40 Most Famous Cartoon Foxes of All Time

One specific animal that appears a lot in western animation is the cartoon fox! Animals are known to be one of the best ways to engage the audience, that’s probably why the fox is so common in cartoon series. So without further ado, I present you with a list of the top cartoon fox of all time. Prepare yourself for a lot of long bushy tails waving a round!

1. Fibber Fox from Yakky Doodle Hanna-Barbera Cartoon

fibber fox

Fibber the cartoon ox is always trying to get his paws on chickens from a henhouse. When he first meets Yakky Doodle, he becomes fixated on catching the little duck and eating him. His obsession becomes so great that he declares that he now hates chicken and wants duck instead.  Fortunately for Yakky, Chopper the guard dog is there to protect him. However, it’s not even clear if Fibber Fox can bring himself to harm Yakky, as he once even saved him from another fox.

2. Swiper from Dora the Explorer

swiper fox cartoon

Swiper is the main villain throughout Dora the Explorer cartoon and appears almost in every episode. He is a sneaky fox who loves to swipe key items that help Dora in her escapades. The only way to stop this cartoon fox from succeeding is for Dora to repeat the phrase, “Swiper, no swiping!” three times.

3. Claudette Dupri from New Looney Tunes

claudette dupri fox cartoon

A French female cartoon fox, Claudette first appears in the cartoon episode The Spy Who Bugged Me. Claudette is a spy who is trained to steal items and information from her victims – in this case, Bugs Bunny. When she fails to do that, she results to trying to kill Bugs with a laser. But all for not! As you can probably tell, Claudette’s outfit is similar to that of Black Widow from Marvel Comics.

4. Pablo from Pablo the Little Red Fox Cartoon

pablo cartoon fox

Pablo is a naughty cartoon fox cub who discovers a new life in the big city when his family is driven from their country home by a man and his machines. Together with his brother and sister, Pumpkin and Poppy, the three cubs go on hilarious adventures.

5. Br’er Fox from Song of the South

cartoon fox

One of the evilest foxes, Br’er Fox is always in pursuit of his eternal enemy, Br’er Rabbit, whom he tries to devour. Fortunately for Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, who is Br’er Fox’s buddy, is there to ruin Br’er Fox’s plans with his stupidity. Nonetheless, Br’er Fox never gives up his dream of having rabbit stew for dinner.

6. Todd from The Fox and the Hound

todd cartoon fox

A Disney cartoon fox, Tod is a red fox who becomes an unlikely friend with a hound dog named Copper. Although the two are supposed to be natural adversaries, they manage to preserve their bond no matter what. Regardless of any social pressure, Tod treats his canine buddy as his flesh on blood, and that’s amazing!

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7 Mr. Tod from Peter Rabbit

Mr. Tod from Peter Rabbit Series

An orange cartoon fox, Mr. Tod holds a grudge against Peter and has been trying to catch and eat him throughout the series. Yep, Mr. Tod is a cruel, calculated villain, and takes pride in being the wood’s highest predator. Unfortunately for Peter, Mr. Tod is quite a genius who comes up with cold-blooded plans on how to catch him and devour him. 

8. Fox from Franklin Cartoon

cartoon fox

Fox is a friend of Franklin Turtle. He is cunning and sly. However, because of his adventurous nature, he sometimes gets into trouble. Fox is a member of The Super Cluepers superhero detective team that is led by Franklin Turtle. Together, they go on mystery-solving escapades, where they solve cases and help anyone in need.

9. Junjie from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

juntie fox cartoon

Junjie is a fox and a Kung Fu Master. Unfortunately, he is completely and utterly evil and aims to kill Master Shifu, Po, and the Furious Five so he can take over as the Master of the Jade Palace. Once, he and Shifu were students of Master Oogway, but Junjie turned on Shifu and tried to get rid of him, and since became his evil counterpart, the two have a similar design.

10. Cajun Fox from Courage the Cowardly Dog

cajun fox cartoon fox

An evil-doer, Cajun is a crafty cartoon fox who loves taunting Courage the Cowardly Dog and would even go as far as killing him. Despite Cajun’s obvious high intelligence, he has been defeated by Courage several times, and it’s not even clear if he survived his last defeat. Cajun Fox is famous for wearing shades to cover his unbelievably large eyes.

11. Maid Marian from Disney’s Robin Hood

maid marian cartoon fox

Maid Marian is a vixen who marries Robin Hood. She is the niece of King Richard and is known for her beauty. She and Robin Hood have known each other during childhood and were in love, but later Marian left for London for unspecified reasons, and the two were separated for a long time. When this foxy lady returned to Nottingham, the two picked up where they left off.

12. Vuk from The Little Fox

vuk fox cartoon

Vuk from the Hungarian cartoon is a little fox kit, who ventures away from his family’s den, to find it empty upon his return. Growing up at his uncle’s place, Vuk becomes a very cunning and clever adult fox who uses his wisdom to take revenge on the hunter he holds responsible for what happened to his family. He also finds himself a beautiful vixen!

