Top 30 best Star Wars Creatures, Ranked

In a galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars universe is home to a vast array of creatures, ranging from adorable to downright terrifying, and everything in between. From the cute and friendly Porgs to the slimy and treacherous Sarlacc, these creatures have captured the imagination of fans for decades. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 30 best Star Wars creatures, exploring their unique characteristics, origins, and impact on the beloved franchise. To make things even more exciting, we’ll rank the creatures from interesting to most interesting. So buckle up, grab your lightsaber, and get ready to dive into the wild world of Star Wars creatures.

30. Happabore

star wars creatures happabore

Starting this list of Star Wars creatures, Happabore is a large, lumbering, hippopotamus-like creature that is native to the planet of Jakku. They are quadrupeds with a heavyset build, and their most distinctive feature is their long snouts that are used for rooting around in the ground for food. Happabore has a peaceful disposition and is generally content to graze and wander around their natural habitat. However, when threatened, they can become quite aggressive and are capable of delivering powerful blows with their massive bodies. In The Force Awakens, Rey is seen using a Happabore to distract a group of scavengers who are trying to steal her speeder.

29. Corellian Hounds

star wars creatures corellian hounds

A cross of sorts between dogs and pigs, Corellian hounds have a variety of uses. They have a keen sense of smell, despite looking like they don’t have noses, and can track and hunt down prey if given orders to. They are also known for their powerful legs that allow them to run at great speeds and for their sharp teeth that regrow quickly if broken. One interesting thing about Corellian Hounds is that they are very loyal to their owners, and will often risk their lives to protect them. They have also been known to form close bonds with their owners, and will often follow them everywhere they go.

28. Puffer Pig

star wars creatures puffer pig

Native to the planet of Kyrylls World, these swinish puffers lived in subterranean dwellings such as mines and caves. Puffer Pigs has the strange ability to sniff out valuable minerals, outclassing a dozen mining scanners at once! Prized by the Mining Guild they fetched a high price, and when disturbed or frightened they puffed up in size, increasing multiple times to massive proportions if the threats continued. With these two uncanny abilities, I find the Puffer pigs to be one of the most interesting creatures in the Star Wars universe.

27. Steelpecker

star wars creatures steelpecker

Inborn to the desert planet of Jakku, the Steelpecker is a nocturnal bird that lives in sand dunes near the wreckage of old vehicles and other scrap metals, like droids. Steelpeckers are drawn to the magnetic signature of metals and use their iron-tipped beaks and talons to feast upon precious metals. To digest the hard materials they consumed, Steelpeckers store chemical elements such as vanadium and corundum in their stomachs. These birds were sought after by scavengers who kill them for the rare metal and alloy traces inside their bodies. Truly, the Steelpeckers are fascinating Star Wars creatures. Probably not to droids, though!

26. Tookas

star wars creatures tookas

Being a fan of cats, I couldn’t resist including Tookas in this list. Tookas are small, feline-like creatures that are often kept as pets by various characters throughout the franchise. Tookas have soft, furry bodies and long, pointed ears. They are known for their playful and affectionate personalities and are often kept as companions by individuals or families. They are also relatively easy to care for, which makes them a popular choice for pet owners. One special characteristic of Tookas is their ability to purr loudly when they are happy or content. This purring is said to have a calming effect on those around them and can be soothing to listen to. In fact, I have two Tookas located in my apartment.

25. Krykna

krykna star wars creatures

Krykna is a species of spider-like creatures that are native to the planet Atollon. They are known for their hunting skills, and they are feared by many of the other creatures on Atollon. Krykna has six long legs and multiple eyes that allow them to detect movement in all directions. They are also capable of spinning webs to trap their prey. Krykna is ambush predators that hunt in packs, often taking down creatures much larger than themselves. Although not sentient, they are pretty intelligent and can communicate with each other using a series of clicks and hisses. In The Mandalorian, Din Djarin encounters a giant Krykna who seems to be the mother of many smaller spiders.

24. Vulptex


Sometimes referred to as Crystal Foxes, Vultpices are native to the mineral planet Crait and are known for their crystalline fur, which helps them blend into their environment. The Vulptex has a fox-like appearance, with a long, bushy tail, pointed ears, and four legs. However, their bodies are covered in a layer of translucent, crystalline fur that refracts light and gives them an otherworldly appearance. This fur is also incredibly durable and helps protect the Vulptex from the harsh environment of Crait. Vulptex is also known for its sharp senses, particularly its acute sense of hearing. They are capable of detecting even the slightest sound and use this ability to track prey or avoid predators. A Vulptex plays a role in the battle on Crait in The Last Jedi, where he helps the Resistance by leading them to a hidden exit from the base.

