40 Most Famous Cartoon Elephants of All Time

Cartoon elephants are one of the most memorable fictional characters. It is not hard to see why cartoon elephants are so loved – they are incredibly cute and characterful in their appearance and behavior, and they are easily converted into cartoon characters. It is easy to list a cartoon elephant as everyone’s favorite animal. From their floppy ears to their outstanding memory, it’s clear that these animals are high on the list of faves. This list of the most famous cartoon elephant characters is not ranked on popularity or any other basis.

1. Babar the Elephant – Babar Cartoon

babar cartoon elephant

Babar is probably among the most loveable cartoon elephant characters. He is no ordinary elephant either because he is the King of Celesteville and Elephantland. Married to Celeste with four children, this smart and reasonable animal is very protective of his family, even within their elaborate palace. He is a profound example of critical thinking, positivity, and showing consideration for others’ feelings.

2. Dumbo – Dumbo

dumbo cartoon elephant

Who doesn’t know Dambo, the main character of Disney’s 1941 animated film? This young elephant is very special because his giant floppy ears allow him to glide in the air! It’s not easy being different from birth, as such Dumbo experienced a lot of harassment. On a mission to reunite with his mother, Dumbo is determined to become a star like no other with Timothy Q. Mouse’s help!

3. Emily Elephant – Peppa Pig Cartoon

emily cartoon elephant

We all know Peppa Pig, but what about the cartoon’s resident elephant? Emily is portrayed as a kind, quiet and gentle character who only manages to come out of her shell as the story progresses. As such, she is quite shy during her first-ever visit to the playgroup. Life is always better with a good friend like Emily Elephant.

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4. Nelson the Elephant – 64 Zoo Lane

nelson cartoon elephant

If you’re looking for an extremely wise elephant in Africa, there’s no better mammal than Nelson. This light yellow-green elephant is the wisest, not to mention one of the kindest characters. He is ready to help all those in need around the clock but shows a stricter side of himself about his nephew Nigel. He is not so fond of Neigel’s bad behavior and tendency to ignore advice from others. Don’t let this cartoon elephant’s occasional grumpiness fool you, because he gets along well with his fellow African animals.

5. Ella Elephanilla – Viva Pinata

ella elephanilla cartoon elephant

As one of the main characters, Ella Elephanilla is the most forgetful elephant to ever exist! She literally cannot even her two passions: her love for peanuts and ballet dancing. That’s not to say she never remembers, because she does at the worst possible moments. The irony in her character stems from the fact that once she is told to forget, she suddenly remembers everything. So just don’t tell her your secrets!

6. Flaps the Elephant – Bonkers

ned cartoon elephant

Disney has many memorable elephant characters under its banner. Among them, Flaps, the cartoon elephant, holds a special place as he is portrayed as an Antagonist. In the episode “Of Mice and Menace” of Bonkers, he is shown to enjoy pulling off various crimes. What ticks him off? The fact that he can’t fly as well as Dumbo can!

7. Ned the Elephant – Timon & Pumbaa

ned cartoon elephant

Elephants certainly demand a certain level of respect in the wild, even in cartoon series, and Ned is no exception. As the president of the Good Luck Club, he wasn’t very welcoming towards the transformed Pumbaa and even mocked him as the “Pumbaaphant.” He changed his mind after the warthog saved him. Regardless, his life was forever changed after the advent of the unlucky jar and he ultimately got eaten by piranhas…. Dark, yes.

8. Sappy Stanley – Tiny Toon Adventures

sappy stanley cartoon elephant

Make way for the rainbow cast of Tiny Toon Adventures! What would it be without their very own elephant? That’s where Sappy Stanley enters the picture. Sappy the cartoon elephant appeared just once in the whole cartoon in just one episode and was intended to be a parody of Silly Sidney the Elephant from Terrytoons. His plan for revenge against Bugs Bunny got him arrested though, teaching viewers about where to draw the line in their pursuits.

9. Tantor – Tarzan Cartoon

tantor cartoon elephant

There can’t possibly be a cartoon set in Africa without an elephant in it. As such, Tantor did great justice to this position in Disney’s Tarzan. This red-brownish African forest elephant is a childhood friend of both Tarzan and Terk. Don’t let his large size and physical capabilities fool you though, because he is as phobic and gentle as an elephant can ever be. This does not stop him from being a regular participant in Tarzan’s adventures and that’s why we love him.

