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60 Anime Cat Girl Characters To Make You Go Nyan Nyan!

Anime is full of cute cat girl characters. They usually appear as a mix-breed of human/cat with big eyes, cat ears, long tails, and sharp teeth. Anime cat girl in has feline characteristics and behaviors, so, naturally, all catgirls have to appear and act in a cat-like way.

When we think about these characters we usually have a picture of a Kawaii clumsy cat girl that behaves and looks like a cat.

Now, let me present my list of the most adorable cat girl characters! Nyan Nyan!

60. Catherine from Gintama

anime cat girl

A middle-aged cat girl burglar with strange and bizarre humor who looks very different from other female characters in Gintama. Cats are not known for being very social or nice, and Catherine might fit the bill with her sarcastic remarks. However, she can be the nicest caring person.

Catherine is an expert lockpicker, she was a criminal robber until she started working in Otose’s snack shop bar.

She can make you laugh, and bring food, just be careful not to leave her too close to the cash machine unattended, as the saying goes “While the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play”.

59. Hop from Hop from Universe 9 Dragon Ball

anime cat girl characters

I’m not a huge fan of Dragon Ball, but Hop, god bless her soul, could have made me more interested in the anime. She probably set a world anime record as Hop dies as soon as she’s introduced.

In her honor, I’m adding her name to the list, because she made quite an impact. She was a feline humanoid female warrior with dull-purple fur and yellow eyes.

Hop is a violent cat who gets her sadism flirtatiousness mode when faced off with her opponents. She is mostly remembered for scratching Super Saiyan Vegeta‘s “handsome face”. Trash talk didn’t really impress Vegeta, so he cleaned the arena with her body parts, while still in his base form. Her long sharp claws were able just to scratch him.

RIP Catwoman.

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58. Chibi-Neko from Fantasy of a Kitten (Wata no Kuni Hoshi)

chibi neko  fantasy of a kitten

For those of us who have pets, I’m sure you still remember that time when your full-grown cat was a kitten and you could play around with it all day. Well, Chibi-Neko is the ultimate chibi cat that is too adorable for her size.

Chibi-Neko was abandoned by her former owner and now after gaining a new family, she has grown attached to them and will do anything for them.

Fantasy of a Kitten is an amazing, wholesome anime if you ask me. I will say one thing for sure, she does have wild dreams and her eyes are so sparkly. It’s like looking at a doll.

57. Azuki from Nekopara

anime cat girl

Nekopara was originally a visual novel game that was later made into an anime. It’s basically about the everyday life of six cat girls as well as their owners. Two of them help run a bakery with the older brother, while the other four stay at home with the younger sister.

Azuki is the eldest sibling in the Minaduki family. However, she is only 3 years old. Cats usually live to be 18 which is still three years younger than Kashou.

Azuki has excellent shop operation skills, she’s very smart when it comes to the finances, and coordinating the other cat employees.

She is notorious for being a loudmouth. Her attitude often ends up getting into cat fights with her sisters. But her attitude covers up the fact she actually cares for her siblings but is too embarrassed to say so.

Let me get out of the way this – Azuki is not the eldest, She’s three years old, which means eleven years old for a cat. only Chocola and Vanilla are younger.

56. Vanilla from Nekopara

anime cat girl

Vanilla is the clever and quiet one. She has a fondness for chocolate and she often dresses as a cat. She loves helping her master around the house and also loves to sneak under warm clothing and loves to cuddle.

Her white hair with bangs and her gothic outfit is her unique features. She likes to dress up as a cat for her master and loves to get rewarded with head pats. Though she is the shy type, she has her ways of getting the master’s attention. Meow!

55. Rin Shaomei (Lin Xiao-Mei) from Shining

rin shaomei shining

When Rin transforms into her cat girl form, all hell breaks loose. She is a kind-hearted antique seller, but Lin Xiao-Mei is also a Phantom thief. The Black Cat has good intentions, she steals money to help the orphans. I have to add a Kawai here!

Rin wears a short maid outfit with black ears and black hair and a tail that signifies her black cat form. But don’t worry this kittie definitely brings luck. She has a weird habit of wearing one thigh-high sock but I guess anything looks pretty cute on Rin.

54. Carol Gundark from Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo?

carol gundark from mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru so desu yo?

Carol’s ample purple irises, matching her purple bob and cheerful personality, squeeze my heart. She is mainly seen in her pink outfit with a white apron. But are should be aware that she’s a spy! However, Carol means no harm from her work and stays low working as a waitress to earn money;

Apart from her casual sibling rivalry, Carol is calm and enthusiastic. She has no gift, but she can understand species that cannot communicate through human speech, like the Calico cat.

A kawaii cat girl with the ability to talk to speechless animals? You better be all down for it!

