50 Anime Girls With Blonde Hair Of All Time

Every anime has its own charm with many characters having odd haircuts and colors, but today we will focus our attention on blonde girls. Like in western culture, anime girls with blonde hair are usually portrayed as clueless, funny, and superficial characters. Whereas the yellow hair antagonists are cold, selfish, heartless, or mean.

Today, we’ll debunk these stereotypes and go through a list of the cutest blond hair girls of all time, including warriors, magic girls, badass ninjas, gunwomen, female assassins, vampires, and swordswomen.

1. Ino Yamanaka from Naruto

ino yamanaka anime girls with blonde hair

This badass anime girl with blonde hair appears calmer and more serene with the slow passage of time. 

Ino is Sakura’s rival since childhood, and a member of Team 10 and the “Ino” in the Ino-Shika-Cho. She specializes in one technique: the Mind-Body Transfer Technique which allows its users to convert their consciousness to another human’s spiritual energy, which they send to a target. As the anime progressed, Ino developed and became a medic, and proved instrumental in battles against Edo Tensei Kinkaku and Asuma.

Ino is quite knowledgeable about the different types and meanings of flowers. Her name actually refers to the bush clover, which represents a blunt, candid love that treasures one’s bonds with their friends. She is a confident and outspoken girl who takes great pride in her looks. This does not stop her from being a friendly, loyal, and motivated person who doesn’t hesitate to take charge. 

3. Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss from Attack on Titan

historia reiss anime girls with blonde hair

The list of anime girls with blonde hair would be incomplete without Krista Lens, aka Historia Reiss.

Krista has very low self-esteem, she was brought up by a father who was never there for her, and a destructive mother who hated her. Her childhood background made her a sweet and kind girl who has a huge heart for everyone besides herself. At some point, she wanted to become a martyr.

Despite this “goodie” outward behavior, she showed repeated and severe suicidal inclinations, hating the entirety of her existence.

Krista discovered her true identity as Historia Reiss, the bustard daughter of a powerful nobleman with royal blood. She became a vital key in the uprising and completely abandoned her false “Krista” persona.

Historia’s straight blonde hair freely flows behind her whenever it is not tied up, just like how she slowly grows to believe in herself and develop strength. Her final personality is a nice mix of the two, where she is kind, daring, helpful, and ready to grow.

4. Ais Wallenstein from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

ais wallenstein anime girls with blonde hair

Ais Wallenstein, also known as the Sword Princess, is without a doubt one of the greatest female anime characters. The list wouldn’t be the same without her.

She is a quiet cute girl that struggles to express her emotions, but you shouldn’t be fooled by her calm appearance; she is a total badass. Her wonderful nature and sense of equality are the major reasons everyone appreciates her.

Despite being the strongest, she never treats anybody with arrogance but rather looks up to everyone equally and makes every effort not to hurt anyone with her words.

5. Violet from Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden anime girls with blonde hair

Violet is an anime girl with blonde hair who was a former child soldier who fought in many battles. She was treated as nothing more than a weapon who was unable to understand human emotions.

She lost both of her arms during the war and carries mechanical replacements made in adamant silver. After becoming an Auto Memories Doll, she began to understand human emotions. She started a journey to understand the true meaning of the words “I love you,” spoken to her by her beloved major Gilbert Bougainvillea.

Violet is a heroic girl, she’s not your typical blonde hair girl we see often in anime. She had zero connection with the part of her that was still just a woman, seeking to understand people’s feelings and emotions above her own.

6. Alice Zuberg from Sword Art Online

alice zuberg anime girls with blonde hair

SAO’s Alicization Arc introduced us to some very cute girls with blonde hair. In particular, the determined, country bumpkin Alice. She’s a bold risk-taker golden knight surrounded by countless golden blades in the form of flowers.

Alice became one of the key figures in bringing change to the entirety of the UnderWorld. She upholds her blade in the name of justice and love. 

She used to be just an ordinary girl until she accidentally stepped into the forbidden Dark Territory. Alice managed to escape the execution punishment but was forced to turn into an Integrity Knight, becoming a child soldier weapon for the Axiom Church.

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7. Lilith Bristol from Absolute Duo

I have another anime girl with blonde hair who was a child soldier with a gloomy past. Lilith came to Japan looking for Toru and offered him to become a duo. She learned that Toru has a special Blaze like hers.

