Best 20 Underwater Characters Who Rule the Depths Of The Sea

From the vast depths of the sea to the shimmering surface, the underwater world is a fascinating and mysterious place. In fiction, this watery realm has been the setting for some of the most imaginative and unforgettable characters in film and television. From mythical sea creatures to submerged superheroes, these underwater characters have captured our imaginations and taken us on incredible adventures. In this article, I will explore the best of the best, the 20 underwater characters in fiction. So, take a deep breath, and let’s dive in!

20. King Shark from the Suicide Squad

King Shark: Underwater Characters

Starting this list of best underwater characters, King Shark is a supervillain and occasional antihero. King Shark is a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of supervillains who are forced to work for the government in exchange for reduced prison sentences. He is often portrayed as a brutal and violent character, with a strong appetite for human flesh. King Shark’s abilities include superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and the ability to swim at high speeds and breathe underwater. He also has sharp teeth and claws that he can use to tear through his enemies. In the 2021 film “The Suicide Squad,” King Shark is voiced by actor Sylvester Stallone and is portrayed as a more comedic character, often providing comic relief with his simple-minded and childlike demeanor.

19. Abe Sapien from hellboy

Abe Sapie: Underwater Characters

A humanoid amphibian, Abe Sapien is one of Hellboy’s closest allies and a member of the B.P.R.D. – The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. As an amphibian, Abe Sapien has the ability to breathe underwater using gills, and he is also capable of breathing on land using his lungs. Abe is known for his intelligence, curiosity, and gentle demeanor, which often contrasts with the violent and aggressive behavior of other characters in the series. He is a skilled fighter and a valuable asset to the B.P.R.D, the organization to which Hellboy belongs.

18. The Deep from The Boys

The Deep Underwater Characters

Less famous and successful than his DC and Marvel superhero counterparts, The Deep is a member of the Seven, a group of superpowered individuals who are marketed as heroes by a powerful corporation. The Deep’s powers include the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with marine life, as well as enhanced strength and durability. The Deep is initially portrayed as an arrogant and entitled character who uses his powers to manipulate and exploit others, including women. He is also shown to have a strong desire for fame and attention, often seeking validation and approval from others. Throughout the series, The Deep’s character undergoes various challenges and setbacks. He also experiences personal and professional failures, leading him to be demoted from the Seven. Although The Deep is a pathetic guy, you may find yourself cheering for him at times just because he’s such an underdog.

17. Street Sharks from Street Sharks animated series

Street Sharks

Half-man/half-sharks, these four brothers – Ripster, Jab, Streex, and Big Slammu – fight crime as the group is called Street Sharks. They have been transformed into humanoid sharks by an evil scientist named Dr. Paradigm, and decided to use their superhuman strength, speed, and durability, as well as the ability to bite through almost anything with their sharp teeth, to fight against Dr. Paradigm and other villains who threaten the safety of their home city. Street Sharks have the ability to breathe underwater using gills, which they can also use to filter out impurities from the water. They are also able to breathe on land using their lungs.

16. Madison from Splash

Madison: Underwater Characters

Madison is the main character in the 1984 romantic comedy film “Splash,” played by actress Daryl Hannah. One of the best underwater characters, Madison is a mermaid who falls in love with a human man named Allen Bauer played by Tom Hanks. In the movie, Madison has the ability to breathe underwater and swim with ease. She is a magical underwater creature who is able to live both on land and in the ocean. However, when Madison is out of the water for too long, she starts to lose her strength and ability to breathe and eventually needs to return to the ocean to survive.

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15. Enguarde the Swordfish from Donkey Kong Video Game

Enguarde the Swordfish

Enguarde the Swordfish is a recurring animal buddy character in the Donkey Kong video game series, first appearing in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is a friendly swordfish who can be ridden by the game’s protagonists, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong, to navigate underwater levels. He can use his sharp bill to attack enemies and break through barriers. As a fish, Enguarde is naturally adapted to underwater environments and can breathe underwater using his gills. He is also capable of swimming at high speeds, making him a valuable ally at underwater levels.

14. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

The Creature

Aka Gill-man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a famous monster from the 1954 horror film of the same name. He is a humanoid amphibious creature with gills and webbed hands and feet. The Creature has the ability to breathe underwater, which allows it to swim and hunt for its prey. It is depicted as a powerful and dangerous being that can move quickly through the water and is able to survive in harsh underwater environments. However, unlike some depictions of mermaids or other aquatic creatures, the Gill-man is not shown to have the ability to live on land or breathe air and is always depicted as being in or around water.

13. Tamatoa from Moana

Tamatoa: Underwater Characters

A giant crab and a collector of shiny objects, Tamatoa is an Underwater Amphibious Creature obsessed with treasure and all things shiny. Although Tamatoa is shown living in a cavern underwater, he is not shown to be able to breathe underwater. Instead, he is shown to have the ability to stay underwater for extended periods of time, as he is able to retreat into his shell and seal it tightly to protect himself from danger. In the movie, Moana and Maui encounter Tamatoa when they journey into the realm of Lalotai, the underworld of monsters. Tamatoa possesses a magical artifact that Moana needs to save her people, and the two engage in a battle to retrieve it.

12. Lucia Nanami from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Lucia Nanami

The heroine of the anime series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Lucia Nanami is a mermaid princess from the North Pacific Ocean and has the ability to transform into a human girl and sing magical songs. As a mermaid, Lucia is able to breathe underwater and swim at great speeds. She possesses a beautiful singing voice that has the power to heal and calm those around her. When she transforms into a human, she retains her mermaid powers and can still breathe underwater. Throughout the series, Lucia and her friends fight to protect the ocean and the people they love from various threats. She uses her singing abilities to combat evil and bring peace to the world around her.

11. Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars

Jar Jar Binks

Yeah, I know Jar Jar is often criticized for being a clumsy and awkward character, with many fans considering him to be an annoying or even offensive stereotype. However, he has also been praised for his comedic moments and for being a unique and memorable addition to the Star Wars universe. Also, in my opinion, he plays a significant role in the story, particularly in the first episode, “The Phantom Menace.” Jar Jar is a Gungan, a species of amphibious creature native to Naboo. As such, Jar Jar can breathe underwater and is also able to survive on land. In the film, he swims underwater, using his long ears to propel himself through the water.

10. Gyarados from Pokemon


One of the best underwater characters, Gyarados is a Water/Flying type Pokémon. It evolves from Magikarp at level 20. In the Pokémon games and anime, Gyarados are known for their fierce temperament and powerful attacks. It is said to be capable of causing massive destruction with its Hyper Beam attack. As a Water-type Pokémon, Gyarados is adapted to aquatic environments and is able to swim and breathe underwater. However, in the Pokémon games, Gyarados cannot stay underwater indefinitely and must come up for air periodically.

9. Ronal from Avatar: The Way of Water


Ronal is the spiritual leader of the Metkayina, a clan of Na’vi who reside near Pandora’s oceans and reefs. While typically wary of outsiders, she welcomes Jake, Neytiri, and their family into the clan’s protection. Ronal is brilliant, strong-willed, and possesses a bold personality. Despite the fact that the Na’vi cannot breathe underwater, the Metkayina clan instructs Jake, Neytiri, and their family on a technique that involves using their diaphragm and abdomen to hold their breath for an extended period of time. However, there is still the risk of drowning if they do not come up for air. To address this, the Na’vi have a creature resembling a jellyfish with a cape that they can connect with, which allows them to breathe underwater.

8. Namor from Marvel Comics


Although not as famous as his DC counterpart, Namor the Sub-Mariner is an important character in the Marvel universe. He is a prince of the underwater city of Atlantis and a member of the Marvel superhero team, the Avengers. He has also been a member of the X-Men and the Defenders. As an Atlantean, Namor has the ability to breathe underwater, thanks to his gills. He can also survive on land, but he needs to periodically immerse himself in water to maintain his strength. Namor has been recently added to the MCU in the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will probably further his popularity.

