Galactus vs Thanos: Which Cosmic Villain Wins in a Battle?

Thanos vs Galactus! They are two of the most powerful begins in the Marvel Universe. Both have threatened life in the galaxy many times. Both have threatened life in the galaxy many times. Because of the kind of damage their tremendous superpowers can potentially cause, they are considered celestial beings. But who would win in a cosmic villain face-off? This much-debated question is exactly what we intend to answer in this special evil extravaganza! Let’s go!

Galactus vs Thanos: Battle conditions

Galactus vs Thanos
Galactus vs Thanos: Battle conditions

The battle takes place in deep space. Comics Thanos WITH the complete Infinity Gauntlet (with all 6 Infinity Stones). Comics Galactus. Well-fed Galactus. No preparation. The combatants will be put through five excruciating rounds in the following parameters: Intellect. Immortality. Fighting Skills. Allies/Followers. Powers. Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle!  Starts at 10 Km.

How powerful is Galactus?

Galactus is a cosmic entity with power comparable to a god. He is from the last Universe before this one, having survived the death (big crunch) of his “first” universe. He is a balancing force between Eternity and Death. Both Eternity and Death consider Galactus their equal. And at times name him as their sibling, son, or husband. It should provide an understanding of how high Galactus stands in the Marvel cosmic hierarchy.

Galactus has complete mastery over the Power Cosmic, which is a vast source of limitless, godly, cosmic energy and power. The Power Cosmic allows Galactus to produce nearly any effect he desires. As a result, it can alter reality and grants him near omnipotence. Galactus must consume planets for food to survive. He uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain himself.

His power levels vary depending on how hungry he is (When he’s starving he is weakened and when he is well-fed he grows stronger). The more he eats, the more powerful he becomes. Among Galactus’ greatest feats is the time he absorbed the Phoenix Force. He Defeated Mephisto (Marvel’s Satan) in his dimension. He battled the Inbetweener until their battle was interrupted. Galactus has gone up against entire superhero teams and has not gotten a scratch on him. Besides The One Above All and Living Tribunal, which cosmic entity can safeguard the Multiverse? Galactus seems to be next in the cosmic hierarchy (together with Death and Eternity).

How powerful is Thanos?

Even without the Infinity Stones, Thanos is still an incredibly powerful supernaturally gifted being. He is regarded as one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel Universe, and a major threat. He is an Eternal, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity skilled with incredible powers. Due to his Deviant-mutated genes, he was born with an extremely massive body. So much, so that in all of his fights, his body shows only a few signs of damage.

Even without the gauntlet, Thanos is powerful enough to be compared to Odin. Although he is still inferior by a significant amount. Most important for the battle at hand, his Deviant Syndrome, which is a sort of mutation, gifted him with the capacity to synthesize cosmic energy for certain personal uses. With the full Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is nearly invincible.

It gives him godly powers that allow him to mold the universe at his will. With it, Thanos was able to beat almost every single cosmic being in the Marvel Universe. He was able to wipe out half of all life in the universe and could’ve just as easily wiped out all life in the universe. Thanos with the Gauntlet is a god and easily one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

Galactus vs Thanos: Battle Report

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight: Thanos is no match for Galactus without some reality-warping toy to even the odds! Without any enhancement i.e. the Infinity Stones, the Cosmic Cube, or the Heart of the Universe, Thanos is a highly evolved being. However, Galactus was, is, and always will be a near God being, part of the Universe itself.  Un-amped Thanos doesn’t possess the power of that magnitude to go toe to toe with Galactus in a direct battle. The biggest achievement Thanos can expect in this situation would be to survive a little longer.

Galactus quotes

And Thanos knows it! He has stated Galactus is his most powerful enemy and that he doesn’t want to fight him. Galactus once attacked Thanos and got him begging on his knees for life. With that out of the way, let’s see how Thanos does against the World Eater with the stones. With several parameters in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Galactus vs Thanos, and who would win in a fight.

Galactus vs Thanos, Round 1: Intellect

Thanos has genius-level intelligence. Even in his youth, he has been deemed a genius among his kind, despite his deformation. He not only can come up with genius ideas regularly, but he also plans for the long term, with every contingency plan in place. His long life allowed Thanos to refine his intellectual aptitude to the highest degree, making him quite possibly the most intelligent being in the universe. Now, Galactus has existed for in his own words, 20 billion years!! Could Thanos match Galactus’ knowledge, his acquisition of information in his around thousand years of life? Probably not!

However, although Galactus himself is incredibly smart, he hasn’t had to use his mind like Thanos and Dr. Doom. Thanos is a master tactician with centuries of experience in tactical warfare. He trains his brain with every attack that he plans with his army. He can easily devise a brilliant plan to get the better of the Devourer of Worlds. Thanos’s most dangerous weapon is his mind. Therefore, this round goes to Thanos.

