We face off the 10 best super-powered sword fighters in movies and tv shows

Not only are they some of the best master sword fighters in anime, movies, and tv series, but they also possess superhuman abilities. While some have super-strength, some can control magical forces. Others are just dang near invincible.

In this poll, we face off the most powerful humanoids to ever wield a sword.

Super-powered Sword fighters battle poll: Vote below


He-Man vs Wonder Woman

The world is in danger yet again from an evil mastermind. Which superhero would you call upon to save the day? He-Man (Masters of the Universe) or the sword fighting legend Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman, movie)?

Super-Powered Sword Fighters Battle

Who would you call to save the day from a super villain?


Deadpool vs Elektra Natchios

You and the chief of the rival clan are both in hiding and none of you can go out until the other is dead. Who would you send to assassinate him?Deadpool (Deadpool movies) or Elektra Natchios (Elektra, movie)?

Super-Powered Sword Fighters Battle

Who would you send to assassinate the chief of a rival clan?


Future Trunks vs Meliodas

One of the below is out to destroy your planet, the other is your guardian. Who would you choose to protect you? Future Trunks (Dragon Ball) or Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins, anime series)?

Super-Powered Sword Fighters Battle

Which of the below would you choose to protect you against the other?


One Kenobi vs Geralt of Rivia

You can study under one of the below, learning their ways and eventually leeching their powers and skill for yourself. Who would you choose? Obi One Kenobi (Star Wars) or Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)?

Whose powers and skill would you take for yourself?


Achilles vs Hercules

Your army is preparing for battle and they could use a legendary fighter alongside them to boost morale. Which spartan warrior would you send with them? Achilles (Troy)or Hercules (Hercules: The Legend Begins, movie)?

Which legendary warrior would you send with your soldiers to boost morale?
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