Best 9 Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

This list gathers the best six movies like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Greg Heffley is a regular kid who started middle school like all kids his age. The other children in his class are taller than him, and prettier than him, in short, it’s a grown-up environment, but Greg remains a child.

The film, based on the book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid written by Jeff Kinney, shows Greg’s life during classes, during the class breaks, and during after-school hours, but the emphasis is mostly on his grown-up pains.

Greg writes his misadventures, thoughts, and opinions in a diary, to prepare for the day that he will no longer have to handle school life endeavors. It’s a family-friendly movie that anyone can relate to – being in middle school, and on the verge of adolescence is never easy for anyone. This movie can give comfort and support to everyone struggling in this in-between era in life, with humor, authenticity, and dialogues we are all familiar with.

So, here are 9 coming of age, high school life, heroic kids, comedy, and movies to watch if you like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

1/9. Wonder (2017)

Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Based on a book by R.J. Palacio, this film follows Oggy Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a boy born with a rare genetic syndrome, that caused a severe deformity in his face, even though many surgeries failed to correct it. After years of homeschooling, Oggy’s parents (Julia Roberts, and Owen Willson) decide to send him to school, where Oggy is forced to deal with bullying and malice but also manages to find true friends. “Wonder” is an exciting and charming film. Watching it arouses empathy, and it is hard not to see it without shedding a tear. This film will leave you with a few points for thought, and probably appreciation for those close to you.

Wonder inspires you to always remember, that everyone has their difficulties and it is never possible to see the complete story behind people around us.

2/9. Captain Underpants (2017)

Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

George and Harold, are two imaginative naughty third-graders attending school. The only thing they love more than collecting old stuff is producing comic books. Together they invented the greatest bald superhero in elementary school history – Captain Underpants. They hypnotize their nemesis, the mean-spirited principal Mr. Krupp and he transforms into the incredibly clueless yet kind-hearted and enthusiastic superhero named Captain Underpants.

This is a must-see movie for all the family, with beautiful animation, a soundtrack that adds a lot to the atmosphere, and is full of fun dialogues.

3/9. School Of Rock (2003)

Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is a failed musician, who has long since been thrown out of his own band. If that wasn’t enough, he got into debt for his apartment and went into a deep depression. In order to find a job, and get the money quickly, he impersonates his roommate, who works as a substitute teacher for fourth graders in a private school and is very meticulous. In class, he meets a large group of children whose eccentric character and love of music captivates them, and they find a common language with him.

Among the students he finds Yuki, a nine-year-old prodigy playing guitar, who can help Dewey win a band competition – the award will solve Dewey’s problems once and for all, and will put him back in the spotlight. Without the school administration and parents knowing, Dewey turns the bunch of kids he was sent to teach, into a rock band full of ambition.

A great vibrant comedy, filled with energy and music. This movie received much praise from audiences and critics alike.

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4/9. Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life (2016)

Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Rafe Khatchadorian (Griffin Gluck), has an epic imagination and a slight problem with authority. These things collide when he transfers to a middle school, where students are expected to follow strict rules. With assistance from his new friend Leo (Thomas Barbusca), the mischievous lad schemes to drive his tyrannical principal (Andy Daly) crazy, while also using his charm and wits to impress a girl (Isabela Moner) and battle the bullies. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name.

Funny but touchy at the same time, it would fulfill every family movie night with joy and laughter, while anyone – kids and adults as well, can relate to those insecure years during mid-school.

5/9. Astro Boy (2009)

Movies Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

An unpredictable movie, that starts in a gloomy atmosphere but soon turns into real action, entertainment, and thrilling moments.

After losing his son, a brilliant scientist builds an Astro Boy – a robotic child with superpowers. The robot uses its incredible powers to become an international superhero, and soon it faces aliens threatening to ruin the planet. Orphaned Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) must quickly find a home for their dog, Friday. They find an abandoned hotel and turn it into a pooch paradise for abandoned dogs. But when the inevitable barking makes neighbors suspicious, Andi and Bruce must find a way to hide their dog hotel.

This movie will make both, kids and parents happy, it’s fun and entertaining and will surely inspire your family to adopt a puppy.

6/9. Holes (2003)

movies like diary of a wimpy kid

Stanley Yelnats is convicted of stealing charity shoes. He is faced with the choice between prison and community service at the Green Lake Camp. When he arrives at the camp he is forced to dig large pits in the desert every day, at the behest of the mysterious warden and her assistants, Mr. Sir (Marion Sevillon) and Dr. Pendanski (Blake Nelson). But when Stanley and his friend Zero escape the camp, things start to get complicated.

Disney with another great adventure movie that is very reminiscent of the fine material from which they made The Goonies, a fun film for the whole family. Holes brought back my childhood innocence. This can only be attributed to the magic of naivety projected from the film toward the viewer. The film tries to build a jigsaw puzzle of folk tales, which are intertwined, until their surprising connection at the end.

7/9. Charlie Bartlett (2007)

movies like diary of a wimpy kid

Charlie Bartlett has already been thrown out of every respectable private school possible. Having no choice, his millionaire mother sends him to attend public school, and he takes the matter with natural lightness. Understand – Charlie is an optimistic guy and he is also no small trick. On his first day of school, as in any American adolescent film, he snatches a few caps from the bully of the class, which does not stop him from making the guy his partner in distributing Ritalin and Prozac in the corridors of the educational institution. Yes, yes, Charlie Bartlett is becoming the district psychiatrist of the class!

8/9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

movies like diary of a wimpy kid

The year is 1991. Charlie, a sensitive boy suffering from social problems, watches his classmates from a distance. When two school graduates, the beautiful and free Sam and her eccentric brother, Patrick, help Charlie to open up to a new world and experience first love, the first discovery of his sexuality, parties until dawn, and nightly screenings of musical cult films.

At the same time, his teacher, Mr. Anderson, expands Charlie’s horizons in the field of literature and inspires his aspirations to become a writer in the future. But because there is a more complex external world beyond Charlie’s private world, it is not inconceivable that he will also eventually have to deal with a number of fateful events.

School is hell. Countless films have been made about the high school experience, most of them – through the eyes of the nerdy, unacceptable, strange boys and girls who suffer from the football team bullying, however, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a lovely teenage movie with great actors and great music.

9/9. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

movies like diary of a wimpy kid

Greg is a high school student trying to avoid meaningful social connections in order to survive in the teens’ social world. When his mother insists he spends time with Rachel, a cancer-stricken girl in his class, he discovers the value of true friendship.

An original coming-of-age movie. It goes beyond the usual stuff we see in this kind of film. It’s believable despite its extroversion, and at the same time, it manages to be funny and emotional, even though it is not devoid of clichés. Highly recommended, even just seeing a few moments from “A Clockwork Orange”.

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