All Dragon Ball Z Power Levels [2023]

If you have a problem keeping track of all the Dragon Ball Z power levels, then we got just the thing for you. In this list, we have all the official Dragon Ball Z power levels that will help you make order out of chaos. The Power Levels are an integral part of the Dragon Ball universe.

DBZ power levels are readings mainly produced by wearable devices called Scouters that can measure how much power a fighter has at any given time. They do so by detecting a person’s life force energy called Ki and then converting it into numbers of an unspecified unit. The resulting number is the “Power Level” of that person’s physical ability. Hence, Power levels are a big factor in Dragon Ball, as they can supposedly determine whether or not a fighter can defeat another fighter. Whoever is numerically stronger almost always wins their fight.

DBZ is considered by many the most important anime of all time. It has fights that can make you easily hyped and it introduced the world to the Super Saiyan transformation, easily the greatest moment in anime history. Seriously, when Goku transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan for the first time and his black hair turned to blond the world stopped turning for a moment. We all spend our childhood watching DBZ’s episodes every day. It was a pioneer of anime and probably the first to quantify strength. In the list below we will detail all known and confirmed Dragon Ball Z power levels for every character in every saga and movie.

All of the levels are taken from the official anime, manga, movies, Daizenshuu guides, movie pamphlets, and video game sources. Characters who do not have official Dragon Ball Z power levels will not appear on this list. Also, the list does not include video games that have their own different scale of power levels. Are you ready? Here we go with all the Dragon Ball Z power levels.

{2023 edit}: Ever since the March 18, 2022 release of Chapter 82 in Dragon Ball Super, where we all got to see the brief return of the Saiyan Scouter, I’ve been wanting to go back to this list and expand a bit about some of the power level readings some of the characters got. That chapter reminded me just how fun was the concept of the power levels in the first half of Dragon Ball Z, so I added some text below to make your experience more valuable. Hope you enjoy it!    

Dead Zone Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Dead Zone

Ginger: power level 350

Ginger is one of Garlic Jr.’s three henchmen. He usually attacks along with the other two henchmen, Sancho and Nicky. He is very powerful as demonstrated by incapacitating Chi-Chi and Ox-King when they refused to hand over the four-star Dragon Ball. When Goku’s son Gohan refuses to give up the ball and runs, Ginger effortlessly grabs him and takes him to Garlic Jr.’s fortress. However, when Goku arrives at the fortress to save Gohan, Ginger fails to stop him and eventually perishes.

Sansho: power level 350

Sansho is also one of Garlic Jr.’s three henchmen. During the trio’s fight against Goku, Sansho becomes separated from the other henchmen and tries to attack Krillin, but is stopped by Piccolo. Though Sansho declares that he does not need his comrades’ help to defeat Piccolo, Sansho is still quickly slain after Piccolo punches him through several pillars and is killed. So, we guess it means he did need help fighting Piccolo!

Nicky: power level 350

Also one of Garlic Jr.’s three henchmen, Nicky fought Goku alongside Ginger. Nicky was badly injured when Goku, using his Powe Pole, knocked him into a nearby tower. He was then vaporized by the same mighty energy blast that also killed Ginger.

Garlic Jr.: power level 1,450

Garlic Junior is the main antagonist of the Dead Zone saga, who was granted eternal life by the Dragon Balls. In his untransformed state, before he shifted into a brutish second form, he managed to defeat Kami with just little effort. In his transformed state, he was strong enough to initially overpower both Goku and Piccolo simultaneously, taking little damage from their assaults. However, after removing their weighted clothing, the tables soon turned and Garlic Jr. was seemingly defeated, though his immortality saved him from death.

Raditz Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Raditz Saga

Farmer: DBZ power level 5

The Farmer is the first human to encounter Raditz when he arrives on Earth. He tries to kill Raditz with a gun for trespassing on his property but is incapacitated very quickly by the mighty Saiyan warrior. In short, as if we didn’t know, regular humans should not try to deal with full-blooded Saiyan warriors!

  • Base Power Son Goku: 334
  • Son Goku Without Weighted Clothing: 416
  • Goku using Kamehameha: 924

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Goku is easily subdued by his older brother, Raditz, who delivers a single kick to Goku’s ribs, knocking him down. Raditz then kidnaps Goku’s son Gohan. Goku joins forces with Piccolo to fight this full-blooded Saiyan. When they find Raditz, they both take off their weighted clothing to begin the fight. However, even with their shared strength, Raditz still holds the upper hand. Only with the help of Gohan unleashing his inner powers to attack Raditz and weaken him, do Goku and Piccolo manage to kill Raditz, but Goku also dies.

