Darkseid vs Trigon: Who Would Win in a DC Supervillains Fight?

Comic book fans love to argue which character is stronger. It’s always a fun way to flaunt your comic book knowledge. When it comes to the DC universe, we have a wide variety of characters to choose from. Whether they are superheroes, antiheroes, or villains, the list goes on.

Today we will face off two strong supervillains: Trigon vs Darkseid! The battle report is going to be all about comparing the abilities and power levels of Trigon and Darkseid. Let’s

How strong is Trigon?

darkseid vs trigon
How strong is Trigon?

DC Trigon is one of the most powerful, sadistic, and evil beings. He carries a legacy and reputation that is one of the most iconic in the history of the franchise. Trigon is widely regarded as one of the most important villains in Teen Titans.

Although he has also faced other superheroes throughout the years. A demon of extra-dimensional origins, he is the ruler of the plane known as Azarath.

He is also the father of one of the key members of the Titans, Raven. His son is also a big reason for the team forming in multiple origin stories.

In terms of powers and abilities, Trigon is a monster. Not only does he have a lot of physical strength, but he also has the ability to change form.

Trigon also has telekinesis, high levels of stamina, pyrokinesis, and reality-warping, among many other things. We are talking about a demonic extra-dimensional overlord who has the power to face entire armies and come off unscathed. This is why he is usually a high-level threat when he shows up in the comics or in any of the DC adaptations.

How strong is Darkseid?

darkseid vs trigon
How strong is Darkseid?

Leaving the Joker and Lex Luthor aside, Darkseid is quite likely the most famous and iconic villain in the entirety of the DC universe.

When it comes to his symbolism, there isn’t any other that is as menacing, imposing, and memorable as the mighty evil overlord of Apokolips.

Darkseid is in constant search of the Anti-Life Equation. The transcendental mathematical formula would allow him to take control of reality and destroy it to his will.

He is the perennial dictator of the planet Apokolips. His army is capable of invading entire worlds and a population enslaved by his iron fist.

Just by that introduction alone, you must understand we are talking about a very strong guy. He has the capacity of shooting the Omega Beams through his eyes, which would hunt down their target until they hit it.

But beyond that, Darkseid has superhuman strength. He is one of the finest hand-to-hand fighters in the DC universe. The ruler of Apokolips has been able to fight with the likes of Superman in a hand-to-hand fight and was able to deal a lot of damage to him.

Darkseid is an extremely powerful foe. He showcased his abilities against a wide variety of opponents. That includes some of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe.

He can revive the people he has killed with his Omega Beams. He can drain the life of other deities. Moreover, he has mind control powers that allow him to absorb information from other people’s minds.

In terms of power, influence, and how iconic he is in the grand scheme of comics, few villains have Darkseid’s status and imposing nature.

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Darkseid vs Trigon: Battle conditions

Darkseid vs Trigon
Darkseid vs Trigon: Battle conditions

Now that we analyzed each character’s strengths, we move on to analyze their abilities and skills.

This is a five-round Faceoff where we measure parameters such as physical strength, Intellect, adaptability, feat, adaptability, biggest feat, and powers and powers. The character that wins the most categories is naturally the winner of this Faceoff. So, in that regard, we are going to face off against the “classic” versions, which are Prime-Earth Trigon and Prime-Earth Darkseid. Those are highly regarded as the versions of the characters we are more familiar with.

This is a one-off battle, and considering the nature of both villains and their personalities, this is a battle to the death.

The Faceoff will take place on Earth in a barren land.

Darkseid vs Trigon Round 1: Physical Strength

A fight between Darkseid and Trigon from CR Spoilers

In terms of physical strength, Darkseid and Trigon are quite similar. Although, the battle can go in Darkseid’s favor because he is much better suited for a hand-to-hand fight.

Both of them have preferred other fighting styles, but they have also proven to be notorious powerhouses in their own right.

We will go with Darkseid in this regard. He has greater evidence of physical strength, going as far as facing the likes of the entirety of the Justice League in hand-to-hand combat and easily pummeling them in multiple storylines. Darkseid wins this round!