53. Suzu from Kyokai no Rinne

anime cats

If you had encountered the adorable Suzu holding a sign saying that she was up for adoption for free, I think you would probably take her even if you have a cat allergy. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the contracts include work in exchange for food.

Just look at her she’s just too damn cute! No wonder her name means “bells.”

She is easily distracted and causes a lot of damage in the house due to her short attention span.

Suzu usually is seen wearing a dark, frilly gothic dress, but she’s never been seen depressed, they don’t come as cheerful as Suzu.

52. Kirara Bernstein from Gj-bu

kirara bernstein gj-bu

Kirara is a tall slim cute girl, a senior member of the GJ club. She is your average high school character with a kitten twist.

She has a cute short bob with blonde hair in bangs shaped like cat ears. Since Kirara is originally from Canada, her Japanese is a lot primitive. Her Japanese is a bit weak since she is Canadian.

However, she can understand and communicate with cats! In addition, she has had an intense fear of spiders. Kirara is most notably obsessed with meat; she always wants to eat it.

Kirara has a pretty friendly personality and a love for animals and is very enthusiastic about sports.

51. Coconut from Nekopara

coconut nekopara

Coconut is my last Nekopara representative cat. Among the ones who stay at home, and if we are going by appearances, she is quite busty and always wears revealing clothes. Her skin is tanned, her hair is somewhat white, and her cat ears look pretty sharp. The contrast definitely mirrors the appearance of coconut, hence her name!

She also has intriguing David Bowie-like eyes, considering how one of them is golden while the other is ocean blue. It’s a condition called Heterochromia where both irises are of different colors (It is not uncommon in cats)

Anyways, despite her tomboy character. Coconut can often get more emotional than her fellows!

50. The Puma Twins from Dominion Tank Police

 the puma twins dominion tank police

Now how about a dash of badass cat girl? Not one but two! The Puma twins are the definition of fierce. girls. Annapurna and Unipuma are gynoid twin sister bodyguards and love dolls. Aye, that’s some combination!

They became lethal criminals through their combat ability and strength. The sisters’ gynoid self provides them with great endurance and capability.

Both have huge, unkempt hair-sided bangs, two cat ears, and beautiful bodies armed to the teeth. However, they are classic airheads with a high standard of living and a childish personality, attracted to everything glittering and glamor.

The girls resent being called “Love Dolls” and are proud and confident in their android bodies and combat abilities.

49. Melwin from Cat Planet Cuties

melwin cat planet cuties

Cat Planet is filled with the cutest cat girls. Melwin is a timid girl with bright blue short hair cut in a cute bob and a matching set of blue cat ears and a tail.

She used to be the battleship‘s second officer until she was forced to take the first officer command when the girl team went into a crisis. She is usually in her spaceship outfit in fact she is one of the best dressed characters in anime when she is her a bathing suit.

Personality-wise, she is quieter than her extrovert-ish friends.

48. Aisha Clan-Clan from Outlaw Star

aisha clan-clan outlaw star

While Japan loves to milk every genre till there is nothing left to milk, there was a time we got ourselves, cat girls, in space. Aisha is a noble from house Ctarl-Ctarl empire.

She is very intelligent and one of the best warriors in their house. Aisha received the highest honor in her house and went to space to catch outlaws and space pirates.

She is a dark skin cat girl, with an adventurous type of personality, danger is her middle name.

47. Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne

merle the vision of escaflowne

Merle was orphaned and brought to Fannelia. She grew up beside her childhood friend Van and grew very close to him. Merle looks different from a classic cat girl.

She has bright baby pink hair contrasting her brown-tan fur striped with a darker brown. Her brown tail is capped with a poof of white fur and usually appears in an orange sundress. By nature, Merle is very kind, grows in friendships, and is protective of those she loves, especially Van.

However, at times, Merle can be mean and jealous. When she first meets Hitomi, she is jealous of the growing bond between Van and her. But later, she also becomes a support to Hitomi, showing her natural supportive and loving nature.

46. Yui Saito/Nekohime from And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

yui saito nekohime and you thought there is never a girl online

The geeky teacher I wish I had from Homeroom high school, as well as the online teacher representative of the Net Game Club.

Yui is a huge online gamer in the closet, she hides her gaming skills from her student. Her in-game name loosely translates to “Cat Princess”. She called her avatar “Nekohime” and it has a huge devoted fanboys followers.

When Yui is stressed out, she would end her sentences with “Nyaa”.

45. Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire

shizuka nekonome rosario vampire

Another high school teacher, and the adviser for the newspaper club. Shizuku often shows her clumsy cute side in front of her students. She often exposes her monster form despite advising against it.

