Top 30 Hot Anime Moms Of All Time

These hot anime moms got it going on. So get ready for incredibly sexy and hot moms who stand out above the rest in regard to their appearance, beauty, and charm. From Saiki Kurumi to Delia Ketchum, this article examines and ranks the top 30 hot anime moms of all time.

30. Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill

ragyo kiryuin hot anime mom

Ragyo is the evil hot mom whose sinister personality only adds to her hotness. She is one of the lead characters in the cringe anime series called Kill La Kill. She is a powerful CEO of a clothing conglomerate as well as a formidable fighter. No matter how charismatic her daughter, Satsuki, is, Ragyo is always a full tier above her. Despite her icy personality, she occasionally snaps and reveals herself as a hothead psychopath. Raygo lusts for power and dominance over anything, she plans on enslaving the human race to Life Fibers. In regard to her physical attributes, Ragyo Kiryuin is an exceptionally hot anime mom. She maintains a tall and slender frame that is characterized by voluptuous breast that remains prominent as she flaunts them through an open neckline.

29. Emi Handa from Barakamon

emi handa hot anime moms

Handa’s hot mom is an over-the-top controlling woman. This aspect of Emi’s personality is on full display for audience members as she attempted to prevent her from going back to the island. She put little slips of paper up on the wall in his room that warned her 23-year-old son, not to go and punches him, threatening him until he agrees not to go. Emi can be best described as both loving and caring in her overall demeanor. She always wears a smile and has gray eyes, creating an aura of gentleness around her, unless something upsets her and she can’t control her hot temper. Regarding her overall appearance, Emi is an incredibly hot anime mom renowned for her pale skin and shoulder-length black hair that she likes to tie in a side ponytail with a pink scrunchie. She usually wears a pink kimono with a green obi and a white apron.

28. Yoshie Hanabatake from Aho Girl

yoshie hanabatake hot anime mom

Yoshie is one hot mommy! Renowned for her dirty mind and pervertedness. She is already pushing forty but can be easily mistaken for her daughter’s older sister with her youthful appearance. The reason Yoshie is so insistent on her daughter getting hitched to ‘A-kun’ specifically is that she figures that since he is an academic achiever, he’ll eventually get a high-paying job, therefore she hopes that her daughter’s future would be secured. Yoshie can be best described as insane as her daughter, and she can be outright abusive. All she ever wants is to get rid of her daughter, and she would go to extreme lengths to force her into a relationship.

27. Masane Amaha from Witchblade

masane amaha hot anime moms

When Masane wields the Witchblade blade, an ancient weapon of immense power, she turns into a bloodthirsty hot mom! A killing machine with yellow eyes, fiery red hair, and blades on her fingers. She is a good-hearted character and a mother to Rihoko. She has no memories of her past due to a catastrophic earthquake event that nearly destroyed Tokyo. The NSWF’s Child Welfare Division chased her down and took her daughter away. Masane is a dedicated mom and she tried to take Rihoko back but ended up getting arrested and sent to jail. Eventually, during her jail time, she discovers her abilities, and she comes to find herself working for the government to help them destroy the Ex-Cons, machines that escaped six years ago during the Great Quake. When Masane activates her Witchblade mode, she turns into a hot anime mom, her hot outfit is open from her neck down to her waist, leaving her cleavage and midriff exposed.

26. Kazue Sonokawa from Sabagebu!

kazue sonokawa hot anime moms

Kazue is a super beautiful and sexy hot mom, and she is so scared when she pulls out her gun and points at her daughter for not eating her broccoli! Even so, she really loves her son, Momoka. Unlike her daughter, she is a genuinely kind person, although she is extreme in her motherhood methods. As a housewife, she takes part in her child’s extracurricular activities at school. Kazue is one of the best fighters in the show, she is very skillful with her Smith & Watson M500 Revolver. Kazue has some oddities due to her weird fetishes but is still one of the sexiest hot anime moms with her pink hair that is usually tied into a rough bun on top of her head. She wears a green turtle neck and a light brown apron with pockets.