13. Honest John from Disney’s Pinocchio

honest don fox cartoon

“Honest” John is your typical con artist cartoon fox. He is even ok with conning little children out of their money. He doesn’t stop there, though, and it is hinted that he is perfectly fine with doing assassinations as well. Honest John is very charismatic and can be likable at times, but I would trust him an inch.  

14. Rufus from Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Cartoon

rufus fox cartoon

Rufus is another con artist fox cartoon and a villain who enjoys abusing others’ trust to trick them into giving him their valuables. Despite his cunningness, he is gullible enough to be fooled by Mao Mao’s disguise and tells him all about his plans. 

15. The Fox from Shaun the Sheep

fox cartoon

Living in a tree stub outside Mossy Bottom Farm. The Fox always tries to steal one of the animals on the farm. One time he did manage to kidnap The Rooster, and Shaun and Bitzer saved The Rooster. Also, The Fox once dressed as a male sheep and managed to get Shirley to fall in love with him. However, his plan to abduct Timmy was spoiled by the Flock, and finally, The Fox got beaten up by the mad Shirley.

16. Foxy Loxy from Chicken Little

foxy loxy fox cartoon

Although not cruel, Foxy Loxy is a bully who loves tormenting students at Oakey Oaks School. The only things she cares about are being popular, being famous, and having good hair. At first, she dislikes Chicken Little, but later that changes.

17. Nick Wilde from Zootopia

nick wilde fox cartoon

Another Disney cartoon fox, Nick lives in Zootopia, a city where everyone is an anthropomorphic mammal. Being a fox and all, he makes money pulling cons on others. However, when he tries to pull one on police officer Judy Hopps, he is forced to help solve a missing person case, and the two become best buddies.

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18. Robin Hood from Disney Robin Hood Animated Film

robin hood fox cartoon

I already had Maid Marian on this list, but Disney’s 1973 adaptation of Robin Hood was so great and such an underrated retelling of the Robin Hood story, I had to include both. No kidding, Robin and Maid Marian are one of Disney’s best-ever couples. They truly understand each other and work together to get what they want, which is – to live happily ever after!

19. Ash Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox

cartoon fox

Yeah, I’m aware that Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop-motion technique film, but I still consider it animated. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Ash is a moody teen fox, who struggles to match his father’s theft career. He likes to dress up as his favorite comic book superhero “white Cape.”

20. Fox from Skunk Fu Cartoon

cartoon fox

Another female on this list is Fox from Skunk Fu, a beautiful Chinese red fox who is very desired by the boys in the cartoon. Fox is a martial artist who helps Skunk and others to protect the valley. Like Skunk, she is a student of Master panda.

21. Tails from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series

tails cartoon fox

In the cartoon version, Tails is Sonic’s faithful sidekick, who fights by his side against the tyranny of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Together, they try to rid planet Mobius of Doctor Robotnik forever. Abnormality is born with two tails, Tails can use its tails to fly by twirling them around like rotary blades. That way, he can move fast enough to keep up with Sonic.

22. Governor Diane Foxington from The Bad Guys

governor diane foxington cartoon fox

Diane Foxington is a former notorious lady thief called Crimson Paw, who did an Arnold Schwarzenegger! By that, I mean she became Governor of California. Although a criminal mastermind who enjoyed every second of her profession, she gave up her life of crime to do good. She even managed to convince Mr. Wolf, leader of the Bad Guys gang, to reform.

23. Angelique The Fox from Rango

angelique cartoon fox

The red fox Secretary of The Mayor of Dirt town, Angelique is not as evil as the mayor’s other henchman. She is originally from Paris and speaks in an eastern European accent. Her tail is so long, she can wear it as a scarf. She’s quite beautiful in my opinion.

24. Rita from Jungledyret Hugo 1993 Film

rita fox cartoon

In Jungledyret Hugo, Rita is a city fox who helps Hugo adjust to city life. Since Hugo is a jungle animal, Rita is sometimes frustrated with Hugo’s selfishness and impulsiveness. However, she remains committed to Hugo and is ever ready to forgive his faults. Their intimacy soon leads to a romantic relationship. ‘Nuff said!

25. Farley from Charlotte’s Web 2

fairley cartoon fox

And we’re back to yet another evil fox! Better known as Farley the Fox, Farley is the main villain. This wicked red fox would do anything to get his paws on chickens and eggs from nearby farms. He is, of course, Wilbur the pig’s arch-nemesis.

26. The Fox from Mary Poppins 1964 Disney Film

cartoon fox

The red hair fox with an Irish accent is a classic! In the film, he is rescued at the last minute by Bert from bloodhounds and their human hunters. When a thunderstorm comes, and everybody goes home, the fox runs away to avoid the rain. Despite his small role in the film, he leaves a big impression.