Ms. Nekonome is one of the few teachers who actually care about her students, and that’s why I love her so much. The cat-woman will always promote harmony and peace between demons and humans.

A very cute thing she does, when she eats fish, she meows like a cat when she eats raw fish! And I’m not talking about Sushi, she loves eating goldfish!

44. Nuku from All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

nuku all purpose cultural cat girl nuku nuku

Now, this one is a classic anime character from the 90s. The story is relatively simple, an inventor uses funds from his wife’s company in addition to the brain of his son’s cat and ends up creating a fully functional, all-purpose catgirl. (Kind of similar to the birth of Power puff girls).

The pink-haired female android ended up with the appearance of the usual high school girl except with light crimson hair and black cat ears. She became a part of the family and inherited the family name.

She would act like an overprotective elder sister to the inventor’s son, and also make sure the family stays out of harm. All because she loves them and would do anything to make sure her family stays safe.

43. Cyan Hijirikawa from Show by Rock

cyan hijirikawa show by rock

We arrived at the top 10 cat characters, and this one has a magical guitar! Cyan Hijirikawa was a base girl in an ordinary world until she won a guitar called “Strawberry Heart” and was transported to another world.

At first, unknown to her, the guitar is a legendary instrument and holds the grateful king! Strawberry Heart (or rather the grateful kind) can talk and guides Cyan through the series in combating dark energy and monsters.

When played, it produces an intense light that destroys all dark energy. Cyan usually appears in a maid-like outfit with two cute black car ears and a black tail. Her hair is purple-ish and curled into tight locks. Cyan soon joined Plasmagica and began her mission to help the Myumons in the new world.

42. Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi

chibi anime

The tiny but fiery purple-headed girl from Nekoge Prefectural High School will surely melt your heart with cuteness.

Tsumiki is a small, petite high school girl that turns into her cat form from time to time. She has an intense crush on Io Otonashi, who consistently fails to see the signs.

Despite his attitude, he’s friendly towards Tsumiki. He often pats her on the head, which causes Miniwa’s cat ears to adorably appear. She usually sprouts her cat ears when flustered and shy in front of him. How kawaii!

Without her cat ears, she has a big swirly ahoge on top of her head.

Despite her size, she has a huge personality; Tsumiki can be aggressive towards being teased to the point of being violent. Ouch!

40. Captain Kuune (Qoone) from Cat Planet Cuties

kuune cat planet cuties

I have quite a few alien cat girls for you, this one is especially beautiful and busty.

Kuune is the captain and leader of the Catian spaceship that came to Earth, she is such a wholesome character that I immediately fell for her charms. She is a highly intelligent multi-tasker, who can quickly construct complicated object engineering in her mind. As a high-ranking officer, she uses her neck-bells choker to access superhuman powers.

She has purple hair, kawaii purple eyes, and a chest that is worth as much as a national treasure, yes Kuune is the finest aesthetic girl in anime.

39. Di Gi Charat (Dejiko, Chocola) from Cromartie High School

di gi charat cromartie high school

The Di Gi Charat anime was created as an advertisement for a store in Akihabara that goes by the name Digital Gamers.

Dejiko is a green-haired kid who likes broccoli instead of chocolates. She is a princess on the planet of Di Gi Charat who comes all the way to earth to become an idol singer. That’s right, she is an anime cat girl alien.

However, she had no money and that’s when she and her two companions stumbled onto this Akihabara store, the manager offered them a place if they decide to work at the store. But the princess is too selfish for this sort of ordeal, she wants to become a “Star.”

38. Hazuki (Luna) from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

anime cat girl

Kazuki is a vampire! Yes, even though she appears with cat ears. A vampire cat girl with black hair and purple eyes? Have we reached euphoria? Not yet! Don’t fall for the looks since Haxuki’s personality is very selfish, spoiled, and self-centered.

She is seen pretending to be nice to get favors which is why Luna has been forced on her to keep her in control. Aside from her vampire abilities, she is one of the few Daywalker vampires with mighty telekinetic powers.

37. Yuni/Mao/Blue Cat from Star★Twinkle Pretty Cure

anime cat girl characters

Yuni belongs to an entire race of human cats. She is a cold space idol who has an alter ego phantom thief named Blue cat, a cat-like alien with a noticeable waggled tail, blue hair with bangs, cream fur, and sharp red and gold eyes. She is a Pretty Cure, also known as Cure Cosmo.

Yuni is originally from Planet Rainbow, and she’s on a mission to save it herself by collecting the Star Color Pens. Yuni blames herself that everybody on her home planet turned to stone, and she will do whatever it takes to save it. That’s why she becomes a thief and antagonizes the Cures.

As Blue Cat, Yumi has an inherent ability to transform her appearance at will.