10. Bobo the Elephant – Gone Batty (Looney Tunes)

bobo cartoon elephant

There is more than one Bobo the Elephant character in the world of cartoons, so make way for the Looney Tunes version. First appearing in shorts and 1996’s Space Jam as a mere member of the crowd, Bobo is an Indian elephant who functions as a mascot of the Sweetwater Schnooks. Despite being very similar in design to Disney’s Dumbo, Bobo rarely talks.

11. Horton the Elephant – Horton Hears a Who!

horton cartoon elephant

The world of Dr. Seuss is full of lovable characters and Horton the cartoon elephant is one of them. This kind-hearted mammal was the protagonist of both “Horton Hatches the Egg” and “Horton Hears a Who!”. As the leader of the Jungle of Nool characters, he is one and faces a lot of ridicule, mostly for believing in something that no one else does. Regardless, he never loses faith in what he believes in, and neither should you.

12. Sidney the Elephant The Terrytoons

sidney cartoon elephant

As per the Terrytoons, humans aren’t the only beings suffering from midlife crises. Sidney the cartoon elephant, a 44-year-old male, is an adult who always acts like a child. Why? He isn’t a big fan of his Jungle lifestyle, branding most things as either too noisy or too boring. Is there nothing else for him to do other than count coconuts? Surely there must be more and seeking them out with Sidney couldn’t be more fun!

13. Manny – Ice Age

manny cartoon elephant

Manfred a.k.a. “Manny” is probably everyone’s favorite mammoth. This big softie was one of the characters of all the Ice Age animated films. On the surface, he is aloof, grumpy, sarcastic, and standoffish, but inside he is all about love and courage. Manny had once failed to protect his wife and child from hunters but soon managed to move on thanks to his friends and new family. Just like most people, he doesn’t like being called “fat”; denying it and saying that it’s just his poofy fur!

14. Bobo the Elephant – Mickey’s Elephant

bobo cartoon elephant

Disney’s Mickey Mouse shook the cartoon world, but how many fondly remember his adorable pet elephant? Baby Bobo first appeared in a self-titled storyline where Mickey purchased him at an auction. However, Eli Squinch planned to use him to run his sawmill. Luckily, Mickey manages to protect him until he is reunited with his mother. In Mickey’s Elephant cartoon, he is given to Mickey by the Rajah of Gahboon. Mickey attempts to build a house for Bobo, but it is ultimately destroyed by a jealous Pluto, who was worried about Bobo replacing him. Pets sure are possessive of their owners!

15. Mrs. Jumbo – Dumbo

mrs jumbo cartoon elephant

A mother’s love is truly a powerful thing. Dumbo’s caring elephant mother, Mrs. Jumbo showed us all how much she was willing to fight for her child. In response, Dumbo too had the strength and courage to never give up reuniting with her. She stood up against bullying and discrimination faced by Dumbo, reminding us that protective mothers would not even hesitate to endanger themselves for their babies.

16. Lumpy – Pooh’s Heffalump Cartoon

lumpy cartoon elephant

Lumpy is quite the playful cartoon elephant. Thanks to him, Pooh and his friends learn that Heffalumps are herbivores. His love of honey, occasional frights, the tendency to bounce, and the fact that he has trouble remembering his full name make him quite the distinct elephant even in the world of Disney. As Roo’s sidekick, he is not to be taken lightly either!

17. Colonel Hathi Elephant – The Jungle Book

colonel hathi cartoon elephant

Colonel Hathi, reporting for duty! The memorable cast of Disney’s Jungle Book would not be complete without this pompous cartoon elephant. This Indian elephant leads the Jungle Patrol, the protectors of the jungle, in his buffoonish way that resembles a not-too-bright British soldier. He runs his herd like a military squadron, all held together thanks to his charisma.

18. The Mammoth Calf – Mom for a Mammoth Baby

mammoth calf cartoon elephant

This Soviet short animated series introduced us to an adorable cartoon elephant baby that got frozen in the Arctic ice. The ice melts in modern times and the calf begins seeking out his mother, only to learn the harsh reality. Thus begins his journey south in search of others like him. In Africa, he meets a female elephant who accepts him as her own. Short, sweet, and heartwarming.

