Top 40 Cursed Kirby Images

Kirby is a popular video game series that features a cute pink-colored character whose homeland is at risk, and he has to fight off all the threats. Gamers love Kirby, so these cursed Kirby images will surely ruin their day, but some of these images are hilarious as well. This list of cursed images isn’t for the faint-hearted so proceed with caution from this point onwards. Why cursed Kirby images? Because it showcases the creativity of image creators while also telling us how some people can be evil at the same time. If you yourself are a cursed image creator, there can be new ideas for you in this list. So, let’s start.

1. Big Foot Cursed Kirby

cursed kirby images

Kirby was a perfect pink character from the start, and there was not much that would have been done with it until this cursed image creator increased the size of his foot to twice the original size. Who is the evil person? I mean, what was going on in your little evil mind at that time?

2. Kirby X Sponge Bob

cursed kirby images

In the Sponge Bob cartoon series, Mr. Krabs was an evil Bose but what is even eviler is this cameo of Mr. Krabs in Kirby. Now, the color of Krabs is pink, and it looks like he is wearing a costume of Kirby. Look at those big eyes and pink claws. If this isn’t cursed, then what is?

3. Weird Toy

cursed kirby images

When talking about soft toys, we can surely expect some ups and downs because they are meant to be that way. But this cursed and weird Kirby soft toy looks like an intentional attempt by someone to offend Kirby fans.

4. Big Mouth

cursed kirby images

When little Kirby is angry, he screams, which adds up to this cuteness. Until this image was created where someone pasted the mouth of a real person on the face of Kirby, it is perfectly blended, but it is disgusting given how wide the mouth is opened.

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5. Multi-Legs

cursed kirby images

Kirby was doing good against enemies with his two small hands and feet. I don’t understand what the need was to turn Kirby into a multi-legged creature. You can clearly see the wonder even on the face. Kirby why?

6. Cursed Kirby Pig

cursed kirby images

Like pigs and Kirby? You won’t like this hybrid of Kirby and a pig. The whole body of Kirby is used while the nose of a pig is pasted. However, Kirby didn’t have a visible nose but was a pig nose, the only option left.

7. Breaking Sweat

cursed kirby images

Kirby always stood strong even in the worst of the situation, but this cursed Kirby image makes you doubtful. Here, you can see Kirby sweating. You will always wonder what was happening here.

8. Starry Toy

cursed kirby images

I have mentioned above that soft toys are weird no matter which one you pick up, but someone passed a star on one hand of Kirby. Now, is Kirby a fairy or a true fighter?

9. Knives Out

Knives Out Kirby

Kirby with a knife? Really, is this the end of the world because this is the epitome of evilness and cursedness? A cute character holding a knife will surely raise a lot of questions in your mind.

10. Sponge Bob Cursed Kirby

Sponge Bob Cursed Kirby

This box-shaped Sponge bob with the eyes and mouth of Kirby may look promising to some, but to die-hard fans of Kirby, enough is enough. Both Sponge Bob and Kirby are popular characters, but no one asked for their hybrid.

11. Cursedness Kirby Overloaded

Cursedness Kirby Overloaded

Are toy creators out of their minds? Because who makes mistakes like this? Was it difficult to make a perfect Kirby? Everything in this toy, from big eyes to a dual-colored hat and to weird gloves along with red color shoes, is wrong here.

12. Cursed Kirby Ice Cream

Cursed Kirby Ice Cream

Fans of Kirby would take anything from ice cream to toys to show their love for the character but not this ice cream. There is a real Kirby inside a coin, and he is smiling with even the slightest idea of what is about to happen to him.

13. Cursed Kirby X Peter

Cursed Kirby X Peter

Peter griffin is popular in the Family guy series, but who would have thought about seeing his face on the body of Kirby? The image of cute Kirby is ruined in every possible way. How can you forget that big chin which looks something boys will understand?

14. Girl or Boy Cursed Kirby

Girl or Boy Cursed Kirby

This cursed Kirby image is confusing from every angle. At the bottom, there are the legs of a girl while Kirby is wearing a wig of a boy along with office glasses. Some wicked Kirby lovers will surely love this picture because of Kirby but because of the bottom part.

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15. Smiling Duck Kirby

Smiling Duck Kirby

Is that a smiling duck with his teeth out or a distorted image of Kirby? Sadly, it’s a hybrid of both. This had to be in this list of cursed images.

16. Hands Up Kirby

Hands Up Kirby

What else does cute Kirby have to suffer in this evil world? After all, was it necessary to give a revolver in the hands of one of the cutest video game characters?

17. Kirby X Gru

Kirby X Gru

Fan of Despicable Me? Here is a cursed image to ruin your happy day. This is the cameo of Gru in Kirby, which didn’t go according to plan. While the original Kirby didn’t have a nose, here you will see the long pointy nose of Gru teasing you.

18. Cursed Kirby X Maui

Cursed Kirby X Maui

Maui is a great character from the Moana movie, but here, the greatness is ignored, and the face of Maui is pasted on the body of Kirby.

19. The Body Builder Kirby

The Body Builder Kirby

For gym freaks who love to see muscles and cuts, this cursed Kirby image features everything a gym lover would want but not like this.

20. Don’t Look At The Feet Kirby

Don't Look At The Feet Kirby

If the list of weird and cursed Kirby images is ever compiled, this image will come in the top ten. This toy features the body of Kirby and the feet of a human. The fact that Kirby is a small character makes the situation even worst.

