25 Buff Anime Girl Characters That Smash Stereotypes

Anime characters, not including the few exceptions, have much more realistic bodies than any other animated art form. When it comes to female characters with muscles, it is pretty damn progressive, and most often we come across buff women who actively defy the stereotypes. it’s a thrill to watch muscular girls that break the notion of women as soft, fragile, and weak.

These buff women are loaded with supreme attitudes, they smash, demolish and shatter classical notions of femininity. With that in mind, let it rip.

25. Nikuma “Big Mom” from The Qwaser of Stigmata

buff anime girl

Nikuma, aka Big Mom, is a pretty awesome busty anime character. She is a martial arts trainer that wears the clothes of a nun despite her huge muscles that would shock almost anyone. Her fighting ability is overwhelming, and she is a professional in hand-to-hand combat, easily defeating Qwasar who tends to rely on special abilities. Make no mistake, this sister will crush you. Everything is non-standard in Big Mom! She is responsible for the anime’s most chaotic moments.

24. Yuko Oshima from Keijo!

buff anime girl

Seungah proves that there’s nothing wrong with being a buff girl and it’s not undermining nor unfeminine. As a Keijo player, Yuko has biceps that can make anyone go green with envy. Because Keijo is a sport that involves women who try to throw each other off a platform Yuko has to be at her prime. She is also a very friendly and playful person, which makes her a great team player.

23. Reiko Ando from Outlaw Star

buff anime girl

In the red corner, representing the “Strongest Woman in The Universe” give it up to Reiko. Reiko is a professional female warrior, when she delivers a German Suplex she can knock anyone cold. Her ability to continue winning for four consecutive years, despite the difficulties, just go to show what kind of character she developed. Her menacing status stands in direct contrast to her soft side. Reiko dreams of marrying Mr. Right, who is totally wrong for her.

22. Yukina from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

buff anime girl

I appreciate the realistic portrayal of a buff female and it doesn’t get any better than Yukina pulling the air pressure. For an anime where women tend to have high-pitched voices, Yukina is an unusual character who operates heavy machinery during the apocalypse. She seems so focused on her duties that she hardly has time to speak to the other crew members.

21. Miss Monday from One Piece

buff anime girl

Cheers to Miss Monday for existing, because she is one of the few female characters in the series who has visible muscles. I wish there were more women like her in One Piece. The impulsive massive girl has no problem being “one of the guys” with the number of drinks she can consume. Miss Monday demonstrated her strength when she punched Zoro square in the face with brass knuckles. She can throw barrels full of liquor across a street and swing a large heavy log crushing her opponents.

20. Maki Oze from Fire force

buff anime girl

Take a look at those muscles! Maki is really built like a solid concrete block, to the point that she has a muscle complex and doesn’t believe she can pull off wearing a dress. She feels that she needs to work out hard so she doesn’t get undone by her teammates. Training makes her feel not as fragile as she felt before. Though she looks like a tough tomboy girl, she doesn’t need anyone to protect her, she is very romantic to the point of cliche, and on the hunt for her Prince Charming.

19. Ayaka Uehara from How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

buff anime girl

When it comes to the “hottest buff girl characters in anime”, Ayaka is my top girl. What I like about her is that she has more realistic musculature than most of the characters on this list. Ayaka is very strong and competitive, she comes from a family of boxers and seems to enjoy practicing her craft. When the fight gets serious, so does Ayaka.

18. Mikage Sharaku from Durarara!!

Mikage likes to keep herself in prime condition always. She follows an insane training regimen through sheer determination. You better believe that she can break concrete just with her bare hands. If you want to get your head crushed you are more than welcome to mess with her. We don’t get to see Mikage muscles in action until very late in the anime, but we do see her tomboy persona when she works with her brothers at the dojo. Mikage is a force of nature who practice a disciplined attitude and a serious amount of abdominal authority.

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17. Ghislaine Dedoldia from Jobless Reincarnation

buff anime girl

A fierce warrior from the Beast Race, Ghislaine is blessed with super-toned muscles. She owns impressive six-pack abs physics which she likes to expose through revealing outfits. Her sculpted face and dark skin make her look like an Amazon warrior. However, behind her intimidating appearance, she is basically an emotional person who helps others.

16. Amazoness from Arakawa Under the Bridge

buff anime girl

Wow, this girl is built like an ox! Amazoness is a walking steeple with iron thighs. She is a brave female warrior from the riverbeds protecting the amazon treasure that allows one to attain the power of God. She’s a weird character that leads a clan of fragile men dressed up as female goblins, yeah that’s her quirk. When she is in her battle form, she can beat anyone senseless.

15. Rosalin Lady Muscle from Jungle King Tar-chan

In Jungle King Tar-chan every character is built like a tank. Rosalin is the top 15 female elite contestant who became a guinea pig in a sinful experiment conducted by the MAX organization. She was implanted with a lioness brain and an extra 30% muscle. In her transformation mode she unleashes her inner strength, Rosalin turns into a super animal, ready to jump on anyone who stands in her way with wild claws.

14. Zorin Blitz from Hellsing Ultimate

buff anime girl

I’ll give you a second to find your jaw as you probably wouldn’t like to meet this woman in a dark alley. First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz had a drastic physical transformation, she is covered with tattoos which contribute to her intimidating persona. Zorin is a sick sadist, she accepted the evil norms of a twisted vampire world. She knows that if she wants to survive, she has to grow the muscles to eat others.