Lilith is a rich girl with blonde hair transfer student from Britain. Her Blaze is a rifle gun, which breaks the conventions of a typical Blaze earning her the title “Exception”.

As a spoiled little rich girl who travels from a place in a private helicopter, Lillith loves to disobey the rules, she does whatever the hell she wants.

But Lilith deserves more credit, she is bold and confident, and that might come across to some people as selfish and arrogant. But as her character developed throughout the anime, she becomes a fairly decent person.

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8. Tsunade from Naruto Shippuden

tsunade anime girls with blonde hair

Tsunade is a well-renowned anime girl with blonde hair medical ninja. She is blunt and short-tempered with severe gambling addiction.

Also known as, “The World’s Most Beautiful and Strongest Woman”, Tusande looks young thanks to her use of a transformation Jutsu.

She has superhuman strength, and the ability to concentrate chakra in her limbs, further increasing the power of her strikes. She has the power and the skills to be Hokage, but she’s a medic warrior first and only joins the battle if it’s absolutely necessary.

Tsunade’s platinum blonde hair is long, lush, and thick, often seen swaying in tune with the wind. While the mild color is reflective of her inner gentle nature, its mass is indicative of her great capabilities and heavy losses.

9. Teresa from Claymore

teresa anime girls with blonde hair

In this list we’re all about debunking blonde anime girls’ stereotypes, and here’s a badass woman to represent some diversity.

Teresa is a combination, of beauty, ruthlessness, and incredible warrior. She also possesses incredible supernatural abilities, such as the ability to heal her wounds instantly.

She has a sharp mind, and with all of these qualities, she is the definition of “Beauty With Brains.” Her golden-colored long hair and deep eyes reflect her cold and dark character.

1. Saber from Fate/ stay night

We kick off the list of anime blonde girls with the fiercest warrior in anime, Saber.

The sword-fighting anime franchise has 16 different character versions including the Original Saber, the Sacred Spear (Lancer), Arthur Pendragon, and Mysterious Heroine X.

Saber is considered the best Servant class. They are skilled sword-fighting knights and have very high magic resistance. She is a knight first and foremost, and will never resort to underhanded tactics and almost never overlooks her chivalry code of honor.

Saber never misses her mark! While she only considers herself a tool for her master and pretends to be emotionless, she is quite loyal and struggles to suppress her feelings.

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10. Leone from Akame Ga Kill

leone anime girls with blonde hair

Leone sure loves a good fight, and what else is better than fighting evil? She joined the Night Raid as an outlet for her fighting abilities. She is the strongest and nicest female member of the team.

Leone calls herself “Onee-san” or “Big Sis,” her general morally dodgy demeanor hides someone who has zero tolerance for injustice. As such, she is extremely vicious to evil-doers and even revels in her battles, yet beautiful like the mane of a mighty lion. 

When she uses her Teigu belt, Leone becomes a lion with ears, a tail, and sharp teeth (with a drinking problem). Her short blonde hair grows longer, giving her a fierce lioness appearance, ready to tear up her enemies.

11. Android 18 aka Lazuli from Dragon Ball Z

android 18 anime girls with blonde hair

Android 18 was a human until Dr. Gero converted her into a killer cyborg, her mission was to destroy Goku.

Lazuli has a cold personality and she enjoys roasting everyone. Her short yellow hair reflects her cold nature. She is one of the most dangerous female characters in Dragon Ball and the only woman who was able to defeat three Z fighters Super Saiyans.

Despite her many flaws, she is a very caring mother. She has a soft side for Krillin and would go to any length to make him happy.

12. Temari from Naruto

temari anime girls with blond hair

Representing the Sunagakure’s Kazekage clan is the mother, ninja, and wife Temari. Her blonde spiky hair held in four separate ties goes in tune with the prudent, stoic, and blunt demeanor.

She is hardly ever afraid of speaking her mind and places a high value on peace, being more than ready to actively work for it. This is clearly seen in her willingness to battle for and defend all Shinobi during the war, even if it meant risking her own life.

Temari is a brilliant analyst and a talented strategist who sees her opponent in advance and knows how to make quick decisions on the battlefield.

As Shikamaru says, she can be quite a drag BUT in the best way possible!  

13. Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist

riza hawkeye anime girls with blonde hair

FMA has a number of blonde female characters, and Riza the bodyguard, is at the top!

As the personal adjutant and bodyguard of Colonel Roy Mustang, Riza is a sniper and a gun specialist who makes her presence count in both the office and the battlefield. In her late teens, during her military training, Riza made a huge impression with her aiming skills.

Riza debunks the blonde dumb girl stereotype, she is smart, quiet, collected, and considered the perfect soldier. But beneath the flawless demeanor, is a woman who knows the weight of a heavy burden and has been molded into who she is by choices not her own.

14. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan

annie leonhart anime girls with blond hair

Annie is no easy walk in the park. Albeit apathetic, and mostly unambitious, this badass buff girl harbors both fascination and feelings towards those with a deep sense of duty and righteousness. She’s an idealist girl who loves to slaughter soldiers while pursuing Eren.

Raised and trained by her father to become a warrior, Annie developed a unique fighting style. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat, no wonder she is often picked for special missions.

What makes her such a girl boss though? Her dedication as a warrior. She makes a true diamond in the rough. But, at the end of the day, all she ever wants is to lead a normal life.

15. Sister Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade

Rosette is a world-ace gun girl! She is an impulsive and hot-headed anime blonde girl who can’t control her mouth, but as you have already learned reading this list, there’s always an underneath, and she’s a sweetheart.

Rosette is the leading female action woman, an exorcist nun with the Magdalene Order, searching for her lost bro who was stolen by a demon.

Trust me you don’t want to face off with this girl. She brings to every fight her street-wiz survival skills, taking full advantage of her surroundings. The blonde sister has a sharp mind for strategy, and she uses it well to win her fights. Amen, sister!

16. Tanya Degurachaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

tanya degurachaff anime girls with blond hair

Let’s shift gears again, and let me move you on from nice girl assassins to farl crazy girls with blonde hair.

Tanya is the very epitome of a yellow anime with badassery! Proof? She entered the Empire’s Mages troops at nine years and was even promoted to Second Lieutenant. Her talents, strategies, efficiency, and ruthlessness make her an indispensable asset on the battlefield.

Personality-wise, Tanya can be quite complicated, with numerous complexes and a twisted personality. Having both superiority and inferiority complexes, this girl boss is best described in three words: psychopath, libertarian, and paragon.

This loli will shoot you down with zero remorse!

17. Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom

irina jelavic anime girls with blonde hair

The deadly Slavic assassin who made her first kill when she was 12! No wonder she had to take a break and turned into a badass English teacher. As a result of her training, she can speak 100 languages without an accent.

As a hitwoman, Irina uses her blonde beauty to get close to her target and captivate their attention with her charms. This girl is on a mission to take out a dangerous threat to the entire world.

BTW, Irina is also a fashionista character and a talented piano player.

18. Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

himiko toga anime girls with blonde hair

Himiko Toga may look like the classic case of Cute Little Blonde Girl Syndrome, but she is actually pretty dark and evil.

Himiko Toga is suspected of several murders, she murdered her friend only to learn what blood looks like. She wanted to be in a world where she could be her horrible self and thus joined the League. She is extremely obsessed with Izuku Midoriya, the main green hair character of MHA.

Whenever Himiko uses her “Transform” quark, she can shapeshift. She can change into any person she wishes, but she must first absorb some of the person’s blood. Yep, Himiko is a crazy girl.

19. Clementine from Overlord

clementine anime girl with blonde hair

The strongest arrogant psychopath of the scripture in the Slane. Clementine is a cold-blooded killer anime girl with blonde hair. She gets her kicks from torture and pain. Her daytime hobby is killing people while giggling like an evil witch. Perhaps the reason why her face is distorted is that she always laughs at her victim. The irony is that the Clementine name’s origins come from “Clemens”, meaning gentle or merciful.

Many consider Clementine, not just the strongest female, but the strongest human in the Slane Theocracy. She’s a martial artist who can hit fast enough to eliminate her opponents in one blow.

20. Mary Saotome from Kakegurui

saotome anime girls with blonde hair

Mary stands out from her wealthy classmates, she is a middle-class girl who got in with a scholarship. Her blonde hair gives her an innocent western appearance, though she lived most of her life in Japan. It doesn’t last long, her actual personality is incredibly cunning and manipulative.

