12 Best Crime Comedy Movies Like Snatch

movies like snatch

Guy Richie’s signature style seems to be a combination of crime and comedy. If you are searching for movies like Snatch, where the characters are often fast talkers, and their dialogue exchanges are quick with plenty of British slang, this list of movies shares similar vibes.

You will find common themes like movies that involve multiple different groups of gangsters, crossing paths with dangerous results. This list of movies like Snatch shares similar vibes. Most of them are fast-edited dark comedies with distinct cool characters. 

Guy Ritchie’s gangster’s film is about a precious stolen diamond chased by a bunch of gangs and crooks running after it and battling each other. Among others, we are introduced to insane assassin killers, members of a local mafia, and drug dealers.

Top 12 Best Movies Like Snatch

1. Layer Cake (2004)

movies like snatch
“Layer Cake”

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Movie Duration: 105 mins

Matthew Vaughn’s Debut film is an intense crime movie like Snatch. It follows a story about a cocaine dealer who decides it’s time to retire, but fate steps in.

Mr. X (Daniel Craig), is a sophisticated, rich drug dealer who keeps himself clean. He plans to retire soon. But, one of his distributors forces him to complete two jobs at the same time. To locate a person and get rid of a hot shipment of ecstasy pills, stolen from a Serbian drug dealer.

This is where a winding roller coaster of intrigues, complications, and closely related affairs begins.

Layer Cake shows the tough world of drug barons. The layers in their hierarchy, and many supporting characters who are involved in the life of the criminal organization and also shows that everyone gets what they deserve.

This is a crime comedy film from the creator of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Two of the best and most sophisticated crime films ever made.

2. RocknRolla (2008)

movies like snatch

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Movie Duration: 114 mins

The real protagonist of RocknRolla is the colorful universe that Richie is its pharmacist. It consists of a variety of characters from the underworld of London.

A million-dollar London real estate scheme led by a junior criminal named “One Two” (Gerard Butler), attracts the attention of criminals and others who want to get rich quickly.

There is also a sexy accountant, a dubious Russian billionaire, the old generation leader boss Lenny Cole and musicians, and add to the cauldron a corrupt politician and drug addicts.

No single main character is truly dominant; They all serve one central purpose and that is to create such a unique cinematic world. A wonderful cast charges the film with the energies it so desperately needs.

3. True Romance (1993)

movies like snatch
“True Romance”

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Movie Duration: 119 mins

Clarence (Christian Slater), a young man working in a comic book store, spends a night with Alabama, an escort girl. The two fall in love and get married.

Clarence, informs Alabama’s ’employer’ that they are newlyweds and during a violent incident, a suitcase full of drugs falls into his hands.

From this point onward a “Bonnie and Clyde” style chase develops. The Sicilian mafia and the police chase the couple. The film ends in one scene, very violent, it is clearly only the fruit of Tarantino’s creative mind.

With sharpened writing by Quentin Tarantino, it shares similar dark and sarcastic dialogue vibes. True Romance is a movie like a Snatch where gangsters talk about nothing, and the dialogues are woven into rather harsh violent scenes.

Clarence’s father who tells the Sicilian mobster about the true origins of the Sicilians is probably one of the best dialogues ever written.

The unforgettable scene was played by the late Denis Hopper and the legendry Christopher Walken. Spoiler alert: True Romance was based on a novel, and the ending is very different from the cinematic adaptation.

Clarence is killed in the ending scene and Alabama commits suicide after him. Tony Scott intervened arguing with Trentino, to the point of persuasion, that Alabama and Clarence deserve a chance to end their lives happily.

4. The Usual Suspects (1995)

movies like snatch
“The Usual Suspects”

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Movie Duration: 106 mins

The police capture a gang of criminals and arrest them for questioning. They are all suspected of a horrific crime that took place that night on a ship and cost the lives of many.

Finding the one responsible for the crime may also be the key to solving many other crimes. The immediate suspects are a group of weird types.