27. The Fox from The Animals of Farthing Wood

cartoon fox

Fox is the leader of the animals on the journey from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park nature reserve. No matter what happens to them on the way, Fox remains brave, smart, and willing to take risks when necessary.

28. Freddy Fox from Peppa Pig Cartoon

Freddy Fox

Not much is known about Freddy Fox, besides the fact that he loves soup and that his birthday is in December. He has a bushy tail with a white point at the start. He first appeared in the “Freddy Fox” episode, but it seemed like Peppa already knew him.

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29. Spy Fox from Spy Fox

spy fox

“The name’s Fox, Spy Fox!” Spy Fox is…. well, you guessed it – a spy who is a fox! He is a red fox who usually wears a tuxedo and black bow tie. Just like James Bond, his mission is to stop evil plots conceived by evil masterminds. Agent Spy Fox is aided by Monkey Penny, who provides him with valuable information about his mission and supplies him with SPY Gadgets, like a laser toothbrush.    

30. Attila, Todd, and Evita from The Foxbusters

Attila Todd, and Evita fox cartoon

These three partners in crime are Attila, Todd, and Evita. They are major antagonists in the cartoon, to defeat the Foxbusters and take Foxearth Farm. However, The Foxbusters, who are three chickens who can somehow fly, will not give up so easily, as they can spit grit like machine guns and drop hard-boiled eggs like they were bombs.

31. Darma from Rock Dog

darma fox cartoon

A bassist and a singer, Darma is one of Bodi’s first friends when he arrives in the City. Together with her friend Germur, she manages to encourage Bodi to stick to his dream of becoming a famous musician, despite all obstacles. The three eventually form a band, called True Blue. Of course, Darma and Bodi develop a romantic relationship.

32. Paulie Pretztail from Viva Pinata

paulie pretztail fox cartoon

As you can probably tell, Paulie is an orange fox piñata. Although some piñatas may consider going to parties as work, Pauli hates going to Piñata parties and finds them annoying. Paulie is a good friend of Fergy Fudgehog and often finds himself saving Fergy from one scheme after another.

33. Gideon Grey from Zootopia

gideon grey fox cartoon

At first, Gideon appears to be a rude and violent fox, not to say a bully. However, later we find out that he has straightened out over the years, being described as one of the best pastry chefs in the region. As an adult, he is depicted as gentle, respectful, and apologetic. Gideon is a red fox with red fur and a dark purple nose.

34. Fauntleroy Fox from The Fox and the Crow Cartoon series

fauntleroy fox

Another famous cartoon fox, Fauntleroy Fox is half of the Fauntleroy Fox and Crawford Crow duo. While Fauntleroy Fox is cultured but gullible, Crawford Crow is streetwise. As part of their relationship, Crawford usually tricks Fauntleroy into some kind of abusive adventure and Fauntleroy agrees. Fauntleroy’s massive gullibility directly contradicts the phrase: “cunning like a fox”.

35. Vixey from The Fox & The Hound Disney Animated Film

vixey fox cartoon

I already had Todd on this list, but how could I leave Vixey out? When Todd is forced to learn to live in the wild, Vixey helps him and ultimately provides Tod with joy in his new life in the wild. Vixey is kind and sympathetic but can be very determined and active, like when Todd once insulted her.  

36. Kurama from Naruto Anime Series


Yeah, Kurama is different from the other cartoon fox on this list. First, he is from an anime, not from a western cartoon. Second, he is more of a monster warrior with a tail than a real fox. For centuries, Kurama was sought after by humans as a tool for war, which caused him to hate the human species. However, his attitude changed after being sealed inside Naruto Uzumaki and decided to use its power for the world’s salvation.

37. Mimi LaFloo from Bucky O’Hare

mimi lafloo cartoon fox

Mimi is a vixen, and captain of the S.P.A.C.E. frigate called Screaming Mimi. Fighting for the United Animals Federation, Mimi uses her impressive ability to inspire people to fight against the sinister Toad Empire.  

38. Delphox from the Pokemon Anime Series


Known as the Fox Pokémon, Delphox is a Fire/Psychic type Pokémon. Thanks to its dual Fire and Psychic typing, Delphox can harness powerful attacks that make it a go-to for trainers.

39. Parisa from Shimmer and Shine Animated Series

parisa cartoon fox

The protagonist of Shimmer and Shine and the only purple fox on this list, Parisa is Leah’s magical pet fox. As a magical creature, Parisa can camouflage herself, making her practically invisible. She can also talk!

40. Swifty and Jade from Arctic Dogs Animated Film

Swifty and Jade Fox

Closing the famous cartoon fox list are Swifty and Jade, two lovebirds who start as friends but become a couple near the end of the film. Together they fight against the evil Otto Van Walrus who plans to unleash masses of ancient gas to melt the Arctic and become the world’s supreme ruler.

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