Huge Swordsmen

These sword-swinging man-mountains are the last thing on Earth you want to face. This poll is strictly for swordfighters over 6 feet 3, who weigh at least 250 pounds.

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Muscle men: Mathayus vs Conan

you can’t get much more muscular than that! But who is more skillful with the sword? Mathayus from The Scorpion King, or the legendary swordsman, Conan?

Who is more skillful with the sword?

The lion sleeps tonight: Hagen vs Spartacus

These two gladiators are thrown into the lion’s den. Who’s more likely to end up having a lion for dinner? Hagen or Theokoles? Hagen (Gladiator, movie) vs Theokoles (Spartacus, TV series)

Who's more likely to get out of the lion's den alive?

The dark alley: Boagrius vs The Mountain

These two bulky sword-fighting legends probably got this big by eating smaller swordsmen. Which one would you hate more to meet in a dark alley? Boagrius (Troy) or The Mountain (GOT)?

Huge Swordsmen Legends

Which one would you hate more to meet in a dark alley?

The tender giant: Rolo vs Clapa

They may be big but they have a tender heart…NOT. They are actually as tough as they look. Who wins a Vikings bare-knuckle fight? Rolo (Vikings) vs Clapa (TLK)?

Huge Swordsmen Legends

Who wins a bare-knuckle fight?