19. Elmer- Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Cartoon

elmer cartoon elephant

Just like the title suggests, Elmer is a vibrant cartoon elephant with numerous colored squares arranged as patchwork. Just like his appearance, he is cheerful, optimistic, and loves jokes. Below the surface, Elmer is more about cultural diversity. He attempts to paint himself gray to “fit in”, leading to no one recognizing him. When the rain washes the paint away, his friends celebrate their unique, multicolored, and fun-loving companion. This cartoon elephant taught us all to accept ourselves and our friends despite any differences.

20. Meena – Sing

meena cartoon elephant

We couldn’t help but sing along when we watched Sing and Meena was one of the reasons why. This sweet, timid, and soft-spoken teenage cartoon elephant is gifted with a truly angelic singing voice. However, she is plagued by massive stage fright and shyness, opting to cover her face with her ears. Her battle is a silent and lonely one, but we all need to overcome our weaknesses if we want to pursue what we truly love doing. Remember, a small encouraging nudge from a friend can make all the difference.

21. Maximus Elephante – Leo the Lion

maximus elephante cartoon elephant

This entry shifts to another notable antagonist, the one and only Maximus Elephante. This brutish, aggressive cartoon elephant has the plan to marry Savannah solely to become king of the herd. The alleged king of the jungle boasts a load of brute strength and made a hobby out of showcasing his superiority to others. Having gone as far as committing murder, he made quite the memorable villain for all viewers.

22. Max – Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies

max cartoon elephant

The 5-year-old Elephant Calf of Mama Mirabelle is truly a wholesome cartoon elephant. Drawn to several wonderful things, he enjoys playing games like Hide and Seeks with his friends. He is also shown to enjoy wearing Mirabelle the Singer’s microphone and watching Dan’s Animal Movies. But he has to wear Elson’s hat whenever setting up said animal movies. What other positive vibes does he give off? Well, he loves playing his guitar!

23. Elmer Elephant – Silly Symphonies: Elmer Elephant

elmer elephant cartoon elephant

Dumbo isn’t the only Disney movie with lovable cartoon elephants. In fact, Elmer Elephant is the main character of the 1936 Silly Symphonies short where he successfully captures many hearts in a short time. He is timid, shy, sensitive, and sweet-natured, causing other characters like Tillie to adore him. Sadly, this adoration makes him a victim of bullying, but this brave soul won’t go down as easily.

24. King – Onegai My Melody

king cartoon elephant

Just like his name suggests, this Elephant is the ruler of Mary Land itself. But no matter how high a social status one holds, they are liable to fall in love. As such, King has a crush on Kanade. The issue is, whenever he expresses his affection for beautiful females, his wife brings down lightning upon him. Don’t let his goofy appearance and personality fool you though, he is very wise and can even detect the presence of the Spirit of Dark Power.

25. Nangi – Zootopia

nangi cartoon elephant

This dismissive, apathetic, and disagreeable female Indian cartoon elephant is a yoga instructor at The Mystic Spring Oasis. Whenever Nangi speaks, it feels as if she doesn’t care about anything around her though. She simply lives in her own zone, not choosing to help the main characters all because she was disinterested in the conversation.

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26. Snooker the Alien Elephant – Samurai Jack

snooker the alien elephant cartoon elephant

Is Snorkdro even an elephant? Well, he looks like a cartoon elephant! He is Hunter’s elephant-like alien mount seen in both Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack cartoons. Appearing in the episode “Jack versus Mad Jack” alongside Hunter, he ended up getting destroyed after charging at Jack. This cartoon robot got its belly sliced open, with all its electronic components spilling out and ultimately exploding. A grim way to go, but memorable nonetheless.

27. Benjamin – Benjamin Blumchen

benjamin blumchen cartoon elephant

Benjamin is a big, strong, cuddly, and good-natured cartoon elephant. He loves lazing around. Whenever something is happening around him, he is all set and ready to go, albeit enjoying lazing around at times. He and his unmistakable “Toroo!” are unmistakable, all in the comfort of his home in Neustadt Zoo. He and his best friend Otto spend every afternoon together while sharing many adventures!

28. Oscar Peltzer – Summer Camp Island

oscar peltzer cartoon elephant

Oscar Peltzer the elephant and Hedgehog are best friends. He is shown to be an earnest cartoon elephant and has a modest amount of self-esteem. The level of affection this elephant has for those who understand him seemingly has no bounds either. Why shouldn’t we love a mischievous, neurotic, silly, and paranoid mammal like him?