23. Mythosaur


The Mandalorian world was once inhabited by the powerful Mythosaur, which closely resembled dragons in size and strength. Before the arrival of the Mandalorians, the Mythosaur were the ruling species on Mandalore. Mandalorians learned to ride these creatures, but in order to prove themselves, they started killing them, leading to the extinction of the species. However, the Mythosaur remained a crucial element of Mandalorian culture, with its skull being used as a symbol of loyalty to the Mandalore creed. In The Book of Boba Fett, the Armorer prophesized the return of this legendary creature, and in season 3 of The Mandalorian, we catch a glimpse of what is believed to be its eye.

22. Gorog


One of the most terrifying Star Wars creatures, the mighty Gorog is absolutely gargantuan! I mean, this thing eats Rancors like chicken nuggets. It is bipedal, and has very human-like hands, with four tusks protruding from its lower jaw. One of its defining characteristics is that it has two hearts. The first time we encounter one is during ‘The Force Unleashed II’ video game where Galen Marek, has to battle one in the Tarko-se Arena. The gigantic beast breaks free and Marek, after an epic fight, ultimately defeats the Gorog. However, it did not die! Boba Fett found the Gorog after Marek had left, and when he approached it, the beast sprang to life. Fett used his scanners and found out it had a second heart. He fired his rocket directly at this second heart, used his jet pack, and flew through the massive wound. Killing the Gorog at last.

21. Wampa


A Wampa is a species of large, carnivorous, white-furred bipedal creatures that inhabit the icy planet of Hoth. They have sharp claws and teeth, as well as thick fur that protects them from the cold. They are also able to use their sharp claws to climb up icy surfaces, allowing them to ambush prey from above. Wampas are solitary creatures, preferring to live alone in remote ice caves. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker was on a mission on the ice planet Hoth when he was attacked by a Wampa while patrolling outside the Rebel base. The Wampa managed to capture Luke and took him to its icy cave to be its prey. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker was attacked by a Wampa while patrolling outside the Rebel base. The Wampa managed to capture Luke and took him to its icy cave to be its prey.

20. Purrgils


Truly spectacular Star Wars creatures, Purrgils are deep space-traveling beasts that no one is quite sure of their planet of origin. With a length exceeding more than 30 meters, these “space whales” had developed the ability to travel through hyperspace, using internal way-finders. By inhaling the gas Clouzon-36, they are able to perform this startling ability and usually travel in pods of dozens of individuals. Their ability to do this inspired sentient beings to develop hyperspace technologies. Living in deep space, Purrgils have one cloudy blue eye on each side of their head and four tentacles at the end of their bodies. They also sport fins that help them in their flight, while some also have long whiskers.

19. Nexu

nexu star wars creatures

A Nexu is a Star Wars creature native to the planet of Cholganna. It is a ferocious predator and is known for its speed and deadly claws. The Nexu has a feline appearance, with a muscular body, sharp teeth, and retractable claws. It has a long tail that it uses for balance and can reach up to 5 meters in length. The Nexu’s most notable characteristic is its incredible agility. It is able to jump great distances and scale walls with ease, making it a formidable opponent in combat. The Nexu appears in Attack of the Clones, where it is used as an arena beast on the planet Geonosis. It is pitted against Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Geonosian Arena, but he is able to defeat it with the help of his lightsaber weapon. The Nexu also makes appearances in various Star Wars video games and literature.

18. Summa-Verminoth

While navigating the depths of the Kessel Run in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the crew of the Millennium Falcon came across a monstrous creature reminiscent of Cthulhu. The Summa-Verminoth is a massive creature that inhabits the Maelstrom, a dangerous area of space in the Star Wars galaxy. The Summa-Verminoth has a serpentine body that can grow to several kilometers in length. Its body is covered in a tough exoskeleton, and it has a massive mouth filled with sharp teeth. It also has multiple limbs that it uses to move through space and capture prey. One of the most notable characteristics of the Summa-Verminoth is its ability to consume energy. It can feed on starships, draining them of their energy and leaving them helpless in the Maelstrom. It can also generate powerful gravitational fields that can trap ships and draw them into their waiting jaws.

17. Dianoga


Hailing from the planet Vodran, Dianogas is one ugly Star Wars characters, they are large squid-like creatures with seven tentacles and a single eyestalk. Dianogas feed and digest waste products. As a result, many captains keep Dianogas on their spaceships, which is why one was on the Death Star in A New Hope and wrapped one of its tentacles around Luke, pulling him into murky trash water, nearly killing him. And if this isn’t interesting enough for you, get this – Dianogas is a delicious delicacy. That’s right, Dianogas could indeed be cooked and served to humans.

