Top 20 Most Powerful Blonde Superheroes

They say blondes have more fun, so I guess that goes at least double for blonde superheroes! Just think about it: not only do they get to make an epic entrance swooping in from the skies or kicking the door off the hinges, but they also manage to look glamorous doing so. In each hairstyle, blonde hair color can make it look amazing, and superheroes are no different from anyone else in this regard. 

When thinking of a blonde superhero, Thor and Supergirl are probably the ones who instantly pop into mind. However, there are actually dozens of them in the world-saving business. In this list, I am going to explore the hair color that is associated more than any other with beauty and check out the 20 most superheroes with blonde hair, leading up to the most powerful of them all.  To spice things up, I am not sticking to “The Big Two”, but will search everywhere in fiction for powerful blonde superheroes.      

20/20. Stargirl (DC Comics)

blonde superhero

We start this list with a female blonde superhero, Courtney Whitmore, aka. Stargirl is a Justice Society of America superhero group member and the JSA All-Stars. Actually, Stargirl doesn’t have any superpowers. However, she has gadgets – the Cosmic Converter Belt and the Cosmic staff that incorporate advanced technology for energy and gravity manipulation. The Cosmic Converter Belt enhances a number of Courtney’s abilities, such as her agility, durability, speed, and strength, as well as creating star blasts from the stored energy of the belt. The Cosmic Staff allows the blonde superhero to fly, as well as absorb energy which she can project into a variety of uses, such as blasts and force fields. In a way, Stargirl is a lot like Booster Gold, because they both depend on gadgets. Of course, remove her belt and staff she is just a powerless teenager, so I couldn’t rank her high on this list.

19/20. Hawkeye (Marvel)

blonde superhero

In the comics, Hawkeye usually sports blonde hair. However, the movies have adjusted Hawkeye’s appearance by giving the MCU version of the character’s hair instead of blonde. In Marvel Comics, Clinton Barton, aka Hawkeye, is a master archer with near-perfect accuracy and extraordinary eyesight. He is capable of firing multiple arrows at a single target in a few seconds, hitting multiple targets in a few quick strokes, and directly hitting small targets at the greatest of distances. He only misses around 1/100,000,000 of his shots, which makes him a perfect shot. It is clear that the degree of accuracy he shows is way beyond human ability and that his sight is more acute than any human. For example, Hawkeye killed the Hulk in an attempt to prevent him from hulking out and going on a killing rampage. There were dozens of supers on the scene, and not one of them saw Bruce Banner starting to hulk out. Only Clint, from a hundred yards or so off, saw the glint of green appearing in Bruce’s eyes that always happens right before he changes

18/20. Booster Gold (DC Comics)

blonde superhero

Born in the year 2442, Booster Gold stole some technology, including a time machine, from the Metropolis Space Museum. He planned to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous superhero! He came to the 20th Century and saved the life of the President of the US right out the gate. This heroic act rewarded him with instant fame, which he cashed in on. However, our blonde superhero quickly lost most of his wealth and was left mainly with his power set. Although he has no natural powers per se, Booster has super strength via his power suit, flight via his Legion Flight Ring, a Force Field Belt from Brainiac 5, wrist bands that shoot Force Bolts, the Time Sphere, and his robot, Skeets. With his suit, he could lift a commercial jet, he stood up briefly to Doomsday, plus he took a “white dwarf star” hit from Supernova. So, I would say golden boy deserves a spot on this list of the most powerful superheroes with blonde hair.

17/20. G-Girl (My Super Ex-Girlfriend)

blonde superhero female

That entry to my list may come as a surprise for you. Yes, G-Girl is THAT powerful! Thanks to her encounter with a crashed meteorite, Jenny Johnson received superpowers. She used those powers to become the voluptuous blonde superheroine, G-Girl, guardian of Ney York City. Although Jenny Johnson is a neurotic and insecure person, she is really powerful and seems to have substantial fighting experience. Her set of powers includes flying at super speeds, superhuman strength, speed, and senses, invulnerability, super breath, and heat vision. Her feats are quite impressive and she’s so fast that she bends the light in the air around her. The blonde female superhero can throw a minibus with one hand across an entire street and when she gets hammered with a stop sign she gets up quickly.