36. Kariya Momochi from Princess Connect! Re: Dive

kariya momochi princess connect! re dive

Kariya is a crazy girl with an abusive past. This cold magical girl is a hard worker who managed to master many of her spells thanks to her disciplinarian nature. But without her work ethic, she would be one of the weakest mages in the show.

Kariya is a depressing depiction of a young criminal, she’s a black goth dressing cliché everyone sees her as a rude low life. I have to admit that she is a snobbish tsundere like your average cat.

But her soft side comes out every time she takes care of stray cats. She even wore once a graphic T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Life is Cat”.

35. Tabby from .Hack/


A Tribal Grapple optimistic perky girl, but that’s just a cover-up for her insecurity and deep depression. She had a bad relationship with the rest of her family, but Tabby’s encounters in “The World” soon helped her gain self-confidence.

She is studying to become a nurse so that she can help Shino in real life or others who fall comatose from similar situations.

Her name implies a fur pattern predominant in many species of felines. Tabby’s avatar, (her real appearance was never shown), has a cat appearance, with feline ears, claws, and hair that acts like a cat’s tail.

34. Nia from DearS

nia  dears

Next is the cute HDHD-villain Nia!  

She carries the personality of a housecat, she also looks like a cat with paw shoes, paw gloves, and an occasional tail.

ost DearS, she is such a cute girl with quite a few animal traits as opposed to human ones, cat paws (on both hands and feet), cute little fangs, and she sometimes sports a tail. She loves it when she patted her head.

She’s not great at her villain’s day job, because most of the time she can remember what just happened a minute ago. In battle mode, she gets really distracted, and every object movement takes away her attention. Most of the time she forgets her assignments – even the ones she assigns herself. How cute is that?

33. Haru Yoshioka from The Cat Returns

haru yoshioka the cat returns

This cat girl comes from the incredible Studio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns.

Imagine what you would do if you were taken to the world of cats to marry the cat prince! Haru Yoshioka is a cute high school student with a special love for animals. One day, being her kind self, she saves a random cat from being run over by a truck. Turns out that the cat was the prince of the cat kingdom, Prince Lune.

As a token of appreciation, she is then taken forcefully to the cat world to marry the prince and be turned into a cat. Having difficulty understanding animal language, she agrees to the offer by accident, and now the more she interacts with the people of the cat kingdom, the more she transforms into a cat girl.

However, she is still partially human, but the longer she stays in the cat realm, the more she’ll become a cat.

32. Beastmon/Fusion from Digimon Fusion

beastmon-fusion digimon fusion

I have a lot of my favorite cat girl characters here, and coming up next is a special one named Beastmon. She was known as Persiamon in Digimon World 3, the princess of Lake Zone.

After the Fusion Fighters saved her kingdom, Beastmon chooses their hero as an ideal champion for her people, and she joins their army.

Beastmon (Meaning: The Egyptian goddess of cats) sure loves to take her, very long, naps. But be careful not to piss her off and don’t mention you don’t like cuddles! Because *Spoiler*: she’s actually will dance with you the vampire dance, sucking all your blood!

31. Taruto from Magical Meow Meow Taruto

anime cat girl

Taruto is a wholesome young cat who has just moved together with her master’s family to a new home in a new city. She seeks to explore her new hometown while making new friends, and of course, getting into trouble as well.

She is the classic anime girl with purple hair, purple cat ears, and a purple tail, her costume is also purple and white.

As fate plays its hand, Taruto turns out to be a magical princess. Her magic is too unpredictable, and nobody believes her, but my girl Taruto will prove them wrong!

30. Karyl (Kyaru) from Princess Connect! Re: Dive

karyl anime cat girl

Karyl is an astonishingly beautiful woman who loves getting praised and has the ability to tame monsters. 

“My magic is pretty awesome, isn’t it? Hee hee, come on, praise me more!” And I will.

Her glistening gothic beauty is overwhelming, but it’s the contrast between her fair skin, dark purple hair with white stripes hair with bangs, and a sharp cat tooth that makes her presence a sight to behold. 

Not to mention, her tsundere personality makes her even cuter than she already is. 

After getting acquainted with the main characters, she joins them in their journey to explore the world, meet new people, and eat delicious food. 

29. Mao the ninja Cat Girl from Shining Tears x Wind

mao the ninja cat girl shining tears x wind

Mao from the op mc isekai anime is the half-beast princess of the land of Bestia. However, she’s the illegitimate child of the beast king and a human dancer, Ayane.

She has cream white skin, a sleek figure, and short reddish-brown hair. Her cat girl features of cat ears and fangs indicate her true heritage as the child of the beast king.

Mao possesses a soul blade named the “Beast King Sword Lion King’s flame dance,” which homes the power of fire. She is also known to possess metal claws and moon her opponents.