Mary was captured in a video of her torturing her friends who owed a debt to the student council. She used to be a crazy girl who has no respect for others, living in her own detached world, until she experienced the same pain she inflicted on others. She was humiliated and broke into a deep depression, but that is when her attitude changed.

21. Erina Nakiri from Food Wars!

erina nakiri anime girls with blonde hair

The elitist rich girl who held the 10th seat in the Totsuki Culinary Academy is also known as ‘God’s Tongue’.

Erina is famous for her cooking talent, and for her short-tempered perfectionism. Despite being a popular girl at school, most of the time she’s lonely and doesn’t have many friends.

Perhaps if she was less judgemental and outspoken and direct, she would have been able to make friends.

But Erina doesn’t care about socializing, she’s more interested in her perfecting her craft. Still, her social life takes a sharp turn when she starts enjoying cooking for her close circle of friends.

22. Sena Kashiwazaki from Haganai: I don’t have many friends

sena kashiwazaki anime girls with blonde hair

From one rich girl to another blonde rich girl. Sena is toxic, she considers herself superior to everyone because of her beauty, wealth, and brains. She treats everyone as if they are low-life scums. All the boys want her, and likewise, all the girls envy her.

She may appear and act like a spoiled child, yet she has a childish side, such as sobbing and running away after losing an argument. She’s a beautiful athlete and a top-grade student, but she’s a lonely person who wants to make friends.

The jealous girls spread mean rumors, and Sena finds herself more and more isolated.

23. Victorique De Blois from Gosick

victorique de blois anime girls with blonde hair

This 15-year-old anime girl with blonde hair from Saint Marguerite Academy is almost always found inside the school library. Victorique de Blois is a beautiful girl who lives her entire life as an enigma. Where there is an enigma, there must be one to solve it and Kazuya Kujo is the man for the job! 

A classic tsundere, Victorique possesses a sharp tongue, abusive bluntness, and an eccentric attitude. These traits coupled with her yellow looks make her a manipulative woman.

24. Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

winry rockbell anime girls with blonde hair

We had enough evil girls, let’s meet the cute and kind blondies.

Noticed a flash of brilliant yellow swirl before your eyes? Well, chances are that they cute. Winry has graced your screen with a blondish aura. Winry is a training surgeon tomboy and a mechanical repair specialist. She made Edwards’ first automail limbs when she was only 11. She is smart and knows how to handle a wrench and a scalpel, clear!

Winry loves automail to the point that she’d go on the offensive whenever Ed breaks his own. She is a straightforward and emotional woman with strong morality and some abandonment issues, so best not to leave her behind. She’s also a supporting sister figure to Elrics, giving him support and much care.

Winry has zero combat skills, but she manages to overcome many obstacles proving she’s one of the bravest tomboy characters.

25. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

lucy heartfilia anime girls with blonde hair

Lucy is a hot anime babe with blonde hair who was born into a wealthy family, but she willingly left it behind to follow her own path. She is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring girl who is very passionate about writing her very own novel. 

Other than her occasional cowardice and tendency to be easily frightened, she will not hesitate to fight or face danger head-on for those she holds dear.

This is fueled by her smarts, stubbornness, resourcefulness, and ability to think outside the box. In the true spirit of blondeness, she is not someone who quickly resorts to violence and is shown to always keep her promises.

26. Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi

chitoge kirisaki anime girls with blonde hair

Let’s add some Japanese Rom-Com flair to the list and introduce you to Chitoge. This anime blonde girl is the type of girl who would go out of their way to offer her help.

Her more feminine side consists of a meek, grateful, and more emotional girl, which is in quite a contrast to her usual rambunctious self.

Her signature red ribbon perched atop her long, flowing blonde hair makes her one hell of a beauty, made unapproachable thanks to her outward cold demeanor. But in fact, she is truly desperate to make friends.

27. Misa Amane from Death Note

misa amane anime girls with blonde hair

With her shining blonde hair trailing behind her, Misa Amane is a model and actress with a promising future. Despite her outward appearance, she is bold enough to seek out Kira, become his accomplice, and even make the Shinigami Eyes trade for her beloved’s cause. 

Misa can be very smart on occasion, and slightly idiotic. While she is a total sweetheart on the outside, she is extremely hostile towards other women hitting on her man.

