Top 22 Anime Nuns That Will Make You Repent

In the world of anime, there are a wide variety of characters to choose from. Anime Nuns are typically known for their kindness, compassion, and dedication to their faith. However, there are also a number of anime nuns who break the mold and offer a different perspective on what it means to be a nun. If you’re looking for a list of some of the top anime nun characters out there, look no further! I will count down the top 22 anime nun characters, based on a variety of criteria such as popularity, personality, and overall impact on the series they are in.

1. Hibana from Fire Force

anime nun

If you’re looking for a powerful buff anime nun, then look no further than Hibana from Fire Force. Hibana is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who is part of the Special Fire Force Company 8. She’s fiercely independent and doesn’t take orders from anyone, but she’s also a kind and caring person, always looking out for her teammates. Hibana is an amazing fighter, able to control her fire powers in ways that other pyrokinetics can only dream of. She’s also incredibly fast and agile, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. If you’re looking for an anime nun who kicks ass and takes names, then Hibana from Fire Force is the character for you!

2. Sister Yolanda from Black Lagoon

anime nun

Sister Yolanda is a character from the anime Black Lagoon. She is a nun who leads the Rip-Off Church. For all her age and gentle appearance, she leads the church with an iron fist. Yolanda is usually stern with Eda’s drinking alcohol in the church and seems to love tea. Yolanda always leaves the fighting to her henchmen like Eddie and Rico but she does carry a custom Desert Eagle and can fire it with no hesitation. The gun’s weight and heavy recoil don’t seem to matter to her, as she fires it one-handed without a problem.

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3. Maria Takayama from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

anime nun

Maria a 10-year-old nun, is a teacher at the academy, and the overseer of the club. She is actually an unbearable character; Not only is her IQ lower than that of a chimpanzee (I have no idea who’s the drunk who qualified her to be a teacher), but she’s also annoying. very annoying She is the only one of the club girls whose affection for Kodaka seems more like a crush, and I can understand him getting upset when Maria calls Kodaka ‘big brother’. Oh, and her voice makes my ears tremble.

4. Melpha from Queen’s Blade

anime nun

Melpha is a nun from a church in Gainos. Her fighting capabilities are limited and she’s one of the weakest characters in the series. But she can use white magic for healing and attacking enemies through provocative fighting poses called Holy Poses. And since she’s a nun, she doesn’t like violence and many of her attacks are useful against the undead or magical creatures, but not humans or other beings. She is a sexy girl with golden hair matching her kind heart.

5. Kate Takayama from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kate Takayama

Kate, Maria’s older sister and the only nun in the world who will make you repent for her. Besides being the object of desire, she has a tough but loving personality, with a lot of insight into the life (of Kodaka). Her constant abuse of her sister Maria probably made me hate Maria a little more

Kate Takayama is a nun at St. Chronica’s Academy. She can sometimes appear crude in her actions, however, she is much more composed and serious outside of these habits, giving off the impression of someone older with a stoic-like outlook on life. She has an eccentric perspective on religion that is not too different from her position in life as a nun-in-training.

6. Index Librorum Prohibitorum from A Certain Magical Index

anime nun

There are a lot of great anime nun characters out there, but one that always stands out is Index from A Certain Magical Index. She is a nun who came from England and somehow found her way onto the balcony of the protagonist’s apartment while running away from witches who were chasing her. Index turns out to have a huge collection of over 100,000 spell books in her mind. She’s a powerful magic user who is always seeking out new knowledge.

Index is not very tall, and has a petite build and a flat chest. Her hair is long and silver, she has green eyes and often wears a Walking Church (a white nun’s habit with gold highlights), which offers her protection from most attacks. However, her church was destroyed by Touma.

7. Sister from Arakawa Under the Bridge

anime nun

The 29-year-old gun-wielding man with a nun uniform. His name is ‘Sister’ because the village chief had not seen any female nuns there. He was born in England and used to be a soldier before becoming a religious figure in Arakawa, which seemed to suit him better. He carries all sorts of guns constantly, but his military strategist skills are still clearly active. Sister provides church services under the bridge, but he takes that duty very seriously and gets paranoid if threatened or provoked.

8. Iris from Fire Force

Iris anime nun

Iris is a young nun from The Holy Sol Temple and a member of SF8, Iris is in charge of praying for the souls of Infernals. She’s a total sweetheart with a kind soul, but given the chance, she’ll beat someone senseless with an iron pipe if necessary. A surprising aspect for a nun who always tries to be good at heart!

9. Sister Lily Aquaria from Black Clover

Sister Lily Aquaria

A non-violent practitioner nun of Water Magic, and a stern but kind nun in charge of the orphans at the church. Her surname is Aquaria and she uses Water Magic powers such as Water Creation Magic: Holy Fist of Love. She was once a pupil of Sister Theresa Rapual, who taught her to use her powers. Lily is a small, slim woman with a beauty mark under the far left of her left eye. She wears the habit of a nun and a cross necklace.

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10. Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade

Rosette Christopher

Rosette Christopher is a young American exorcist from the anime series Chrono Crusade. She is hot-headed and impulsive but also has a kind heart. She wields a powerful gun called “The Redemption” which she uses to fight demons. Rosette is a member of the Order of Magdalene, an organization that fights demons and protects humans.

Rosette is one of the most powerful anime nun characters due to her strong personality and badass fighting skills. She’s always ready to take on whatever challenge comes her way, whether it’s saving people from demon attacks or going head-to-head with powerful enemies. Even though she’s not always successful, Rosette never gives up and continues to fight for what’s right.