7. The Nokk from Frozen II

The Nokk

The Nokk is a mythical water spirit that appears in the Disney animated film Frozen II. It is a horse-shaped creature made of water that guards the Dark Sea and is said to have the power to control tides and waves. As a water spirit, The Nokk does not need to breathe air and can exist underwater without any problem. It is also shown to have the ability to move freely through water and can manipulate its own form to create waves and currents. The Nokk plays a crucial role in helping Elsa navigate the dangerous waters to reach the Enchanted Forest. Its appearance is based on Scandinavian folklore, where it is depicted as a magical creature that guards the seas.

6. Dory from Finding Nemo


Dory, a regal blue tang fish with short-term memory loss, becomes the travel companion of the film’s protagonist, a clownfish named Marlin. Like most fish, Dory can breathe underwater using gills. However, unlike some other fish, Dory is able to speak English and communicate with other sea creatures. While she can speak English, she suffers from short-term memory loss, which often makes it difficult for her to remember things or follow conversations for a very long. Despite this, Dory is a friendly and optimistic underwater character who is always willing to help others. Her cheerful personality endears her to both Marlin and the audience.

5. Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

Davy Jones

Davy Jones is the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a cursed ship crewed by monstrous sea creatures. In the movies, this ugly character is depicted as a humanoid creature with tentacles for a beard and crab-like claws for hands. As a sea creature, Davy Jones is able to breathe underwater. He can also survive on land for short periods of time. He can also control sea creatures and manipulate the sea itself, using it to his advantage in battles. In the movies, Jones is portrayed as a fearsome pirate, with a reputation for being cruel and merciless.

4. Godzilla


The most iconic giant monster in fiction, Godzilla is a prehistoric creature that is awakened and mutated by atomic radiation, becoming a destructive force that threatens humanity. While Godzilla is primarily known for his size, strength, and atomic breadth, he is also shown to have aquatic abilities. Godzilla is shown to be able to breathe underwater, allowing him to swim and fight in the ocean. He is often depicted emerging from the water to attack cities and battleships and is able to withstand underwater pressure and navigate ocean currents.

3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid


One of the most famous underwater characters, Ariel is the main character in the Disney animated film “The Little Mermaid.” She is a mermaid, the daughter of King Triton, and is known for her curiosity and adventurous spirit. Ariel dreams of living on land and falls in love with a human prince named Eric. As a red haired mermaid, Ariel can breathe underwater using her gills. However, she cannot breathe air without the use of a magical item like a seashell. In the movie, she eventually gains the ability to breathe air permanently after making a deal with the sea witch, Ursula.

2. SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants


Created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob SquarePants is a sea sponge who lives in a pineapple house in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, along with his best friend, a starfish named Patrick, and other colorful characters. What is there to say about our beloved sponge? As a sea sponge, SpongeBob is able to breathe underwater using his pores, which function like gills. He is also able to survive on land for brief periods of time. However, he needs to stay moist in order to keep his body functioning properly. SpongeBob is known for his cheerful personality, his love of cooking, and his penchant for getting into silly and sometimes ridiculous situations. Despite his childlike innocence and tendency towards naivety, SpongeBob is a loyal friend and a beloved character in popular culture.

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1. Aquaman from DC Comics

Aquaman:  Underwater Characters

One of the most famous underwater characters, Aquaman is a superhero character from DC Comics. His real name is Arthur Curry, and he is also known as the King of Atlantis. Aquaman is a member of the Justice League, and he is known for his ability to communicate with sea creatures and his superhuman strength, speed, and durability. As a half-Atlantean, Aquaman has the ability to breathe underwater using gills. He can also survive on land, but he needs to keep his body moist in order to maintain his strength. In addition to his ability to breathe underwater, Aquaman is an expert swimmer and can swim at superhuman speeds. He also possesses telepathic abilities, which allow him to communicate with and control sea creatures. Aquaman is a skilled fighter and a formidable opponent in battle, making him a valuable member of the Justice League.

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