will, and then some, well, let’s just say they mean well. In this category, we face off the local lawmen characters to find the ultimate sheriff (for sheriffs from the old west check out the “Old West Marshals and Sheriffs” category).

Biker mayhem: Kevin Garvey Jr. vs Jim Hopper

A gang of bikers has decided to cause mayhem in your small town. Which of the below characters do you entrust to clear them out, Kevin Garvey Jr. from The Leftovers, or Jim Hopper from Stranger Things?

Talk it Out: Sheriff Earl McGraw vs Sheriff Hugo

You’re in a holding cell for disorderly conduct! But we know you can talk yourself out of anything. Which sheriff is more likely to release you before your parents find out, Sheriff Earl McGraw from Death Proof or Sheriff Hugo Root from Preacher?

police detective movies battle

Put em’ up! Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” vs Sheriff Buford T Justice

You said the wrong thing at the bar and now a group of hooligans wants to duke it out. Which sheriff do you want by your side for a good old bar brawl, Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” from Convoy, or Sheriff Buford T Justice from Smokey and the Bandit?

police detective movies battle

Probes: Sheriff Noah Stilinski vs Sheriff Jody Mills

You were abducted by aliens last night and returned this morning! Someone needs to know (maybe not about the probing). Which sheriff is more likely to believe you, Sheriff Noah Stilinski from Teen Wolf or Sheriff Jody Mills from Supernatural?

police detective movies battle

I’ll take it from here: Roosevelt vs Ed Tom Bell

As an FBI agent, you know that taking over investigations doesn’t always go smoothly. Which sheriff is more likely to get in your way, Roosevelt from Sons of Anarchy, or Ed Tom Bell from No Country for Old Men?

police detective movies battle

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