  • Base Power Piccolo: 322
  • Piccolo Without Weighted Clothing: 408
  • Special Beam Cannon #1 Piccolo: 1,330
  • Special Beam Cannon #2 Piccolo: 1,480

When Piccolo first meets Raditz, he fires a powerful attack at him, but Raditz shrugs it off without a single dent. Raditz ignores Piccolo, who is no match for him. Piccolo offers Goku to help him defeat Raditz, who plans to destroy humanity, and also kidnaps Gohan to extort Goku. Raditz fires two energy waves at them and Piccolo loses his left arm by disintegration. Using a new technique Piccolo developed to pierce even the strongest of bodies, naming it the Special Beam Cannon, Piccolo fires the blast, but Raditz manages to evade it. When all hopes seem lost, Gohan manages to destroy the space pod he was contained in. He manages to hurt Raditz greatly by smashing into his chest. Due to Raditz being weaker from the assault, Piccolo manages to kill Raditz with the Special Beam Cannon, killing also Goku who sacrificed his life to restrain Raditz.

  • Base Poer Son Gohan: 1
  • Son Gohan Inside Raditz’s Space pod: 710
  • Enraged vs Raditz Son Gohan: 1,307

After Raditz kidnaps Gohan, he locks him up in his space pod. During the fight between Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz, Gohan becomes very angry and breaks free of the pod. When Gohan sees Raditz torturing Goku, he charges at him and delivers an overwhelming blow to Raditz. The blow weakens Raditz, giving Goku and Piccolo time to kill the evil Saiyan. Certainly, this episode proved that Gohan’s potential is unbelievable.

  • Raditz (Battle vs Goku and Piccolo): 1,500

Vegeta Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Vegeta Saga


  • Bulma: 12
  • Master Roshi: 139
  • Turtle: 0.001
  • Krillin: 206
  • Tien Shinhan: 250
  • Yamcha: 177
  • Piccolo: 329
  • Kami: 220
  • Mr. Popo: 1,030
  • King Kai: 3,500
  • Gregory: 1,100
  • Bubbles: 1,000
  • Princess Snake: 900
  • King Yemma: 1,300

(Saiyan Invasion)

  • Son Goku (suppressed): 5,000
  • Son Goku: Over 8,000
  • Goku (Kaio-ken x3): 17,000 to 21,000+

In the afterlife, Goku trains and increases his strength considerably. Meanwhile, on Earth, Goku’s friends manage to wish him back to life using the seven Dragon Balls. He arrives back on Earth to join the fight against the hot anime bad boy Vegeta and Nappa, two Sayan warriors who are even more powerful than Raditz.

With his newfound power, Goku defeats Nappa without much difficulty, taking Nappa’s ultimate attack, the Break Cannon, head-on without a problem. He then faces the more powerful Vegeta. After a long battle, Vegeta is eventually defeated by Goku’s Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb techniques, and the timely intervention of Goku’s companions. However, Goku had been brutally beaten to near death, with his legs getting crushed and broken by Vegeta.

  • Piccolo: 3,500
  • Krillin: 1,770
  • Tien Shinhan: 1,830
  • Yamcha: 1,480
  • Son Gohan: 981
  • Son Gohan (using Masenko): 2,800
  • Yajirobe: 970
  • Chiaotzu: 610
  • Saibamen: 1,200
  • Nappa: 4,000
  • Vegeta: 18,000

The World’s Strongest Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
The World’s Strongest
  • Son Goku: 10,000

Trying to save Master Roshi and Bulma, who was kidnapped and held in Dr. Wheelo’s Fortress, Goku faces three brutal warriors created to serve the doctor. He is also forced to fight Piccolo who was brainwashed, but luckily he didn’t have to kill him.

Later, Goku fights Dr. Wheelo, whose brain is inside a huge robot. When all other things fail, Goku uses the Kaio-ken x4 to blast Wheelo into space. Just as Wheelo prepares to fire a blast that will destroy the entire Earth, Goku forms a Spirit Bomb that he uses to destroy him and save the world.

