The Greatest 20 Red Superheroes Of All Time!

Red Alert! The color Red is the color of energy, passion, and anger, as well as the color of BLOOD, so little surprise that quite a few superheroes either wear red or are red. Isn’t that rad? Check out the greatest 20 red superheroes ranked and matched.

Many red superheroes actually add shades of red to their alter ego names, like Crimson Dynamo, Red Hood, or Scarlet Witch. In this list, we explore the hottest color in the spectrum and check out how every red superhero that counts measures up against the other reddest hot chili peppers in the garden. So, prepare for takeoff, ’cause it’s gonna feel a lot like a trip to Mars.

The greatest 20 Red Superheroes

20/20. Red Mist (Kick-Ass)

Red Superheroes
Icom Comics

Chris” D’Amico is the son of crimelord Frank D’Amico. Despite living a rich lifestyle due to his father’s wealth, Chris does not have any friends because his bodyguard scares away other teenagers who attempt to befriend him.

When Chris finds out that Kick-Ass is responsible for killing his father’s goons, he puts together a plan to lure out Kick-Ass by disguising himself as a superhero, Red Mist, in order to lead Kickass to an ambush. A lot like Batman or Green Hornet, one of Red Mist’s best skills is being rich. Which allows him the funds for his escapades and his supervillain team.

Chris has little fighting experience due to his bodyguard always protecting him. But, he does seem to have some minor skill with nunchucks. He is also much focused and determined when he decides to get something done.

19/20. The Crimson Bolt (Super)

Red Superheroes
Hanway Films / IFC

Crimson Bolt, is the alias of Frank Darbo. He is awkward but kind-hearted. His wife was taken away from him by an evil drug dealer. Frank is a middle-aged, chubby, clumsy man. However, the Crimson Bolt gives the illusion of having a much more threatening appearance. While not having any real superpowers or any professional training, his mental illness makes him extremely unpredictable and dangerous.

At the beginning of his career as a vigilante, he carries around a wrench that he uses to beat criminals with. But, later he switches to a multitude of firearms, from semi-automatics to handguns. Frank is incredibly savage to anyone he sees as morally corrupt. He has no remorse for criminals and is willing to kill, maim, and injure anyone who is viewed as evil. When he sets his mind to something Frank is shown to go to the ends of the earth to complete his tasks.

18/20. Red Hood (DC Comics)

Red Superheroes
DC Comics

Jason Todd is Red Hood, a vigilante anti-hero who became the second Robin after Dick Grayson became Nightwing, and Batman was in need of a new sidekick. Due to his training with Batman, Jason Todd’s body is at the pinnacle of the human condition. His conditioning allows him to recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly.

He possesses impressive fighting skills and has a very brutal combat style. His rage and sadism, the outcome of years of familial neglect, make him a more violent vigilante than Dick Grayson. His main weakness is his arrogance. It sometimes causes him to believe himself to be better than he is, this has allowed him to underestimate opponents as well as irritate his allies.

17/20. The Red Skull (DC Comics)

Red Superheroes

Johann Schmidt is the former head of HYDRA, an organization bent on world domination. Having become a confidant of Adolf Hitler during World War II, Schmidt gained ambitions to become the superior man. That leads him to test a version of a Super Soldier Serum on himself. As a result, he becomes hideously disfigured as well as gains the name of Red Skull.

The formula also obtained his incredible attributes, such as enormous strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. In addition, his intelligence increases, allowing him to become a mastermind of warfare. When he touches the Tesseract with his bare hands, Red Skull teleports to Vormir. There he becomes trapped in a state of limbo, becoming a Stonekeeper, a wraith advising whoever sought the Soul Stone.

16/20. The Red Ranger


Jason Scott may not be the classic red superhero, but we couldn’t leave him out. The red power ranger is a teenager who is recruited by a wise galactic wizard. He recruits him to fight for the side of good, the Red Ranger, leader of the Power Rangers.

