Juggernaut vs Hulk: Who Wins The Battle Of The Beasts?

Today we are bringing you yet another battle report facing off the biggest colossus (not the X-Men Colossus, mind you) of the Marvel universe: Juggernaut vs Hulk! Two of the greatest super brawn beasts in the history of comics. This time we are going to resolve once and for all who would win in a battle between these two characters.

Juggernaut vs Hulk: Powers

Of course, this is a battle that involves two powerful beasts like Hulk and Juggernaut. Power is one thing these two have in spades. It is something that has defined the character throughout the years in the comics.

They are the very definition of brute force and two of the most powerful characters in the world of comics. Specifically when it comes to the Marvel universe. They are all about raw power, strength and basically walking over their opposition. In that regard, we are going to detail how powerful these characters are. They are both perfect examples of how far they have come to highlight their virtues.

How powerful is Hulk?

juggernaut vs hulk
How powerful is hulk?

If we talk about raw power, there isn’t a character in the Marvel universe (and probably in the vast majority of the comic book industry) that is a better representation of that than the Incredible Hulk. Of course, we have had multiple interpretations of the character throughout the years.

But this is the classic version of the Green Goliath and the one we are going to use here. In that regard, you don’t even have to be a comic book fan to understand that the Hulk is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time! He is one whose strength only seems to increase as he gets angrier.

His rage has been a trope in a lot of different storylines in the comics. It plays a lot in how far he can go in terms of power. While he doesn’t have any specific superpowers beyond superhuman strength, Hulk has a lot of stamina and endurance.

He can be really annoying to fight against. Even if his rivals are as strong, the green beast simply doesn’t get tired. You are usually better off waiting for Bruce Banner to take over again. In fact, there was one occasion when the Beyonder, one of the most powerful entities of the Marvel universe, said that the Hulk has a limitless amount of strength. He said that he can become even stronger, surpassing his own previously established limits.

Hulk is not only a powerhouse but also a character that has an endless amount of potential. He definitely becomes more and more powerful.

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How powerful is Juggernaut?

juggernaut vs hulk
How powerful is Juggernaut?

The Juggernaut may not be as known as the Incredible Hulk. But he is still fairly popular in the comic book world. He is one of the definitive X-Men villains, so we deal with another fully established and extremely powerful individual.

If we focus on the classic version of the Juggernaut, then we need to point out that Cain Marko, contrary to the popular belief, is not actually a mutant despite his long connection with the X-Men franchise. He is actually a normal human being who just happened to obtain a jewel bestowed by the entity Cyttorak. It turned him into a powerful individual known as the Juggernaut.

As the Juggernaut, Cain Marko is capable of destroying mountains. He has superhuman strength, (He demonstrated his powers to the point of lifting buildings), a lot of endurance, and even the capacity to create mystical force fields that make him invulnerable to any attack.

Juggernaut is synonymous with raw strength and intense amounts of power. The giant beast showed time and time again a wide array of adaptations. There are very few characters in the history of Marvel comics that can stand up to the Juggernaut. Luckily for us, we set him up against one of the few that can pull that off.

Hulk vs Juggernaut

Hulk vs Juggernaut: Battle conditions

Now that we analyzed each character’s strengths, we move on to analyze their abilities and skills.

This is a six-round Faceoff where we measure parameters such as strength, intelligence, biggest feat, adaptability, and powers in six rounds. The character that wins the most categories is naturally the winner of this Faceoff.

The battle will take place on Earth in a barren land. Think of the typical Dragon Ball Z landscape for battles. Something along those lines.

Due to the constant reboots and a wide variety of universes, there are many different versions of Hulk and Juggerhunt. It plays a big role in terms of their abilities, their capacities, and of course their power levels. So, in that regard, we are going to focus on the “classic” versions: Universe 616 Hulk and universe 616 Juggernaut. These are highly regarded as the versions of the characters we are more familiar with.