As such, Light Yagami is the most important person to her and she continues to love him despite not getting much reciprocation. Faithful and loyal to a fault, this is the kind of blonde-haired anime girl many boys and girls dream of dating!

28. Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April

kaori miyazono anime girls with blonde hair

Karoi is a free-spirited violinist. She’s a short-tempered, sometimes passive-aggressive, schooler. If you happen to see her running from store to store with lots of sweets and toys in tow, consider yourself truly blessed! 

On the surface, she is a sloppy violin player who seldom follows the scores; but in reality, her pure ability to emphasize emotions and artistry is nothing short of mystical and amazing.

Her music and spirit lifted Arima Kousei straight out of depression and trauma, performing very grounded miracles.

29. Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On!

tsumugi kotobuki anime girls with blonde hair

Everyone’s beloved Mugi is the go-to anime blonde girl of K-On! The Ho-kago Tea Time band just won’t be the same without the keyboardist and main musical composer.

Mugi had been a piano prodigy since she was only four years old and had won numerous piano recital contests as a testament to that. On the other hand, she tends to imagine risqué things whenever she sees girls simply interacting closely and even has a rebellious streak.

Her blond nature comes out every time she gets excited over the simplest of everyday mundane things, like ordering fast food. Cute! 

30. Miria Harvent from Baccano!

miria harven anime girls with blonde hair

If you’ve seen Baccano! You’ll know the buff girl thief Miria. She only has one true love, and that is Isaac. Miria is so in love with him that she simply agrees with him no matter what he says or does.

She doesn’t care about anything rather than making Isaac happy. Miria has a wonderful vibe and seeing her do all of those crazy and amusing things is pretty entertaining.

31. Shizuka Marikawa from Highschool of the Dead

shizuka marikawa anime girls with blonde hair

Shizuka is the only adult in the group and excels thanks to her medical skills and extensive knowledge. She always feels that it is her responsibility to take care of the kids.

Despite being a ditzy busty girl and prone to panicking at times, she is very serious and caring when needed to be. On the other hand, the way her hair outlines her noteworthy curvy is reminiscent of her sheer lack of modesty and lewd nature on occasion. 

32. Kaho Hinata from Blend-S

kaho hinata anime girls with blonde hair

Kaho is obsessed with consoles and arcade games. While her mother bans her from gaming if she doesn’t get better grades, she nevertheless makes the most of what little gaming time she has remaining.

She works as a waitress at the cafe to support her expensive gaming addiction. But, she’s not very good at it, whenever a customer mentions gaming, she steps out of her tsundere persona feeling the urge to join in

Whenever I look at her I wish that waitresses in my region would be like Hinata. I mean, with her long blonde hair that falls down her back and curls at the ends and her blue eyes, Kaho would brighten any depressing party.

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33. Karin Hanazono from Kamichama Karin

karin hanazono anime girls with blonde hair

Kari’s parents and beloved cat recently died, and she became lazy and just doesn’t care anymore. Her aunt constantly lectures her she needs to study instead of doing nothing.

Because of her irresponsible behavior, she was on the verge of being expelled from school for failing to maintain decent marks. But, when she meets a boy named Kazune Kujyou, she discovers her mother`s magical ring that can transform her into a goddess.

She was frequently seen with a stuff-toy in her arms, which makes her an adorable blond girl.

34. Mashiro Shiina from The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou

mashiro shiina anime girls with blonde hair

Despite being the clueless anime girl with blonde hair, Mashiro has an exceptional drawing talent. She possesses outstanding sketching abilities and aims to be the finest manga artist possible.

She always excels to the point where people develop an inferiority complex because of her. But besides drawing, she seems to lack any basic skills.

Her desire seems attainable, but there is one problem: she is unable to communicate with anybody.

35. Kyouko Toshinou from Yuru Yuri

kyouko toshinou anime girls with blonde hair

I just love Kyouko’s blonde hair. Maybe it’s her energetic character, her lovely red ribbon, and those deep blue eyes. I also love how she dresses in her uniform, Kyouko loves to cosplay.

Beyond her appearance, she is a talented artist that has the ambition of an entrepreneur. She founded the amusement club and did her best to keep everyone happy.

36. Ayase Eri from Love Live! School Idol Project

ayase eri anime girls with blond hair

Ayase Eri is one of those anime blonde girls that steals everyone’s heart with her sweet personality. She has the best leadership skills and is respected by everyone.

