Doctor Doom vs Thanos: Which Marvel Supervillain Wins This Fight?

Welcome to another Faceoff battle report! This time we feature Doctor Doom vs Thanos. They are among the elite villains in the Marvel Universe. They constantly make it into every list of the most powerful Marvel supervillains. Numerous times they have bested the likes of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the X-men, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and other great heroes. Their names alone strike fear into the hearts of most, but what would happen if they faced each other in battle? This is exactly what we are here to answer! Let’s go!

Doctor Doom vs Thanos: Battle conditions

Doctor Doom vs Thanos
Doctor Doom vs Thanos battle location. Photo by: Michael Foley

The battle takes place at The Burg Dubai Tower. Two weeks for preparation. Doom is wearing his armor. Thanos DOES NOT possess the infinity gauntlet. The combatants will be put through five excruciating rounds in the following parameters: Durability. Magic. Strength. Intellect. Weaponry. Whoever wins more rounds overall wins the battle! Starts at 25 m.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos: Powers

How powerful is Thanos?

Thanos is an Eternal, evolutionary offshoot of humanity gifted with incredible powers. Due to his Deviant Syndrome, which is a sort of mutation, he was born with an extremely massive body, purple rugged skin, and the capacity to synthesize cosmic energy for certain personal uses. Thanos is immensely strong and resistant to injury, invulnerable to nearly all types of poison, disease, and telepathic attack. Perhaps Thanos’ greatest capability is his capacity to rise from the dead. He can accomplish this by sacrificing others so he can live again or by biding his time in death, recharging his inner strength, so as to return more powerful and terrible than he was before.

Thanos has some vastly insane feats. Thanos harmed and blasted away Galactus, and sent him flying across the moon. He proved superior to Hulk. He could tank an enraged Odin’s (who is a multiversal sky father) attacks for a while and Galactus’ ones. The Mad Titan could fight straight face to face and have the upper hand against Thor and Silver Surfer when he fought them, which is impressive as SS and Thor are consistently Galaxy to Universal level threats (higher when they are serious. when serious, they go up to high universal/multiversal). Moreover, Thanos was able to challenge Thor, who at the time was enraged due to his mind being controlled by Valkyrie, and was at his peak and amped by the Power Gem! He effortlessly one-shot Captain Marvel, who was in her Binary form (her most powerful form). Nuff said.

How powerful is Doctor Doom?

Doom is Doom, there is no one quite like him. He is as good a magician as Dr. Strange has armor equal to Iron Man’s, and is second only to Reed Richards in intelligence. Victor Von Doom, the monarch of Latveria, is a Master of Science and sorcery! He is a sorcerer comparable to Dr. Strange and next in line after him to become Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Doom has overpowered the Hulk. Humiliated Magneto. Tanked a blast from the Infinity Gauntlet. Magically trapped Stephen Strange on the Astral Plane and neutralized the FF’s powers. Stole the power of the Beyonder, a member of an ancient, near-omnipotent, near-omniscient, alien race. So, which one of these powerful supervillains will win in a fight? With several parameters in mind for each of them, here are our thoughts on Doctor Doom vs Thanos, and who would win in a fight.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos Round 1: Durability

Thanos is an Eternal, who are more advanced humans with powerful abilities including enhanced durability. He also has a special genetic mutation, the deviant gene, that gives him (besides his not-so-handsome appearance) even greater durability. As a result, Thanos is nearly invulnerable and able to endure extreme heat, cold, energy, radiation, and poisons. Due to his genetic heritage, Thanos is immune to aging and disease. After Death resurrected Thanos, she increased all of his abilities, giving him even greater resilience. Victor Von Doom, on the other hand, is a human living inside a metal suit of armor. Both scientifically advanced and mystically enhanced, Doom’s armor is really impressive, making even the suits worn by Iron Man himself pale in comparison. However, like Thanos and Galacticus who possess durability of near-omnipotent proportions, we believe it is safe to say that he takes this round by a landslide.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos
Dr. Doom Quote

Doctor Doom vs Thanos Round 2: Magic

Doom was introduced to the mystic arts by his mother. He later enhanced his magical potential by learning lost Dark Arts from powerhouse individuals like Morgana le Fey of Arthurian Legend. After Strange stepped down as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Doom was amongst the candidates considered by the Vishanti suitable to replace him. At the end of the contest, Doom came in second.