16/20. Black Canary (DC Comics)

blonde superhero female

This blue and yellow superhero is the second generation of crime fighters. Her dad was a cop and her mother was the original Black Canary. Black Canary is an AMAZING combatant. She constantly trains with Amazons, not to mention extensive training with O Sensei, Wildcat, and many others.  Her fighting abilities put her in the top tier of martial artists in the DC multiverse. She also developed the power of Canary Cry, which allowed her to have supersonic screams. How powerful is the Canary Cry? Well, When Black Canary screamed at Superman, blood came out of his ears. He had to shut her mouth with his palm or god knows what would have happened. Keep in mind this is the same Superman who has taken hits from Darkseid and many more. Black Canary Cry can reach levels of 300 decibels, to the point of shattering metal. So, I would say Black Canary is a pretty powerful blonde.

15/20. Mary Embrey (Hancock)

blonde superhero female

Like Hancock, Mary belongs to a species of immortal beings that were called gods by numerous cultures throughout history. She has tremendous superpowers including supersonic flight in the earth’s atmosphere and superhuman strength that enables her to lift buses, trucks, and even 18 wheels with minor efforts. She also can control lightning. She has incredible fighting experience which seems to derive from her 3,000 years of existence.

14/20. John Constantine (DC Comics)

 John Constantine from DC Comics

Another blue-eyed blonde superhero, John Constantine is the epitome of the “chaotic good” antihero. Constantine is an occult detective who uses his sleight of hand for a crime more than magic and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Constantine is notorious for doing things others won’t, to win the necessary victories, like sacrificing his friends to demons and having demon blood injected into his veins.  He is probably the craftiest, most diverse mage in the DC universe. He’s a master tactician and is cunning enough to make the Devil stand up and take notice. The trick to John is exactly that; assume everything he does or says is a trick. But when he has to battle, he’s no slouch. He carries any number of mystical talismans, charms, fetishes, potions, or general enchanted items to boost his spell-combat abilities. His magic is so powerful that for a moment at least, he had enough raw ability to hold back Doctor Fate, the closest equivalent the DC universe has to a Sorcerer Supreme. However, it is clear to me that Constantine is not nearly as powerful as Doctor Strange, who is about as strong as Doctor Fate. So, I’m not giving Constantine a very high spot on this list.

13/20. Captain America (Marvel Comics)

Captain America from Marvel Comics

Eternally blonde superhero, both in the comics and the MCU, Steve Rogers is made to fit the image and the traits of the “Aryan Ideal”. The in-world theory is that the doctor who created the Super Soldier Serum liked the idea of a member of Hitler’s ‘Master Race’ being the Nazi’s greatest enemy. Captain America is really powerful, able to bicep-curl a helicopter, weighing around 3000 lbs. In Civil War, Cap was able to stop Iron Man from flying, when Iron Man’s thrusters are said to be the equivalent of jet power. In the comics, he was powerful enough to take out Rhino, one-shot Red Skull with a single throw, and many other feats. While nowhere near as strong as the likes of Thor and Hulk, Captain America is still a very strong superhuman, definitely stronger than Hawkeye and Daredevil, for example. This is why he earned the respectable 13th spot on this list.

12/20. Emma Frost (Marvel Comics)

blonde superheroes female

Disclaimer – according to some sources, Emma Frost’s original hair color is brown and she only dyes it blonde. However, I never saw her with anything else but blonde, so I guess she belongs on this list. Also, I never said I will accept only natural blondes. Emma Frost is an Omega Class Telepath, which means she has telepathic abilities of a similar caliber to those of Professor Charles Xavier. Her telepathic abilities are so powerful that she made a telepathic broadcast to every mutant on the planet, without any sort of aid. She is so powerful that even non-telepathic individuals can contact her just by thinking hard! In addition, as a result of a secondary mutation, Emma possesses the ability to transform her body into a diamond-like state. In her diamond form, she took a direct blast from Celestial, multiple hits from the Hulk during World War Hulk, and the full force of Cyclops’ optic blasts. However, while in her diamond form, Emma cannot use her telepathic abilities.