16. Fathiers

Fathiers are a species of large, horse-like creatures in the Star Wars universe. They have four legs and long necks and are known for their incredible speed and agility. They first appeared in The Last Jedi and were primarily used for racing and gambling purposes on the planet Cantonica. Fathiers are intelligent creatures with a strong sense of loyalty and can form strong bonds with their caretakers. They are herbivorous and are often seen grazing on vegetation. Their bodies are covered in shaggy fur that can come in a variety of colors, including white, brown, and black. Fathiers are extremely fast, with some individuals capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. They are also known for their agility and can make sudden, sharp turns while running at high speeds.

15. Reek

reek star wars creatures

First appearing in the movie Attack of the Clone, Reek is a large, aggressive, and intimidating quadrupedal creature that is native to the planet Ylesia. Reeks are characterized by their armored hides, powerful jaws, and sharp horns. They are also known for their heightened senses, which allow them to track their prey with great accuracy. In the movie, a Reek is used in a gladiatorial arena on Geonosis, where it fights against Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. What makes the Reek special is its ability to adapt to different environments. This allows it to survive and thrive in a wide range of habitats, from deserts to forests to swamps.

14. Mynock


Mynocks are parasitic creatures that feed on the energy sources of Star Wars spaceships, and can often be found attached to the hulls of starships, mining equipment, and other spacefaring vessels. Mynocks are known for their bat-like appearance, with leathery wings, sharp claws, and long fangs. They also have the remarkable ability to survive in the vacuum of space, thanks to their capacity to absorb nutrients through their skin. One interesting fact about Mynocks is that they are often found inside space creatures, such as the Exogorth that lived inside an asteroid in The Empire Strikes Back. Mynocks are able to burrow into the skin of these creatures and feed on their internal organs, causing damage and potentially killing the host.

13. Colo Claw Fish

Colo Claw Fish

While Earth’s oceans are already known for having various creatures that can be terrifying, none can compare to the Colo Claw Fish encountered by the characters in The Phantom Menace. This giant sea monster surpasses anything found on our planet and poses a considerable threat to those who cross its path. A massive aquatic predator, the Colo Claw Fish can grow up to 80 meters long and has a distinctive claw-like appendage on its forehead. One of the most notable characteristics of the Colo Claw Fish is its aggressive behavior, as it is known to attack and consume anything that crosses its path. The Colo Claw Fish’s special ability is the strong bio-electric field that it uses to stun and immobilize prey. It can generate a powerful electrical discharge that can disable even the largest vessels or stun multiple targets at once. Pretty amazing Star Wars creature indeed!

12. Zillo Beast

zillo beast star wars creatures

In Bad Batch’s second season, the team encountered an incredibly daunting creature that is extremely difficult to harm. The Zillo Beast is a massive reptilian creature native to the planet Malastare. It is characterized by its enormous size, armor-like scales, and incredible strength. It is capable of destroying entire cities with its powerful tail and claws and can withstand blaster fire and lightsabers. What makes the Zillo Beast special is its ability to produce an extremely rare substance called the “Zillo Beast Scale”. This material is highly sought after for its unique properties, including its ability to resist lightsaber strikes and deflect blaster bolts. It was also believed to have potential medical applications.

11. Krayt Dragon

Krayt dragons are giant carnivorous reptiles that come in two species: the smaller canyon Krayt, and the larger greater Krayt. Due to their large size and ferocity, they were the apex predators of the desert planet Tatooine. Their bodies produced krayt venom, which helped the dragons as an acid in the pre-digestion of their food. The Greater Kreyt Dragon was about 100 meters long With 10 legs. The Krayt Dragon was about 45 meters long. However, they kept growing slowly their entire lives!

10. Bantha

bantha star wars creatures

The Bantha is a Star Wars creature similar to an elephant or wooly mammoth. They serve as mounts for Tusken Raiders in the dry, dusty world of Tatooine. Banthas survive the harsh conditions of the desert planet by being adaptable to a range of climates and flexible with their diet. They are also especially resourceful. Moving very slowly in the heat so they can make use of their tongues to pull up grass and shrubs while walking.  Appearing in A New Hope, Bamthas was actually the first Star Wars creature presented in the famed franchise. 

9. Tauntauns

Native to the icy planet of Hoth, these bipedal reptomammals have adapted to survive the subzero temperatures of their home world that sometimes plummet to below -60°C. The Tauntauns naturally slept in the subterranean caverns of Hoth that were heated from the planet’s warm emanating core. Their thick, oily, multilayered hides shielded them from the cold as they had adapted to the daytime temperatures. However, as we saw in The Empire Strikes Back, no biological adaptions are foolproof! A “tamed” Tauntaun that was forced by Han Solo to brave a storm and expose itself to extreme cold did not survive this.