29. Taj – Whisker Haven: Tales with the Palace Pets

taj elephant cartoon elephant

Princess Jasmine has her way with animals, as evident by her numerous companions. Among them, Taj is an extremely cute cartoon elephant baby whom she met at the Palace Gardens. This short character was so well hidden behind the fountain that it took the princess quite some time to find him. Now the duo play hides and seek together daily and he is frequently rewarded with juicy mangos!

30. Mumfie – Magic Adventures of Mumfie

mumfie cartoon elephant

As the protagonist of his story, Mumfie the elephant dwells in a little cottage in the woods. He is always on the eager lookout for mail but never gets any. Eventually, he makes up his mind to embark on an adventure, and the first creature he meets is a bird asking him to brighten up a dull tree. Well, he sure has his work cut out for him!

31. Mama Mirabelle – Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies

mama mirabelle cartoon elephant

Mama Mirabelle the elephant is the leading lady of the cartoon series. This Maternal Elephant loves to travel around the globe while meeting all sorts of animals. She is the childminder of both Karla and Bo, whom she watches over alongside her son Max. What else? She enjoys filming animals and Marula fruits!

32. Stampy – The Simpsons

stampy cartoon elephant

The Simpsons have everything in their show and Stampy the rogue African elephant fits right into their mayhem. Owned by Bart, this creature loves peanuts and the art of putting people in his mouth. He can be aggressive at times, a behavior that can probably be credited to Homer, but has a fool-proof safety word, “magumbo”. Great to know the family has some sort of control over him!

33. Goliath II – Goliath II

goliath II cartoon elephant

Don’t let the name Goliath II scare you, because he is a tiny and adorable cartoon elephant calf. This little guy only aspires to prove that he is as good as his father, Goliath I, is. Unfortunately, his valiant attempts and curiosity only land him in trouble. He was first considered a “disgrace” but proved his worth to everyone by saving his kin from a mouse.

34. Khan Kluay – Khan Kluay: The Blue Elephant

khan kluay cartoon elephant

Born in the wild, Khan Kluay the elephant has but one mission in mind: finding his father. Unfortunately, it is revealed that his father is dead thanks to his remains by the story’s end. But the journey was never in vain, as he crosses paths with a pink Elephant named Chaba Kaew whom he grows to love.

35. Snorky – The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park Cartoon

snorky cartoon elephant

One doesn’t have to speak to be a great character or an elephant for that matter. Our beloved cartoon elephant Snorky never really spoke, but he sure could play the keyboard. As such, he communicates via honking sounds. This unfortunate elephant is always late, seldom gets anything right, and takes the blame for everything, even though he’s innocent. Regardless, he remains dauntless in the face of it all!

36. Woolie Mammoth – Cats Don’t Dance

woolie mammoth cartoon elephant

They call him Woolie the Mammoth, but this elephant is often seen playing the piano. He aspires to write music for motion pictures someday but only got the chance to model for the “Mammoth Pictures” logo. Complete with fake tusks, fur, and a trumpet, he hasn’t failed at it just yet. When will this musician get his big break? We’re rooting for him!

37. Burt the Elephant – Madagascar

burt cartoon elephant

Madagascar has a special place in all our hearts. Burt the elephant didn’t play a big part, but he is happy spending his days eating peanuts. Even within his limited screen time, Burt has drawn many pictures, go to France, and defeated Savio! “An elephant never forgets, but he always forgives” is his motto, but he is often seen crushing stuff with his huge pachyderm butt.

38. Lotsa Heart Elephant – Care Bears

lotsa heart cartoon elephant

Meet the adorable Lotsa Heart Elephant. This cartoon elephant lives in the Forest of Feelings and its Belly Badge Power is capable of filling anyone with loads of love. They can even “knock” some sense of “love” into people as per the occasion. Even plants feel their love, growing in response to their sweet talk and politeness.

39. Ekaterina Elephant – Enchantimals Cartoon

ekaterina cartoon elephant

Ekaterina Elephant first appeared in the episode “Party Troopers”. This gray-skinned character has a painted nose that looks like an elephant trunk, ears, and a long tail. Living in Grazy Grasslands, her closest companion is Antic the gray elephant. What makes Ekaterina special? Well, she never forgot a friend, a face, or anything at all!

40. Borpocians – Rick and Morty

borpocians cartoon elephant

Borpocians are humanoid elephant aliens.

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