Darkseid vs Trigon Round 2: Adaptability

This one is pretty interesting because it’s not so much about strength or simply overpowering the enemy. It’s rather about how these two can adapt to multiple situations. Or, how they can deal with an environment with many different obstacles. In that regard, it can give a very interesting and unique perspective on these two DC characters. At the end of the day, villains are measured by how threatening they can be. No doubt, adaptability is a very interesting factor to take into account.

Adaptability means how these characters can deal with a lot of different circumstances that can happen during a battle. Whether it’s what the enemy attacks the opponent with. Or rather the context of the place they are in or something along those lines. In that regard, they are both fairly capable of adapting.

However, we have to give Darkseid the edge in this round. Darkseid not only has to deal with insurrections here and there in Apokolips, but he is also waging a constant war against Highfather and New Genesis.

Plus he often gets challenged by a lot of different enemies, such as the Green Lantern Corp, Earth’s superheroes, and a lot of different enemies. Heck, there was even one comic book storyline in the 90s where he had to face off against Doomsday because the latter showed up in Apokolips! And we all know how much of a powerhouse Doomsday is in his own right. Trigon simply doesn’t have that. It is mostly because Darkseid has been used a lot more in the comics and in other media. So it is only natural that he has been put in a lot of different circumstances and situations that have proven his mettle.

There was even a storyline, Final Crisis, where he was on the verge of dying. Trigon had to deal with his mortality, which is the core element of this story. Because he has been exposed to more situations and had to deal with a lot of different types of obstacles, he proved to be one of the biggest threats in the DC universe. In terms of adaptability, we also have to give this round to the ruler of Apokolips.

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Darkseid vs Trigon Round 3: Intellect

Darkseid vs Trigon
DC Comics

Intelligence is viewed as something different for every person. But in this case, we are going to refer to the level of planning, strategy, and manipulation that both Darkseid and Trigon have. If there is something that they both have in common is the fact that they are not only extremely powerful and imposing, but they are also quite intelligent and capable of relying on something beyond their strength and powers.

Darkseid not only commands an entire army, but he is also the ruler of an entire planet. He is in constant war with a lot of people, with New Genesis and Highfather being the obvious main target the vast majority of the time.

He has also proven to be quite manipulative and mischievous throughout the years. Darkseid always finds a way to get closer to his endgame. He does not always have to rely on his fists or his army to achieve these goals.

On the other hand, Trigon is manipulative in a very different way. He relies on the corruption of the human spirit to get what he wants.

By and large, he can be viewed as the Satan of the DC universe. And he can take the form of a beautiful male, highlighting the religious metaphor that the devil is very attractive and tempting. It just adds another layer to his intellect and understanding of the human soul.

In that regard, we think that Trigon’s way of doing things can be a lot more intelligent. A lot of times, he doesn’t have to throw a single punch to get what he wants. And this is something that is highlighted by the religious cult that he has, with a lot of people who do his bidding and branched out as a corrupted religion through Earth. This is something quite powerful. In a way, a lot more realistic because it shows that you can have a lot of impact without having to rely on violence or throwing a single shot.

Once again, intelligence is something that can be measured in a lot of different ways and that can, in a way, be in the eye of the beholder. But, based on the parameters we just explained, we will go with Trigon on this one.

He has the more insidious and influential way of getting what he wants. It is the manipulation and corruption of the human soul through its own dark, twisted desires. Trigon wins round 3!

Darkseid vs Trigon Round 4: Biggest Feat

Both Trigon and Darkseid are extremely gifted beings. They have been capable of some incredible feats, but there is a clear winner in this particular situation. Darkseid is a demigod. Because of that, he has been able to take away knowledge from people’s minds, regenerate his body even after suffering mutilation, and has telekinesis, telepathy, and a lot of different abilities.

He has been able of defeating the Justice League, has faced off against entire armies, and is by and large viewed as one of the ultimate threats of the DC universe, with Apokolips even going as far as existing outside of the main DC universe, which goes to show how serious this character is.