21. All Black Cursed Kirby

All Black Cursed Kirby

This image features a black color Kirby which isn’t that bad, but players would love the original pinked colored Kirby more. There are no special powers of the black Kirby except for his color.

22. Cursed Kirby X Among Us

Cursed Kirby X Among Us

Among Us is played by millions around the globe, and this is the first appearance of Kirby in the game. Everything is fine until you see the face of Kirby, which is filled with god knows what.

23. Adult Cursed Kirby

Adult Cursed Kirby

The reason behind the title of this cursed Kirby image is what Kirby is wearing here. Kirby is an innocent-looking video game character, but some wicked image creator has replaced that version with an adult Kirby. It was alright till those big-size feet mentioned above in this list, but this is a little too much.

24. Pride Month Kirby

Pride Month Kirby

Here, little Kirby is supporting the LGBTQ community by holding the pride flag but was this necessary? Absolutely not, because he is a video game character. Moreover, the quality of this cursed image is yet another problem.

25. Fangs Kirby

Fangs Cursed Kirby

Kirby didn’t have any visible teeth, and after viewing this image, we can clearly understand that it was decided. Moreover, a mouth full of teeth would look good, but this cursed image features Kirby with fans like teeth only.

26. The Ladies Kirby Boy

The Ladies Kirby Boy

Kirby is loved by ladies due to his pink color, but here is the Gru version of Kirby that was thought to make ladies go crazy, but it went otherwise. Now ladies and boys hate this picture for all the right reasons.

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27. Spider (Cursed) Kirby

Spider (Cursed) Kirby

Mostly, people don’t like spiders and anything related to them, but this image is specifically disliked by the gaming community because of two reasons. One reason is that it makes Kirby look like a spider with human fingers as his four legs. Secondly, now the cute Kirby isn’t cute anymore.

28. Anime X Kirby

Anime X Kirby

Here, Kirby takes the form of an anime character who is a girl, but this is cursed from all angles. The biggest reason is that Kirby is a small character, and there isn’t much that you can do with his appearance. The image creator was too uncareful, and this is what he created.

29. Cursed Kirby Adult Part 2

Cursed Kirby Adult Part 2

Viewers’ discretion is advised because things are about to go another way. There is no one eviler than the creator of this cursed image because there were hundreds of ideas to create images, but he chooses to paste the body of Kirby over the legs of a woman in lingerie. What else is left to see in this evil world?

30. Cursed Kirby Hello! Young Men

Cursed Kirby Hello! Young Men

A lady is waiting at night on the next corner of the street but wait? What is that thing with the legs of a lady but the body of Kirby? Well, that is what a truly cursed image will look like. Thanks, but I and many others like me will skip this part for good.

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31. Cursed Kirby Statues

Cursed Kirby Statues

Kirby statues aren’t a problem unless they are statues like this. Why put the face of little Kirby over the body of men and a woman? There would be hundreds of other cursed image ideas, but why this one?

32. Nearly Dead Kirby

Nearly Dead Kirby

Is that an alien or a zombie, or an undead creature? Whatever it is, it is cursed and weird, and the fact that it features the face of Kirby adds up to his cursedness. Those long and creepy fingers damage your mind for life.

33. Run Kirby Run

Run Kirby Run

Is Kirby in a rush, or is he running from something dangerous? No matter how fast he had to run, his legs were strong enough to carry him away, but some genius came up with the idea of adding human legs to the body of Kirby. Surely, this will help, but what is the cuteness of Kirby which makes him this popular?

34. Chicken Cursed Kirby

Chicken Cursed Kirby

Are those leg pieces on the head of Kirby? Yes, they are because Kirby is turned into a chicken. But why are there legs of Kirby with him if he is a chicken?

35. Cursed Kirby: The Boss

Cursed Kirby: The Boss

Call everyone in for a meeting, and it’s Kirby speaking from the head office. This is what the receiver of the call will be hearing from the boss. It is less cursed and more hilarious, but it still made it to the list of cursed Kirby images.

36. Cursed Kirby Dab

Cursed Kirby Dab

Has Kirby achieved something big because of the dabbing pose? And why is there a star near his head? I understand this image because the only understanding I got from this picture is that it should be on the cursed images list.

37. Cool Cursed Kirby

Cool Cursed Kirby

Look, Kirby is wearing black sunshades. Isn’t this cool? No, actually, this is weird and curse, given the size of Kirby and the size of the shades that he is wearing.

38. Just Chill Kirby

Just Chill Kirby

Kirby is relaxing in a pool while wearing those sunshades mentioned in the description of the above image. It is summertime, and the pool is your best friend, but Kirby doesn’t want this, and his looks clearly indicate this.

39. Cherry on Top Cursed Kirby

Cherry on Top Cursed Kirby

Cakes are a great food item when it comes to celebrating moments and cupcakes are a go-to choice for cake lovers because there is no effort in picking them. Here is the Kirby cupcake with a cherry on top. There is literally Kirby on top of the cupcake with a cherry on top of his head.

40 Potato Cursed Kirby

Potato Cursed Kirby

Here is the cursed Kirby image that you have been waiting for. Finally, Kirby is turned into a potato with scary facial features. Kirby is staring at you and cursing you as well as the creator of this cursed image because of what he did to him.