Best Confused Anime Face We’ve Ever Seen: Top 50

A confused anime face carries out unexpected plot twists. For some reason, I just love watching a confused anime character with twirling eyes. There is nothing like an unanticipated revelation that turns up the character’s emotions to the maximum. In today’s article, I am going to take look at some of the best anime-confused faces (girls and boys) that dazed everyone.

Confused Anime Face: Top 50

1. Yui Hirasawa from K-ON!

yui hirasawa confused anime face

Yui Hirasawa from K-ON is a character who is often confused. Her name means “confusion” in Japanese. Yui is a first-year student at Sakura High School and the lead guitarist and vocalist of the school’s light music club. She is clumsy, airheaded, and always seems to be lost in her world. However, she is also a very talented musician and has a natural gift for playing the guitar.

2. Aoba Suzukaze from New Game!

maki confused anime face

Aoba Suzukaze’s confused face is often seen in the New Game! anime. She is a bright and cheerful girl who loves video games, and she ends up working as a character designer at the game development studio Eagirls. Aoba is a hard worker and always gives her all to whatever task she is working on. She is also a bit of a klutz and often finds herself in an embarrassing situations.

3. Natsuo Maki from Ren Ai Lab

natsuo maki confused anime face

Natsuo Maki is a character from the Ren’ai Lab light novel series. With her bubbly personality and bright, affectionate smile, Natsuo is the definition of a charming flirt. Though she seems calm and collected in front of a large crowd, inside the student council office she has no filter and lets loose with any confused thought that happens to cross her mind. Her bizarre attitude is problematic at times, but her good looks and personality are hard to miss.

4. Tohru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

tohru confused anime face

Tohru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is a character who is often seen with a confused face. This is because she is constantly trying to understand the human world and her place in it. While she may not always understand everything, she is always willing to learn and help out however she can. Her confused face is just one of the many things that make her such a lovable and relatable character.

5. Ao Gennai from Frame Arms

ao genna confused anime face

Ao Gennai is a character from the Frame Arms anime. She is a young woman who is very strong and independent. Ao is also a skilled mechanic, and she uses her knowledge to help others.

6. Kaoru from I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

kaoru  confused anime face

Kaoru is a hard worker and always tries to find the silver lining in every situation. Even when her husband says something that she doesn’t understand, she just smiles and goes along with it. Kaoru is a great example of how to stay positive through confusing times. No matter what her husband says, she just smiles and goes along with it.

7. Squid Girl

squid girl confused anime face

The main character of the anime Squid Girl is, unsurprisingly, a girl who is also a squid. She has all the powers and abilities of a squid, including the ability to shoot ink and swim at high speeds. She also has a pair of tentacles that she can use to grab things or people. Squid Girl appears to be a human girl who is around 12 years old. Her most distinguishing feature is her often confused face.

8. Chiya from Urara Meirocho

chiya  confused anime face

Chiya dreams of becoming a fortune teller. She is an orphan who was taken in by the owner of a sweets shop, and she has been working there ever since. One day, she meets a girl named Kono, who tells her that she has the potential to become a great fortune teller. She is an inspiring character who shows that hard work and determination can lead to great things.

9. Louise the Zero from The Familiar of Zero

hatoko kushikawa confused anime face

Louise from the cringe anime is a young confused girl who is descended from a line of powerful magic users but has yet to successfully cast a single spell. Despite her lack of magical ability, Louise has high aspirations and is determined to become a great wizard like her ancestors.

10. Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan

umaru doma confused anime face

Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan is a popular character who has been beloved by fans for years. She is known for her dual personality, which she uses to her advantage to get what she wants. On one hand, she is a sweet and hardworking girl who always gets good grades and is well-liked by her classmates. On the other hand, she is a lazy and spoiled brat who would rather lounge around at home all day and eat snacks than do anything else.

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11. Goku from Dragon Ball

goku confused anime face

Goku from Dragon Ball is a character who is often seen as a powerful warrior, but he is also sometimes seen as weak and vulnerable. This can be confusing to people who are not familiar with the character. However, it is important to remember that Goku is just a character and should not be taken too seriously.

12. Akari Akaza from YuruYuri

akari akaza confused anime face

13. Sherlock Shellingford from Tantei Opera Milky

sherlock shellingford  confused anime face

14. Riko Saikawa from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

riko saikawa confused anime face

15. Yu Sonoda from Sakura Trick

yu sonoda confused anime face

16. Hatoko Kushikawa from All Worlds Alliance

hatoko kushikawa confused anime face

17. Yaya Sasame from Hanayamata

yaya sasame confused anime face

18. Aya Komichi from Kin-iro Mosaic

aya komichi confused anime face

19. Chino Kafū from Is the Order a Rabbit?

chino kafu confused anime face

20. Midori Imai from SHIROBAKO

midori lmai confused anime face

21. Momoko Akatsutsumi from The Powerpuffgirls Z

momoko akatsutsumi confused anime face

22. Futaba Ooki from AMANCHU!

futaba ooki confused anime face

23. Yoshino Koharu from Sakura Quest

yoshino koharu confused anime face

Yoshino is a country girl who comes to the city to work in tourism, but she quickly discovers that she doesn’t really fit in. She is always questioning herself and her choices, which can lead to a lot of confusion. However, despite all of this, she is a kind and determined young woman who ultimately wants to do what’s best for her community.

24. Mio Akiyama from K-ON!

mio akiyama confused anime face

25. Hitori Bocchi from Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

hitori bocchi confused anime face

26. Mochizo Oji from Tamako Market

mochizo oji confused anime face

27. Hakase from Nichijou

hakase confused anime face

28. Jigglypuff from Pokemon

jigglypuff confused anime face
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29. Nagi Sanzenin from Hayate The Combat Butler

nagi sanzenin confused anime face

30. Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

yamatonokami yasusada confused anime face

31. Erika Shinohara from Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

erika shinohara confused anime face

32. Yuna Matsubara from A Kiss for the Petals

yuna matsubara confused anime face

33. Riko Kurahashi from Love Lab

riko kurahashi confused anime face

34. Rino Rando from Best Student Council

rino rando confused anime face

35. Hoshizora Miyuki from Pretty Cure

hoshizora miyuki confused anime face

36. Lucia Nanami from Mermaid melody

lucia nanami confused anime face

37 Aki Hinata from Keroro

aki hinata confused anime face

38. Kobeni Yonomori from Kobeni Yonomori

kobeni yonomori confused anime face

39. Meowth and Ash from Pokemon

meowth and ash confused anime face

40. Ichigo Moesaki from Hayate The Combat Butler

ichigo moesaki confused anime face

41. Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

tohru honda confused anime face

42. Norma from Little Snow Fairy Sugar

norma confused anime face

43. Sakura Kinomoto from Sakura Cards Captor

sakura kinomoto confused anime face

44. Yuko Yoshida from Machikado Mazoku

yuko yoshida confused anime face

45. Luffy from One Piece

luffy confused anime face

46. Isla from Plastic Memories

isla confused anime face

47. Junko Konno from Zombieland Saga

junko konno confused anime face

48. Usami Ichika from Pretty Cure

usami ichika confused anime face

49. Kyoko Toshino from YuruYuri

 kyoko toshino confused anime face

50. Maple from NekoPara OVA

maple confused anime face

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