25. Tsurara Shirayuki from Rosario + Vampire

tsurara shirayuki hot anime moms

One of the hottest anime moms is Tsurara, Mizore Shirayuki’s mom. Like her daughter, she is a yuki-onna, a type of Japanese youkai who appears as a woman with snow powers. She can freeze and then control any form of water or water-based attack. Tsurara can form ice spears and wrap ice around her body, usually used in the form of ice claws. She is really enthusiastic about guns and owns a large collection of them. This sexy mom used to dream of being in the espionage business, but because of her species, she couldn’t be a spy. Regarding her overall appearance, Tsurara is the type of hot anime mom dressed in a white kimono She keeps something like a lollipop in her mouth to stay cool.

24. Hana Kirisaki from Nisekoi

hana kirisaki hot anime moms

Chitoge’s mom is a hot CEO of a grand-scale company with inhuman abilities. She is actually extremely intelligent and possesses a near-genius intellect. She can hold a conversation in five languages. Hana is a cold and aggressive person as she will stop at nothing to get her way. In contrast to the initial impressions, Hana does love her daughter very much. However, running one of the biggest conglomerates in the world leaves her with next to no time for her family. Regarding her physical appearance, Hana is an incredibly hot mom renowned for her purple hair and stylish sexy outfit with an intimidating aura; a fur coat around her neck and shoulders with a short skirt held in place by a belt and net stockings. A part of her aura is her candy stick, which is mistaken for a cigarette.

23. Shiho Nishizumi from Girls Und Panzer

shiho nishizumi hot anime moms

The head instructor of the Nishizumi school is definitely not a nice person, but she definitely deserves a place on this list of hot anime moms! Her own daughter, Kikuyo, is intimidated by just being in her presence. She has to achieve a very significant accomplishment to get praise from her mom. Miho is so a cold, crazy girl that her friends are scared to approach her after just one meeting. Shino places winning above all, anything less is shameful. She mostly wears a conservative yet highly fashionable black suit with a white blouse in most of her appearances – even in the snow. But she can also be seen in a white buttoned shirt that cannot hold her bosom. Combined with her severe-looking appearance, it is easy to see why Shiho is an exceptionally sexy and hot anime mom.

22. Mrs. Tamaki from Netoge no Yome?

mrs tamaki hot anime moms

No doubt a hot addition to the list. This hot anime mommy is so hot! Ako’s mom, Mrs. Tamaki, is a fine example of motherhood. She cares deeply for her daughter and is very supportive of her love for gaming, but wants her to make friends in school. Mrs. Tamaki may be too trusting or understanding, she often comes across as a naive person and totally oblivious to what’s going on around her. However, her heart is in the right place, and believes in what’s best for her child. Mrs. Tamaki goes beyond the sexy hot anime moms stage and ascended into a dimension of stunning hotness. She is often mistaken for Ako’s older sister because she looks so young. She is renowned for her extremely busty figure.

21. Mitsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia

mitsuki bakugo hot anime moms

Despite being in her late thirties, Mitsuki has maintained a youthful look which can be owed to her quirk to secret glycerin, a moisturizing liquid from her skin. She has ash blond hair that she styles with spikes and contrasting red eyes. Mitsuki and her son both have very strong personalities that inevitably lead to a ton of clashes, she passes as an angry type of mom. She is a bit of a tomboy character, but a hot mom who mostly wears a white top, showing off her cleavage, a lavender cardigan, and a tight black mini-skirt.

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20. Jessica Randy from Banana Fish

jessica randy hot anime moms

An investigative reporter and the show’s main character, Max, ex-wife and Michel’s mom. Her son lives with her after her divorce from Max. Jessica will go to extremes to get the information she desires. She will enter dangerous situations without so much of a blink to get the story. Regarding her overall appearance and physical attributes, Jessica Randy is an incredibly hot mom with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fit body.