  • Piccolo: 8,000
  • Gohan: 6,000
  • Krillin: 5,000
  • Dr. Wheelo: 39,000
  • Dr. Kochin: 8
  • Kishime: 7,000
  • Ebifurya: 7,500
  • Misokatsun: 4,300
  • Bio-Men: 1,000
  • Piccolo: 8,000
  • Son Gohan: 6,000
  • Krillin: 5,000
  • Dr. Wheelo: 39,000
  • Dr. Kochin: 8
  • Kishime: 7,000
  • Ebifurya: 7,500
  • Misokatsun: 4,300
  • Bio-Men: 1,000

The Tree of Might Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
The Tree of Might
  • Son Goku: 3,000

When an evil Saiyan named Turles plants the magical Tree of Might in Earth’s soil, the whole planet is in danger. Consequently, Goku heads out with his group to destroy the tree, but the mission seems to be harder than they thought. Soon it is down to Goku and Turles to battle it out.

Goku gives a fair fight using the Kaio-ken. However, Turles eats the fruit from the Tree of Might and Goku starts to lose ground. In his desperation, Goku attempts a Spirit Bomb, but the bomb is too weak due to the tree having absorbed up too much of Earth’s energy. Goku tries once again, this time taking the energy from the Tree itself. It works and both Turles and the Tree of Might are destroyed.

  • Piccolo: 18.000
  • Son Gohan: 10.000
  • Turles: 19,000
  • Cacao: 13,000
  • Daiz: 8,400
  • Lakasei: 7,600
  • Amond: 9,100

Namek Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Namek Saga

Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma head to planet Namek to find another set of Dragon Balls that can revive their friend, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo, who all died in the epic battle with the Saiyans.

Unfortunately, A fully-healed Vegeta and an army force led by Frieza, who is even more powerful than Vegeta, also set out to Namek to find the balls.

  • Krillin (vs. Frieza’s soldiers): 1,500
  • Gohan (vs. Frieza’s soldiers):1,500
  • Vegeta: 19,000 (Base power – arrival on Namek) to 24,000 (Battles vs Cui and Dodoria)
  • Namekian Warriors (suppressed): 1,000
  • Namekian Warriors: 3,000 each
  • Moori: 5,000
  • Banan and Sui: Below 1,500
  • Cui: 18,000
  • Dodoria: 22,000
  • Zarbon: 23,000

Captain Ginyu Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Captain Ginyu Saga
  • When Son Goku hides his true power: 5,000
  • When Son Goku fires Quick Bursts of Power vs Ginyu Force: 60,000
  • Ginyu’s estimate of Goku’s full power: 85,000
  • Base Power Son Goku: 90,000
  • Kaio-Ken Son Goku: 90,000 to 180,000

Goku travels to Namek in a spaceship. During the trip, he uses the ship’s gravity to train. On Namek, he saves his friends from Recoome, a member of the Ginyu Force.

With his newfound powers, he easily defeats Recoome and one of the two other Force members. The third, Jeice, leaves and returns with Captain Ginyu. Goku and Vegeta face Ginyu and Jeice, but Vegeta flees.

Goku first shows the power that he hid so far. Ginyu now knows he cannot defeat Goku. He uses his ability to switch bodies with anyone. He severely wounds himself before swapping bodies with Goku.

Ginyu leaves Goku to die in Ginyu’s wounded body. However, Ginyu is having problems controlling his new body. Vegeta takes this opportunity to battle him, injuring Goku’s body. Goku manages to get his body back after intercepting a beam sent by Captain Ginyu to swap bodies with Vegeta.

It’s important to say that a power level of 90,000 is considered very high and would put Goku among the strongest characters in the series then. At a power level of 90,000, Goku is capable of unleashing devastating attacks and defeating many opponents with ease. He can move at incredible speeds and has tremendous strength, allowing him to overpower most opponents he faces. Additionally, he possesses the ability to use powerful energy attacks, such as the Kamehameha, which can deal significant damage to his opponents. For some reason, he doesn’t do any more gravity training for the rest of the series, which is weird considering how much it benefited him.

  • Captain Ginyu: 120,000
  • Captain Ginyu (in Goku’s body): 23,000
  • Son Gohan (vs. Guldo): Over 10,000
  • Son Gohan (vs. Recoome): 14,000
  • Son Gohan (Masenko): Over 20,000
  • Krillin (vs. Guldo): Over 10,000
  • Krillin (vs. Recoome): 13,000
  • Nail: 42,000
  • Vegeta: Nearly 30,000
  • Post Recoome Vegeta: 250,000
  • Namekian Warriors: 10,000

Nail: 42,000

Nail’s power level was really impressive for a Namekian, making him the most powerful Namekian alive at that point. His power level was a result of Grand Elder Guru’s ability to unlock dormant energy in warriors.