After receiving his Red Ranger power coin, Jason can morph into his Ranger form by forming a suite of powerful red armor around his body. He also gained impressive superpowers such as superhuman strength and durability. Thanks to his Ranger powers he can jump higher than any regular human. He can climb high walls and cliffs in mere seconds. And do athletic feats no ordinary human can do.

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15/20. Daredevil (DC Comics)


Matt Murdock had been blinded as a young boy. Even though he lost his sight, his other four remaining senses were sharpened to superhuman levels. Murdock is trained by martial arts master Stick to become a warrior, using his disability as an advantage. Matt used these skills to become a crime-fighting vigilante known as Daredevil. Besides his enhanced, radar-like, four senses, Matt also has a superhuman-like balance, giving him excellent equilibrium, coordination, reflexes, and agility, resulting in high levels of acrobatic and gymnastic ability.

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14/20. Lord of Darkness (Marvel)


Darkness, aka The Dark Lord, is the master of the underworld and presumably the son of Satan. Once, when the world was covered with perpetual night, Darkness was ruled over by him. But when Light is born, he retreats beneath the earth.

Darkness seeks to re-enter a neverending age of night and become its ruler once more. Although evil and even sadistic at times, Darkness is also charismatic and charming. In addition to his considerable physical strength, the Lord of Darkness can shoot fireballs out of his fingertips and create illusions.

He can also enter a room by stepping through a mirror, leaving it intact, suggesting that he has teleportation abilities and can manipulate matter.

13/20. Red Tornado (DC Comics)

DC Comics

An android superhero created by Professor T.O., Morrow. Red Tornado is inhabited by the air elemental known as Ulthoon. His true form is a powerful entity composed purely of violent wind forces. His android form channeled these forces through his arms and legs to produce bursts of cyclone-force winds and high-speed forward velocity.

Red Tornado can project his whirlwinds at over 350 mph from each arm. His winds are said to level a building in seconds. Channeling these cyclone-force winds through the lower part of his body, he can fly at incredible speeds or hover in one place.

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12/20. Darth Maul (Star Wars)


Though not a superhero per se, Maul is a super-power dark Sith lord. Having trained in the ways of the Force by Darth Sidious himself, Maul is a formidable warrior strong with a dark side and deadly skilled in lightsaber combat.

He proved these skills during his duel Naboo against Jinn and Kenobi. He demonstrated the ability to fight both the strongest Jedi Master and his apprentice simultaneously on equal grounds as well as overpower Kenobi after he killed Jinn. Though Kenobi defeated Maul, this was due to Maul’s hubris and neglect of the fallen Jinn’s lightsaber.

11/20. Deadpool (Marvel)


Leader of the X-Force. The guy who was able to regrow his head after having it pulverized by the Hulk. Born Wade Wilson, the bounty hunter Deadpool acquired his powers from a serum that activated dormant mutant genes and then was subjected to extreme stress through torture and near-death experiences.

These experiments endowed him with superhuman mobility that allows him to perform feats of agility that would be impossible for the finest human athlete. His main prowess is his regenerative healing factor: bullet wounds, as well as slashes, and other forms of cuts heal in seconds. Completely crushed bones and internal damages heal within several minutes.

Deadpool manages to regrow lost organs and bodily parts within hours and completely recover from a burning building, climbing out of the ashes unscathed the next morning. If Wade somehow dies, it won’t be a permanent death. He can come back from any death that he may suffer and completely recover from all wounds and damages.

10/20. Carnage (Marvel)


Cletus Kasady was a severely mentally unstable serial killer known for sometimes eating the body parts of his victims. When Carnage Symbiote bonded with Cletus Kasady, Kasady was transformed into a monster dubbed Carnage. Desiring to use his power to wreak havoc and slaughter, Carnage goes on a citywide killing spree.

As a result of being a compatible host for the Carnage Symbiote, Kasady has been granted various superhuman abilities. Carnage abilities include superhuman strength and durability, the ability to Wall-crawling, and the ability to form tendrils and tentacles of its amorphous biomass.