Ayase is regarded as a role model for others because of her wonderful personality. People mistake her for an emotionless girl, but she is compassionate and looks after everyone she meets.

Ayase just wishes for everyone to be happy and enjoy their life, she is one of those girls who have the potential to make the world a better place.

37. Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan R

umaru doma anime girls with blonde hair

Outdoor Umaru is the perfect teenage anime girl with blonde hair. She has outstanding grades, a charismatic aura, and a kind heart and excels in everything. Even so, this popular girl stays humble.

‘Indoor’ Unaru is the exact opposite: she is a complete otaku who barely does any household chores. Messy and lazy, she idles her days by eating junk food, drinking Cola, obsessing over overstuffed cat dolls, playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime.

She is also strangely prone to whining or crying whenever things don’t go her way, like, what on earth happened here? Well, whichever form she lives in is a perfectly bipolar existence.

38. Darkness from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

darkness anime girls with blonde hair

Time for me to include the hot aesthetic girl from everyone’s favorite and hottest ecchi harem animes.

Leave it to KonoSuba to give us a whole different type of curvy anime girl with blonde hair. Darkness presents herself with an aura of pride, and matureness. On the inside, however, she is nothing short of a complete masochistic pervert.

Her protectiveness stems from her masochistic urges to become a meatshield for onlookers, appearing to be the ideal hero.

Oh yes, even verbal abuse tends to turn her on! Can she be any worse (or better)? Her swordplay is utterly incompetent and is overall useless in combat. On the flip side, this gorgeous girl possesses a good amount of stamina.

39. Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari

shinobu oshino anime girls with blonde hair

Bakemonogatari is one om favorite ecchi harem anime mainly because of Shinobu. During her stupor phase, she hardly moves, doesn’t talk, and wears a bitter expression. Even while her long golden locks drag behind her.

In her bright personality mode though, she is talkative, and assertive and has a superiority complex seen through her archaic speech. More like it! 

Most of Shinobu’s most distinguishing traits stem from her affection for Koyomi, causing her to even become jealous whenever he spends too much time around other girls. At other times, she is shown to be deeply touched by his willingness to be with her.

40. Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

tohru anime girls with blond hair

Tohru is a female dragon turned blonde human maid. After the fateful meeting with her beloved Kobayashi, Tohru became the cutest girl ever and is hopelessly in love with Kobayashi-san.

She is a responsible hardworking maid, but quite disastrous on occasion. Her protectiveness comes out whenever there’s something concerning the younger dragon Kanna. 

Despite Kobayashi’s strictness and mostly unrequited love, Tohru will not stagger in making her unrelenting love for Kobayashi known throughout. This will even push her into the depths of trickery and deception, all while her long twin pigtails float menacingly behind her. Tsundere? Absolutely not! Yet she goes about her “unique” life. 

41. Yukana Yame from My First Girlfriend is a Gals

yukana yame anime girls with blond hair

I hate to admit it, but Hajimete no Gal is one of my favorite anime. Yeah, I know, it’s total ecchi harem trash, but I don’t care. I’m in love with Yukana!

The pinkish-blonde hair queen will unfreeze your heart with her sweet charisma. The female fanservice protagonist has the curviest features, she is just a ball of sunshine.

Now imagine suddenly finding the popular girl falling in love with an unpopular boy like Junichi, that can only happen in an anime world. And that is why Yukana has the honor to close this list.

42. Azusa from I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

azusa anime girls with blonde hair

Immortal spirits, magical girls, vampires, cute androids, shape-shifting birds, supernatural female assassins, and all these anime girls have blonde hair!

Azusa was an ordinary office girl, she literally overworked herself to death. But thanks to anime gods, she was given second chance and was reincarnated into another Isekai world known as the afterlife. There she met a goddess who turned her into an immortal powerful witch known as The Witch of the Highlands.

Even though she is now immortal and has lived for 300 years, she still has the appearance of a young calm cute girl. She enjoys encouraging others to pursue great things.

Everyone loves Azusa because of her kind heart, she always wants to help everyone, and she does that with a smile on her shining face.

Whenever she faces a crisis, she will always look for a peaceful nonviolent solution. But don’t test her, if she can’t resolve matters in diplomatic ways, Azusa will result to use her alarming powers!