It is also worth pointing out that these versions are classic. Green Goliath Hulk is all rage and strength and the Cain Marko incarnation of the Juggernaut. So no Colossus/Juggernaut, no Red Hulk, no Blue Hulk, or anything along those lines in this battle.

So without further ado, let’s do this and let’s smash, as the Hulk says!

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 1: Strength

This is a skill category where both of these characters stand out the most. It is the one that has generated the highest amount of debates in the world of comic book fans. In terms of strength, who is stronger, the Incredible Hulk or the mighty Juggernaut? Well, today we will address this issue.

There is no denying that the Juggernaut is one of those mighty enemies in the Marvel universe. He has managed to put a wide variety of superheroes to the sword.

With the likes of Spider-Man (who is actually quite underrated in terms of strength) having to push himself to his absolute limits to be able to deal with Cain Marko.

It is also very telling that the likes of the X-Men, who are a whole team of superpowered beings, cannot deal with the Juggernaut altogether. It goes to show how powerful this guy is and how difficult it is to deal with him.

Of course, he also has a ton of superhuman strength. Throughout the years, Juggernaut destroyed buildings, and mountains, which further highlights the levels of strength he has.

That is why Wolverine once described him as “The closest thing on Earth to an irresistible force”. However, the Incredible Hulk wins round 1!

Juggernaut vs Hulk
Source: Marvel.com

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 2: Raw Physical Strength

In terms of raw physical strength, you can’t do better in the world of comics than the Hulk. He is the definitive brute force of comics and certainly of the Marvel universe as a whole. He constantly shows time and time again how powerful he is.

Hulk can face off against Doomsday and stand up to a wide variety of powerful beings. He won’t have any problem taking on Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thanos, the Thing, and the Abomination. It just goes to show how powerful he is.

Hulk can go all-in on an extremely powerful villain like Onslaught. He managed to hurt him quite heavily. Something that the vast majority of Marvel superheroes couldn’t do for large portions in the 90s comics. He is that strong!

While Cain Marko is certainly no pushover. When he sets in motion, he can be incredibly powerful. It has been proven that the Hulk can only get stronger as he gets angrier. This can be quite handy in a brawl with the Juggernaut. We must take that into account because the Green Goliath gets angrier the more he fights with someone of his caliber.

It is certainly a great contest in terms of physical strength. But we are going to go give this one to the Incredible Hulk. Simply, his strength has no boundaries and it has been tested against stronger opposition. Hulk wins round 2!

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 3: Adaptability

This is a very interesting parameter to explore. In this round, we measure both characters’ capacity to adapt to different circumstances. How Juggernaut and Hulk can deal with the many different variables that may show up during a battle?

In that regard, both characters are not known for their adaptability. They rely a lot more on their brute force and what they can do with it. But, we also have to take into account that there are some examples that might put this situation Hulk on top.

When it comes to terms of adaptability, it is always very important to remember that the Hulk has been the main character of his own comic book series for decades. Therefore he has been part of a wide array of stories and adventures, constantly pushing him into different situations and challenges, which goes to show that he is probably much better suited to adapt than the Juggernaut. Even if perhaps is not his strong suit.

One of the greatest examples of this perspective is one of the character’s most iconic storylines. Planet Hulk is where he is sent to another planet and naturally has to adapt to a new world, a new environment, a new culture, a new race, etc.

That alone is a greater example of adaptability than anything that the Juggernaut has ever done in this particular section. So we have to give the Green Goliath the edge on this one. Hulk wins round 3!

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 4: Intellect

Okay, it is fairly obvious that these two aren’t the brightest characters in terms of intellect. They don’t usually rely on their brains in order to win battles. This round is something that can go either way. But we are going to lean the balance in the Juggernaut’s favor.

While Cain Marko is not known for his world-class intellect, the reality is that he is a lot more rational and articulate than the Hulk, who is known for basically being a physical representation of rage and raw strength. Sure, there are occasions when Bruce Banner stepped in to help. But, this isn’t one of those cases. This is something that we need to take into account in order to get a proper analysis.