Captain Ginyu: 120,000

Captain Ginyu is a villainous character and leader of The Ginyu Force. According to what he says, he is more than twice as strong as the rest of the Ginyu Force members. When seeing Goku’s Kaio-Ken technique, Ginyu decides to steal Goku’s body for his own, but he was not able to access all of Goku’s power. Captain Ginyu read Goku’s Kaio-Ken as 180,000, which quite easily surpassed Ginyu’s power level.

Frieza Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Frieza Saga
  • Son Goku (Base Power): 3,000,000
  • Son Goku (Super Saiyan Transformation): 150,000,000

The fight between Goku and Frieza has been long-awaited, with the fate of Namek at stake. After everyone else try to take Frieza down, Goku begins to fight Frieza. At first, they seem equal in terms of strength and speed, until Frieza powers up to 50%.

From this point, the situation seems hopeless for Goku, who is brutally beaten. Frieza then kills Krillin, Goku’s best friend, making Goku erupt with rage. At this moment, he pulls out his strongest emotions ever before reaching and becoming a Super Saiyan! With his power tremendously increased and his hair turned golden, he toys with Frieza like a rag doll. Frieza goes 100% full power, but he loses this power after a short bout. The battle ends when Frieza releases a Death Disc at Goku that ends up chopping Frieza into four pieces.

  • Krillin: 75,000
  • Son Gohan: 200,000 (and more when angered)          
  • First form, Base Power Frieza: 530,000
  • Second form Frieza: Over 1,000,000     
  • Final form 50% power Frieza 60,000,000
  • final form; 100% power Frieza: 120,000,000

Frieza’s First Form: 530,000

While this is only Frieza’s first form, it’s already enormously higher than any of his men. The closest one is Captain Ginyu, who is far from 530,000. In his first form, Frieza pounds down Nail effortlessly and struggles to defeat Vegeta’s awakened power. However, he doesn’t stay in this form very long and shortly ascends to his second form.

Frieza’s Second Form: Over 1,000,000

At a power level of over one million, Frieza is powerful beyond Vegeta’s imagination. He becomes a terrifying enemy, striking horror in Vegeta and impaling Krillin with his horns. However, once Piccolo arrives, the tide begins to change.

Super Saiyan Goku: 150,000,000

The highest official power level in Dragon Ball Z is Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation, quantified in the Daizenshuu to be 150,000,000. In this state, Goku proves far superior to Frieza and quits when he sees Frieza’s energy dropping quickly. Goku also proved that his control of the Super Saiyan form was far greater than Frieza’s hold on his power.

Trunks Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Trunks Saga
  • Future Trunks (Suppressed): 5

A year and a half after the Frieza saga, Frieza, who survived the fight against Goku on Namek, arrives on Earth with his equally diabolical father, King Cold. He wishes to exact revenge against Goku and the other Z Fighters for humiliating him by defeating him. Since much of his body was destroyed when planet Namek exploded, he has been cybernetically enhanced and is now much stronger.

On Earth, he meets a young warrior who tells Frieza that he will be the one to destroy him. He transforms into a Super Saiyan and easily kills Frieza and King Cold. The young warrior introduces himself to Goku as Future Trunks.

He came from the future to warn Goku that 3 years from now two Red Ribbon Androids will appear and destroy everything on Earth. Goku and his comrades train hard to prepare for the invasion of the Androids.

Cooler’s Revenge Dragon Ball Z Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Cooler’s Revenge
  • Cooler (fifth form): 470,000,000
  • Salza: 170,000
  • Dore: 185,000 Neiz: 163,000

Perfect Cell Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Perfect Cell Saga
  • The Perfect Cell: ∞

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Broly The Legendary Saiyan
  • The legendary Super Saiyan Broli: 1,400,000,000/Maximum

The Real 4-D Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
The Real 4-D
  • Frieza (Final Form): 5,300,000,000

Babidi Saga Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Babidi Saga
  • Yakon: 800 Kili
  • Goku (Super Saiyan): 3,000 kili
  • Dabura: Over 4,000 kili

Fusion Reborn Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Fusion Reborn
  • Super Gogeta: 2,500,000,000

Resurrection ‘F’ Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z power levels
Resurrection ‘f’
  • Frieza: 1,300,000 (Frieza’s level estimated before training

Thanks for reading this list of all Dragon Ball Z power levels, we hope you walked away with some solid recommendations to suit your preferences! 

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