However, while all that is extremely impressive and shows how much of a threat Darkseid truly is, the reality is that Trigon is on a whole different level.

A lot of comic books fans are not truly aware of how much this character has done throughout the years. These are some of the biggest feats that Trigon has done in DC Comics in many different storylines. Reshaping the form of Earth, the destruction of entire planets, the creation of endless amounts of demons that became his hordes, draining the souls of entire universes (I don’t know how that works, but hey, the guy did it!) Even going as far as defeating both the Justice League and the Teen Titans at the same time without breaking a sweat!

We are talking about a villain that has shown that he can do virtually anything he wants. And he has managed to do so throughout the years, which makes it even more baffling when you consider that a lot of comic books fans are still not very familiar with everything that Trigon has done and some of his biggest feats.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, Trigon has to be the winner of this round because he simply has the biggest feats in this competition. And that, members of the jury, makes him quite an underrated villain in this particular regard.

Darkseid vs Trigon Round 5: Powers

Oh, the one category everybody was probably waiting for, right? Well, let’s get right to it! Like in previous rounds, they are fairly even and they are both capable of pulling out a lot of stuff during a fight.

Of course, if this Faceoff is happening, Darkseid is naturally going to use his Omega Beams. It is one of his trademark moves. It is something that can utterly destroy the vast majority of the opposition he has faced throughout the years. So this is something worth taking into account.

Having said all that, Darkseid’s powers are by and large more suited to specific situations rather than a fight. The lord of Apokolips usually goes through different strategies to achieve his goals, this is why he might be more of a direct fighter than his counterpart in this battle report.

However, and as we already suggested in the previous category, Trigon simply has shown that he doesn’t mess around when fighting. He has a wide array of powers to deal with the opposition. If he were facing Darkseid, he could create demons, alter reality, and destroy the entire planet they are fighting in. A lot more things that simply highlight how utterly powerful he truly is.

In that regard, there is a considerable gap between the two. Trigon simply has a lot of extra-dimensional powers that make him such a powerful opponent. And that in return could turn the fight in his favor. Darkseid on the other hand could be viewed as more direct in his approach to fighting. He would try to overpower the opposition, but Trigon simply has a lot more abilities and powers in his arsenal.

In return, it makes him a much more powerful and dangerous enemy in this particular confrontation. Overall, we have to give Raven’s father the edge here. He simply would do a lot of different things to Darkseid before the latter could simply react.

Darkseid vs Trigon Who Wins? Verdict

darkseid vs trigon
Darkseid vs Trigon: Battle Report Verdict!

So, concluding all five parameters the score is 3:2 in favor of Trigon.

As we have addressed before, while Darkseid would get the victory in hand-to-hand combat, this would be a battle to the death. In that regard, Trigon would take no prisoners! He would be doing whatever he could and use whatever he had in his arsenal to get his victory. And in that scenario, when they are not holding back, Trigon is the superior foe. He has a lot more abilities and power.

Also, Trigon is the most intelligent and mischievous of the two. So that could also play a very significant role in the way that the battle unfolds. He could use several manipulation strategies. Although that would probably pay no dividends as Darkseid is also a very intelligent foe. And that could lead them to a stalemate at least in terms of strategy.

Faceoff Verdict: Trigon Wins!

Overall, this battle has to go to Trigon because he has proven to be capable of greater feats throughout the years in DC Comics.

He has proven capable of beating a lot of characters that Darkseid has defeated, and a lot more. And he has a lot more powers and abilities to choose from. Giving him a lot more room in terms of what he could do to come out victorious from this confrontation. It would be quite amazing to witness and it would be quite even.

But we are pretty sure that Trigon would be the winner by a somewhat significant margin. Trigon would simply outlast Darkseid and would use one of his many abilities to close down the ruler of Apokolips and get the victory for himself. But those are our thoughts on the matter!

What do you think? Who would win in this battle? Drop a comment and we will read your thoughts about it.

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