One of them, Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey). He gives a really compelling testimony about legendary “Keyser Soze” the organized crime reindeer, who haunts the underworld and pulls all the strings.

Concentration, please! This is such a sophisticated film you need to concentrate every bit of it in order to understand whats’ going on.

5. War Dogs (2016)

movies like snatch
“War Dogs”

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Another movie like Snatch with colorful characters,

Based on a true story. Two young men, ambitious but uneducated arms dealers from Miami, manage to take advantage of a government initiative that allows small businesses to access tender contracts for the United States military during the Iraq war.

The two, who started small provinces, start living the good life and then win, much to their surprise and almost by mistake, a coveted $ 300 million US Pentagon tender to arm the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Phillips manages to combine the comic with the dramatic. The film uses two cinematic means that work really well, the use of popular music and the separation of the film into sections with titles.

The excellent Jonah Hill provides War Dogs with all the necessary comedic pauses. Inspired by his previous formidable role, it’s in The Wolf of Wall Street of arms dealers.

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6. The Italian Job (2003)

movies like snatch
“The Italian Job”

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Movie Duration: 111 mins

After robbing hundreds of gold bars from a heavily secured building in Venice, Italy, Charlie Crocker (Mark Wahlberg), never imagined that the only flaw in his plan would be one of his crew members.

Charlie and his gang, Steve (Edward Norton), computer genius Lyle (Seth Green), the wheelwright Rob (Jason Statham), left-ear explosives expert (Mos Def), and veteran safe-breaker John Bridger (Donald Sutherland), can not believe it when it turns out that one of them is playing a double game.

Stella (Charlize Theron), a beautiful safecracker, joins Charlie and his gang while tracking down the traitor to California.

The plan: to steal the gold by infiltrating Los Angeles’ transportation control system, disrupting frequencies, and creating one of the largest traffic jams in the city’s history.

Some of the elements: the original robbery, the speeding vehicles, the colorful characters are similar to both The Italian Job is an unpretentious film, not too serious, just a quality action film, which takes the rather worn formula of movies like Snatch and develops it almost to perfection.

The preparations and robbery are accompanied by humor, the script is sophisticated and unexpected, and the action scenes are impressive and well filmed.

7. Flickering Lights (2000)

movies like snatch
“Flickering Lights”

Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy

Movie Duration: 109 mins

Four criminals escape with a suitcase of money and find shelter in a middle of nowhere town in Denmark. Until one of the four recovers, they are debating whether to stay in the underworld or to invest the money in setting up a guest house. Meanwhile, another gang of criminals chases after the four and the suitcase.

On this plot axis, Director Anders Thomas Jensen Jensen adds short chapters from the childhood of his protagonists, to point out the motives that led them to the crime – in simple words: family, guilt, and revenge.

As a Danish film, it has its own pace – it is authentic and funny, and takes us to “behind the scenes” of being a criminal. Jensen floats between cinematic genres, directing violent scenes, and incorporating lots of dark humor.

8. Ocean’s 13 (2007)

movies like snatch
“Ocean’s 13”

Genre: Crime, Comedy

Movie Duration: 127 mins

Ruben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), the spiritual father of Danny Ocean (George Clooney), is cheated by his partner, who bears the name Willy Bank. Tishkoff subsequently suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized in critical condition.

Danny Ocean, along with his regular partners, decides to take revenge on Willy Bank (Al Pacino), who has established a new luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas bearing the name “The Bank.”

They intend to defeat the bank by destroying its opening night. Their plan includes maneuvering all the means of gambling offered at the casino so that the bank loses in each of them. The economic damage is set to bring Willie Bank to bankruptcy.

Ocean 13 is a similar movie like Snatch, an all group of random criminals telling jokes while robbing the casino. The story isn’t really interesting. This is a chronicle of a pre-known crime comedy, working on a formula that has duplicated itself countless times.

What still works in this film is a polished script from all directions, steeped in all the possible cinematic proteins; A fluid directorial work by Steven Soderbergh, who reinvented Danny Ocean’s 11, the old 1960s film with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Angie Dickenson, Peter Lupord and Caesar Romero.

