15 Must-Read Cat Manga for Cat Lovers

Hey there, fellow feline enthusiasts! As a self-proclaimed cat lover, I’ve always been on the lookout for anything and everything cat-related, and manga is no exception. So, I’ve scoured the vast world of cat manga to bring you my top picks that are guaranteed to satisfy your inner cat person. From cute and fluffy to action-packed and mysterious, these manga have it all. So, let’s dive right in and explore the wonderful world of cat manga together!

1. My Roommate is a Cat

My Roommate is a Cat manga

My Roommate is a Cat manga is the purr-fect blend of heartwarming and hilarious, with a side of kitty antics. It’s the ultimate story of an introverted writer who finds himself with a new feline friend after his beloved parents pass away.

At first, Subaru (the writer) is less than thrilled about his new roommate – a scrappy little cat who won’t stop meowing at him. But as he begins to learn more about his furry companion, he realizes that there’s more to life than just writing novels and feeling sorry for himself.

With the help of his new feline friend, Subaru begins to open up to the world around him, taking walks outside and even making new human friends. But of course, with a cat around, things are never simple.

From knocking over vases to stealing food off the table, the cat (who doesn’t even have a name at first!) keeps Subaru on his toes. But despite the chaos, Subaru can’t help but fall in love with his new little buddy.

2. The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap

The White Cat's Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King's Lap manga

Ruri is a nineteen-year-old girl who just can’t catch a break from her clingy “friend” Asahi. Seriously, this girl is like a magnet for attention, and not the good kind. Asahi’s followers love to bully poor Ruri and call it “playfulness,” which just makes her want to roll her eyes and scream.

But things take a wild turn when Ruri, Asahi, and some other folks get transported to a whole new kingdom where they’re told that one of them is the savior known as the Priestess Princess. And guess who gets declared the chosen one right off the bat? That’s right, it’s Asahi, the girl who can’t seem to shake off her adoring fans.

To add insult to injury, Ruri gets exiled thanks to Asahi’s scheming supporters. But don’t count her out just yet – Ruri discovers that she’s actually a “Beloved,” which means she’s got some serious mana power that spirits can’t resist. And with that power, Ruri is determined to find a way back home and stay far away from Asahi once and for all.

The characters are a mixed bag. Ruri and Chelsea are interesting, but Asahi is kinda boring. But that’s okay because she provides just enough drama to keep things interesting. And let’s not forget about Jade, the hot dragon king who loves petting Ruri. We’re all just waiting for the inevitable romance, because who doesn’t want to see a cat and a dragon fall in love?

All in all, Ruri on the Dragon King’s Lap is a cute and enjoyable manga with op mc that’s perfect for cat manga lovers and fantasy fans alike.

3. Saphie: The One-Eyed Cat

Saphie: The One-Eyed Cat manga

Saphie is a chubby and lazy cat who loves to eat and lounge around all day. She lives with her younger brother Sahn, who’s a bundle of nerves, and her cool and collected older brother Simba. They all have a well-meaning but overly affectionate owner who can’t resist giving them treats and belly rubs. We also have Sol, an exuberant kitten who brings a whole new level of chaos to the household. Saphie is not impressed and prefers to continue her life of leisure, while Sol runs around like a maniac, knocking things over and generally causing mayhem.

But don’t be fooled by Saphie’s laid-back attitude. She may be one-eyed, but she’s full of energy and loves to play, especially when it involves annoying her siblings. She’ll chase anything that moves, make huge messes, and rebel against any attempts to put her on a diet.

And if you thought these were just fictional characters, think again. This hilarious manga is based on the author’s real-life cats and their crazy personalities. Some artistic license has been taken, but it only adds to the charm. I spent a weekend devouring every single comic and I’m already craving more. I mean, come on publishing world, we need more cat-themed mangas! Maybe if enough people demand it, we’ll get lucky. wink wink.