28. Black Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari

black hanekawa bakemonogatari

Here we have an interesting turn of events. An oddity called Sawarineko was lying dead on the road. Hanekawa Tsubasa and Araragi came across the dead cat and buried it. She then attacks Hanekawa at night and ends up possessing her body, hence, in turn, creating an alternate identity.

Unlike Hanekawa herself, she is shape tongued, shameless, and playful. She doesn’t wear many clothes and is mostly in her underwear.

As for her other physical attributes, she retains Hanekawa’s long hair, busty chest, and curvy figure. But of course, since she was now a cat girl. The Sawarineko’s possession ended up changing her dark hair to a silvery-white, her eyes turned golden, and she also grew a pair of cat ears. Not to mention, her skin turned pale as well.

I don’t know, I guess this possession also counts as cat girl transformation?

27. Shader from Chrono Crusade

aime cat girls

Shader is just one of two anime cat girls with glasses to be featured on this list. But, she doesn’t really need her glasses to see, she wears them because she wants to look smart, and she is no doubt a smart demon girl. Shader is a very respected scientist, she invented devices that can absorb astral energy.

But on the other hand, she’s a loyal idealist rather blind to reality girl who can’t break free of Aion. She’s also not a big fighter, she would rather stay on the lines, then again, I guess that makes her a smart cat.

What’s interesting about her character is that the Manga version has her naïve and carefree, energetic blonde-haired girl, while the anime made her darker with a sadistic edge.

26. Tamako from Isuca

anime cat girl

Tamako is a two-tailed demon girl who has come from the world of the dead. Her transformation allows her to switch between three different states, such as her human appearance, a giant, or a cute domestic cat. 

As a cat girl, Tamako can be quite mischievous, and cunning, but also somewhat clumsy. Her triangular cat ears stand out in her brownish red hair character, and an interesting fact about her is how she never wears socks or shoes. She also avoids wearing underwear. 

Her usual attire is basically a black bra and a black skirt.

25. Rem Galleu from How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

rem galleu how not to summon a demon lord

Next is a female mage from the ecchi harem anime.

Rem comes from Pantherian race, she has the Demon King’s soul trapped inside her. She inherited this fate from her mother and she devotes her entire life to destroying Krebskrum’s soul.

Rem is a level 40 summoner and she is quite powerful, but most of her epic battles end in defeat. Part of the reason for her defeats is that Pantherians’ fur gets damaged in the water. Their fur gets heavy and it affects their fighting abilities.

She has black cat ears and tail and black hair. As typical for a catgirl, she adds a “Nyan” sound to some of her words.

Just hang in there, Rem!

24. Chloe Rollo from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

chloe rollo anime cat girl

Chloe looks like a sweat human cat, but she carries a dark past as she was born to a dangerous crime family. She is a notorious Black Cat assassin and a greedy bounty hunter. Since she was a kid her parents trained her to be a killing machine.

Tragic events made her escape the criminal organization and she traveled alone until she was offered another assassination job. But, Chole missed her target and that’s when she decided to hang her blades, knives, and guns and retire, and today Chloe works as a waitress.

23. Aria and Lotte The Twin Cat Girls from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s

cat girl twins

Give it up to the magical martial arts teachers better known as Aria Liese and Lotte Liese. Both are very loyal to their master, always obeying his order.

The Liese Twins’ magical power grants them to transform into mysterious “masked men” as part of their master’s orders to complete his assassination plan. When the twins shapeshift into cats, they have a more narrow range of color vision.

Aria a better at magic battles, and Lotte is a better martial artist with close-range combat skills.

They look almost identical, however, Aria is distinguished by slightly shorter hair.

22. Perrine from Strike Witches

perrine strike witches

With her blonde hair, cute glasses, small, petite figure, and stern expression, Perrine is a unique person. That’s because she’s a witch! Strike Witches are women with a high potential for magic.

Perrine is a flying officer who can transform into a cat girl once she activates her power and sprouts her black tail and cat ears in her cat girl transformation. Perrine’s magical ability is Tonnerre or Thunder. A lightning-based strike that extends outward, striking multiple targets.

As it absorbs most of her magical strength, she cannot use it repeatedly. She is also a very proud Gallian. Perrine is quite serious and stern and very prompt and strict regarding manners. She often looks down upon her friends for being unkempt. Don’t we love a little cutesy tough cat girl?

21. Shirone from High School DxD

high school dxd

I have two characters from the infamous High School DxD, and this one is a cute, petite cat girl with white hair and golden eyes. Despite looking as fragile as she looks, Shirone harbors enormous strength and magical spells among other things. 

She is from a rare breed and can switch between her forms. In her cat girl transformation, she grows white cat ears, matching whitetails, and more prominent eyes. 