43. Bishamon from Noragami

bishamon anime girls with blonde hair

Here is a true extraordinarily long blonde hair goddess with a personal vendetta.

Bishamon is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, her epic battle skills made her renowned as the goddess of war.

She may appear horrible but she is actually a good person and a major part of Bishamon’s character development is her ability to be responsible for her own actions. Bishamon has a soft side for her friends and does everything she can to protect everyone she cares for.

She wants to save every single spirit she comes across and give them a comfortable house where they can grow. But this sweet soul has experienced a deep and difficult heartache that eventually made her corrupt.

44. Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon

tsukino usagi anime girls with blonde hair

Usagi used to be just an ordinary girl who is very prone to crying and being overtaken by her emotions. She displays unwavering hope to see the good in all her foes, even when nobody else does.

But, she quits her winning once Usagi discovers that she’s a centuries-past reincarnation of Princess Serenity, a warrior queen who must protect the world from evil.

Usagi is the clumsy and easily distracted leader of the Sailor Guardians. She is a pure heart and courageous anime girl with blonde hair who is willing to always be there for others.

45. Yue from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

yue anime girls with blonde hair

Next on our list of anime girls with blonde hair is a 300-year-old immortal sweet girl with blonde hair and crimson red eyes.

Yue is a vampire princess with certain special skills, such as immediately regenerating any wound. She just loves to bite and suck blood, that’s her vampire idea of seduction.

She is a great sorcerer with dark powers and can use all types of magic, including protective spells, restorative spells, and offensive spells.

46. Beatrice from Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World

bebeatrice anime girls with blonde hair

An artificial spirit created by the Witch of Greed. For the last 400 years, Beatrice, the immortal mage spirit, has been the sole guardian of the ancient magical tomes in the Forbidden Library at Roswaal’s Mansion. Confined to the Roswaal’s mansion, she waits for “That Wish Granter Person” to grant her salvation.

She lost her creator and all her loved ones, and after spending centuries in the mansion, the cute little spirit hates to be alone and wishes to die and be set free.

I really can’t blame her for being grumpy all the time.

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47. Filo from The Rising Of The Shield Hero

filo anime girls with blonde hair

Filo literally hatched out of an egg. She has some extraordinary abilities such as shapeshifting into a cute girl with blonde hair and white wings.

She’s not just a sweet angel though, she’s a strong predator and the destined Filolial queen. She trains hard with her master, Naofumi, a secretive OP MC. As Filo keeps on training, she morphs into an ostrich-like form upon which Naofumi can finally ride.

She is an incredible speedster and her hawk-like attacks can inflict a lot of damage on her opponents.

48. Chii from Chobits

chii anime girls with blonde hair

Chii is a cute Persocom, a human-like android, she has an unremovable program that allows her to feel human emotions.

In her childhood, she suffered difficult traumas when she was bullied and thrown into the trash. At first, the traumatic experience left her mute. She could only say “Chii”, and it took her some time to adjust to the world, eventually able to interact with those she considers to be very close to her.

She is an extremely polite girl with cute cat ears and blonde hair. Chii turns out to be a legendary Chobit, a type of pc far more technologically advanced than regular Persocoms.

49. Anzu from Hinamatsuri

anzu anime girls with blonde hair

Anzu is an anime girl with blonde hair and yellow eyes hit girl esper with supernatural abilities. She was sent into the past by the organization, with a “Terminator” mission, to hunt down the blue-haired girl Hina.

She was a homeless child found wandering the streets until a cute couple adopted her and gave her a home, she was hanging with a group of homeless guys who thought her survival skills, and more importantly how to appreciate the small things in life.

The street life made her a tough girl, still, Anzu has a pure heart and is the nicest character around.

50. Lily Angel from Wan Sheng Jie from All Saints Street

lily angel anime girl with blonde hair

Closing this list of blonde anime girls is the sweetest blonde girl angle from one of the best Chinese anime, All Saints Street. I really love this short Youtube anime. The slice-of-life series follows a group of supernatural beings who share an apartment, and when I saw the leading female character I just knew her name had to be Lily.

She is a special character that melts people’s hearts, she is quite the opposite of her devil brother. She is Neil’s landlord and a top student. But she feels very lonely, and no one understands her. Heaven can be a lonely place, she just doesn’t feel at home there.

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