Doomsday vs Hulk: Battle Of The Beasts

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another Faceoff battle report! This time we host two beasts: Doomsday vs Hulk, who would win? Hulk is a one-man- army, a walking tank, the World Breaker, and the strongest Avenger. Doomsday is Superman’s killer, evolution’s peak, catastrophe’s crystalline cabal. Their physical strength terrifies superheroes and villains alike and, at times, both rampaging behemoths have appeared to be unstoppable.

Can Hulk beat Doomsday? Truly, the power levels in this fight are nearly incalculable. But that’s just more reason for us to try to break it down to specifics and come up with a winner.

Doomsday vs Hulk: Battle conditions

Doomsday vs Hulk
Doomsday vs Hulk

The battle takes place on the desert planet Arrakis, with giant sandworms reacting to the fight. Comics Savage Hulk. Comics Doomsday. This is a one-off fight, NOT a series of fights. No coming back after you die. To death or submission. The combatants will be put through five excruciating rounds in the following key factors: Strength. Adaptivity. Intellect. Speed. Biggest Feat. Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle! Starts at 1 mile.

How powerful is Doomsday?

Doomsday is easily beyond some of the most dangerous villains that humankind could encounter. He was created and evolved through cloning an infant and having it killed over and over again aiming to build the ultimate life form. As a result, Doomsday has been unintentionally programmed at the genetic level to hate and kill everything that lives. He has no remorse and doesn’t think twice about his actions, all he wants to do is kill any living things.

He also became a monster that doesn’t need to eat, breath,e or have internal organs to live. Due to the experiments, Doomsday’s greatest power of all is his ability to adapt to his opponents’ powers and build immunity over any attacks that comes his way.

Doomsday vs Hulk
Doomsday vs Hulk: Doomsday quote: “superman I’m here to kill you”

Here are some of Doomsday’s feats:

He was able to penetrate Superman’s skin through brute force alone, a feat deemed impossible. Not only has he killed Superman before, but he’s also beaten the meat out of Darkseid, who simultaneously held off the entire Justice League. Doomsday shrugged off the Omega Beam like it was nothing and managed to defeat Darkseid. He ripped Plastic Man Apart (Another feat deemed impossible). In theory, there is no way to defeat Doomsday. This is why Superman brought Doomsday to the end of time to defeat him, erasing him from existence completely.

How powerful is Hulk?

The classic catchphrase is “Hulk is the strongest there is”. Hulk is a creature spawned by Gamma radiation and fueled by pure rage. The madder the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. When the Hulk is in a tense situation, his adrenaline rises, and his strength increases exponentially. While in a relatively relaxed state, he has been known to lift 100 tons with ease, but in an angered state (as he was during the Secret Wars) he has held 150 billion!! Ton mountain aloft to save his fellow heroes.

Hulk has been known to break materials like Plasti-Then and Adamantium, both of which are durable enough to survive hits from Thor and Ultron. He has defeated the mighty Onslaught, an unstoppable sentient psionic entity that forced all of Earth’s heroes to confront him.

Hulk won’t have any problem taking on Juggernaut who also has a ton of superhuman strength. He has escaped Earth’s gravitational pull with a single jump. The powerful superhero The Hulk has shattered mountains, tossed continents, and taken down gods. Hulk has been known to recover from just about any injury and defeat just about any Earth-based superhero depending on how mad he is.

At his peak, he was able to break the full Eastern Seaboard of North America while holding back his full power. As Doc Samson puts it: “There truly seems to be no limit to the Hulk’s strength!” In short, even Doomsday wouldn’t like Hulk when he’s angry. With several parameters in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Doomsday and The Hulk, and who would win a fight in five rounds?

Doomsday vs Hulk
Hulk quotes: “Don’t Make Me Angry” Marvel Comics

Doomsday vs Hulk Round 1: Strength

Hulk’s strength is based on anger. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. He possesses the potential for immense and seemingly limitless strength depending directly on his emotional state, particularly his anger. Once, after the Justice League member returned to Earth following the events of Planet Hulk, he got so angry at the people that shipped him off-world that he leveled half of Manhattan with a single step and almost sunk it. Savage Hulk starts at right below the class 100 range and then builds up to World War Hulk then World Breaker Hulk etc. However, this takes time. At the beginning of the fight, Hulk’s anger wouldn’t have peaked yet, and this is Doomsday’s chance to strike. Still, in terms of pure, physical strength Hulk has a clear advantage and he wins this round.

Doomsday vs Hulk Round 2: Adaptivity

Part of Doomsday’s genetic makeup allows him to adapt mid-battle to any and every challenge thrown at him. During his time as a baby, he was constantly dying, only to be brought back even stronger than before. Doomsday has what’s called Reactive Evolution which means the ability to adapt to attacks in order to become resistant or immune to them, and more successful under the given conditions.