While she may be too cute for her own good, she gets flustered whenever her fiancée tries to pull off anything perverted. She still loves him dearly though.

“…Are you thinking of lecherous stuff again, Ise-senpai?”

20. Nekoko from Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

nekoko destiny of the shrine maiden

If you’re looking for a classic cutesy cat girl, let me suggest Nekoko!

But don’t judge her as an airhead she has undergone horrendous medical experiments, has substantial powers, and will casually go on a rampage, destroying landmarks while being all cute.

Nekoko’s syringe contains a fluid that can heal anything from injuries to sickness but causes incredible pain; she can also launch her syringe like a rocket.

That’s not all; her mechanical ball, nicknamed “meow meow,” has cannons that can turn buildings to dust! That’s one lethal cat girl in a kawaii disguise!

19. Nozomi Kiriya from Stray Cats Overrun! (Mayoi Neko Overrun!)

nozomi kiriya stray cats overrun

Nozomi was mistaken for a big cat with purple hair and red eyes. She was picked up at the train station and brought for shelter at the ‘Stray Cats’. Her hair looks like a pair of cat’s ears, they are nothing more than hair, but they still move around like they were cat ears. She moves and talks like a cat.

Nozomi is a mysterious girl who shows very little emotion, some might suggest she’s clueless. She often uses “Nya” when she talks, which usually is translated as “Meow”.

18. Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

ao nanami anime cat girl

A mind-reading teenage girl with white split bangs hair and two yokai antennas on top of her head resembles two cat ears. She is s extremely energetic and a bit clumsy.

Ao has the power to read people and birds’ minds within a radius of a few miles. She also uses telepathy to dodge attacks and to catch and detect objects thrown at her.

She plays the role of one of the female protagonists who work at the office. Ao is of the yokai race and is in charge of communications within the city.

Ao loves tummy rubs, and she responds to catnip, just like a cat would, she’s absolutely adorable.

17. Neko-Musume from GeGeGe no Kitarō

neko-musume gegege no kitarō

The earliest version of a cat girl was first released In the popular 1960s manga and 1968 anime, GeGeGe no Kitaro. The character base Nikko Buscemi was a cat monster  (hanyō). She never had recognizable catgirl features, but she does act in a cat-like fashion and looks like a human girl.

Neko-Musume got a couple of transformations, and the latest character design looks very different. She still doesn’t have cat ears or a tail, however, based on Bakeneko, which often are animal spirits empowered by grudges and curses. She’s an exceptionally formidable front-line fighter

Neko-Musume has pointed ears, and her hair ribbon is always tied in a way to project cat ears on her shade.

16. Persia from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

anime cat girls

The anime’s protagonist and his group go on a crusade beyond a supernatural gate where plenty of uncanny individuals exist, and one of them is Persia.

She is rather playful and often quite mischievous. However, unlike most cats, she is also quite loyal and overprotective of her household. Sometimes even gets downright brutal just for the sake of her folks.

Persia has purple hair, leopard-like fur, and cat ears that stand out because of her gothic maid outfit. Talking about her abilities, she has razor-sharp claws in addition to agility.

15. Felicia from Darkstalker


Here’s a character who has been appearing over game crossovers for years. My top blue-haired girl Felicia! A free spirit cat woman.

Being half-cat, Felicia comes with an array of powers. She is one of the strongest Darkstalkers with a fast zapping ability, including flips, jumps, and intense lunges.

She often uses her claws to attack her opponent. Despite her strength, Felicia wants a peaceful coexistence with humans and doesn’t resort to fighting until it’s necessary.

Her personality is exceptionally kind, energetic, and optimistic, and she loves singing and dancing. Her kind demeanor is often seen as her weakness as she lets her guard down.

14. Mayu from The Everyday Tales of a Cat God (Nekogami Yaoyorozu)

mayu the everyday tales of a cat god
Mayu from The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

Here we have a “Nekogami,” a cat god, who has the invaluable skill of somehow finding lost stuff. Though that is indeed useful, Mayu herself just lazes around all day, playing video games, reading manga, eating, sleeping, and then repeating the cycle. 

She is a small, cute girl with big cat ears, and has a face that bears quite a lot of pleasant expressions. Needless to say, it’s never boring with her around. Just a kawaii cat girl playing around and the story of her daily antics.

13. Koneko Toujou from High School DxD

koneko toujou

Born to a human father and a Nekomata mother, Koneko is a rare species of cat girl called the Nekoshou. She has seen her sister lose her Nekomata abilities which traumatized her, becoming much more severe and stern.

Koneko holds several powers, including healing through Senjutsu and sealing souls. The ability of Touki, where Koneko can increase her defense by covering herself and Kasha, summoning huge wheels of flames. When she transforms into a cat girl she has the powers of Nekomata.