So while we are not talking about characters that are known for these traits, the Juggernaut gets a slight edge as he would be able to come up with a better strategy. He would come up with more ideas in this battle while the Hulk would be thinking purely about smashing. It isn’t the most exciting of battles from an intellectual perspective.

However, the Juggernaut gets the nod in this particular regard, The Juggernaut wins round 4!

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 5: Biggest Feat

If we are talking about the greatest feats and the biggest displays of their powers and abilities, there is simply no debate. There are three words to explain that: The Incredible Hulk! Once again, being such a prominent character of Marvel Comics has allowed the Hulk to be able to do a lot of incredible (no pun intended) feats. This has been a running theme of sorts as comic book writers seem eager to push the character further and further.

Juggernaut reaches far greater heights in terms of what he can do. This is why he is the winner of this round because there is a lot to choose from. This is a character that has held the weight of the Sun. He once lighted an entire universe by punching it (yes, that actually happened).

Juggernaut destroyed a pocket universe with a thunderclap. And he was able to handle his own against some of the strongest entities of the Marvel universe.

Onslaught is a prime example of what the Hulk is capable of when he is pushed to the limits of his abilities. This is no disrespect to the Juggernaut. He has also accomplished a lot of incredible feats over the years. But he is certainly no Green Goliath!

This is one of those skill categories where there is simply too much of a gap. So there can only be a winner in this discussion. Hulk wins round 5!

Juggernaut vs Hulk Round 6: Abilities

In this round, we are going to talk about the different abilities that these characters have and what they can do in a battle. For the sake of discussion, we are talking about superpowers, so that could be a better way to look at it.

The Hulk’s set of powers is pretty rudimentary in terms of what powerful superheroes tend to have. He has superhuman strength, durability, and, as we have mentioned before, a limitless amount of physical power.

So when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, there isn’t any other fighter in the Marvel universe as powerful as the Hulk. However, the Juggernaut has a similar set of powers. But, as we have also mentioned before, he has the capacity to raise mystic energy fields that protect him from any harm.

That proves to be quite handy against someone as powerful as the Incredible Hulk. Sure, these fields can be destroyed and it has happened in the comics, but it is still a very powerful defense. It’s something that would certainly be used by Cain Marko in this hypothetical conflict.

So when it comes to the powers department, both the Juggernaut and the Hulk have very similar abilities. But there is a bit more variety with the former. So we are going to give him the edge in this department. Juggernaut wins round 6!

Hulk vs Juggernaut: Who Wins? Verdict

juggernaut vs hulk
Hulk vs Juggernaut: Verdict

As you have seen in this Faceoff, we have the Incredible Hulk as the winner winning a 4:2 score. And to be honest, it seems logical when we consider that this is a character that has been developed even more than the Juggernaut.

Therefore he had a lot more stories to develop and show greater samples of his strength, adaptability, and feats, which are the parameters that gave him the victory.

Faceoff Verdict: Hulk Wins!

Although we think this would still be a phenomenal battle and comic book fans everywhere would enjoy it quite a lot! What do you think? Who would win in this battle? Drop a comment and we will read your thoughts about it.


kaleb_lovewell on February 15, 2021:

Well if this is between the Two film adaptations, It’s hard to say. We’ve only seen him fight Colossus and that fight wasn’t exactly to a standstill. But considering that the MCU Hulk fought a machine that was built to fight him specifically, my money is on Hulk.

dobladubs_sairen on February 16, 2021:

Let’s be real for a second: Hulk is really gonna win!!!

toaster866 on February 18, 2021:

The juggernaut cant be beaten only slowed down and hulk is basically invincible

sheluvvs.kev on February 18, 2021:

If juggernaut beats him quick then hulk doesn’t have a chance

luvphoenix12 on February 19, 2021:

Thanos and juggernaut are two different people and Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets trust me he wins yea juggernaut gonna put up a good fight but hulk wins

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