4. The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again, Today

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again, Today manga

Once upon a time, Saku thought she was living the dream with her rescue cat, Yukichi. But little does she knows, Yukichi is about to transform into a giant, walking, talking, cooking, and cleaning machine! Saku’s life turns upside down as her cat becomes the ultimate househusband. And let me tell you, this cat has skills. He can whip up a gourmet meal faster than Saku could say “meow”, and he even knows how to fold laundry better than any human Saku had ever met.

Suddenly, Saku is the envy of all her colleagues, who wish they had their feline butler. But Saku isn’t about to share her man-sized cat with anyone. No way. She is too busy lounging around and enjoying her new life as the owner. Sometimes she wonders if Yukichi has taken over her life, but then she remembers how great it is to have a giant cat taking care of everything.

5. Doraemon

Doraemon manga

Picture a blue robotic cat with no ears but a whole lot of gadgets, of course, I’m talking about Doraemon, the Japanese manga and anime series that’s been around since the ’70s. This little furball has some serious game.

Doraemon’s got a pocket full of tricks – literally – thanks to his four-dimensional pocket, which can produce just about anything he needs. Need a time machine? No problem. A magic door that can take you anywhere in the world? Piece of cake. He’s even got a gadget that lets you speak to animals.

But this cat is no pushover, he’s got a fierce rival in the form of his frenemy Nobita, a hapless schoolboy who’s always getting into trouble. But with Doraemon by his side, Nobita’s got a fighting chance.

Together, these two get into all sorts of zany adventures, from fighting off alien invasions to traveling through time to save the future.

Overall, Doraemon is a wacky and wild ride that’s been entertaining audiences for generations. With its lovable characters, clever gadgets, and silly humor, it’s no wonder the cat manga has become a beloved classic.

6. My Cat Loki

My Cat Loki manga

Ameya is a bit of a weirdo, always talking to his cat as if it were his sibling and imagining it as a furry humanoid creature. After his beloved feline passed away, he was devastated and withdrew from the world. For years, he didn’t create any art.

Until one day, while in the park, he comes across a bedraggled stray cat meowing pitifully. Unable to resist, he brings the cat home. He sees the cat as a cute little tween human, complete with cat ears and tail. Ameya even shares his bed and bath with the cat, which, let’s be honest, is still a little creepy.

The cat is unaware of his owner’s strange obsession, but chaos starts to ensue. Ameya’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and he stops going to work, seeing his friends, and even showering. It’s like the cat has possessed him, driving him to madness.

7. A Man and His Cat

A Man and His Cat manga

In a pet shop far, far away, a feline named Fukumaru is born. Despite his cute appearance, he gets rejected by potential adopters for an entire year. Feeling hopeless, Fukumaru thinks he’ll be stuck living in the pet shop forever, all alone and unloved.

But one day, an older gentleman named Kanda walks in and decides to adopt him. Fukumaru can’t believe his luck! Finally, he has a chance at a forever home.

Kanda has recently lost his wife and is feeling lonely. He’s always wanted a cat, but never got one during his marriage. So, he decides to name his new furry friend Fukumaru, which means “joy” in Japanese.

At first, Kanda and Fukumaru struggle to adjust to each other’s habits, but they eventually find a new rhythm. And anyone who’s ever lived with a cat knows that there are bound to be plenty of hilarious moments along the way.

As the manga progresses, readers learn more about Kanda’s life as a music teacher, his relationships with his coworkers, and his childhood friend. But ultimately, it’s a heartwarming tale about finding happiness and companionship after experiencing loss.

8. Cat Massage Therapy

Cat Massage Therapy manga

Hold onto your catnip, folks, because I’ve got another cat manga to paw through! Nekoyama is a hard-working office drone in desperate need of some tension relief. And where does he find this relief, you ask? At a therapeutic massage parlor, run by none other than a cat! Yes, you heard that right, a CAT.

