40 Most Famous Cartoon Pigs of All Time

When it comes to cartoon pig characters, there are a few that stand out above the rest. For starters, there’s the lovable and huggable Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Then there’s the always-hungry Pink Pig from Peppa Pig. And let’s not forget about Olivia the ambitious little pig. These are just a few of the many great cartoon pigs that have entertained children and adults alike over the years. Whether they’re making us laugh or teaching us a lesson, these carton pig characters always manage to charm us. So whether you’re a fan of classic cartoons or modern ones, be sure to keep an eye out for these wonderful porky protagonists!

1. Porky Pig – Looney Tunes

porky pig cartoon pigs

Porky’s catchphrase, “That’s all, folks!”, is known around the world. He first appeared in 1935, and over the years has become one of the most recognizable cartoon pigs in the world. Porky is a classic example of an “ordinary” character – he is not particularly smart or sophisticated, but he’s good-hearted and well-meaning. He is also incredibly unlucky and often finds himself in situations beyond his control. Despite all this, Porky is always optimistic, making him one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.

2. Mummy Pig – Peppa Pig

mummy pig cartoon pigs

Mummy Pig is one of the main characters in the popular cartoon, Peppa Pig. She is a kind, caring mother who always looks after her family. She is also very intelligent and often helps her husband, Daddy Pig, with his work. In addition to being a great mother and wife, Mummy Pig also enjoys doing other things such as gardening and cooking. She is always there for her family when they need her and is truly a lovely person.

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3. Petunia J. Pig – Looney Tunes

petunia j. pig cartoon pigs

Petunia J. Pig is a supporting character who often appears alongside her husband, Porky Pig. Petunia is a kind and caring individual, but she can also be quite gullible at times. Whether she’s getting into hijinks with her husband or trying to outsmart Bugs Bunny, Petunia J. Pig is always entertaining. She is a timeless cartoon character who continues to bring laughter to children and adults alike.

4. Pig – Pig Goat Banana Cricket

pig goat banana cricket cartoon pigs

Pig is a silly cartoon character who loves to have fun. He’s always up for a good time, and he loves to make people laugh. Pig is also very loyal to his friends, and he always sticks by them no matter what. He has four teeth which are the most emphasized feature on his pig face.

5. Pig Timmy – FairlyOdd Parents

pig timmy cartoon pigs

Timmy Turner became Pig Timmy in The Switch Glitch episode. Timmy’s parents left him with Vicky, only for her to torment him again, turning him into a pig with acme.

6. Porkrind – Cuphead

porkind cartoon pigs

Porkrind is the owner of his namesake emporium. He has mixed emotions about the Cuphead and Mugman brothers. While he sometimes daydreams about using a mallet to smash their heads, he still has business partnerships with them. Even though he dislikes the two brothers, he is more tolerant of them when they are behaving well.

7. Max – Housebroken

max cartoon pigs

Maximillian Clooney II is a Berkshire cartoon pig with a dark body and a gray belly. Max lives the good life but soon becomes aware that there is another Max out there. He realizes that he has been replaced by a pig, and from then on, his life goes through a dramatic slump. In an episode, “Who are you?” he realizes that he is not all-powerful.

8. Circe – DuckTales

circe cartoon pigs

Circe is a dominant and wild sorceress and an anthropomorphic cartoon pig who wants to claim leadership of the Ithaquack. To get all the power in her hands, she has to get rid of King Homer. She turned several characters in the cartoon into cute plump piggies, she even turned herself into a pig.

9. Abner (Pig) – Hey Arnold

abner cartoon pigs

Abner is the pet pig of the main character, Arnold. He was a wedding gift to Arnold’s parents. He has a disturbing personality. Abner likes to act like a dog, but when it comes to the qualities of a real pig, he rolls in mud and oinks all the time. Abner is older than Arnold because he was a wedding gift to Arnold’s parents, Miles, and Stella.

10. Cupid Pig – Rocko’s Modern Life

cupid pig cartoon pigs

Cupid is the cartoon pig responsible for instigating love. He appears as a dark pink pig with wings that allow him to fly. He also has a magic wand and arrows that make people develop a liking for each other.

11. Hamton J. Pig – Tiny Toon Adventures

hamton j. pig cartoon pigs

Hamton is a young pig who attends Acme Looniversity, where he studies under the tutelage of Bugs Bunny and various other Looney Tunes characters. Hamton is generally depicted as a good-natured and well-meaning pig, though he often finds himself in situations beyond his control. He is also known for his voracious character, which often gets him into trouble. Despite his occasional misadventures, Hamton is always able to learn from his mistakes and come out on top in the end.

12. Virginia – The Loud House

virginia cartoon pigs

Virginia is the pig, she belongs to Liam. Virginia is a pink pig who likes to wrestle with Liam in the mud. She wants to play for fifteen rounds of wrestling. She doesn’t like the word ‘butchering’ and plays music in front of many people.

