20 Legendary Unicorns That Have Captivated Our Imagination

Unicorns are much more than magical horned horses. They are a symbol of something people can relate to! That’s right, Unicorns are very clear symbols of goodness and innocent, and the idea of something so pure being out there is enough for many people to swoon over them. What I like best about unicorns is that unlike many other fantastic creatures, such as monsters and demons, unicorns are usually peaceful. Sure, there are a couple of man-eating unicorns on this list, but most of them are friendly and would not harm a human. So, without further ado, I will countdown the 20 best unicorns in fiction ever. Saddle up and join me on this unicorn ride to fairyland and beyond!

20. Swift Wind from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Swift Wind

Swift Wind is a winged unicorn with the ability to talk. She has an unwavering dedication to fighting for justice and freedom. A fierce and loyal ally to the princesses, Swift Wind will stop at nothing to protect those she cares about. I have always been drawn to Swift Wind’s courage and determination. She is a majestic creature, with wings that allow her to soar through the skies and a voice that carries the weight of her convictions.

19. Rainbow Unicorn from Inside Out

Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn lives in Riley’s mind at Dream Productions, where she highlights Riley’s dreams. She is a charming and whimsical being, as one would expect from an imaginary friend. This cartoon unicorn has a white body and a rainbow-colored mane, which perfectly matches her positive and cheery personality. Rainbow Unicorn represents the innocence and wonder of childhood, and she reminds us of the importance of maintaining a childlike sense of joy and playfulness even as we grow older. A delightful character and her brief appearance in the film always bring a smile to my face. She embodies the pure and simple joys of childhood, and she reminds me to never lose sight of that sense of wonder and imagination that we all had as kids.

18. The Unicorn from Legend movie

The Unicorn

The Unicorn is a character from the 1985 movie Legend, and she is a magical and mystical creature who represents the essence of purity and goodness. She has an otherworldly beauty and an ability to inspire wonder and awe in those who behold her. She is a symbol of grace, and her presence in the film imbues it with a sense of enchantment. I have always been captivated by the Unicorn’s ethereal and delicate appearance. Her coat is pure white, her eyes are bright and soulful, and her horn shimmers with radiant light. As, such, the Unicorn is a target of the Lord of Darkness, who seeks to rule the world and create eternal darkness.

17. Polluticorn from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


Polluticorn is a mutated monster that appeared in the second season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He is a hybrid creature, a mix between a winged unicorn and a rhinoceros, with a body covered with iron, and a large horn protruding from his forehead. Polluticorn has the power to create pollution and environmental destruction. He was created by Rita, to wreak havoc on the environment and spread pollution wherever he went. His ability to create pollution made him a formidable opponent for the Power Rangers, who were always working to protect the environment. The odd thing about this villain is that he never truly appeared to pollute anything, despite the rangers asserting that he did.

16. Unikitty from The Lego Movie


Although she may look like a cute unicorn at first glance, Unikitty is a part unicorn and part kitten. She is one of the most adorable, cutest characters in the movie. She is incredibly cute and bubbly, with an optimistic outlook on life that is infectious. Despite her small stature, Unikitty is also fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, and she has a powerful and explosive temper when she gets angry.

15. The Unicorn from Once Upon a Time

The Unicorn

In ABC’s Once Upon a Time, unicorns are a species native to the Enchanted Forest. They look pretty much like regular horses, except they have long, spiraling horns. Interestingly, they can show the future to humans. However, a person must first get close enough to feed them, an apple to a unicorn. Once they eat the apple, all the person needs to do to see the future is to touch the unicorn’s horn. 

14. Skye from Sofia the First


Skye is a winged cartoon unicorn who serves as a flying coach. She has a gentle and kind nature, and an ability to help others find their inner strength and confidence. She is patient and understanding, and she always offers wise advice to those who seek her guidance. I have always been touched by Skye’s warmth and empathy. She is a graceful and elegant creature, with a soothing voice and a serene demeanor.

13. The Unicorn from Harry Potter

The Unicorn

Ok, in this picture we can see a dead unicorn in 1992 in the Forbidden Forest. However, the Harry Potter universe does include living unicorns. Unicorns are magical creatures that are revered for their beauty and purity. The Unicorn is a white horse-like creature with a single spiraled horn protruding from its forehead. These iconic creatures possessed potent magical properties, with their tail hairs being used as the core of a wand.

12. The Unicorn from Legends of Tomorrow

The Unicorn

Told you there were bad unicorns! In the Arrowverse, unicorns are a species of quadrupedal horse-like demons that are believed to be evil, as they reportedly feed on human hearts. One encounter that the Legends had was with a unicorn, which was released from its magical prison and went on a rampage through Woodstock Festival 1969. The unicorn killed and attacked multiple festival attendees as its prey before he was stopped and doomed to hell. These unicorns can easily kill their victims using the magical “glitter cloud” hallucinogen produced by their horns, which induces hallucinations shortly after contact.