13. Matrona from The Seven Deadly Sin

buff anime girl

Matrona is the former chief of the Eastern Giant Clan. She is well known for her exceptional strength and battle skills, this is one ripped woman who can decimate a landscape like nothing. She has the fortitude to unleash torrents of rocks, and enough muscles to turn them to dust. As 30 ft. tall Matrona is probably the tallest female character in anime. Her endurance knows no bounds.

12. Tsuchiya from Mob Psycho 100

buff anime girl

Leave it to Tsuchiya to take care of business. Combined with her martial arts skills, the former terrorist is the perfect weapon of fists. Muscle isn’t just the showboat, and she isn’t called the “hammer” for nothing. Tsuchiya can convey her qi into a deadly blow. She might be arrogant but she is an honorable lady and she will win her fights fair and square.

11. Tsubame Kamoi from UzaMaid!

buff anime girl

In this picture, Tsubame exhibits what I call “the definition of lady’s muscles”. The reason she is so unimaginably strong is her training when she first joined the JSDF. Tsubame is so rock-hard and well-defined that if someone tries to punch her they could most likely break their waist in doing so. She looks pretty shredded in every scene.

10. Mizuki from One Punch Man

buff anime girl

Captain Mizuki is sturdy, tall, buff, and well-fit. She is the proud owner of multiple gold medals she won in competitions. As a former Olympic track-and-field runner, she is a perfect musculature display. Mizuki has abs to die for, and the anime is not ashamed to focus on her ripped yet feminine figure. She is an iron woman that can crush and crack open various monsters around her at the same time.

9. Michelle K. Davis from Terra Formars

buff anime girl

Michelle K. Davis might be compact, but her buff build is damn impressive. The leader of the 2nd squad of the US-Japan coalition inherited her genetics from her dad. However, it’s not clear if it is the weights or the surgery she went through that kept her perfectly trained. Michelle is best described as an anime transformer, she trained hard to build a musclebound for Mars. Her life is surrounded by tragedies, and she keeps reminding her team to not forget that they are all but fragile humans.

8. Kale from Dragon Ball Super

buff naime girl

In her regular form, Kale is a shy character. However, when she becomes one with her muscular side, Kale is a formidable force. In her Legendary Super Saiyan form, she exhibits the most amazing monstrous display. Kale eliminated some of the other fighters from the tournament even when she wasn’t focusing on them. Her hulk-like state is insane, expanding to a drastic height.

7. Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) from Attack On Titan

buff anime girl

Annie inherited the transformation of The Female Titan when she was very young. She is well known for her bare transparent muscle, and buff size. She has the ability to harden any part of her which gives her a great advantage during battles. She is like an unbreakable diamond and can break blades of ultra steel. The Female Titan is one of the scariest and most nerve-wracking characters mainly because of her calm expressions while she beats the living daylight.

6. Sakura Ogami from Danganronpa: The Animation

buff anime girl

There is buff and then there is Sakura Ogami. The “Ultimate Martial Artist,” is definitely not someone you want to mess with. It looks like her muscles can be barely contained before they burst and tear her clothes. Because of her extremely masculine and deep voice, people sometimes forget that they are talking to a woman. Contrary to what you might think, Sakure is a quiet and sensible girl.

5. Noi from Dorohedoro

buff anime girl

Noi is frankly an addictive character. She is not your usual sorcerer, far from it, but rather a buff version of a gangster. She will chop someone in half with a single hammer fist. Pretty handy when you are a professional assassin. Noi is a terrifying mass wearing 150kg armor and lifts a bigass boulder. She can carry herself through any possible danger. As a teenager, she trained very hard to achieve muscles that can break anyone with her fingertip.

4. Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

buff anime girl

Most of the time Biscuit Krueger looks and acts like a cute girl. However, in her true form, Biscuit stands head and shoulder over the rest as an extremely strong woman. She claims that the reason she hides her true form is that it’s a tactical advantage not to show her strength. But when she reveals her big muscles, she can lay a heavy beating on any enemy that comes her way. Her abs are so jacked that they pop out through her clothes.

3. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

buff anime girl

She may have started as the meekest girl around, but with time Mikasa became a buff machine. Although her frame is feminine and others regard her as elegant, she is shown to be very well-toned. Mikasa dedicated herself to turning her body into a tool of terror. Given the number of muscles She’s got tucked away under that survey Corps, I’d say she is well on track. She cares for everyone around her and she’s a great warrior. I mean, she acts tough on the outside but on the inside, she can be very heartfelt toward others.

2. Seungah Park from The God of High School

buff anime girl

Can we take a moment to admire Seungah’s shredded muscly? She is one of the few buff characters in anime that look real. I really like her determination. Seungah represents strong, tough, and brave women everywhere. Seungah grew up to become a deadly martial artist, able to hold her own against mighty fighters. Her fighting style is Practical Taekkyeon which got her far when she participated in the God Of High School Tournament.

1. Sophia Velmer from Jormungand

buff anime girl

Inside Sophia’s bestial body hides a real beast. Velmer is a former deployment force officer and a female bodyguard who protects Koko in her international dealing. As such, she is famous for her muscle, often seen to be able to subdue a larger man with a single hand. Valmet (Or Valmer) is pretty tall with broad shoulders. She also has a remarkable pack and developed a fierce work ethic. Owing to her military background, her fighting skills can put people to shame. If you need a bodyguard Sophia would be the first one you would call.

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