Galactus vs Thanos, Round 2: Immortality

Galactus is said to be the oldest living entity. He has been around since the creation of the universe and he is central to its working.  He is immortal and even if someone manages to kill him, he will be resurrected.  Thanos, like all Eternals, is immortal and therefore is immune to all known diseases and infections and is immune to the effects of aging.

However, Thanos is banned by Death itself from entering its realm, rendering him truly immortal. He can die but he will always return, no matter the severity of any injury. Nevertheless, while Thanos is about a thousand years old, Galactus is an ageless being that has always been immortal in the deeper sense of the word. There must always be Galactus as part of the universal balance, making him the clear winner in this regard.

Galactus vs Thanos, Round 3: Fighting Skills

In the MCU, Thanos fought Captain America, Mark 85 Iron Man, and Fat Thor wielding Stormbreaker and Mjolnir at the same time in close combat. Thanos is a highly formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in the arts of war on Titan. He is particularly skillful at using a combination of his physical and energy-manipulative abilities during combat. He is also a skilled swordsman, being able to overwhelm a Mjolnir-wielding Silver Surfer, and conquered entire worlds wielding his scythe, to slice countless foes.

Galactus, on the other hand, has never really learned how to fight because he hasn’t had to use his skills in a battle. He leaves those kinds of things to his Heralds. This means he is neither agile nor has he developed good reflexes. Thanos’ raw fighting skills are on par with the likes of Thor, a master combatant, trained in the arts of war. Thanos is our winner in this round.

Galactus vs Thanos, Round 4: Allies/Followers

The Black Order is Thanos’ army. It is an elite team comprised of powerful individuals who use their superpowers to serve their adoptive father Thanos. The Black Order consists of Thanos’ six adopted children, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, the Zehoberei, Gamora, and the Luphomoid Nebula. His children follow him blindly. However, Galactus also has a kind of army of his own. He uses scouts or “Heralds” to search the cosmos. While their main job is to find new planets for Galactus to consume, they also help him with the fighting bit.

So, Galactus gives a part of his powers to his chosen Heralds. Among his Heralds over the years are such powerful beings as The Fallen One, The powerful Silver Surfer, The Air-Walker, Firelord, and The Destroyer. Although the number of Galactus’ Herald isn’t high enough for it to be considered an army, they are so powerful that we will declare a tie on this round.

Galactus vs Thanos, Round 5: Powers

The two superheroes like Doomsday and Hulk are extremely powerful. In the end, it all comes down to Galactus’ Power Cosmic vs. Thanos’ complete infinity gauntlet. Galactus has cosmic energy inside him, which can be gained when he devours planets. The Power Cosmic allows him to alter reality and grants him near omnipotence. The only way Thanos can overpower Galactus is if Thanos is wearing the infinity gauntlet at all times.

His biggest achievement was gathering these incredible forces of nature (the stones) and then finding the right cosmic weapon to handle them (the gauntlet). The Power stone can put immense force over Galactus. The Space stone can shrink Galactus into the size of a peanut. Reality stone will wrap the reality around Galactus, blinding his senses.

If Thanos gets hit, he can use the Time Stone to reverse the event. Or even to figure out the best method of attack. If Galactus has a mind, Thanos will play mind games too! With the Infinity Stones, Thanos is probably the fourth most powerful character in the Marvel Multiverse. We can name One Above All, the Living Tribunal, and The Beyonder as being more powerful.

Thanos defeated a lot of high-level Cosmic entities with the Infinity Gauntlet and erased half of all life in the universe. The Infinity Gauntlet is the second most powerful object in the universe, only next to The Heart of the Universe. There is no way Galactus can defeat Thanos wearing the Gauntlet. The only good news for Galactus is that he is immortal and even if someone manages to kill him, he will be resurrected. However, If Galactus is in full power he should put up a good fight against Infinity Gauntlet Thanos. The last round goes to Thanos.

Galactus vs Thanos: Who Would Win? Verdict!

Galactus vs Thanos
Galactus vs Thanos: Who Would Win?

So, there you have it.  After all five rounds, the score is 22:20 in favor of Thanos. To summarize, without the Gauntlet, Galactus is vastly more powerful than Thanos. With the Gauntlet, Thanos is downright a god. However, Thanos should think twice before he destroys Galactus because it will ultimately turn into a defeat and destroy the universe!!!

Galactus is created by eternity, and to save the universe from the counterpart of destruction known as Abraxas, it is held inside Galactus. The death of Galactus will result in the release of Abraxas across the universe which will bring an end to all the life forms in the galaxy. In case Thanos decides to go through with it anyway, he will most likely succeed.

Thanos Wins!

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