Best 18 Bug-Themed Superheroes, Ranked

In the vast realm of superheroes, where powers know no bounds, a unique group emerges—bug-themed superheroes! From the depths of nature’s smallest creatures, they draw inspiration, commanding awe with their wonderful powers and unwavering determination. In this exciting countdown, we embark on a journey through the intricacies of bug-themed superheroes, unveiling the best among them. Join us as we rank the best 18 bug-themed superheroes, presenting their remarkable powers, amazing stories, and the indomitable spirit that sets them apart in the world of crime fighting. To make things even more interesting, we will incorporate superheroes from sources outside of Marvel and DC Comics, introducing an exciting blend of characters into the mix. From spiders and bees to ants, prepare to be amazed by these extraordinary insect-inspired protectors!

18. The Tick

Best Bug-Themed Superheroes

Known for his comedic approach to crime-fighting, The Tick appeared in various comic books, cartoons, and live-action series. He is called that because his look resembles that of a tick, which is a small arachnid creature that feeds on blood. The Tick’s bug-themed superheroes appearance includes a large blue muscular body, antennas on his head, and a “tick” mark on his chest. The insect-themed name adds a playful element to the character, reflecting his quirky and unique nature. The Tick is a good but somewhat clueless superhero. He possesses superhuman strength and he uses his unique powers to fight crime and protect the innocent. His adventures are filled with humor, making him a beloved and iconic character in the world of bug-themed superheroes.

17. Red Bee

Best 18 Bug-Themed Superheroes, Ranked

Next on our bug-themed superheroes list is The Red Bee a superhero character from DC Comics. Her real name is Jenna Raleigh, and she has skills like the ability to communicate with and control bees. The choice to name her the Red Bee draws inspiration from the insect she associates with. Bees are known for their industrious nature, teamwork, and powerful stings. The Red Bee embodies these characteristics perfectly, using her bee-themed powers to fight crime and protect others.

16. Mothman

Bug-Themed Superheroes

Mothman is a bug-themed comic from the graphic novel series “Watchmen” by DC Comics. His real name is Byron Lewis, and he is a retired crimefighter. His name is based on an insectoid that reflects his nocturnal nature and his ability to glide through the air. The choice to name him Mothman is inspired by the characteristics of moths. Moths are known for their attraction to light and their ability to fly quietly through the night. Similarly, Mothman possesses great agility and the ability to glide, making him a tough hero, especially in low-light conditions.

15. Million Ants

A picture of Million Ants from Rick and Morty

Million Ants is a superhero from the series “Rick and Morty.” He is a member of the superhero team known as the Vindicators. Million Ants’ superpower is the ability to control and communicate with ants. As his name suggests, Million Ants has the incredible ability to summon and control a vast number of ants, which he can use for various purposes, including transportation, and even combat. With his powers, a Million Ants become a powerful superhero capable of beating his enemies with sheer numbers and strategic coordination. Ants are known for their impressive teamwork and organization. That reflects Million Ants’ ability to rally his ant allies for a common goal.

14. The Green Hornet

A picture of The Green Hornet from the comic book

Obviously, The Green Hornet’s name is based on a hornet, which is a type of stinging insect. The Green Hornet’s real identity is Britt Reid, a wealthy newspaper owner who fights crime alongside his sidekick Kato. Together, they use their skills and gadgets to combat crime in their city. The name “Green Hornet” is derived from his choice of costume, which includes a green outfit and a hornet emblem on his chest. The name of the Green Hornet adds a sense of mystery to the character and shows his stealthy nature!

13. Insect queen

A picture of Insect queen from the comics

Real name Lana Lang, The Insect Queen is a DC bug-themed Comics superhero who has the ability to communicate with and control insects. The choice to name her that is inspired by her ability to command insects, much like a queen bee. This name emphasizes her special bond with the insect kingdom. It also showcases her ability to utilize insects as allies in her crime-fighting adventures.

12. The wasp

A picture of The wasp from the comic books

One of the best bug-themed superheroes, the Wasp‘s real name is Janet Van Dyne, and she has the ability to shrink in size, fly, and fire bio-electric energy blasts. Like a wasp, she has the power of flight and possesses a unique sting. The choice to name her The Wasp is inspired by the characteristics of the insect itself. Wasps are known for their aerial agility, ability to sting, and yellow and black coloration. These traits are shown in The Wasp’s superhero abilities, as she can fly swiftly and deliver powerful energy blasts to her enemies.

11. Ladybug

A picture of Ladybug

Ladybug, from the popular animated series “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir,” is a bug-themed superhero who fights against enemies to protect Paris. Her real name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and she turns into Ladybug using a magical ladybug-shaped charm called the Miraculous. The reason her name is based on an insectoid, specifically a ladybug, is because her superhero persona draws inspiration from the ladybug itself. Ladybugs are often associated with good luck and protection against evil spirits in many cultures. In the show, Ladybug possesses special abilities related to luck and good fortune, such as creating lucky charms and purifying Akuma, which are evil creatures created by the main antagonist. The ladybug theme symbolizes her role as a protector and her ability to bring good luck to those around her.