11. Una from Gargoyles


Una is a cartoon unicorn from the animated series Gargoyles, and she is a gargoyle of the London clan. She is a capable warrior, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I have always admired Una’s spirit and resilience. She has faced many obstacles in her life, but she never loses faith in herself or her clan. Una is a striking figure with bright blue skin and wings, and she exudes a sense of power and grace. When I think of Una, I picture her soaring through the skies with the wind on her face and a fierce determination in her eyes.

10. The Unicorn from Merlin

The Unicorn from Merlin

Merlin is like a fairy tv show, and Unicorns are magical creatures that dwell in the land of Albion. The unicorns are protected by the powerful sorcerer Anhora, the Keeper of the Unicorns. They hold powerful magic, as legend says a curse will befall anyone who slays a unicorn. The curse could only be lifted by passing a series of tests to prove one’s, pure heart.

9. Flying Princess Pony Head from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Flying Princess Pony Head

Lilacia Pony Head is a princess from the alternate dimension Cloud Kingdom of Mewni. She is the head of a unicorn without a body and has blue fur and a pink mane. One of my favorite things about Pony Head is that she loves partying and dancing. What’s special about Pony Head is that she’s not your typical princess. She’s loud, brash, and doesn’t always follow the rules. But that’s what makes her so endearing. She’s always ready to take on any challenge, no matter how difficult, and she does it all with a smile on her face.

8. Rapidash from Pokémon


Rapidash is a fire-type Pokémon from the original generation of games, and he is one of my personal favorites. What makes Rapidash special is his incredible speed and agility, which make him a formidable opponent in battles. He also has a majestic appearance, resembling a beautiful white horse with a fiery mane and tail. When I picture Rapidash, I imagine him galloping through fields of grass and leaping over obstacles with ease, leaving a trail of flames in his wake.

7. The Unicorn from Stardust movie

The Unicorn from Stardust movie

In the 2007 movie Stardust, the unicorn is a legendary white horse with a spiral horn. As a magical creature, the Unicorn has the power to purify poisoned water and repel dark magic, such as the spells of a witch. For example, when the unicorn touched the landlord, who was originally a goat who was cursed by a witch, the landlord immediately turned back to his original form. The unicorn is also a symbol of purity which could only be captured by a virgin. 

6. Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn

Lady Amalthea

Lady Amalthea is the protagonist of the animated film The Last Unicorn, and she is a unicorn who embarks on a quest to discover what has become of the rest of her kind. What makes Lady Amalthea special is her journey of self-discovery and transformation. At the beginning of the film, she is naive and sheltered, but as she travels through the world and encounters new people and experiences, she begins to grow and change. She learns about love, sacrifice, and the importance of standing up for what she believes in.

5. Jewel from Narnia


In the kingdom of Narnia, unicorns are magical, noble, single-horned creatures that dwelled in Narnia. Their horns are sometimes an icy-blue color, gold, or simple bone color. During the Winter Revolution, two such unicorns were sent to Edmund’s rescue party when he was held imprisoned by Queen Jadis, the White Witch. Jewel the Unicorn was a brave and loyal follower of Aslan, the great lion, and the one true king of Narnia.

4. Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time

Lady Rainicorn

This colorful lady unicorn has captured the hearts of many fans of the show, including myself. Lady Rainicorn is a rainbow-colored creature who can speak both Korean and English. She is also the girlfriend and later wife of Jake the Dog, one of the main characters in the series. She has the unique ability to speak in a language that is unintelligible to most of the other characters on the show. As a viewer, it’s always fun to try and decode what she’s saying, and it adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to her character. In addition to her language abilities, Lady Rainicorn is also known for her loyalty and bravery. She often joins the other characters on their adventures and is always willing to help out, even in the face of danger. But what I love most about Lady Rainicorn is her vibrant and cheerful personality.

3. Buttercup from Toy Story 3 & 4

Buttercup from Toy Story 3 & 4

Buttercup is a white plush unicorn with a yellow mane and tail, and he is one of the toys owned by Bonnie, the new owner of Andy’s toys. Despite his feminine appearance, Buttercup’s personality is far from it. He is often grumpy and sarcastic, which leads to his unlikely friendship with the equally sarcastic Hamm. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, as seen in Toy Story 3 when he helps lead the charge to rescue Woody and the gang from Sunnyside Daycare.

2. The Unicorns from Fantasia

The Unicorns from Fantasia

First appearing in “The Pastoral Symphony” segment of the 1940 Fantasia movie, the unicorns are a race of equine creatures that inhabit Mt. Olympus along with other fabulous creatures. The unicorns all have golden horns and are shown as white with pink manes, blue, or pink with white manes. The unicorns have since appeared in feature films, television programs, and video games, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Gravity Falls.

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1. Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the wise and benevolent ruler of the land of Equestria, and she is known for her kind and compassionate nature. She has an unwavering dedication to her subjects and her desire to help them in any way she can. Princess Celestia is a strong leader, but she is also gentle and understanding, always taking the time to listen to the concerns of those around her. She is a true beacon of hope and inspiration for the ponies of Equestria, and she serves as a role model for all who know her. Beyond her leadership qualities, Princess Celestia is also a fascinating character because of her history and backstory. We learn throughout the series about her struggles and triumphs, and we see the deep emotional connections she has with those around her.

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