He can also shapeshift his biomass into various shapes and forms – most commonly utilized to create bladed weapons such as swords, spikes, bludgeons, knives, claws, and axes.

9/20. Hellboy (DC Comics)

DC Comics

Hellboy is the son of a demon and a powerful witch, and the reluctant Harbinger of the Apocalypse. Born in hell, Hellboy was summoned to Earth as a baby by dark forces, but he was rescued from them and became a paranormal investigator for the B.P.R.D organization, fighting evil. 

As a half-demon, Hellboy is much stronger and more physically durable than an ordinary human. Hellboy can also transform at will to his full-demon form, in which his stumps become full-grown horns, while also sprouting wings.

In this demonic form, he can create and manipulate massive devastating infernos from his body that obliterate anything in their path and has the power to command lightning from the sky and strike down whoever he wishes.

8/20. Red She-Hulk (Marvel)

Marvel Comics

Betty Ross, aka Red She-Hulk, is the daughter of General Thunderbolt Ross, the Red Hulk. When Betty died, her father saw to it that she’ll be resurrected and underwent the same process that had turned him into the Red Hulk.

As the Red She-Hulk, Betty’s strength level is so vast that it warps the laws of physics, allowing her, for example, to punch her way through dimensional barriers between different universes. She shares the Red Hulk’s ability to absorb energy, such as the gamma radiation from other gamma mutates, thereby reverting those beings to human form, and at least temporarily boosting herself.

Also, like her father, the Red She-Hulk has yellow blood, produces yellow energy from her eyes when angry, and can discharge energy by touch. All in all, She-Hulk racks up a high spot on our red superhero list.

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7/20. Mr. Incredible (Disney)


Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, was born with superpowers. He is one of the most famous red superheroes of his era before he and the rest of the superheroes were forced to retire for legal reasons.

He is considered one of the most powerful beings on the planet and possesses the powers of enhanced strength and durability, as well as enhanced senses. His primary superpower is his vast superhuman strength which allows him to bench-press an ALCO locomotive, which weighs 153 tons.

He is also able to withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma and blunt forces, including multi-story falls, the direct impact of a train, breaking through brick walls, and surviving 100,000 volts of electricity under torture.

6/20. Atrocitus (DC Comics)

DC Comics

Atrocitus is the leader and founder of the Red Lantern Corps. Wielding a red power ring fueled by rage, he has sworn revenge on the Green Lantern for the death of his family in the massacre of Sector 666. Besides his superhuman strength and his congenital claws, Atrocitus has magic powers.

With blood magic, he can call upon necromancy powers through ancient and complex rituals. By using these rituals, he is also capable of opening himself to discern the future. Because of his boundless rage, developed in countless millennia of imprisonment, Atrocitus is an extremely dangerous individual.

5/20. Vision (Marvel Universe)

Marvel Universe

Vision is an android made from Vibranium, created by the artificial intelligence program known as Ultron. He is brought to life by the powerful artifact called the Mind Stone. Originally conceived as the perfect form for Ultron’s intelligence, the body was taken by the Avengers before Tony Stark and Bruce Banner proceeded to upload the remnants of Stark’s personal A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S. into it.

However, upon his birth, Vision declared he was neither Ultron nor J.A.R.V.I.S. but one that would fight with the Avengers to protect humanity. The combination of the vibranium and the cosmic energy from the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead grants Vision a wide plethora of powers such as superhuman strength, high-speed flight energy blasts, and the ability to interact with computers.

4/20. The Flash (DC Universe)

DC Comics

Barry Allen is The Flash, the fastest man alive. After a particle accelerator exploded at the S.T.A.R. Labs, causing a giant thundercloud to form, Barry was struck by lightning from this cloud, falling into a coma.

When he wakes up, Barry discovers that he had developed superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Using his super-speed powers, Flash taps into the Speed Force and protects Central City as the Flash – a costumed superhero. In addition to his speed, the dark matter lightning also augmented his bones, joints, tissue, and entire physiology well beyond peak human condition to easily handle the rigors of his powers. High-level friction, inertia, air pressure, reduced oxygen, and kinetic impact no longer affect him.