10. Bug

Picture of the superhero Ladybug from Marvel Comics

In the tenth spot of this list of best bug-themed superheroes, Bug is a superhero character from Marvel Comics who has great agility, retractable wings, and the ability to stick to walls. Bug is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy He joined the team during their early adventures and has remained a recurring member throughout various iterations of the Guardians of the Galaxy lineup. The choice to name him Bug aligns with his insect-inspired powers and appearance. Bugs are often associated with characteristics such as the ability to climb walls, and sometimes even the ability to fly.

9. Bumblebee

Picture of the superhero Bumblebee from DC Comics

Another bug-themed superhero from DC Comics, Bumblebee‘s real name is Karen Beecher-Duncan, and she possesses the ability to shrink in size, fly, and emit bio-electric blasts. Her name is based on an insectoid because it shows her insect-themed abilities and her association with bees. The choice to name her Bumblebee is inspired by the characteristics of bees, particularly their buzzing sound and their ability to fly. Bumblebee’s insectoid name captures her buzzing flight and her connection to the world of bees.

8. Black Widow

Picture of the superhero Black Widow from Marvel comics

Well, Black Widow certainly doesn’t look like any kind of arachnid I’ve ever seen! Natasha Romanoff is known for being a skilled spy and an expert in martial arts. Black Widow is a member of the Avengers team of superheroes. Her name is inspired by the black widow spider, which is known for its dark coloration and the reputation of the female spider being more dangerous than the male. By taking the name Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff conveys her cunning, mysterious nature, and her ability to be a deadly threat to her enemies.

 7. Ambush Bug

Picture of the superhero Ambush Bug

Irwin Schwab possesses the ability to teleport and generate a protective exoskeleton. While his name suggests an insectoid influence, Ambush Bug’s powers and appearance are not directly related to bugs. The choice to name him Ambush Bug is a play on words, as the term “bug” can also refer to a glitch or malfunction. Ambush Bug’s character is known for his unpredictable nature, often causing chaos. His name reflects his tendency to surprise and “bug” others with his unexpected actions.

6. The Dragonfly

Picture of the superhero The Dragonfly from the movie "Superhero"

The Dragonfly is a superhero character from the 2008 movie “Superhero.” His name is based on an insectoid because his superhero persona draws inspiration from the dragonfly, an agile insect. In the movie, The Dragonfly is portrayed as an ordinary man named Rick Riker who gains superhuman abilities after being bitten by a genetically-altered dragonfly. With his new powers, The Dragonfly becomes a vigilante, using his agility, speed, and ability to fly to protect his city. Dragonflies are known for their swift and precise movements, as well as their ability to move through the air with grace and agility. By using the name The Dragonfly, the hero embodies these insectoid qualities and presents his ability to maneuver swiftly in his fight against crime.

5. BzzD

Bzzd from DC Comics

If you hadn’t already, you have to get acquainted with this fly! Sorry, this guy! Bzzd is a superhero from DC Comics. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, representing Space Sector 2261. His name is based on an insectoid because he belongs to a species called the Hymenopterans, who look like insectoid creatures. The choice to name him Bzzd is of course a playful representation of the buzzing sound made by insects, mainly flies. Bzzd’s insectoid appearance and ability to fly with wings further reinforce the connection to the insect world.

4. Mantis

Picture of Mantis from Marvel comics

Definitely one of the best bug-themed superheroes, Mantis possesses certain insect-like qualities inspired by the praying mantis, an insect known for its agility and predatory instincts. Mantis has great physical attributes, including heightened reflexes, strength, and agility. She is also a skilled martial artist and has empathic powers, allowing her to sense and manipulate emotions. The insect-themed name of Mantis adds a unique aspect to her character, emphasizing her connection to nature and her ability to harness her insect-like abilities in combat. Also, just look at her- she’s adorable!

3. Ant-Man

Picture of Ant-Man from the comic books

Their real name is Scott Lang, Ant-Man possesses the ability to shrink down to the size of an ant while retaining his human strength. The name “Ant-Man” is based on an insectoid because his powers allow him to communicate with ants and harness their strength and abilities. The choice to name him Ant-Man reflects his unique ability to control ants, using them as allies and tools in his crime-fighting adventures. By shrinking to the size of an ant, Ant-Man gains the advantage of stealth and enhanced agility, making him a powerful hero despite his small stature.

2. Blue Beetle

Picture of Blue Beetle from DC Comics

Blue Beetle’s powers and appearance are derived from the mystical blue scarab beetle. The most well-known version of Blue Beetle is Ted Kord, a brilliant scientist, and master martial artist. He discovered an ancient alien scarab that granted him super-strength, agility, and the ability to create powerful energy constructs. The scarab also provided him with a highly durable suit of blue armor, resembling the exoskeleton of a beetle. The name of Blue Beetle reflects the source of his powers and his blue beetle-inspired costume. It adds an exciting element to the blue superhero character, making him easily recognizable.

1. Spider-Man

Picture of Spider-Man form the comic books

The most famous bug-themed superhero, and also the best cartoon superhero ever, is undoubtedly our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Spidey’s powers and appearance are inspired by spiders! Yep, you heard it here first.  Peter Parker gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. As a result, he developed incredible strength, agility, and the ability to stick to walls, just like a spider. He also has a “spider-sense,” an intuitive warning system that alerts him to imminent danger. The name “Spider-Man” reflects his spider-like powers. The name connects him to the bug-themed superhero category and captures the essence of his powers, making him one of the most iconic bug-themed superheroes in popular culture and the Multiverse.

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