Top 20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

20 Best Marvel Movies Ranked

Marvel movies are the most ambitious film project of our generation, a franchise that has made the money squeezer of pawnshops and trilogies a joke, with 29 films (as of 2023) unfolding a story on a scale never seen in the worlds of cinema, and we are still far from the end. Love them or … Read more

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Top 16 Iconic Superhero Poses

Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC Comics, most of us can agree that superheroes are some of the most iconic figures in pop culture history. From Superman to Batman, they have become larger-than-life figures that have influenced generations of fans and shaped popular culture. But what makes them so iconic? Part of it … Read more

Top 20 Most Powerful Blonde Superheroes

Top 20 Most Powerful Blonde Superheroes

They say blondes have more fun, so I guess that goes at least double for blonde superheroes! Just think about it: not only do they get to make an epic entrance swooping in from the skies or kicking the door off the hinges, but they also manage to look glamorous doing so. In each hairstyle, blonde … Read more

List Of Underrated Marvel Female Superheroes

Marvel Female Superheroes

In this list, we collected the most popular characters for you. Throughout the years, the comic book industry has been mostly criticized for its depiction of women. Female characters in comics, including female superheroes, were largely created for the male gaze. (Translation: accentuated legs, eyes, mouth, and breasts!). However, in recent years we have begun … Read more

Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman: Who Wins?

captain marvel vs wonder woman

Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman! Talk about girl power! They are the all-time greatest female superheroes in comics history. Both women are strong and inspiring, but who would win in a fight between them? Over the years, both powerhouses have repeatedly proven themselves equal to any male superhero. Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman: Battle conditions … Read more

Captain Marvel vs Superman: Who would win in a fight?

superman vs captain marvel

An epic battle between Captain Marvel and Superman is not only intriguing because the two are such powerful heroes in the DC and Marvel universes, but also because they share so many similarities. Both are popular and respected superheroes! Superman and Captain Marvel are both flying superheroes (even in space)! They share alien DNA. In … Read more

Justice League vs Avengers: Who Wins?

Justice League vs Avengers

When it comes to superhero teams two groups tower above the rest. DC’s Justice League of America and Marvel’s Avengers. The two giants are the cream of comics. Both squads are made up of some of the strongest heroes in their respective universes and have achieved feats surpassing any other group that comes to mind. … Read more

Supergirl vs Captain Marvel: Which Danvers Wins?

Supergirl vs Captain Marvel

They are both flying, super-powered superheroes. This fight is between the comic’s most famous blonde female superheroes: Captain Marvel vs Supergirl: Who Would Win? Supergirl vs Captain Marvel Thanks to her Kryptonian physiology (Once charged by the energy of Earth’s yellow sun) Supergirl is one of the most powerful beings imaginable. She is able to … Read more