But don’t be fooled by the feline facade – this masseur knows their stuff. Nekoyama is initially skeptical, but after one session with those magic toe beans, he’s a believer. And soon enough, Nekoyama is a regular at the parlor, getting his back worked on by the expert paws of the cat masseur.

But that’s not all – there are trainees, too! Adorable kittens learning the art of cat massage under the watchful eye of their manager. And when the parlor employees pay a visit to Nekoyama’s workplace to de-stress the whole office, things get interesting.

The manga is 100+ pages of cats doing what cats do best: kneading, crawling, and napping on people. The twist is that these feline furballs are doing it to help their human counterparts destress. It’s cute, no doubt about it, but don’t expect any major plot twists or deep character development. If you’re looking for a quick and adorable way to unwind, this might just be the perfect read for you.

9. The Children of the City of Cats

The Children of the City of Cats manga

In the Tae house district, life is carefree for the many stray cats who roam around. But among them is a unique character – a little boy named Shiro who dreams of becoming a cat. He spends his days trying to befriend the feline locals and get them to accept him into their gang.

One day, tragedy strikes when the mother cat of the group disappears, leaving her kittens and the other cats stranded inside Awara-ya, a local tea house. Shiro, being the only domesticated member of the gang, steps up and takes on the role of parent to the group.

Meanwhile, the people of the town are just as friendly to Shiro as they are to the cats. They take care of him and treat him like one of their own, especially after his mother abandoned him. And to make matters even more heartwarming, Shiro has found a new mother figure in a white fluffy cat named Tae-san, who also lost her child.

Despite the town being unchanged by modern times, there’s never a dull moment with Shiro and his furry friends around.

10. Cat + Gamer

Cat + Gamer manga

Riko, a 29-year-old office worker, is a pro gamer who loves nothing more than diving into her virtual worlds after work. Her coworkers can’t understand her – she never talks about her personal life, never joins them for happy hour, and never works overtime. But one day, her world is turned upside down when a stray cat shows up in the office parking lot and ends up moving in with her.

Despite having no experience with pets, Riko turns to her gaming knowledge to help her take care of her new feline friend. And Musubi, the cat, tries to understand Riko’s odd behavior from a cat’s perspective. The only problem is that Riko’s perfect work-life balance starts to crumble with the addition of Musubi.

To everyone’s surprise, Riko ends up adopting the stray kitten. Nadatani, one of Riko’s coworkers, knows all about the strange habits of kittens and gives Riko some helpful tips. From how they always sit on the worst things to how they can destroy a fancy cat toy in seconds while a cardboard box lasts forever, Nadatani is a wealth of knowledge.

As Riko navigates her newfound role as a cat mom, she quickly realizes that Musubi is the best thing to ever happen to her, even better than the PS5! And as the manga follows their adventures, readers are taken on a funny and heartwarming journey of gaming, cat care, and unexpected friendships. Who knew that a stray cat could turn a solitary gamer’s life upside down in the best possible way?

11. The Walking Cat

The Walking Cat manga

Welcome to the world of the Walking Cat manga, where zombies rule the earth, and our hero is a feline with an insatiable curiosity. While most zombie stories follow a human protagonist, this one takes a refreshing twist with the POV of a cat. Meet Yuki, a brave kitty who is trying to survive the apocalypse with his human companion, Jin.

Jin and Yuki are on a mission to find an island where Jin’s wife is rumored to be alive. But before they can set out on their journey, they must navigate through the dangerous, undead-infested world filled with heartbreaking and fascinating characters. Along the way, Yuki encounters humans with interesting backstories and sees the devastation the zombie virus has brought upon the world.

If you’re not a fan of gory details, be warned that there are some violent moments in the series. But fear not, as the story is mostly about the relationships Yuki forms with his human companions, and the different people they meet on their quest for survival.