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19. Tsuki Uzaki from Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

tsuki uzaki  hot anime moms

Tsuki is a mid-40 kind and gentle mom but knows to put her foot down when her husband goes overboard with his antics. She tends to overhear private conversations and is prone to arriving at the wrong conclusions. Hanna’s mother has a huge misunderstanding of Sakurai. She believes from these conversations that he is a cougar chaser interested purely in her. She gets even more nervous when she learns that Sakurai is very popular among moms that visit the cafe he works at. Tsuki has fair skin and medium-length silver hair that she ties into a side ponytail. She has blue eyes, but she rarely shows them when she is surprised. She is a sexy hot anime mom with a prominent attractive curvy body that attracts a lot of attention.

18. Kurenai Yuhi From Naruto

kurenai yuhi hot anime moms

Mirai’s mommy is a skilled ninja, her daughter goes on to become as talented as her father, Asuma. She quit the kunoichi business to become a stay-at-home mom. Kurenai Yuhi, from our favorite show, Naruto, is a slender woman with long black hair and red eyes decorated by an additional ring. Her outfit is usually a red mesh blouse wrapped in a white bandage-like material. Her attractive cleavage is shown through a fishnet that is the epitome of hotness in the anime world. She also wears these bandages on her hot thighs and hands. She wears bright red lipstick on her full lips and a bandana around her hair.

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17. Izabella Voldigoad from Maou Gakuin

izabella voldigoad hot anime moms

Izabella is Anos’s sexy hot mom, the reincarnated demon king. She is such a whole-heartedly wholesome mom who cooked the most amazing mushroom gratin! Anos’s favorite food. She couldn’t raise her kid in her lifetime so she reincarnated to the next to raise that very same kid. She is a skilled appraiser specializing in precious metals. Izabella has light brown hair with green eyes and mostly wears pink dresses. Her everlasting youth makes her an attractive choice. She wears a white apron when she does housework.

16. Saiki Kurumi from Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia

saiki kurumi hot anime moms

Kusuo’s mom is an archetypal housewife. She thought her son to use his powers wisely. Her main concern was to teach him to not commit crimes with it. She may look gentle, but when she gets really angry at her husband she subdues him with an array of wrestling moves. Kusuo loves his mom very much, she is probably the only human he treats nicely, he only bends to her, and he is such a momma’s boy. Kurumi, known for their gentle and kind appearance, is in her late thirties, yet she looks considerably young. She has dark purple eyes and black chin-length hair but has long hair that she ties at the back once in the show.

15. Tomoko Sado from MM!

tomoko sado hot anime moms

Tomoko is an ever-so-young sexy hot anime mom who appears to be in her early thirties. She has blue eyes and light brown hair tied with a cute pink ribbon. Since she became a widow, she constantly competes with her own daughter for the attention of her son. They occasionally make a truce when another girl is getting close to Taro. She is an overly protective mom, always spoiling her son to the point of annoying him. Tomoko has a curvy ski body and mostly wears a yellow-sleeved shirt and a dark pink skirt with a light pink ruffled apron on top. She is known for her pervertedness as she develops ancestral feelings for her son.

14. Grayfia Lucifuge from High School DxD

grayfia lucifuge hot anime moms

The busty Queen and Millicas Gremory’s mom. She also acts as a maid for the House of Gremory, entrusted with managing the family’s schedules. Even though Grayfia is the ultimate Ice Queen, she is a pretty hot anime mom. Grayfia’s sexy outfit makes her look younger. Grayfia has the demonic power to change into a teenager and wears a dragon mask to conceal her identity. Her power as a demon is on the level of a demon king. Nicknamed “The Strongest Queen,” she Dominates the battlefield, while still looking hot.