13. Bebop Teenage – Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon

bebop cartoon pigs

Bebop was once a human thief, he turned into a pig mutant with a purple mohawk hairstyle. He belongs to the African-American tribe and is a gangster. He has a mutant warthog and is one of the henchmen of the Shredder.

14. Piglet – Winnie the Pooh

piglet cartoon pigs

Winnie-the-Pooh’s best friend. He is a small and shy pig, but he is also brave and loyal. Piglet loves adventure, and he is always ready to help his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. Piglet is a kind and gentle soul, who loves nothing more than spending time with his friends. He is always eager to help out, even if he is sometimes scared of what might happen. Piglet is a true friend, and he will always be there for you, no matter what.

15. Pig – Back At The Barnyard

pig back at the barnyard cartoon pigs

Pig is one of Otis’ best friends. He has an overweight body with gray hooves. Furthermore, he appears to be muddy and dirty in the series. Pig has a friendly and generous personality, which makes him help his friends whenever they are in need.

16. Pumbaa – The Lion King

pumbaa cartoon pigs

Pumbaa is a cartoon pig character who is best known for his laid-back personality and love of food. He is also notable for being the first Disney character to openly vapor onscreen. Pumbaa was introduced in the 1994 film The Lion King as a supporting character. He befriends Simba, the protagonist, after saving him from a hungry lioness. The two then go on to have many adventures together, including helping Simba defeat the evil Scar and reclaim his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands.

17. Hamm – Toy Story

hamm cartoon pigs

Hamm is a piggy bank who is always ready to help out his friend. He first appears in Toy Story as one of Andy’s toys. He is shown to be a good friend to Woody and the other toys. When Woody is accused of being a murderer, Hamm helps him clear his name.

18. Pua – Moana

pua cartoon pigs

Pua is Moana’s pet pig, who is energetic with an intelligent brain. However, being a pig, Pua acts like a puppy. He is the biggest supporter of Moana. Always caring about Moana’s happiness and her ambitions, including sailing to the seas. He’s always on Moana’s no matter what and would do anything to help her.

19. Waddles – Gravity Falls

waddles cartoon pigs

Waddles is a cute little cartoon pig with a pink eye spot and a large, darker spot on his left side. There are some more spots on the right side of his body. He likes caramel apples and is best friends with Mabel. Before getting the name Waddles, he was known as Fifteen-Poundy.

20. 3 Little Pigs – Shrek Third

three little pigs cartoon pigs

The three little pig brothers, Heimlich, Dieter, and Horst are constant companions of Shrek. These cartoon pigs are often seen as comic relief, but they also have some important roles. Fifer is the most level-headed of the group. He is often the voice of reason and he is always ready to help out her friends. Piggy is the leader of the group, always ready to take charge and make sure that her friends are safe. The third pig, Phillip, is often seen as the baby of the group, but he is also very brave. He is always ready to stand up for his friends, no matter what.

21. Spider-Ham – Marvel Animated

spider ham cartoon pigs

Spider-Ham is the pig version of Spider-Man. It features a human appearance with the features of a pig on the face. The attire of Spider-Ham is pretty much the same as Spider-Man, with the same designs on the chest. To make the pig character more relevant to the superhero, there’s a tail that looks exactly like a pig’s tail at the back of Spider-Ham.

22. Rosita – Sing

rosita cartoon pigs

Rosita is a pig who dreams of becoming a famous singer. She is shown to be a talented singer with a beautiful voice. However, she is also shown to be very shy and self-conscious. She doesn’t believe that she has what it takes to be a successful singer. Rosita’s big break comes when she meets Buster Moon, a koala who is trying to put on a singing competition. Rosita faces many challenges, but she ultimately perseveres and proves that she is a cartoon pig that has what it takes to be a star.

23. Olivia – Olivia the Pig Cartoon

olivia cartoon pigs

Olivia is a 6-year-old young pig who counts on herself that she can do anything. She is energetic and ambitious to try out new things. Olivia has a broad imagination, making her go on bigger adventures in real and fantasy. She wears a red dress with red and white striped tights, and there’s always a smile on her face.

24. King Pig – Angry Birds Cartoon

king pig cartoon pigs

King Pig, also known as Smooth Cheeks, is also the current king of the Piggy Kingdom and heir to his father, Leonard Mudbeard. His appearance features a large, round-shaped pig with lime green skin. The eyes of King Pig are wide, and there’s a big green snout on his face.

25. Hen Wen – The Black Cauldron

hen wen cartoon pigs

Hen Wen is a magical pet pig of Taran and Delben. He can tell us about the future. This is the reason why the Horned King wants to control her. She doesn’t like showing the whereabouts of the Horned Kings.

