Best 6 tv series like The Tudors

Here is a list of six tv shows like The Tudors. The series tells the story of King Henry the Eight (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), during the sixteenth century – focusing on his relationship with his Chief Minister Cardinal Wolsey, his newfound romance with Anne Boleyn, and his urge to cancel his marriage to Catherine of Aragon in order to secure his dynasty.

The series is an outstanding historical drama from top to bottom. The period sets, costumes, and visuals are brilliant, add to this – an amazing cast, and you get a real treasure for this genre lovers. If you are looking for similar series like The Tudors, we curated a list of the best six series streaming services have to offer.

The list features similar categories like Kings and Emperors, Queens and Empresses, Warrior Kings, Medieval Series, Horsemen and Cavaliers, Medieval-like Knights, Medieval-like Armies, Princess, Thrones, Princesses.

Best 6 TV Series Like The Tudors

1 / 6 The Borgias (2011) 

Genre: Crime, Drama, History, Romance

TV show duration: 50 min 

Series Like The Tudors
The Borgias (2011) 

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The series covers the story of the Italian Borgias family, during the 16th century –  on their violent and corrupted ways towards power and dominance as part of the pope dynasty and opposing Italian cardinals.

Why you should watch: This hit series,  is a magnificent one – the scenery and cast, the costumes and atmosphere – you can not stop watching it,  The Borgias is one of those series you go back and watch, over and over again. 

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2 / 6 World Without End (2012)

Genre: Drama, History, Romance, Thriller

Movie duration: 50 minutes

Series Like The Tudors
World Without End

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During the 14th century, the day after Halloween, four children, three boys, and a girl, slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge, they are running to the woods where they see two men killed. Ten years later as adults, these four people will still live under the influence of that night in the forest, their lives will be braided together by ambition, love, greed, and revenge.

Why you should watch: Based on a novel by ​​Ken Follett, this is a thriller you can not stop watching – with twisting plots, charismatic cast, and amazing visual effects.  

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3 / 6 Camelot (2011)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, History

Movie duration: 45 min

Series Like The Tudors
Camelot (2011)

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King Uther’s sudden death, lives the country in chaos. A new warrior-king (Jamie Campbell Bower) by birthright is now presented. He is King Arthur, Uther’s unknown son and heir who has been raised as a commoner. The entanglement begins when Arthurs’ half-sister Morgan (Eva Green) challenges him.  

Why you should watch: With stunning costumes and set designs, this series will throw you back in history. The clever dialogues, amazing cast, and action scenes promise a great pleasure not only for Historical drama genre lovers.   

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4 / 6 Medici – Masters Of Florence (2016) 

Genre: Biography, Drama, History, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Movie duration: 60 min

Camelot (2011)

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Cosimo de Medici finds himself, at the helm of his supremely wealthy, banking dynasty family in Florence in the early 15th century. When his father, Giovanni dies suddenly,  Cosimo and his brother must unearth his killer in order to protect the wealth and power of their family.

Why you should watch: With an outstanding cast (that includes Dustin Hoffman) this is a must-have series for History genre lovers. It is fascinating and thrilling and will sweep you from its first action scene. 

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5 / 6 The Crown (2006)

Genre: Biography, Drama, History
TV Show Duration: 58 min

Series Like The Tudors
The Crown (2006)

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The Netflix series The Crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom. The plot of the first season takes place from 1947 with the marriage of the Queen to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh until the end of the engagement of her sister Princess Margaret to Peter Townsend in 1955. The plot of the second season takes place from the Suez crisis in 1956 to the retirement of Prime Minister Harold McMillan following the scandal of the Profumo affair. The plot of the third season takes place from 1964 to 1977 and begins with the election of Harold Wilson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and ends with the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth

Why you should watch: Deep inside the ivory tower of the cold and alienated Buckingham Palace, Netflix’s “The Crown” has found a host of fantastic characters and stories of small and sad losses in the mirror of history. The exceptional performance of her actors and her breathtaking photography, make her a rare work in its quality

6 / 6 The White Princess (2017)

Genre: Drama, History, Romance, War

Episode duration: 60 min

The White Princess (2017)

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The medieval series The White Queen follows Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer) who is forced to marry Henry the seventh (Jacob Collins-Levy), as part of a peace agreement to bring about the end of a long-lasting war. Their mutual enmity and distrust, as well as the political plots of their mothers, threaten to tear both their marriage and the kingdom apart.

Why you should watch: Based on the Philippa Gregory book of the same name, this series will sweep you from its’ first scene – it’s full of drama, smart, and well crafted. It is a real gem, for those who admire British royal history dramas.

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More Series Like The Tudors

7. The Spanish Princess

8. Isabel

9. The Cathedral by the Sea

10. Wolf Hall

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