It may take some time for him to adjust to Hulk’s attacks (provided that it will not kill Doomsday instantly, which is highly unlikely), but he should become more resistant to them pretty fast. Moreover, Reactive Evolution also improves the user with new abilities, greater resistance, more power, etc. For instance, when he was fighting the Martian Manhunter, who is weak to fire, he gained the ability to breathe flame. He has even given himself the ability to fly in battle when he needed to.

So, throughout the fight, we should expect to see Doomsday rapidly evolving to exploit Hulk’s weaknesses and come up with a few unpleasant surprises for the big green smashing machine. For that, Doomsday definitely takes this round.

Doomsday vs Hulk Round 3: Battle Intellect

While Doomsday is a soulless beast with very little aside from destruction on his mind, Savage Hulk, although hyper-Violent too, still has some intelligence. Savage Hulk’s intellect is similar to an animal or a child rather than a developed adult.

However, in combat, he’s smart enough to figure out how to defeat opponents even when his brute strength won’t work, such as when he defeated Diablo, a being whose body is composed of smoke, by using power claps that disperse his smoke-like form. Also, Hulk is known to use large debris as a shield or pick up chunks of debris and bombard his enemies with them.

Hulk uses Thunderclaps and Groundpounds in a fight and is actually good at figuring out how to win or exploit weaknesses or incapacitate enemies without actually hurting them. We can’t say they are of the same intelligence as Dr. Doom and Thanos, as weird as it may sound but Savage Hulk is the smarter character. This round is a win for Hulk.

Doomsday vs Hulk Round 3: Speed

Despite his large size, Doomsday can move, react and respond at superhuman speeds that cannot be followed, perceived, or detected by the human eye. In fact. He is so fast that he managed to surprise Maxima twice in a row in one fight (and  Maxima has such a degree of superhuman speed that she could easily move faster than the speed of light and proven herself to be able to keep up with speedsters such as the Flash).

Doomsday has regularly fought against Speedsters and Superpowered Beings with Immeasurable Speed like Flash and Superman. He has even managed to catch the flash which moves at light speed. Although it is hard to determine Doomsday’s actual running/travel speed, it is safe to say that his reaction time is at least equal to Superman’s.

That kind of speed is very rare in the Marvel universe. Now, relative to his size, the Hulk’s reaction speeds are also quite incredible. He managed to catch Silver Surfers board mid-flight. He is definitely fast enough to deal with moderate superhuman speed. Hulk can run at speeds up to 600 miles per hour. However, he is by no means the Flash and he isn’t light-speed fast. It is quite obvious that Doomsday is faster, maybe even to the point of taking Hulk completely off guard with his speed. Doomsday is the clear winner in this regard.

Doomsday vs Hulk Round 4: Feat of strength

While leveling Manhattan with a single step is not a feat to be taken lightly, it still doesn’t quite compare to actually killing Superman. Doomsday was the first villain to ever be able to kill the man of steel — a feat no one else could ever accomplish. When he did this the entire world—the real one—was shocked. And Doomsday did more than that – he made Superman fear him. That’s right! Doomsday is one of the few beings that Superman is afraid of. Doomsday’s actions mark an incredible moment in all of comic book history, which cannot be said for any of the Hulk’s actions. Therefore, we’re giving this round easily to Doomsday.

Doomsday vs The Hulk: Who wins? Verdict

Doomsday vs Hulk: Who Wis?
Doomsday vs Hulk: Who Wis? Final Results, Doomsday wins

As you can see, this battle is certainly a close one. The reason is that Doomsday and Hulk actually have a very similar power set. Both of them are incredibly strong, and both have the capacity to get vastly stronger over the course of a fight. Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets, and Doomsday adapts as the fight goes on to be able to defeat his enemies.

Both of them have regenerative healing factors, allowing them to easily heal from mortal wounds like nothing, and both of them are surprisingly fast for their size (although, as we said, Doomsday is faster). However, this is one fight Hulk cannot win. It is unlikely his rage will ever grow strong enough to overcome Doomsday.

Doomsday’s victories against the likes of Superman and Darkseid prove he can take hits from someone strong enough to break planets. This will likely be a very long fight. And the longer the fight goes on the more of a chance Doomsday causes Hulk to revert back to Bruce Banner, which is something that happened to Hulk more than once when he was bombarded with radiation or under tremendous stress. And with his superior speed, Doomsday is going to put ceaseless stress on Hulk. Of course, if that happens then Banner is toast.

There are ways for Hulk to win this fight, but Doomsday WINS!

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