The story takes an unexpected emotional turn, but it’s not a total bummer. It’s heartwarming to see how Yuki’s interactions with people bring out their humanity and make them more likable. And let’s not forget about the dog mobs! That’s right, zombie dogs that will chase you down like a pack of wolves. It’s a wild apocalypse manga ride, but in the end, the Walking Cat leaves you feeling hopeful about the future of this post-apocalyptic world.

12. Wondercat Kyuu-chan

Wondercat Kyuu-chan manga

Hinata is a young professional who recently adopted a mischievous wonder cat named Kyuu-chan. Despite Kyuu-chan’s love for snacks, cuddles, and bow ties, it’s clear that Fe has a particular fondness for Hinata. However, there’s something unusual about Kyuu-chan that catches Hinata’s attention. Fe walks on two legs, wears socks, and has superhuman strength – she’s a cat doing human things!

As the two settle into life together, they learn a lot from each other. Kyuu-chan has a child-like understanding of common sense, which makes her antics even more hilarious. Meanwhile, Hinata’s professional expertise comes in handy when it comes to caring for her furry friend. But what makes this duo adorable is their complete lack of distrust or cynicism in their devotion to each other. They affirm and cheer each other on without reservation. They might have a lot to learn from each other, but together they make the perfect pair.

13. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Natsume's Book of Friends manga

Natsume Yuujinchou is a series about a teenage boy named Takashi Natsume, who just wants to live a normal life like everyone else. But unfortunately for him, he has the unique ability to see and communicate with spirits, or “youkai”. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s inherited a book of contracts from his grandmother that binds these spirits to him. Talk about a family heirloom!

Natsume finds himself constantly pursued by these spirits, both good and bad. Thankfully, he has the help of Madara, a rotund cat who is a powerful spirit in disguise. Who knew cats had such hidden talents?

As Natsume navigates the world of spirits and humans, he learns important life lessons, like how to deal with annoying house spirits who refuse to leave, or how to convince a powerful demon to release a cursed village from its grip. Just your average teenage problems, right?

But through it all, Natsume remains a lovable and relatable character, just trying to make the best of a weird situation. Plus, who wouldn’t want a cat bodyguard on their side?

14. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home manga

In the middle of a bustling city, a cheeky little kitten named Chi is on a stroll with her family when she suddenly gets lost. Poor little Chi is completely distraught and misses her mom. But, never fear, a kind-hearted family swoops in and decides to take her in, despite the complex where they live having a no-pet policy.

Chi is a bit of a handful, but the family falls in love with her and she brings so much joy to their young son. They just can’t bear to part with her, but sadly their apartment complex doesn’t allow pets. So, the Yamadas must go through all the typical struggles of new pet owners, like figuring out where to put everything and teaching Chi how to use the litter box.

Chi’s adventures manga is the perfect remedy for a bad day. It’s full of heartwarming stories We all know that hiding your pet can only last so long, especially when they keep growing and getting more obvious. But some moments tug at your heartstrings, like when Chi can’t remember her mom or when the family has to say goodbye to her. But let’s not dwell on the sad stuff, because Chi’s anger is sweet and hilarious.

15. I’m the Catlords’ Manservant

I'm the Catlords' Manservant manga

Yukiharu Izumi just wants to be a normal high school student, but life has other plans for him. After the sudden death of his parents, he finds himself homeless, penniless, and with nobody else to turn to. But things take a hilarious turn when he discovers that his father owned a second home – just for a bunch of shape-shifting cats! Talk about a weird inheritance!

In exchange for a roof over his head, the cats make him their manservant, and chaos ensues. These cats are not your average felines. They’re jerks, especially in human form. But the manga does a great job of introducing each cat and its unique personality, and the cats are drawn so adorably that you’ll want to hug them all!

The story is a mix of amusing and heartwarming moments, with some pile-on for poor Yukiharu in the middle. But he’s such a lovable hero, always trying to make everyone happy despite his circumstances. The last chapter will really have you invested in this story, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Yukiharu until the very end.

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