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13. Miyako Ishida from A Silent Voice

miyako ishida hot anime moms

Miyako is THE hot anime mom with her effortlessly beautiful appearance. She is a loving single mother of Shoya and his older sister who owns a hair salon. Being a single mom is not easy, she has to work long hours and she becomes oblivious that her son wanted to commit suicide. Shoya is actually a grandmother, and yet she does not look much older than her teenage son. Her hair is dyed and cut in a way that makes her look even younger. She has slender shoulders and deep green eyes. Her hair is blonde, but her natural black roots show through. She often wears a red turtleneck and a white apron.

12. Ageha Kurono from Rosario + Vampire

ageha kurono hot anime moms

Ageha is a kind and supportive hot mom with an everlasting love for her kids. She truly loves her and wants what’s best for her. Ageha fully embraces her sexual nature. She causes unending embarrassment for Kurumu. She truly loves her husband and even told their daughter that they make love every night. Ageha is a beautiful woman in her early/mid-thirties. She has light blue hair and purple eyes. She physically appears like her daughter, Tsukune, but older. As a busty woman, her charm can instantly seduce men. She wears a fur coat and is naturally very sexy. She has some hot abilities like firing a laser beam from her chest. She calls this ability “Breast Missiles of Rage.”

11. Mirellia Q Melromarc from The Rising of the Shield Hero

mirellia q melromarc hot anime moms

The true power behind the crown. As the current ruler of Melromarc, Queen Mirelia certainly had her hands full with a lot of affairs. She looks like she is in her 20s, and could pass as the older sister to Malty and Melty rather than their sexy mom. Mirellia loves her family, but her duties as the queen has made it hard for her to be an ideal mom. Her attempts to improve her daughter’s spoiled character, such as sending her abroad, have only made her a more dangerous person. Despite being “old” Mirellia is still quite the hot mom. The anime also gives her some sexy shots when she’s suited up for battle.

10. Mari Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows

mari katsuragi hot anime moms

Here is a hot anime mom with gentle features and a wild past. Keima’s mother is an ordinary stay-at-home mom who used to hang with biker gangs. She is quite a laidback cool woman and still has a nasty temper that comes out when someone provokes her. Mari has orange hair, usually tied into a bun with bands cascading down the right side. She has eyes the color of her hair and oval glasses. She usually wears casual fits yet gives a direct view of her bosom. Just like Mars and the Kasuga sisters, she is quite a strong woman and has one of the biggest busts in the cast. She becomes especially a sexy hot mom when she takes off her glasses, that is when someone will enter a world of pain.

9. Bulma from Dragon Ball 

bulma hot anime moms

Talking about hot anime moms and not including Bulma, the blue-haired tritagonist from our favorite childhood show, would be a crime. She has a curvy figure and milky white skin. At the age of 33, Bulma gives birth to a baby boy named Trunks. While Bulma spoiled Trunks, she is not the type of character that will stay at home to cock and clean, Bulma’s talent lies in her genius for science. Bulma used to flirt with other guys and try to find another boyfriend but toned down a lot after becoming a wife and mother. She changed her appearance throughout the series but only becomes hotter. She often wears revealing clothes. Master Roshi is known to linger around her for her sexiness. She knows she is incredibly hot and often uses this to her advantage.

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8. Rinko Iori from The Gundam

rinko hot anime moms

Sei is a sexy hot anime mom and the owner of her family’s plastic model shop. However, she does not know much about plastic models. She has blue hair and green eyes and is a playful mom who often tries to set up her son with a cute girl. Her special skill is cooking and her forte is vegetable stir-fry. She is a very attractive woman, and her swimsuit leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Rinko is known for her plump body that looks incredibly irresistible in her warm yellow turtleneck and low-rise shorts showing off her waist.

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7. Hanako “Delia Ketchum” from Pokemon

hanako hot anime moms

Delia is the hot anime mom we all crushed on in our childhood while watching Pokémon with her slender body, fair skin, and brown eyes. She has brown hair tied in a ponytail style with a green scrunchie. She was one of Professor Oak’s ace students when she was in school, but having to raise a son all on her own left no time to practice. Delia is dorky like her son Ash, they share the same characteristics. They are both kind-hearted people who do everything they can to help others. Her usual fit is a pink short-sleeved coat with a yellow top and a short purple skirt though she wore a strapless dress once on vacation, showing off her elegant shoulders and neck.

