Hell on Earth Faceoff: Who Would You Recruit To Conquer The World?

Hell is often used to frighten people into behaving well and treating others with respect but is it really that bad a place? Luckily, many films have shown us that the answer to this question is a resounding YES. Gateways to hell opening on Earth is bad news for everyone, with demons, monsters, and nightmarish creatures crawling out to wreak havoc. In this poll, we face off the 10 ghastliest beings to ever cross over from the

Hellboy vs Death

Both of the below have come from the underworld with the sole purpose of dragging you back with them. Who would you have a better chance of talking out of it? the red superhero Hellboy (Hellboy, movie), Death (The seventh Seal, 1957 movie)?

Who are you more likely to talk out of dragging you into the underworld?

Spawn vs Ghost Rider

You’ve been murdered by a drug kingpin! You can come back as one of the below to avenge your death. Who would you choose? Spawn (Spawn, movie) Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider, movies)?

Who would you come back as after being murdered to avenge your death?

Faun vs Charon

You need someone to guide you through the afterlife and show you what’s what. Who would you choose? Faun (Pan’s Labyrinth) Charon (Clash of the Titans)?

Who would you choose to guide you through the afterlife?

Hades vs Kronos

You’re gearing up for war and could use a powerful ally to fight alongside your forces. Who would you choose to join you? Hades (Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, movie) or Kronos (Wrath of the Titans)?

Which of the below would you choose to fight alongside your army?

The Makhai vs Furies

You’re forming an army made up of warriors from the underworld. Which of the below would you recruit to conquer the world? The Makhai (Wrath of the Titans, movie) Furies (Once Upon a Time, TV series)

Which warrior from the underworld would you recruit to your army?
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