11. Asia Argento from Highschool DxD

Asia Argento

A nun who was turned into a devil, but her personality never changed. She’s still as sweet and kind as she was when she was human, despite the tests put in place to force devils to pray to God. In recognition of this, she eventually gets an exemption from the rules so she can continue praying to God. Everyone deserves respect for their beliefs and uniqueness at some point in life.

Asia first appears in the series when she saves Issei from being killed by a group of devils. She then becomes his friend and ally, helping him out whenever she can. One of her most notable moments is when she sacrifices herself to save Issei from being possessed by a devil. Though she is successfully exorcised, Asia ends up in a coma as a result of the ordeal.

Despite her initial appearance as a minor character, Asia plays an important role in the series, both as a friend and as a fighter.

12. Ruri from Dr. Stone

Ruri anime nun

If you feel overwhelmed, Ruri’s wise words will put you at ease. With her delightful and cheerful demeanor, she can diffuse any potential interpersonal conflict, making her a great listener. She has a level head on her shoulders and a serene personality that make her the perfect candidate to help address challenging issues. A calm and collected young woman, Ruri has long blonde hair and green eyes that hint of an Asian, or chiefly Japanese heritage from her ancestry.

Ruri’s role in the village is to pray to the gods and pass down knowledge through 100 Tales. The villagers have heard the story of Literature/Momotaro through her. She’s kind and has a strong belief in her religion.

13. Chitose Nanbu from Ah My Buddha

Chitose Nanbu

Chitose spends her days worshipping and cleaning with the rest of the nuns. She enjoys watching horror movies and makes the others watch with her. Chitose is also one of the few who understands Ikkou’s power, but as a fan of horror movies, she’ll reluctantly flash her busty figure at him if he needs her help.

14. Noel from Type Moon

noel anime nun

Noel is a teacher at Metropolitan Souya High School in the Tsukihime Remake series. “Noel” is French for Christmas, she was born on December 25th. As an Executor of the Holy Church, she wears a button-up nun’s habit with a cutout that exposes her legs and knee-high combat boots. Occasionally, she also wears the traditional coif and veil of a nun with this outfit.

Noel’s main magic power is “Mirror of Nostalgia”, a dream world, spilling out onto reality.

15. Eda from Black Lagoon


Eda is a quick-witted blonde who disguises her identity as a nun in the “Rip-Off Church”, a smuggling organization she runs. She has blue eyes and wears angular pink sunglasses even when wearing her nun’s habit. Eda’s tall and can easily be seen even through her habits. In contrast to the Church of Violence where the typically wears a nun uniform, Eda opts for comfy clothes like miniskirts and tank tops that show off her assets.

16. Sister Kate Valentine from Chrono Crusade

Sister Kate Valentine

Rosette is a nun in charge. She can come across as aggressive and strict with Rosette, who tries her patience, but once you get to know her she’s really sweet — if you talk to her politely. It’s evident that she loves her job and wants to protect people, but sometimes she gets a bit harsh when it comes to doing so. Near the end of the series, she shows her softer side as she grapples with the darkness coming. She usually has a pretty serious demeanor, but if you irritate her enough then you’ll get an extreme reaction from her — especially if she starts attacking Rosette with wrestling moves.

17. Yumiko “Yumie” Takagi from Hellsing


Yumiko Takagi is a Catholic nun belonging to Section XIII. Apart from her first and last names and tendency to use katanas, she’s more typically European than Japanese. Her Welsh (or sometimes Scottish) accent can be explained by the fact that she was raised by an Irish priest in Japan. Yumie appears to be the strongest of Iscariot’s ranks. She’s ridiculously effective with her katana and manages to move at superspeed on a couple of occasions. She has enough skill to kill her victims from outside the room they’re standing in and is capable of smashing heads into walls with her bare hands. Overall, her fighting style is very similar to Anderson’s – it seems likely that he trained Yumie himself.

18. Yukariko Sanada from My-Hime

Yukariko Sanada

One of the nuns who work at the chapel on campus is Sister Yukariko. She has a philosophy that allows God to take care of all her problems and isn’t tempted by “the passions of youth” as she says. As the story goes on she falls in love with Wataru Ishigami, an art teacher around her age. Yukariko uses her bow and arrows to fight and when not using them, an illusion-protecting unicorn head named St. Vlas looks after her.

19. Sister Angela from One Pound Gospel

Sister Angela

Sister Angela, a novice Christian nun, not yet a full nun, comes from a quite wealthy family. Angela gave up her privileged birth for the veil. Angela is less likely to explode than a traditional Tsundere, she practices strict discipline. This is most likely her faith and training talking.

20. Seira Mimori from Kaitou Saint Tail

Seira Mimori

A nun-in-training who goes out of her way to help others, console them, and encourage them. Despite her good deeds, she neglects the seal of confession (even when she intends to do good). She is usually the only sane character in the cast, but she has a few crazy antics. Her antics get funnier whenever she wears the habit.

21. Sarah Adiemus from School Rumble

Sarah Adiemus

Yakumo’s British friend Sarah Adiemus appears to be a nun, but it turns out that she only does that on an after-school basis. Part of her duties includes hearing other peoples’ confessions–which only priests and bishops can do. The other teens come into the confession room as well to ask for relationship advice–instead of giving their own.

22. Matilda Simmons from Black Butler

Matilda Simmons

When Sebastian meets Matilda, she takes a liking to him and they have an affair. It’s heavily implied that the other nuns are also involved, but no one is quite as interested in the church as Sebastian is. Mathilda has really pretty green eyes and long, wavy red hair. She wears a robe and a heavy hood that says “Devil’s Deal” on the back as Ciel does.

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