Koneko loves to dress like a cat, and often hides and reveals her cat features. She has two ears and a tail and into her Shirone self, where she can grow into a much more mature and thicc cat girl body with white hair and golden eyes.

12. Neko from K Project

neko k project

“Neko,” a name that literally translates to the word “cat”, is a sweet and cheerful girl who values relationships above all things. In her words, she says that whenever bad stuff happens or whenever it’ll happen again, all she seeks is some good food and someone to eat it with.

A beautiful statement if I must say so myself. 

Neko’s appearance is quite radiant because of her white hair, pale skin, slender physique, and pleasant cat ears. She doesn’t like wearing clothes because she feels they are too restricting. 

Another interesting thing about her is the color of her eyes. One of them is colored blue, while the other is green. That’s right, she also has heterochromia. 

Though as far as her abilities go, she has the power to create and alter memories.

11. Haineko from Bleach

haineko bleach

A lazy furry red hair, and a fierce swordswoman. Haineko (Japanese for ‘ash cat’) is the spirit of Rangiku’s sword. It takes the shape of a cat’s head, with two triangles on the top half curving into ear points, and the bottom half tapering down into a single point.

Haineko is a very physical and fast female samurai In battle, she trash-talks her opponent, often time making them annoyed which leads them to make mistakes. She gets into a fury rage attack whenever she gets injured or insulted.

Haineko is famous for being vulgar, impatience and obsessed with body image. She holds narrow ideas about how women and men should look, and what makes them attractive.

10. Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police

natsuki sasahara hyper police

Natsuki is a kind, clumsy cat girl samurai with green hair. She has the magical ability to create electric shocks, yet she has a poor hold over her powers as a youngster, so don’t get too close, or you might get burned!

With her two protruding black cat ears and a tail, she’s a perfect feline, getting distracted by strings and constantly grooming herself. She even has a favorite catnip drink, which has a pseudo-alcoholic effect on her.

Natsuki was once held hostage but managed to electrocute the criminals without any added casualties. Impressed by her, she is hired by the police and goes on to become the company’s #2 bounty hunter.

However, her allies pay a considerable cost since the clumsy Natsuki often shoots her own friends. Ouch!

9. Himari Noihara from Omamori

anime neko gril

Here’s a cat swordswoman I’d want as my bodyguard. Himari is a demon that can transform into a girl. She usually carries a katana to protect the anime’s MC. I suppose. But she has shown herself to be quite capable of taking care of herself.

Unlike other cat girls that keep tripping and showing us blue and white undergarments, Himari is a pretty polished strong character. She has an elegant personality but she can quickly get angry if someone approaches her master.

Her signature outfit is definitely her pink bow with ponytail hair and a gothic school uniform. She likes people that are loyal to her.

8. Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

alicia rue anime cat girl

As a major character from Sword Art Online, Alicia Rue has managed to become a fan favorite. She has a cute slim figure, somewhat blonde hair, and big cat ears. Her one-piece body armor exposes the beauty of her tanned skin, and the bell on her collar makes her stand out even among the other cat girls on this list. 

However, despite her friendly appearance, this young cat girl has been learning darkness attribute magic. Though it may sound sinister, its implications aren’t that scary. 

For example, the spell called Moonlight Mirror is something that requires the moonlight to take effect, but it’s just long-distance communication.

Though we do not know who the real-life character is behind Alicia’s avatar in-game, people like to role-play and she nails roleplaying as a cat girl.

Alicia is very noticeable with her dark skin and blondie spike hair.

7. Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach

yoruichi shihoin bleach

From the famous manga and anime bleach, I present you with the beautiful dark skin cat girl, Yoruichi! She is not with cat features in her human form; however, she can transform into a black cat for a long time. She loves her cat form and gets very offended if someone negatively comments on it or it gets hurt.

A peculiar habit of Yoruichi is converting from her cat self to her human form in front of people, emerging all naked to see their reactions. It looks like she finds it amusing, and we sure don’t mind, do we? In her cat form, she also happens to have a male voice which adds to the bewilderment.

Yoruichi, however, is a witty, intelligent woman. She gives excellent power of speed and feline transformation, which makes her an A-class fighter. With her tan skin, purple hair, and sleek feline form, Yoruichi is a desirable cat girl.

6. Eris from Cat Planet Cuties

eris anime cat girl

Eris is a bombshell girl, but most importantly, she is a busty alien who has come to Earth in order to learn more about Earthlings. She meets a young boy at a memorial and the next thing you know, she is lying in his bed. 

Though while she may be an ambassador, she is quite sweet and carefree, her personality is also reflected through her somewhat orange hair and prominent cat ears. She also has a bell on her neck which serves as a cherry on top. 