8. Blurrgs

blurrgs star wars creatures

Also nicknamed “Piranha Tadpoles”, Blurrgs are a species of two-legged reptilian creatures that are commonly found on the planet of Ryloth. They are often used as beasts of burden by the Twi’lek people and are known for their strength and durability. Blurrgs have a thick hide that makes them resistant to blaster fire and other types of attacks. They are also able to climb steep inclines and traverse rough terrain with ease, thanks to their powerful legs and sharp claws. In The Mandalorian, Din Djarin rides a Blurrg as a means of transportation across the desert planet of Arvala-7, after having a rough time taming the Blurrg.

7. Varactyl


The Varctyl is kind of a lizard-bird mashup of a creature. Also known as Dragonmounts, the Varctyls are reptilian herbivores native to the planet Utapau.  They have beaked faces and powerful tails that could stretch up to ten meters. The variety’s flexible neck supported its armor-plated skull and has crested and mid-body spines displayed during courting. When trained for use as mounts, Varctyls are obedient and faithful, like we saw with Boga, the female Varactyl Obi-Wan rode in Revenge of the Sith when he went to confront General Grievous.

6. Kowakian monkey-lizard

Kowakian monkey-lizard

Monkey-lizards combine, you guessed it, monkey and reptilian features with a beaked nose. Their slightly squished faces, drooping ears, and tufts of fur make them odd and a little frightening at the same time. With their weird, gangly looks, they’re not what you envision when you think about a pet, but were often used by members of the underworld as pets. The most famous Kowakian is of course SALACIOUS B. CRUMB, Jabba the Hutt’s pet. Sitting at Jabba’s bulbous stomach, laughing away, Salacious is sometimes considered the best character in the whole series.

5. Space Slug

Space Slug

More technically known as an Exogorth, Space Slugs are massive space-dwelling creatures that sport pointy teeth, grayish skin, small eyes, and a generally bad attitude. A silicon-based lifeform, Expgorth fed on the minerals of asteroids, stellar energy fields, spaceships, and other unfortunate creatures that unknowingly passed into their mouth. In the chase through the Hoth asteroid field in The Empire Strikes Back, the Millennium Falcon takes refuge in a cave, which turns out to be the belly of a giant Space Slug.  Only while cleaning parasitic Mynocks off the ship that Han Solo discovered the true identity of the “cave” they had entered. It is then that Solo says the iconic sentence: “This is no cave…”!

4. Porgs


Porgs are a species of bird-like creatures that appeared in The Last Jedi and are native to the planet Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker was living in exile. They are small and round, with big eyes and a beak that resembles that of a penguin. They have wings and can fly, but their flight is limited to short distances. One of the things that make Porgs interesting is their role in the movie, where they served as both comedic reliefs and as part of the scenery on Ahch-To. Their cute and cuddly appearance has also made them popular with fans of the franchise. Additionally, Porgs are known for their curious and friendly nature and are often seen interacting with other creatures on Ahch-To. They have also been known to scavenge for food and even steal items from the Millennium Falcon.

3. Acklay


Acklays originate from planet Vendexa, which is known for having one of the densest and most lush ecosystems in the Galaxy. Standing slightly over ten feet tall on six legs, Acklays have three yellowish eyes and a mouth full of long razor-sharp teeth. Together with their pointed legs that could be used as spears, the Acklays were the perfect killer beasts used in execution arenas like the Petranaki arena on the planet Geonosis. Acklays are strictly carnivorous creatures that are famous for their vicious traits, as we have seen in Attack of the Clones when Acklay viciously attacked Senator Padme and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Whoever watched that scene will never forget how deadly is this praying mantis-like creature and its chilling shrieks.

2. Rancor


There are few Star Wars creatures more iconic than the Rancor. Rancors are 14-foot apex superpredator reptiles coming from the planet Dathomir. They have massive teeth and even bigger claws, with a temper and appetite to match. Thanks to their long arms and massive jaws combined with their thick skin, Rancors are formidable fighters. Ultimately, though, Rancors can be surprisingly friendly if you treat them properly, which explains why the Rancor keeper in Return of the Jedi was so devastated over the death of the Rancor.

1. Sarlacc


George Lucas’s universe is filled with horrifying creatures, but none are as terrifying as the Sarlacc. This colossal creature has razor-sharp teeth and tentacles that pull victims into its gaping mouth, which is just a small part of its massive body. While it resembles a sandworm, the Sarlacc is actually a plant-like creature that feeds on anything that comes near it. As a younger specimen, it can move around to catch prey, but as it grows older, it burrows and waits for prey to fall in. The Sarlacc keeps victims alive for up to a millennium by coating its stomach with tentacle-like vessels that attach to the victim, injecting neurotoxins that cause boiling pain and slowly feeding on them. For these reasons, the Sarlacc definitely deserves the top spot on this list of Star Wars creatures.

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