This means that he is a sorcerer with skills in magic matching the most powerful beings in the Universe. Doom showed he can produce a wide range of sorcery-based attacks, including conjuring up a demon army, generating supernatural portals, and controlling the elements. Now, Thanos knows magical stuff too. He is skilled in magic, as he has cursed Deadpool with immortality. However, his level of wizardry seems to be nowhere close to that of Doom’s, making Doom the clear winner in this regard.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos Round 3: Strength

Thanos has godlike strength. Death has increased his strength beyond their original limits to levels rivaling or surpassing those of the physically strongest Eternals. He doesn’t even need the Power Gem to punch away an attacking Hulk, as well as combating on even ground with the likes of Annihilus, the mighty Tyrant, Ronan the Accuser, and the Silver Surfer. He has proven capable of fighting Thor even when Thor had the Power Gem. Thanos’ physical power (a Class 100+) is legendary and he definitely takes this round.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos Round 4: Intellect

Dr. Doom is a man of nigh unequaled intellect. With it alone he has killed the creators of the Multiverse, defeated Earth’s heroes multiple times, fought through hell and defeated the devil in his own realm, and stolen the power of both Galactus and the Silver Surfer multiple times. Anything Doom puts his mind to he can accomplish.

He separated Bruce Banner from the Hulk. built a Force Field that makes him impervious to Magneto’s powers. He also built a time machine! Doom’s main advantage over any other hero or villain (except Reed Richards) is his sheer intellect. Richards is the only person we’ve ever seen who could rival it but even then they are pretty much on par with each other.

However, this is Thanos we’re talking about. Thanos is a genius in virtually all known fields of advanced science and has created technology far exceeding contemporary Earth science. He reverse-engineered Galactus’ tech and repurposed it. Thanos has remarked that, compared to himself, Bruce Banner’s intelligence is only great for human standards.

This can be considered a kind of boast as he has been defeated by humans on several occasions. In terms of pure strategy, Thanos is at least equal to Doom, if not greater. Both Doom and Thanos are top-line strategists, otherwise, they would not continually make big brains as Stark and Richards look like flat-footed idiots.

Anyway, it is very difficult to prove that a (large enough) intellectual difference exists between either of these two big villains. So, we have to declare a tie on this round.

Round 5: Weaponry

Dr. Doom has his famous armor, which has the volume to teleport, time-travel, produce protective force-fields and intense energy bursts, as well as allows him access to environments completely unsuitable for any form of life. Thanos’ has his Stasis Gun that is capable of generating a cube of pure power, which surrounds the target and places them into near-complete physical stasis. This stasis cube was capable of holding the insane, power-gem-enhanced Thunder-God Thor.

More important, even if we ruled out the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos still has access to the Cosmic Cube. And no engineering marvel in the universe can defeat a Cosmic Cube-empowered-Thanos (Doom himself has been effortlessly defeated by it before.) Also, let’s not forget that while Doom can only call upon resources from Latveria and his own knowledge, Thanos has the whole universe and beyond to draw upon and use. Therefore, we’re giving this round easily to Thanos.

Doctor Doom vs Thanos: Who Wins?

So, after all, five rounds, the total score is 23:19 in favor of Thanos!

Doctor Doom vs Thanos
Doctor Doom vs Thanos

Actually, this outcome makes the most sense. Thanos is just too much. He is too powerful and too determined. When Dr. Doom has a scheme, the Fantastic Four assemble, maybe the X-men or the Avengers too. When Thanos has a scheme, EVERYONE assembles. This is why Dr. Doom is basically a Global threat level and Thanos is a cosmic-level threat.

It’s true, Doom is a genius with prep! Doom with prep is literally Batman with prep, on steroids. He is quite likely, the wiliest character in all of fiction. We only gave him two weeks of prep. If he was allowed sufficient preparation, then Doom might have the tiniest chance to come up on top.

But that outcome is highly unlikely. Thanos is already half a god, battled gods, and became God more times than Doom has. Thanos doesn’t need anything but himself to kill Doom. Doom is a mortal and doesn’t have a real chance against a prepared Thanos. But the good doctor would give Thanos a good run for his money though! And maybe that’s all that matters.   

Battle Report Verdict: Thanos Wins!

Disagree, want to share your rage about our winner? Comment below!  

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