11/20. Saturn Girl (DC Comics)

blonde superhero

Like all the members of her alien species, DC’s Saturn Girl is naturally gifted with telepathy. However, her telepathic abilities far exceed those of her kind. She is a Tenth Level Telepath on her planet, which is highly impressive. Saturn Girl is a founding member of the teen super-team the Legion of Superheroes and she’s actually from the 31st century. I would go as far as saying that her mental powers are as powerful as those of Jean Grey from Marvel. However, because Saturn Girl doesn’t have telekinesis, she doesn’t have a chance against Jean in my opinion. She is usually depicted as a young girl with blue eyes and long blond hair, kept in a top ponytail.

10/20. Magik (Marvel Comics)

blonde superheroes female

The yellow superhero‘s name is Illyana Rasputin, MagiK is a Russian mutant and a sorceress who rules over the magic demonic realm called Limbo. She is to Limbo as Eternity is to the main Marvel Universe. Her psychology controls the very nature of that dimension. There, she commands endless legions of demons and is the god of the place. Magik has an innate mutant power to teleport across interstellar distances or through time. Doctor Strange even told her that she had the potential for incredible feats of manipulating time on a wide scale.  She has her Soul Sword, a mystical sword that can harm and slay magical beings as well as break spells. Plus, she has a magical armor she can generate. With her great versatility and overall innate potential, she can defeat some of the strongest heroes or villains out there. She also has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.

9/20. Homelander (The Boys)

blonde superheroes

You may love to hate him, and he may be the antagonist, but many people in The Boy’s universe look up to him as the greatest super alive. With his blonde hair, blue eyes, and cape that stands for America, Homelander is the symbol of American patriotism. He allows himself to do horrible things, but who can blame him? He doesn’t need to fear justice or punishment because he has the power of a god! Homelander is the most powerful Superhero in his verse, period. He has Heat Vision strong enough to kill many people and cut them in half instantly. He is strong enough to effortlessly toss a plane. Fast enough to fly at nearly 2000 KPH. The only weapon that can supposedly harm him is a nuke. He is also very intelligent and ruthless, which makes him a dangerous opponent. So I guess this Blondie is pretty powerful.

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8/20. She-Ra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

blonde superheroes female

She-Ra is a superheroine with extraordinary powers. She is so powerful I bet she can beat some major Marvel and DC superheroes. Adora, or She-Ra when she takes up her sword, is the guardian of the land of Etheria. Her powers come from being one of the First Ones and having a link to the Sword of Protection. As She-Ra, she has superhuman strength, speed, and agility and she can project energy blasts. Adora has many battle skills as well. I would even go as far as saying that considering her extensive combat training from her time with the Horde, she could be Captain America’s fighting equal. However, she is far stronger than he is, able to lift and throw a battleship. And now let’s get into the blonde part: Adora’s hair changes when she turns into She-Ra and becomes brighter and yellower and her blue eyes look glowing. Well, she also gets about a foot taller and much heavier, which is all part of the transformation process. Anyway, I believe the magical girl deserves the special tenth spot on this list. 

7/20. Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics)

blonde superheroes female

Dr. Susan Storm-Richards, better known as Invisible Woman, is a former model who became a founding member of the Fantastic Four superhero team after getting hit with cosmic rays. The cosmic rays have allowed her to turn invisible, and cloak herself and others by will. It also gave her the power to project psionic force fields around herself and others. Her force fields are so strong she could take hits from Green SCAR Hulk back when he was the angriest we’d ever seen him at that point. She also beat Doctor Doom twice and used her force field to walk through the lava. These are pretty amazing feats that in my book earned this blonde hair, blue-eyed superheroine a place in the top 10.

6/25. Aquaman (DC Comics)

If you’re only watching the DC Extended Universe, you are probably familiar with a brown-haired Arthur Curry. However, comic fans since the Golden Age of comics know only a blonde Aquaman. The modern story about Aquaman is that he was abandoned as a baby to die on Mercy Reef because of his blonde hair, which was seen by the Atlanteans as a sign of a curse. He was saved by an Atlantean scientist who wasn’t as superstitious as the rest of his people. Aquaman is one of the most naturally powerful members of the Justice League team. His powers include Aquatelepathy: The ability to connect and control all life derived from the sea. Because he is an underwater amphibious creature, he can go to depths than any submarine can go, Aquaman has extreme muscle and bone density. When he was shot in the forehead with an AK47 all it did was to scratches his skin. As for his super strength: he once threw a K-335 Akula 3 class Soviet submarine with a submerged weight of 13,800 tons through two and a half miles of water and completely out of the ocean!! So, I guess Aquaman is worthy of the 8th spot on this list. 