Barry can also produce yellow electricity, speed force energy, from his body. It is commonly seen when running to boost his already immense speed to far higher levels. Just how fast is he, you ask? Well, as one of the most powerful superheroes around, he’s fast enough to outrun DEATH, and that’s why The Flash takes the second spot on our red superheroes list.

3/20. Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, was born with the hidden magical ability to harness Chaos Magic. After a bombing killed her parents, Wanda developed hatred toward America and agreed to undergo experiments held by the HYDRA organization that amplified her abilities through exposure to cosmic energies.

When Hydra falls, Wanda joins the AI Ultron to get her revenge but abandoned him when she discovers Ultron’s true intentions to destroy Earth. Eventually, Wanda fights alongside the Avengers to stop Ultron and became part of the Avengers.

Maximoff can project energy blasts, waves, and bolts of her own psionic and telekinetic energy, allowing her to hit or blow away her targets, potentially. She also can manipulate objects remotely using her psionic energy.

Maximoff can create a highly durable barrier of energy that she can shape and conform to as needed. She used it to grab and break apart targets, protect others from enemy fire, contain a target or cover, and deflect attacks from enemies.

2/20. Red Hulk (MCU)

Marvel Comics

Red Hulk, aka Rulk, is the alter ego of General Thunderbolt Ross. He is A red-skinned beast with similar size and strength to that of the regular Hulk, but with the ability to transform between his human form and Red Hulk at any time he chose.

Red Hulk performs some extraordinary feats of strength which include over-powering and killing the Abomination with relative ease. In a fight with the original Hulk, the narration describes the Red Hulk striking with the force of a nuclear explosion.

Red Hulk’s overdeveloped legs allow him to jump over vast distances. In his fight with Thor, he was able to leap past the Earth’s atmosphere, requiring Mjolnir only to cover the rest of the distance to the moon, and then leaped from the moon back to Earth unaided.

Red Hulk constantly gives off gamma radiation. The rate of emission increases the angrier he gets. This radiation sometimes burns what even Ross touches, and at high levels, makes Ross appear to be on fire. If Ross emits too much radiation, he overheats and can explode on immense levels, which could be dangerous for his opponents.

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1/10. Shazam (DC Comics)

DC Comics

Our top red superhero pick is Billy Batson, aka Shazam. He is a foster child chosen by Shazam to be his final champion, granting him immense power from six gods to help protect the world from evil.

Billy uses these powers to become a superhero, defend the innocent, and defeat t evil. By calling out the wizard’s name, Billy summons a bolt of lightning from the sky that fills him with all the greatest powers of the gods: the Wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury.

More Red Superheroes

Crimson Dynamo (Marvel)

Marvel Comics

Crimson Dynamo is a battle suit that is the Russian equivalent of the Iron Man armor. The first Crimson Dynamo was also the creator of the armor: Dr. Anton Vanko. The suit allowed Vanko to control electricity in all of its forms, allowing him to fire devastating bolts of electricity. It also allowed him to fly.

The Crimson Dynamo serves as an exoskeleton, providing the wearer with superhuman strength and durability. The suit’s outer layer is composed of a carborundum matrix alloy and is equipped with hand-blasters that can fire high-frequency electrical bolts, small missiles contained in the back shoulder area of the battle suit, computers, and radio transmitter and receiver, and boot jets that allow flight.

Maximilian (Marvel)


Maximilian is a hulking, sinister-looking, robot designed by the mad scientist Dr. Hans Reinhard. Even though Maximilian is Reinhardt’s loyal number one and de-facto second-in-command on board the USS Cygnus he’s also known to be disobedient and will do as he pleases, like when he killed Dr. Durant or ignored Reinhardt’s cry for help.

Although he doesn’t express what he thinks in words, Maximilian’s sharp stiff body language does the talking. He shows no trust toward strangers especially when they are considered guests and attacks without warning.

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