Soderbergh managed to translate it into three blockbusters, and most importantly: the marvelous chemistry between the entire battery of stars.

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9. The Irishman (2019)

movies like snatch
“The Irishman”

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

Movie Duration: 209 mins

The plot of the film spans over one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history: the disappearance of Jimmy Hoppe (Al Pacino), president of the Transport Drivers Association, it’s a journey through the hidden corridors of organized crime: the internal dynamics, rivalries, and connections to first-rate politicians.

The Irishman is the catharsis to a prolific and diverse decade that was one of the best in Scorsese’s career. It is a wide-ranging gangster epic that immediately joins the previous mafia classics that Scorsese has directed. Moreover, it serves as a perfect and multi-layered ending chord.

For ages, De Niro and Pacino haven’t given a memorable performance like in The Irishman. Michael Mann, who worked with both actors in his 1996 movie Heat, explained in an interview that he “sought the actors not only for their cinematic cachet but also because they personified the idea of men who could be both parallel and wildly dissimilar.”

In the Irishman they really compliment each other perfectly: both because of their characters, but also because of the way they embody them.

The restrained, precise, and introverted De Niro, who on the outside looks like just an average, boring and law-abiding man; And Pacino, that everything he does and every word he says are a cause for celebration and parade in the city streets.

10. Peaky Blinders (2016)

movies like snatch
“Peaky Blinders”

The story takes place in 1919 in the second-largest city in the United Kingdom. The young people of Bermingham who returned from the killing fields of the First World War are trying to recover from the trauma.

They have to deal with unemployment and economic hardship. In the background, the Communists are trying to revolutionize.

Tommy Shelby is an ex-soldier who returned from the war and leads the “Peaky Blinders”, a family gang that, among other things, engages in horse racing betting, and its hallmark is casket hats adorned with razors, which are deadly weapons.

Peaky Blinders is like Snatch, set 70 years back, amplified with violence and chauvinism, and blown up with coke and whiskey. Every time the gang comes on the scene it makes you want to watch Snatch again.

It’s also the same British style but it’s mostly the quality of the script, of the depth of the characters, and their mental complexity.

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11. The Way of The Gun (2000)

movies like snatch
“The Way of The Gun”

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Movie Duration: 119 mins

Two longtime criminal partners Parker and Longbaugh, hope to make a lucrative and non-violent sting operation when they decide to kidnap Robin, a young surrogate mother, who is carrying the child of a wealthy couple in her womb.

But this abduction becomes very complicated, both psychologically and logistically, more than all the offenses they have committed together.

Parker is very attracted to the mysterious Robin and against this background the tension grows between Parker and Longbaugh, a ruthless decisive man who knows that his partner’s impulsive sentimental feelings can get them in big trouble.

As the time for paying the ransom approaches, the two have to deal not only with the armed lawmen but also with their opposing feelings. A modern crime novel directed by Christopher Macquarie (the screenwriter of “The Immediate Suspect”) in his first film as a director.

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12. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2013)

movies like snatch
“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

Guy Riche’s version of the old legend about the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur.

After Arthur’s father is murdered as a child, his uncle takes his place on the throne and rules the kingdom, but the prophecy tells that one day the true king will return and remove the legendary Excalibur sword from the rock.

Arthur escapes and grows up in the alleys of the city without knowing anything about the life destined for him, until the moment he pulls the sword out of the stone, thus fulfilling the prophecy. Arthur is forced to unite the people and defeat his uncle, who murdered his father and became a cunning king.

Richie disassembles mythological figures from the British Pantheon and reassembles them in his signature style. It has all the similar components

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword have lots of though guys heroes, epic battle scenes, and a lot of jokes that save the film from taking itself too seriously.

The protagonists are rough, a bit awkward, and when the darkness almost takes over Richie balance it with a pinch of humor and this combination makes this a movie like Snatch.

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