26. Hamilton – Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

hamilton cartoon pigs

Hamilton Hocks is a cartoon pig who has a dominant personality and wants to act bossy sometimes. He wants others to follow his orders. However, Hamilton is kind and generous. He likes to cook and is the best cook in the Nowhere Land. Hamilton lives inside a portable cardboard box. His outlook features pink skin with three hairs on his head.

27. Puddle and Toot

puddle and toot cartoon pigs

Puddle likes to explore new things but likes his home way more than any other place he has visited. Puddle has learned a lot about the cultures and diversification of various places worldwide.

28. Pinkey – Magic Adventures Mumfie

pinkey cartoon pigs

Pinkey is a cute little flying pig. He is naive, and often she is bullied by other pigs. He is also very adventurous. Pinky loves to explore and often gets himself into a mess. He is a loyal friend to Mumfie and always sticks by his side, no matter what adventure they find themselves in. He also has a crush on Queenie, another of Mumfie’s friends.

29. Slim Pig – Slim Pig

slim pig cartoon pigs

Slim is a 2D pig who is living in a 3D world. Since he is a 2D pig, he can easily slide through barriers on his farm. He wants to explore new stuff and discover new things. His fellows admire Slim Pig for his abilities.

30. Bo, Portley, and Pighead – Piggsburg Pigs!

bo portley pighead cartoon pigs

Piggsburg Pigs is a cartoon series that aired on CBS from 1989 to 1990. The show follows the adventures of three anthropomorphic pigs: Bo, Portley, and Pighead. The three pigs live in the city of Piggsburg, and each episode focuses on them dealing with a different problem or challenge.

31. Iggy Arbuckle – Iggy Arbuckle

iggy arbuckle cartoon pigs

Iggy Arbuckle is a white pig. He looks after a park which is known as Kookamunga. He has started the Pig Rangers. A fictional ranger crew to look after the park. His sidekick is a beaver whose name is Jiggers. He’s the only other Pig Ranger in this show.

32. Nougat – Puppy Dog Pals

nougat cartoon pigs

Nougat is a piglet who appeared for the very first time in New Pals On The Block and is also a pet to Grace. Nougat is a cute character because of her round eyes and her sweet attire. She wears sunglasses on top of her head. Grace adores and loves Nougat.

33. Fluffy – South Park

fluffy cartoon pigs

Fluffy is a female pet pig whose owner is Cartman. She first appeared in the very first season’s episode, ‘An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig.’ Fluffy is a cute little pink pig in the South Park series.

34. Bloaty’s Pizza Hog – Invader Zim

cartoon pigs

The owner of Bloaty’s Pizza Hog restaurant. Bloaty is the face of his own business. He is an overweight pig who appears to be in TV commercials for the pizza business. Inside that pig costume, there’s an extremely big pig.

35. Jean Bon – Courage

jean bon cartoon pigs

Jean Bon is a cartoon pig butcher from the very famous Courage the Cowardly Dog Show. He runs his hamburger restaurant. Jean Bon has never portrayed himself as a villain. However, the way he looks makes Courage think that he is suspicious. In reality, he’s a humble guy who’s running his diner.

36. Zooter – Jungle Junction

zooter cartoon pigs

A pig scooter with a British accent is also the messenger of the jungle. Zooter is humble and friendly. She’s fully energetic and loves to roam around the jungle. Zooter is a pink pig with pink facial features and always going here and there on two black wheels.

37. Piggley Winks – Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks

piggley winks cartoon pigs

The son and eldest child of Padrig and Elly Winks, Piggley Winks is the older brother of Molly, and Clara is his daughter. Ferny Toro and Dannan O’Mallard are his best friends. The main protagonist of Jakers!: The Adventure of Piggley Winks. As a child, Piggley wore a cream-colored jumper paired with brown shorts but now, as an adult, he wears the same cream jumper again but with brown trousers.

38. Pig – Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems

pig pig cartoon pigs

The main character of Dam Keeper is a pig who’s all alone every time in a windmill on the outskirts of the town. A pig who protects the whole town but still gets bullied by other people. However, Pig meets a new companion in his school, Fox. Both become good friends; later on, Pig and Fox have a good time playing inside the windmill.

39. Runt Of The Litter – Chicken Little

runt of the litter cartoon pigs

Runt is a large-sized cartoon pig who looks larger than other children. He is very easily frightened and panics a lot. He might look bigger to others but is actually the smaller one in his family. He is Chicken Little’s friend. Runt wears a white t-shirt with a blue shirt on it with brown trousers. There’s a very small hat on his hat.

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40. Hen Wen – The Black Cauldron

hen wen cartoon pigs

Hen Wen is a pig cartoon character from the movie The Black Cauldron. She is a white pig with black spots and is very intelligent. When Taran, the main character, first meets her, she is held captive by the evil Horned King. She is later rescued by Taran and becomes his best friend. She helps Taran on his quest to find the Black Cauldron and defeat the Horned King.

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