She is the kind of character from whom you can’t take your eyes off whenever she is on the screen, of course I mean her bell choker around her neck… to sum it up: A fine cat girl ambassador indeed.

5. Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew

ichigo momomiya tokyo mew mew
Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew

A third meow meow girl to join the list is the young pink-haired girl named Ichigo. She was supposedly on a date with her crush when she experienced a cat entering her body before losing consciousness. From there on out, in a dire situation, she ends up transforming into a cat.

Soon enough she discovers that she was injected with cat DNA so that she can become a human girl and help save the world together with four others.

As far as her cat girl transformation goes, the trigger lies in her Mew Pendant. As rainbow-like light bursts from her pendant, she curls up while the DNA flows through her body, and when she throws her arm upwards while twirling, her uniform emerges, cat ears and tail pop up, and she subsequently takes the appearance of a cat-like girl.

The entire sequence is like a stage show which ultimately ends with her signature pose!

4. Leone from Akame Ga Kill

anime cat girl

Akame Ga Kill is one of those anime that pulled out the game of thrones card and murdered every character I ever loved, but it was Leone who stole my heart. She was the one that kept the Night Raid together. She was the big sister of the entire group that took care of everyone and kept everyone in check when needed

As a member of a prominent assassin group, this cheerful female assassin is dangerous, especially considering how capable she is when it comes to gathering information and being composed.

At first glance, she may look like a blonde beauty considering how the first glance is always directed towards her two gigantic balloons. Though when she does her cat girl transformation, her furry hair becomes longer, her cat ears become more prominent as well as her tail and claws. She starts to resemble a lioness. 

Her skills are mostly in the line of the enhancement of her speed and reflexes, not to mention, the sixth sense of animals runs amok in her.

Her hand-to-hand combat goes amazing with her unique cat-like features and she was one of the hardest characters to beat by the enemies.  

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3. Millianna from Fairy Tail

anime neko girls

In a friendship-oriented anime like “Fairy Tail,” there exists Millianna, a beautiful cat girl with brown hair, furry cat ears, and a mature physique. Despite going through a tough past as a slave, she still grew up to be an optimistic person. 

As a kitty girl herself, she is also quite affectionate towards cats. 

Come game time, she becomes a force of nature. As a mage of the all-female guild, “Mermaid Heel,” a wizard guild. She is well versed in the art of magic, fully capable of conjuring and manipulating tubes to restrict or attack her characters. Her physical combat is also something to watch out for. 

She had a curvaceous figure choker around her neck and loves to show it off. She used to be a pretty depressing and sad character but after she joined Mermaid Heel, it seems she has found friends that make her a happy girl.

2. Blair from Soul Eater

anime cat girl

After going through all these different cat girls, here we have a special cat witch. This youngster named Blair is capable of switching between a cat girl and a human girl. 

When she is a human, she is this glistening hotness with violet hair and black attire. Though when she goes through her cat girl transformation, she becomes a purple cat with big yellow eyes and fluffy cat ears whilst keeping her usual witch hat. 

As for her abilities, she is so adept in the art of magic that she often gets confused as a genuine witch. Be it the transformation, the nine lives, or the versatility of magic, she can do it all.

1. Neferpitou from Hunter X Hunter

catgirls anime

I saved Neferpitou, my favorite anime cat girl, for the very end, nicknamed Pitou, is a cat humanoid Chimera ant. With an immense sense of vision, hearing, and smell, Pitou is one of the fiercest of the Royal Gard and even managed to kill Kite with minimum injuries.

As half a cat, Pitou often behaves like one, easily getting distracted and being curious and playful. Most notably, he is known to play with his opponents as a cat plays with its prey.

Geez, that’s kind of scary, haha. Neferpitou appears with short gothic white hair and cat ears and a tail. It is not sure whether Pitou is a cat girl or a cat boy, but is often referred to as ‘he.’ I guess we’ll leave it to you guys!

Honroble Mention: Tamaki Kotatsu form Fire Force

tamaki kotatsu fire force

Do I have to issue another spoiler warning, clear? Okay, now we can discuss the cutest clutz the amazing Tamaki.

She is a third-generation Nekomata, named after the two-tailed cat youkai of Japanese legend. When activated she has two tails made of cat-shaped armor flames.

Unlike other anime catgirls, Tamaki has minimal cat gestures and behaviors. But she is definitely a flame-like cat girl superhero. When she charges her opponents, she runs on all fours which strengthens her kitty character motif.

After training with the Special Fire Force Company 7, she joined the 8th, but at first, was the weakest link. But Tamaki learned from her mistakes, worked on her insecurities, and slowly became a fighting beast!

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