5/20. All Might from My Hero Academia

If you’re looking for a great superhero who is a symbol of peace and is trusted by all, a great mentor, and someone who wants everybody to smile, it is All Might from My Hero Academia. He is the type of person who could never see someone get hurt and always protected everybody even at the cost of his life. In his hero form, All Might is blond, right down to his yellow eyebrows. Even in his true form, he has spiky, blonde hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face. However, in his true form, he loses his eyebrows. Born Quirkless, All Might inherit the powerful Quirk “One For All.” The Quirk allowed him to stockpile an enormous amount of raw power, enhancing his physical abilities to a superhuman level. In his prime, All Might was stated to be able to cause hurricanes just by walking if he constantly used his full power. When he clashed with his archenemy All for One that was hard enough to make an explosion that towered over a City. All in all, I would say All Might is made of the stuff that makes it to the top five on this list.

4/20. Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)

blonde superheroes female

Carol Danvers is a former US Air Force pilot who gained superpowers after being caught in the blast of the Light-Speed Engine device that was powered by the Tesseract. As Captain Marvel, Carol can absorb and project tremendous amounts of energy, allowing her feats like throwing a large asteroid into the sun. She has fought against Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor and eventually destroyed it. As Binary – her most powerful form – she destroyed a planet by unleashing all her power. Captain Marvel is one of Earth’s more powerful heroes, comparable to the likes of Iron Man in his more powerful and advanced armor. However, she is not on the same power level as Thor or the Hulk. Still, she deserves to be on the top 5 of this list.

3/20. Supergirl (DC Comics)

blonde superheroes female

On the CW series, Supergirl, portrayed by Melissa Benoist has a light, bright blonde. For some reason, When Supergirl changes into her Kara persona, her blonde hair appears to transform into a darker blonde. Thanks to her Kryptonian physiology, Supergirl is one of the most powerful beings imaginable. She vaporizes the ocean with her heat vision! Took a Nuke point blank. And the worst damage she got was some dirt on her skin. She vibrated herself so fast, that not only did she phase, but also turned invisible. Once, in the comics, she healed herself from the inside, turning herself into a living sun. In other words, I feel Supergirl’s No. 3 spot is well justified, and if you are curious why she got a higher position than Captain Marvel, check out my Supergirl vs Captain Marvel battle report right here on Faceoffdb.  

2/20. Barry Allen (DC Comics)

blonde superhero

I know those of you who follow The Flash show on The CW are used to a brunette, Barry Allen. However, his comic books counterpart always sports blonde locks.  One of the oldest superheroes in existence, The Flash is the most famous of all the Speedsters in DC Comics. He is the fastest man alive, who can perceive time in Attoseconds! Theoretically, if a being with mass such as Barry Allen’s was to hit someone at the speed of light it would probably rip a hole in the fabric of reality. He is also very durable, as he has survived in a black hole! He even has immunity to telepaths, due to his brain being sped up. That means the telepaths on this list cannot defeat him with their exceptional ability. So, having said all that, Barry Allen is defiantly the top 3 material.

1/20. Thor from Marvel Comics

Thor may not be the strongest Avenger, but he can take comfort from being the most powerful blonde superhero. The God of Thunder is one of the founding members of The Avengers and yielder of Mjolnir and Storm Breaker. He has fought countless battles, slaying monsters, giants, and dragons. He has knocked out the Phoenix Force with his hammer. He resisted the gravitational pull of a neutron star and threw a planet out of orbit by arm-wrestling Hercules.

These are all amazing feats only the most powerful blonde superhero can perform and this superhero is Thor! Why is Thor blond? Probably because of the stereotype that Scandinavians are blond. Also, having luscious blond locks can make you look royal and heroic.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list like I enjoyed making it!

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