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6. Yasuko Takasu from Toradora!

yasuko takasu  hot anime moms

Yasuko is originally thirty-three years but refers to herself as eternally twentieth-three, and rightly so, given her beautiful young girl appearance. She acts more like an older sister than a mom. She has large F-sized breasts and is an icon for being a great mom who despite everything, was able to raise her son into a good person. She is somewhat clueless, childish, and tired almost every time she is shown. Yasuko works at the “Bishamonten Kuni” bar, as a hot bartender, singlehandedly supporting her family financially. She works nights at a dead-end job, lives in a dingy apartment, and raises a kid by herself. And, she still chooses joy. This hot anime mom has voluminous blonde hair that she wears down with a side part. Yasuko is the best hot mom, don’t judge her too harshly.

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5. Shinobu Kawajiri from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

shinobu kawajiri hot anime moms

Shinobu does not look old enough to have a son already in high school. She is the hot stay-at-home anime mom type, stuck in a loveless family with a monster husband and an aloof kid. Shinobu just wants love and excitement from her marriage. On the other hand, she did not do anything but mope around the house when her husband wasn’t around and pretty much ignored all the warning signs her son gave that she is married to a serial killer. Shinobu shows off what a hot mom she is when she constantly tries to seduce Kira with her hot outfits that show off her legs and midriff.

4. Julia Murai from Great Teacher Onizuka

julia murai hot anime moms

Even with all the comedy along the way let us take a moment to appreciate the main character that is Kunio’s hot mom, Julia. She was pregnant when she was just 13 years old. She was disowned and had to raise her child as a single mom at that age. Just think of her son, 14 years old, a sexy hot mother, and the teacher you hate the most starts buzzing all over her. NIGHTMARE! No wonder Kunio, is so overprotective of his hot mom. Julia is the most realistic young mom in anime, she had the strength of character to be a single parent. The most disturbing thing is not how young she was when she raised a son alone with no support from her family. It really testifies to the mom’s strength and awesomeness.

3. Yayoi Kanbara from ‘Kyoukai No Kanata

yayoi kanbara hot anime moms

Yayoi is a big-busted hot mom with a few screws loose. She is a busy Spirit World Warrior and thus constantly away from home. She is always traveling, so her son has to live alone. But for all her nonsense, she does care about her son. Yayoi is an especially hot mom when she wears a sexy cat girl costume, a strapless black dress that shows off her thick thighs with paw print tattoos along with long black boots. She wears a blue belt around her tiny waist that shapes her dress and shows off her hot hourglass figure. She often dresses up in animal costumes, making her a one-of-a-kind hot anime mom.

2. Mamako Oosuki from Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

mamako oosuki hot anime moms

The hot and gorgeous Mamako is a hot anime mom. She is characterized as a swordswoman that carries two swords, each sword releases a massive attack that hits all enemies. Mamako is portrayed in the series as an overprotective mother who uses special mother magic skills. Her son, Masato, is extremely embarrassed about his hot mom. She is known to look young for her age and everywhere they go she gets hit on by people who don’t realize that she is his mom. Mamako has long wavy chocolate brown hair that she braids around her head with a red and blue bow.

1. Elizabeth “Lisa Lisa” Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

lisa lisa hot anime moms

The beautiful Lisa Lisa is a Hamon master who kills vampire mooks with style and anime’s hottest moms! At first, she is presented as mean to her son, willing to assault him and even let him starve to death. But her motherly side is shown when Jospej uses cheap tricks, he learned from her, during his fights. Lisa’s hot features are fairly noticeable, emphasizing her role as a hot anime mom character in addition to her being a capable warrior. She is most definitely hot, and she stands at a rather tall height of 175 cm (5’9”). beauty. She is a fit mommy with light blue eyes and long dark brown hair.

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